Title: Retelling of Bloodlines

Rating: T

Summary: When Bok threatens to kill Picard's son the Enterprise is forced to return to Earth. However, he doesn't just have one son, he's got two daughters. They are nothing like what the Enterprise expects and Bok will learn that his thirst for revenge will be his undoing at the hands of Picard's own son. Crossover of Percy Jackson.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of Paramount characters or Riordan's characters and I'm making nothing from this.

Chapter 1

Pride! Desire for revenge! Both can cause the downfall of the person that is filled with it. When Bok lost his son he desired revenge and it cost him his command and his years in prison. While he was in prison a woman came to visit him. This woman looked human, but he could tell that she wasn't.

"Captain Picard has a son, as well as two daughters," she said, giving him a smile that made him return it. "When your released you can go after him."

Her name was Nemesis and the only reason that she was here was that Apollon told her that Bok would keep things uneven. Nemesis, being Nemesis, couldn't let that happen. Things had to cancel each other out and this was perfect. When she was gone, he made his plan. As for Nemesis, she took on the form of a Starfleet Admiral.

"Open a channel to the Enterprise," she ordered. "It's time for the ship to return to Earth."


Captain Jean-Luc Picard, of the Federation Starship Enterprise, was having a good day. No one was trying to blow the ship up, attack it, there was no visit from Q, and he had a good breakfast with Beverly. Nothing could make his day turn sour and he was looking forward to getting back to his quarters and read a good book.

"Captain, there's transmission coming from Starfleet Command," Data reported.

"In my-."

"It's not on a secured channel," Date cut in.

"Open the channel," Jean-Luc ordered and a woman appeared.

She had long black hair, black eyes, and a commanding presence.

"Captain, this is Admiral Pane," she said. "I've heard many things about you and I decided to use this chance to meet you. Your ship has been ordered to return to Earth."

"For what reason?" Jean-Luc asked.

"Bok has been released from prison and he's made his threats known," she said. "Captain, he plans to kill your son."

"But I don't have a son," Jean-Luc told her.

"Captain, you do," she said. "His files will be sent to you at once. And make it quick, we have no idea if Bok is planning to come to Earth and try and kill him but I'm not willing to take that risk. Pane, out!"

"So much for having a good day," Jean-Luc told Will.

"Records have been received," Worf told them.

"I'll check them out in my ready room," Jean-Luc told Worf.

He got up, straightened his uniform, and headed for his ready room.

Three hours later Jean-Luc was confused. He hadn't really been to Earth much in the last twenty years. Family problems kept his visits very brief. The sound of the chime broke his train of thought.

"Come in," he said and the door opened to reveal Will standing there.

"Starfleet has sent more records," he said. "Apparently he's got two half-sisters."

"I don't like this Will," Jean-Luc told him.

"Did you even know that you had a son?"

"I didn't even know I had two daughters," Jean-Luc said. "His name is George and he's eleven. The mother is unknown, but the DNA scan that they did when he was born confirmed that I'm his father. I don't know why Starfleet command kept this a secret."

"What I want to know is how did Bok find out," Will said.

"There has to be a leak somewhere," he said. "And when I find out who told Bok what he needed to go after an innocent child, I will make that person pay."

It took three weeks for the Enterprise to return to Earth. It docked and Admiral Pane was waiting on him. She motioned him to follow her and once he was in her office she sat down and looked at him.

"I'm glad that the Enterprise got here before we had any problems," she said. "I've informed George's guardian about the situation and he's agreed that he can come on-board. However, you have to take the other two. Bok will most likely target them as well."

"Do they know the reason?"

"Yes, and Morgana is very excited to meet you," she said. "Her guardian says that she's always been the kind of person that loves a good adventure. Though, she fully understands the threat that Bok represents. She's a lot smarter than you would expect for a ten-year-old."


"Captain, they won't be a problem," she said. "Elizabeth says that she's more worried about what this will do to you than what it will do to her sister."

"That doesn't sound like something a child would say."

"Trust me, she said it."

