KrissyKat91: So, quick update, I normally do all my work in TextEdit, but for some reason it's decided it doesn't want to open anymore. Now before I start getting advice on how to fix it, my laptop is a MacBook Pro I bought back in 2015. It's old, and I'm terrified of doing anything to it for fear of it crashing.


Anyway, I managed to move most of my work to another word processor, but for some reason it won't open a few of them. Unfortunately that includes several things I've posted here. I'll post a full list later.

Now, about this idea: It's kind of another of those weird ideas you get in the middle of the night and then hope you remember the next morning (although in this case I think I was actually dreaming about it). I was bouncing around different Power Ranger teams I'd like to see, and then I thought, "I wonder how the Star Wars world would react if a team of Rangers showed up to do something about Darth Sidious. Ooh, but what if the Rangers were canon SW characters? OOH, BUT WHAT IF LUKE WAS THE RED RANGER?!" And thus was this piece of garbage born.

I may write this myself someday; I may not. In the meantime, I'm putting it out there for anyone who likes Power Rangers or Star Wars and wants to have a go at a crazy crossover. Just credit me for the idea and let me know when you start posting so I can read it.

Power Rangers Star Force

Story: Fifteen years after the rise of the Galactic Empire, three young denizens of three different planets—Luke Skywalker of Tatooine, exploring the desert around his aunt and uncle's moisture farm; Leia Organa of Alderaan, on vacation in the mountains with her parents; Han Solo of Corellia, hiding from the authorities in one of the myriad of jungles that cover his home planet—find strange disc-like objects, discs of red, yellow and blue, discs that call to something deep inside all of them: a thirst for freedom, a desire for justice, a longing to belong.

That night, as they sleep, they all share the same dream: they are in an endless void, standing together on a road made of starlight, and at either end of the road hover two enormous, shapeless entities.

One entity is half freezing cold light and half blistering hot darkness; looking at it sends thrills of horror down their spines. This entity looks at them and demands loyalty in the form of either emotionless rhetoric or hateful ideology. Either side would destroy all that makes them themselves, and then have them turn and do the same to others in its name, the name of the Force.

The other entity is a riotous kaleidoscope of color: red and yellow and blue and pink and black and green and a hundred colors they don't know the names of and a thousand more they didn't know existed. It calls to them, offering light, yes, but also life and love, telling them of a way they can bring the freedom and justice the galaxy so desperately needs, and make it a place where even the most jaded and cynical can find friends and family and home. It calls itself the Morphin Grid; it sings and it croons and it calls them its children and it opens itself fully to them, asking only for whatever they're willing to give in return.

Luke and Leia and Han look at each other, and in the embrace of the Grid's aurora they truly see each other. They see what could lie ahead for them depending on the path they take. It is in that moment that their choice is made; it is in that moment that the twin children of Anakin Skywalker, and the man who was once a boy the Jedi Temple missed*, are lost to the Force forever.

Obi-Wan Kenobi gets a panicked call from Bail Organa, saying Leia has disappeared from her bedroom.

Something starts pounding on his front door before he can respond, and he opens it to reveal a hysterical Beru Lars, screaming that they can't find Luke.

No one realizes Han is missing for a week. Even when they do, no one cares enough to search.

And far, far away, on a beautiful, verdant world, a world where the Power of the Morphin Grid sings like it does nowhere else, a world called Eltar, three new warriors are inducted into the ranks of the intergalactic peacekeeping force known as the Power Rangers**.

And the galaxy will never be the same.

Red Ranger: Luke Skywalker

Age: 15

Zord: Red Canyon Krayt Dragon

Yellow Ranger: Leia Skywalker-Organa

Age: 15

Zord: Yellow Alderaanian Wolfcat***

Blue Ranger: Han Solo

Age: 25

Zord: Blue Corellian Banshee bird

*You cannot tell me Han is not at least mildly Force sensitive. Not with half the things I've seen him do.

**I've alway seen the Morphin Grid as sentient to a point, even sapient if you want to push the envelope that far. I figure that, without a mentor to show them the ropes, the Grid would teleport its newest champions somewhere with people who could. And what better place then Eltar? Also I might have been inspired by the 2017 movie's take on what function the Power Rangers actually have in the greater universe. Say what you will about the movie itself, the idea of the Rangers being a little bit like the Green Lanterns is something I can appreciate.

***Lykoi cat the size of a bengal tiger. I couldn't find any pictures of a wolfcat online, then I thought "You know, we actually have a breed of domestic cat nicknamed the wolf cat, and it's freaky looking enough to be an alien species." So that's what I went with.