6:00 a.m.: wake up, brush her teeth, get dressed.

6:15 a.m.: Five mile run, stretches, isometric strength training.

7:30 a.m.: Return to the dormitory, grab a shower, get dressed properly, style hair, wake teammates.

8:00 a.m.: Breakfast with team. Must be an option of fruit, egg whites, healthy grain and fiber blend (wheat toast, oatmeal, etc.), and a protein option including turkey, salmon, or lean trimmed ham. Make sure to study properly while eating and review the day's itinerary with her team.

8:15 a.m.: Leave the cafeteria (her team may or may not be with her depending on the day and if they've finished eating.) go to first class which will start at 8:30 a.m. but it always pays to be early. Study materials covered the day before and read ahead on materials to be covered this day.

9:15 a.m.: Next class

10:15 a.m.: Next class

11:45 a.m.: Lunch with team

12:30 p.m.: Weapon maintenance and dust preparation followed by form training and sparring/semblance training (needed to gain a proper mastery over summoning) for roughly two hours.

2:30 p.m.: Lab practicals for dust engineering (three hour class)

5:30 p.m.: Dinner (typically solo)

6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.: Free time (this MUST consist of physical training, study, or homework. Allocate just enough social time for the sake of maintaining team cohesion).

9:30 p.m.: Brush teeth, change, bed.

Repeat list. Every day. Without exception. This was how Weiss lived her life. Perfectly efficient. Perfectly poised. Perfectly in control. Everything. Just. Perfect.

And it was driving her fut-nucking insane. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. PERFECT. Weiss knew what was riding on her shoulders. She knew she needed to perform well and do the Schnee name proud. She knew she couldn't give her father even a single opportunity or excuse to pull her out like he wanted to and bring her back to Atlas and under his thumb. She was very well aware of all of this.

But the daily grind was driving her insane. Over a year of this perfectly perfect efficient schedule as she tried to make it through the day to day of her school life. Not even her showing in the Vytal Festival the previous year had won the man's approval. Instead he kept asking why her teammate had gone ahead to battle Pyrrha instead of her, and why they had lost to Pyrrha anyway.

'Well golly-gee Jacques I don't know. Maybe it's the fact that Pyrrha is complete and utter bullshit in terms of skill and the one girl on our team who's still completely effective without her weapon was the best bet against someone that could control metal." Weiss snarled in her mind even as she kept her features schooled towards serene concentration as she performed routine maintenance on her weapon.

Myrtenaster, for all its outward simplicity, was incredibly intricate in its inner workings and needed much genuine care to make sure all the small parts were moving perfectly. Even a simple bit of buildup from grease or dust residue could cause a catastrophic jam at the worst possible time. Quickly, quietly, and with great care Weiss worked to clean out the dust buildup from the chambers and cleaned and oiled the actual mechanisms for her rapier when everything went wrong.

"Hey Weiss I brought you a- OHHH SNAP!" What actually happened to cause Ruby to trip Weiss would never find out. All she knew was that in an instant her hair, dress, and workspace were dyed purple as Ruby spilled grape soda all over her.

An eerie calm filled Weiss as she took in the scene in front of her. Her favorite dress was ruined. The dust residue was mixing with the soda and grease build up to make a sticky sludge that gummed up the components of Myrtenaster instantly. It would take hours to get it cleaned properly. Hours she didn't have. Hours that needed to be spent on studying. On training. On sparring. On homework. On little assignments to appease her father.

Weiss needed to clear her head. She could handle this, she was a Schnee! As sure as her hair was white she would push through, get this handled, and maintain her schedule. Worst case scenario she would just miss out on a little sleep? Who actually needed sleep? With a shake of her head Weiss cleared her mind and set about handling the situation. Or that was the plan at least.

Weiss felt a wet slap against her cheek and side as she shook her head and looked down to see her beautiful, pristine white hair soaked through with the sticky soda and dyed a purplish red color. Weiss felt her mind go blank and her body began moving on autopilot. "I… I need to go." Weiss said as she stood up and stepped passed her partner and leader Ruby Rose as the younger girl babbled an apology.