Two hours later, Morgana and Elizabeth took longer to locate and help pack their bags, all three children of the Captain arrived on the Enterprise along with a man in a wheelchair. O'Brian, who was running the transporter, stared at them and then at the Captain. The boy that looked the oldest had blond hair and grey eyes that brimmed with something that no child that he had ever seen had. The twins, and he knew they were twins, had vivid red hair and hazel eyes. The man in the wheelchair caused O'Brian to turn the steps into a ramp so that he could come down.

"Welcome to the Enterprise," Jean-Luc said to them.

"Thanks," the girl said. "I'm Morgana and this is Elizabeth and George. Oh and this is our guardian, Chiron"

"It's a pleasure to meet all four of you," Jean-Luc remarked. "Elizabeth is English and Chiron is Greek, the trainer of heroes."

Morgana smiled at him and said, "Yeah, that's what mother told us."

"So where are we sleeping?" George asked him.

"My quarters are too small," Jean-Luc told him. "So Dr. Crusher and Councilor Troi have volunteered to bunk you in their quarters until Data and Geordi can assign me to larger quarters."

"And this Bok person?' George said.

"We have no idea where he's at," Will said. "Being on the Enterprise is for your own safety."

"Trust me, Bok better worry about his own safety," Morgana hissed.

"My wards have nerves of steel," Chiron told him as they left the transporter room. "I must admit that I'm worried."

"I don't blame you," Jean-Luc said. "Bok is determined to cause me as much pain as possible."

"So where are we going?" Morgana asked the Captain.

"Sickbay," Jean-Luc answered. "Dr. Crusher wants to make sure that you three are healthy."

"Is he handsome?"

"Our Doctor is a woman," Will told her. "And she's pretty."

When they arrived in Sickbay Jean-Luc left them in Beverly's care and Chiron told him that he needed to have a word with him and the full staff.

"Admiral Pane told me that you might want to call a meeting," Jean-Luc said. "I told her that I would agree to it."

"I'll join you later," Beverly told them.

"Follow me," Will said and the three men left.

Twenty minutes later the full staff, minus Beverly, was setting in seats. They were looking at the man in the wheelchair with interest.

"I normally don't do this sort of thing," he said. "Typically parents already know the truth about how special their child is. Morgana, Elizabeth, and George are very special. Though I will admit that when their mother's told me about what kind of person you are I knew that they had made the right choice in allowing you to be the father of their children."

"They chose the Captain."

"His mind and his tactical abilities drew George's mother and his ability to see beyond the normal drew Morgana and Elizabeth's mother. Also the twins mother knew much about him before she had met him."

"I'm not sure that I follow, sir," Data said.

"I think it would be best to show you all," he said and they watched as he rose up and didn't stop.

A horse's body came out from the wheelchair that they now knew to be fake. Standing there was a creature that shouldn't exist, and, yet, here he was.

"You're a centaur," Geordi remarked.

"That would be correct," Chiron said. "I'm a very old centaur and have trained many heroes. Some of the most famous that have ever come out of Greece. George's mother is Athena, the Goddess of War and Wisdom and Morgana and Elizabeth's mother is Hecate, the Goddess of Magic, the Mist, the Crossroads, and many other things. Athena is drawn to those that serve in some military form, that has a tactical mind, and can see solutions other than bloodshed. When your Captain came down for one of his rare visits he encountered Athena.

"She knew that he would be a good father. But, by time, George was born your Captain was off on another assignment. Athena produces children with her thoughts. They are known as brain children. Hecate has children the usual way. Nine months of growth and hours of pain. Morgana and Elizabeth are the first twins born to her since Merlin and Morgan Le Fay over two thousand years ago. I don't know how Bok found out about them, but he's going to wish that he hadn't thought of whatever his thinking of.

"When they were born the rule was that they had to live with their mortal father. However, since you were so far away, I was tasked with raising them. I tried to have them go to regular school, but either the teachers thought they were stupid due to their ADHD and Dyslexia or tried to eat them."

"Eat them," Deanna said.