Weiss moved in a daze as she made her way through the forge. The room was large with plenty of open space to accommodate the students and their various projects with tools both archaic and advanced, really the forge was one part traditional smithy and one part high tech machine shop. Weiss felt her feet tread her usual path from her regular table to the entrance but her eyes were glued to her now purple hair as she did her best to hold in a sniffle that she would NOT indulge in. She was still a Schnee! She was strong! She was resolute! She was bouncing back and falling on her rear, hard, as she walked straight into someone due to her lack of attention.

"Whoa there cutie," Weiss heard a familiar voice say as she sat on the floor and contemplated every life decision that brought her to this point. "You okay there? That seemed like a pretty rough fall- Weiss!?"

Weiss turned and stared blankly up at Coco Adel, the fashionista staring down at her in some type of surprise, Weiss supposed, with her eyes visible over the ever present sunglasses that had slid down her nose. "What happened to you? Are you ok? I barely recognized you with the purple hair." She barely recognized Weiss. A simple change of hair color was enough to make the heiress to the most powerful corporation in the world completely unrecognizable and unnoticeable to the point that a friend who had actively assisted Weiss in study group before had to look twice to tell that it was her. Without the white hair she wasn't even recognized as a Schnee.

Something in Weiss snapped at the realization, she had no words to offer Coco other than a vague mention of Ruby and grape soda and she started walking. She walked out of the forge, her weapon forgotten behind her. She walked straight back to the dormitory not hearing any of the comments that may have been said about her state. She walked straight back to her empty room, stepped into the bathroom, and took a shower as she did her best to scour herself clean.

Weiss scrubbed furiously trying to get the purple liquid out of her hair as something between hysterical laughter and sobs bubbled up out of her. Snide comments from her father, supportive but strict comments from her sister, teammates that tried to be supportive but they just didn't get it. Just how much work it took to be a Schnee, to be someone who deserved to be Schnee. A name and standing that was proven pointless when something as simple as grape soda was able to wipe it all away and so she scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed to get the offending gunk out of her hair.

Eventually Weiss let herself sink down against the wall of the shower with one realization. 'Fuck me, I need a break.'

-Between Shots and Songs-

After a longer soak in the warm water than she had, had in months Weiss got dressed and promptly headed to the airship docks and out to Vale. She wasn't entirely sure what she was going to do or what her plans for the evening were but she did know that she needed time away from Beacon, away from her loving if overbearing team, and even away from being Weiss Schnee. Just for a little while at least.

She needed something, something to not be Weiss for a while. Something that was the complete antithesis of what it meant to be Weiss, to be a Schnee. Eventually she found her answer in a little thrift shop in downtown Vale. Black jeans, worn out red sneakers, and an oversized ratty tshirt referencing some band she had never heard of and the ensemble was complete. A high end beauty parlor found her a concealer that could hide her scar, red contacts to hide her pale blue eyes, and hair dye that would make her hair black as pitch and could be washed out immediately with no repercussions.

It was perfect. Perfectly imperfect, and so it made for a perfect disguise. After all, if purple food dye could trick Coco actual hair dye and colored contacts should work perfectly when combined with her new outfit.

A hastily rented room at a rundown hotel to change and leave her clothes later and now Weiss was wandering the streets of Vale a whole new woman! No schedule, no one breathing down her neck, no expectations. Hell she could barely recognize herself in the mirror! It was wonderful! Only problem was she still had no idea what to do with the newly open time.

Oh maybe she could go eat something really fattening! Or maybe she could go see a dumb movie for once all by herself! No stuffy theaters and opera houses she would have to perform in the next week. A simple movie theater like the Arc boy had asked her to go to last year. Or maybe…

Weiss felt her train of thought trail off as she heard music come from one of the nearby buildings. Different from the operas and ballads that she had both grown up around and grown up singing, it had a heavy, almost violent beat to it that conveyed a sense not just of longing but desperation through every chord of the guitar and beat of the drum. Weiss followed the sound to a small, rundown looking bar that could only be described as a hole-in-the-wall. And then she was able to hear the words to the song.

I'm the new black!

I'm opium to thee!

Will do anything!

For popularity!

Weiss followed the sound into the bar and was met with a rowdy and raucous crowd as some did their best to chat over the noise while others sang along. Nearly everyone had food or drink in hand or was in the process of getting one. Weiss took in the ambience as she was bumped by someone's shoulder and jostled to and fro. It was messy, it was chaotic, it was loud, crude, and the complete antithesis of everything Schnee.

Like me, like me!

Won't you like me!?

I'm your freak of the week!

Another freak of the week!

It was absolutely beautiful to the stressed out and fed up Schnee. Exactly what she was looking for as she let her head bob along to the music. Was this what Ruby listened to? If so Weiss owed her partner an apology for calling it lowbrow without taking the time to appreciate it before, this was amazing!

The heady notes and husky, scratchy voice of the lead singer. The desperate need in the lyrics for recognition and fame and what they were willing to do to achieve it. The beat of the drum that resonated in her chest and through the rest of her body. The screech of strings as the guitarist teased a song out of his instrument that Weiss honestly didn't realize you could get from a guitar.

Speaking of the guitarist he was actually kinda cute in a boyish way compared to the harder look of his two bandmates. A button down shirt with a plaid pattern and the sleeves rolled up and blonde hair combed back that showed off his deep, deep blue eyes… HOLY CRAP WAS THAT JAUNE!?

Weiss choked on air at the realization of just who she had been eyeing. It seemed that the extra training been paying off as she leaned in and watched the way his forearms and biceps flexed and pulled against the shirt as he played and every so often Weiss would see a vein pop against his well muscled forearm running up his sleeve before his arm moved a different direction and it would fade away before coming back. Weiss wasn't exactly sure why it happened or what caused that effect but every time she saw that line pop she could feel her brain turn to mush and stomach do a somersault until it went away again.

Blow myself up for free!

Break my neck in HD!

I'm your freak of the week!

I'm the ultimate high!

Stick around watch me die!

Something to be remembered by!

'I wouldn't mind giving him something to remember me by…' Even as the thought flashed through her mind Weiss reflexively flinched away from it. She couldn't be into him! He was… He was… Jaune! He was Ruby's goofy friend that had a crush on her! Sure he was kinda cute in that dorky, boyish way but he was scrawny 'not anymore'. He wasn't very skilled 'didn't he kick Dove's ass in Goodwitch's class last week?' He wasn't particularly talented at anything really 'that guitar though… SHUT UP ME!'

Weiss groaned as her thoughts forced her to reexamine the young huntsman and take in his growth, sure he was good looking but he was still Jaune Arc. He was a dorky, lowborn boy from a common family and he wasn't the kind of person the Weiss Schnee should be dating. 'Except you're not Weiss right now are you?'

The stray thought brought Weiss to a pause. She wasn't Weiss right now. That was the whole point. To go out and be someone else for a while, maybe do something a little crazy while she was at it. So why not be crazy for once? Why not just talk to a cute boy without worrying about what her father or the tabloids would do or say? Why not go eat a greasy burger and fries? Why not go have a beer or something? She. Wasn't. Weiss. She could finally take a break from perfection, even if it was just for a night.

As the band began to move into their next song Weiss waved wildly at the stage and pointed towards Jaune. A momentary bit of confusion as the drummer, who Weiss now realized was Russel Thrush (and wasn't that a story for later?) pointed at himself while Weiss did her best to redirect him towards Jaune which led to a couple moments of Russel trying to get the attention of a distracted Jaune before finally throwing a drumstick at his head and pointing out the waving Weiss.

Weiss watched as Jaune's brow furrowed in confusion as if he was trying to recognize or see if he remembered her from anywhere and Weiss did her best to charade her question to the blond guitarist. "You," Weiss pointed at him while mouthing the word. "Meet me," she mouthed while hooking a thumb towards her chest. "Here," she mouthed as she gestured towards an empty table near her as she grabbed a seat.

"Now?" She watched him slowly pantomime in her direction as he looked at her confused and Weiss felt her eyes roll back into her head half in amusement and the other half in exasperation.

"No," she shook her head. "After you finish." She did her best to convey to someone who couldn't hear her on the opposite side of a crowded room on stage.

"Really?" And Weiss had to fight the urge to giggle at the dumbfounded look on his face. Rather than take the time to slowly pantomime the words Weiss simply nodded her head with an impish smile spread across her face before, on a whim, blowing him a kiss to make her intentions clear.