"Yes, I do believe that's what you call when you put food in your mouth," Chiron said. "Athena's children are attacked almost all the time due to how powerful their mother is. Hecate's children have a bad habit of accidently summoning monsters who, try to eat them. We didn't try and have them adopted. Because who wants children that draw monsters when you can have a nice, normal, children. So I raised them with my values.

"Honor, courage, bravery, the difference between right and wrong, wisdom, and not taking no for an answer. They were trained on how to get out of any situation and how to use their instincts to avoid trouble. When we were told that Bok had been released it was decided that your Captain would finally know that he had children. We didn't want him to manage to get one of them and the Captain had no clue why he was doing this."

"So their demigods," Geordi concluded.

"Yes, they are," Chiron said. "Strong ones with a good heart. George has taken what Bok has said as a decoration of personal war. If Bok takes him, you will have a ship full of dead bodies. George will take them down one by one and he won't stop until they are dead and blood is dripping from his fingers. I've seen him in battle rage, it's not a pretty sight. For when he's like that you would think that his father is Ares.

"However it will go away and he'll go back to being that sweet little boy that has a strong mind and will. The only ones that can calm him when this happens is Morgana and Elizabeth. It's a strange thing that has happened. Usually older siblings calm younger ones, not the other way around. But it's always been like that with the three of them."

"Because they only had you," Deanna reasoned.

"They had their cousins, but their bond as siblings is very strong," Chiron told her. "I think that, minus the battle rage, that your Captain will like them. They have their little projects they like to do, meet new people. The girl's like to be told that they happen to be pretty and smart. If they go on a quest they always go together. They always come back together."

"Crusher to Picard."

"Picard here," Jean-Luc said.

"I think that you need to see something."

"I'll be right there. Picard out."

"Captain, I must warn you that George only has one sequence of DNA," Chiron said. "It's due to the fact that Athena doesn't have DNA."

"Is that even normal?"

"Well he hasn't died," Chiron said. "And I did touch his shoulder. Trust me, in my world, that's perfectly normal."

Back in Sickbay Beverly said, "George only has one section of DNA, the father, nothing from the mother."

"Chiron said that it's normal."

"Jean-Luc, this child isn't normal," Beverly said. "In-fact he shouldn't even be alive. We need DNA from both parents to even be born."

"Can I have a word with your Doctor," Chiron said to him. "I think I can explain things better."

He was back in his wheelchair.

"No problem," Jean-Luc said and he left them alone.

"So where can we go that we won't get into trouble?" Elizabeth asked him.

"Well there's the holodeck and you can replicate a book," Jean-Luc told her. "Ten-Forward is off-limits due to age."

"Is it like a bar?" Morgana asked him.

"You could say that," Jean-Luc said.

"So, for adults only," Morgana said. "What's a holodeck?"

Jean-Luc explained what one was and Elizabeth said, "So we can go swimming there."

"It can replicate a pool for swimming," he told her.

"Nice," George said.

"Can we exercise?"

"The holodeck can create anything that you want. Including a gym."

"Great," Morgana said.

"The Shuttle bay, transporter rooms, bridge, Engineering, and any other place that doesn't have children are off-limits."

"Just as long as we have a place to play."

"If we need to go into an adult only area can we get your permission to go."

"It has to be a good reason," he said.

"When the reason comes I'll tell you," Elizabeth said.

"I'm back," Chiron said. "I've explained things to your Doctor. Though, I still think that she believes that George is odd."

"Hay, I'm not odd. I'm a boy."

"You're a young man," Morgana corrected.

"Well I'll take George," Deanna told him. "And Beverly will take the young ladies."

"Let's just hope that Bok will be the least of our problems," Elizabeth said.


A/N: I did love the episode Bloodlines. It proves that revenge is something that can cause problems. In this story, however, the target, George, is in-fact Picard's son. For those that don't know. I decided to name the son George after George Washington, who was a son of Athena in Rick Riordan's world. Morgana is named for the powerful sorceress, and witch, in King Arthur legend and Elizabeth as the powerful daughter that finally got her throne after the death of Bloody Mary.