Weiss was rewarded with a massive blush that spread across Jaune's face and up to his ears for her trouble and made no effort to hold back the giggles that erupted from her at the sight. With her first mission fulfilled Weiss quickly moved to accomplish her second one and looked around trying to catch the attention of a waitress.

"Can I help you sugar?" Oh! Speak of the Grimm and they shall appear. Weiss turned and was face to face with a grey and red apron before she craned her neck back and looked up, up, up to see the face of a dark skinned woman smiling down at her with faunus tusks on full display.

"Oh thank you, I was looking for a waitress." Weiss said as she turned her body to face the tall woman more fully. "I was wondering if I could place an order if it isn't too much trouble? Where are the menus?"

"Uh-huhhh….." Weiss winced at the teasing tone as the woman looked down at her, the smile looking much more like a smirk now. "You haven't been to a place like this before have you kid?"

"I absolutely have… not." Weiss admitted weakly, "Is it that obvious?"

"You learn to recognize the signs," The tall woman chuckled as she sat down opposite of Weiss and the heiress was able to take in a better view of her. Brown eyes in a tan face with choppy black hair cut close, she was taller than Weiss (which wasn't exactly hard), and just at glance Weiss could tell that she had biceps that even Yang would be jealous of.

"I wouldn't worry about it though," the waitress continued amiably as she seemed to give Weiss a once over. "There's a first time for everything, yeah? So I'll help you out this time but just so you know in the future the bartenders will only come out to bus a dirty table. You want food or a drink, you come to the bar to order it and carry it back to the table yourself. You've probably noticed but Ford's isn't exactly fine dining, and don't expect any wine or champagne on the menu aside from what we keep for mixes."

"Yes ma'am," Weiss nodded sharply and was met with a laugh from the bartender. The confusion Weiss' part must've shown plain across her face as the tall woman laughed.

"None of that ma'am stuff kid. I ain't near old enough for that yet, you can call me Fordie." The faunus woman smiled down at Weiss once again, her face open and inviting. "Anyway I came to check up on you since you seemed confused and we don't get new faces in here particularly often. What can I get for you?"

"Something greasy and unhealthy that tastes good and something with lots of alcohol in it that tastes good?" Weiss asked the now named Fordie awkwardly.

"Ha! I think I can figure something out that fits that description. Need to check your I.D. real quick first if you want something to drink though." Oh. Shit. Her I.D.. Her I.D. that marked her as Weiss Schnee. The fairly famous and VERY rich Weiss Schnee.

"Seeeeee about that…" Weiss opened before Fordie cut her off.

"No I.D. no drink kid," Fordie stated in a tone that left no room for argument. "I run this place completely above board."

Swallowing the ball of fear and nervous tension that grew to fill her throat Weiss fished out her scroll. "Please don't freak out or say anything?" Weiss begged, completely unashamed, as she showed the I.D. labeling her Weiss Schnee to the woman. "I just… I just really needed a break today." Weiss whispered.

Weiss felt her stomach do flips as Fordie slowly inspected her scroll and not in the fun way that it had when she stared at Jaune's arms earlier. The faunus woman looked at the scroll then back to Weiss slowly. She looked at the scroll again and then back to Weiss again scrutinizing every feature of her face. She looked back to the scroll again and after about three more cycles of the faunus woman's big show of checking her I.D. Weiss was starting to get the feeling she was being put on. The grin that spread across Fordie's face at Weiss' look of consternation proved the heiress right as the faunus woman began snickering.

"*Snrk* Sorry kid, couldn't help it." Fordie laughed as she handed Weiss' scroll back to her and the heiress was most definitely not pouting because that would be both a sign of weakness and beneath her dignity. She simply frowned in what she was very sure was an imperious manner and did her best to ignore how the bartender/waitress just started laughing harder.

"Seriously though, don't worry about it." Fordie wheezed as she wiped a tear from her eye. "I just needed to make sure you were legal. I really don't care who you are when you're not here as long as that person doesn't drag trouble in with them. Got me?" And Weiss watched as the friendly woman's face and voice turned dead serious as she looked the heiress in the eye.

Weiss felt a shiver crawl up her back and nodded furiously towards the warthog bartender. Weiss didn't know if she was ex-Fang, a retired huntress, or a really intense civilian but Weiss really didn't want to be on this particular woman's bad side.

"Ok then! I will officially welcome you to Ford's then Ms. Kohle." The woman grinned as the fake name for Weiss rolled off her tongue. "Lemme go see about getting your order ready."

Weiss nodded in a daze as Fordie stepped away from the table and headed back behind the bar. That had been… intense for lack of a better word. The lady was plenty nice, just intense. She reminded Weiss just a little bit of Yang but maybe ten or so years older and less prone to puns. Also what was that name she had called Weiss? Kohle? Wasn't that literally the old Atlesian word for coal? Why pick a name like that though? A strand of black hair fell into view and Weiss snorted in realization. 'Fair enough Ms. Fordie.'

Fifteen minutes later brought the woman in question back to Weiss' table with a heaping plate of food and a glass of something green in hand. "Here ya go kid, comfort for a night out on the town." Weiss listened to Fordie laugh as her eyes were glued to the plate that had been placed down in front of her. "An order of baked chili-cheese dogs with a side of seasoned wedges and to go with it a liquid marijuana. You can thank me later with a tip when you pay off your ticket." That tall woman chortled as Weiss continued staring at the mountain of food. Three of the chili-cheese dogs in question and a tall pile of potato wedges rested on the plate.

Reaching out Weiss picked one up and took a bite. It was cheesy, it was savory, it was spicy, and it was so greasy that Weiss could actively feel her arteries clogging as she chewed, so basically it was heaven. A sip of the drink shocked Weiss as it was impressively sweet and fruity with none of the bitter aftertaste she had associated with alcohol before on the times she tried it.

For a while Weiss neglected to pay attention to anything but her meal as she basked in the ambience of the bar. The people mingling, the music playing, the salt and grease of the food being cut by the fruity sweetness of her drink, it was everything Weiss had wanted for this evening away from being Weiss Schnee. The final and best surprise hit when at the tail end of her second drink Weiss heard the sound of a chair scraping against the floor and turned to see Jaune Arc taking a seat.

"Hey," The blonde huntsman opened awkwardly as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Hey yourself handsome," Weiss purred as she turned towards him and felt the smile that had been present on her face since that first bite of dinner widen as the guitarist blushed from the praise.

"Do uhhh… do I know you from somewhere?" Jaune asked, still awkward as sin, while he continued to rub the back of his head. Weiss couldn't bring herself to mind though as she saw the way the muscles in his arms glided and flexed as he repeated the motion and there was that one vein again. Weiss wasn't sure what to call it when that happened or what caused it but what she did know was it had the ability to apparently turn a smart girl stupid.

"No!" Weiss chirped happily as she smiled up at him and took another sip of her drink, seriously though these things were amazing. She could finally understand Yang's fixation on strawberry sunrises. "I am fairly new to the kingdom and taking in the sights as it were," oh no, that sounded just a bit too proper. Weiss needed to adjust her speech patterns to make this work well, picture Yang, picture Yang. "Saw you though and I figured I wouldn't mind getting to know you better though music man." 'Perfect' Weiss smiled as she teased the Arc boy and saw him swallow in a nervous reaction that she HOPED was a good sign.

"Oh! Uhhhhhh…"

"Unless you don't want to?" Weiss said in only barely feigned disappointment. She really had been looking forward to chatting with the boy away from Beacon and maybe being able to flirt a bit.

"No! Uhhhh… no. Heh-heh, sorry, I'd love to get to know you." Jaune chuckled awkwardly as Weiss felt her smile split her face and she beamed at his agreement.

"Excellent! So tell me all about yourself music man!" Weiss cheered excitedly as she faced him and bounced in her seat. This day off was going perfectly! She needed to do this more often. It was like a uh… what had Yang called them? A cheat day! A cheat day from her regular schedule and being Weiss Schnee.

"Heh, Okay, So my name is Jaune actually. When I'm not playing here I'm a student at Beacon Academy and I'm studying to be a huntsman."

"Ohhh?" Weiss drawled as she leaned in closer to the blushing boy. "That explains the big muscles then. So what's that like? Learning to protect us all from the big bad Grimm?"

"A lot of work mostly," the blond boy chuckled as he rubbed the back of his head. "It'd probably help if I was better at it."

"You must be competent at least," Weiss began and winced internally as she defaulted back to that same formal way of talking. "I mean you made it in right? You have to be pretty impressive compared to a civilian."

"Well…. I try my best," The Arc boy admitted sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head. Not an incorrect statement and he was perfectly competent now despite what he seemed to think or where he started. Points to him though, he hadn't bothered trying to dress things up to make himself look better in front of a girl. Weiss could appreciate that kind of genuine honesty. She should probably go back to listening to what he was saying though. "Really it's my team that's amazing though! They're all so amazing and they've genuinely helped me reach the level I'm at now. They're pretty much the whole reason I'm still at Beacon."

Weiss felt her teasing grin morph into something more genuine and a warm feeling filled her chest as she watched the way the blond guitarist's face lit up and became more animated as he talked about his team. It was a good look for the young man. Weiss just wished he spent more time with his hair combed back like this so she could see his face and eyes better. Maybe if he got a shorter haircut? "-ou okay?"

"Hmm?" Weiss perked up even as she fought down a blush, she hadn't meant to drift away like that.

"I said, are you okay?" Jaune asked gently as he gave her a concerned look. "You zoned out there for a bit and you've kinda been jumping around in how you talk a bit too. No one's forcing you to do this are they? Did you lose a bet and had to chat me up?"

"What!?" Weiss recoiled from the question. Where had that come from!? "No! I'm just nervous about making a good first impression. Is that something people actually do?" Weiss asked incredulously as she tried to smooth things over.

"Oh thank goodness, and honestly? Once or twice," Jaune admitted and the heiress watched his body relax as he let loose a sigh of relief. "People do dumb stuff when they get drunk and pressure someone into chatting up one of the guys in the band is a popular one. Almost as popular as the guys trying to ask out Fordie, not that it ever works." Jaune had finished with a conspiratorial tone and a wink.

Weiss was quickly deciding she liked this newer Jaune. He was… confident. Not in a braggadocious way but quiet and self assured instead. Like he was comfortable with who he was and who he was becoming. In that moment Weiss felt she might envy him for that just a little bit. But that was for later, for now there was a cute boy getting a second chance at a first impression. "Well that's seriously messed up then. And no, like I said, I'm just nervous. I'd really like to make a good first impression for the big, handsome musician."

Weiss batted her eyes prettily at him and felt giggles bubble up from deep in her belly as Jaune chuckled a bit at her admission while his ears burned a hotter crimson from his blush. "Well you definitely have nothing to worry about," the blonde huntsman assured with a smile that did weird things to her stomach and heart rate. "I wouldn't still be here talking if I wasn't interested. Plus Fordie vouches for you, says you're good people."

"Well I think you're pretty good people so far too," Weiss said with a grin and wink towards the taller boy. "And I'd love to keep finding out more about you. But…" Weiss trailed off as her scroll lit up with an alert letting her know she needed to leave soon if she wanted to make it back to Beacon at all tonight.

"I think that's my cue to call it a night." Weiss admitted with a tone of disappointment that honestly wasn't faked at all. She honestly had had a really good night with Jaune Arc of all people. Who'da thunk?

Weiss was never sure if what happened next was a surge of boldness or simply just enough to drink to lower her inhibitions that tiny amount but before she stepped away from the table she lunged forward and graced the Arc with a quick peck on the cheek before pulling back and feeling her face heat up with a burn that she knew was an undeniable blush. Seeing the dumbfounded look on the knight's face was worth it though and Weiss began giggling as he slowly reached up and began rubbing his cheek. "Something to remember me by," she teased at his questioning look before standing up and making to leave Ford's.

"Wait!" Weiss turned around to see Jaune calling out to her, still at the table and still rubbing his cheek without realizing it, it seemed. "Do you want to meet up again sometime? How can I get in touch with you?"

"Sure!" Weiss laughed back towards him. "And I'll meet you here, just wait a while." Weiss finished with a smirk as she continued on her way out.

"What's your name?"

Weiss stopped at the door and turned back around to face him in the now quiet and mostly empty bar. The only other people there being his bandmates, Fordie, and a few stragglers. "You can call me Bleiss."

"Bleiss Kohle."


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