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Weiss groaned as she rolled over in bed. Her head was pounding. Why was her head pounding? She remembered Ruby spilling the grape soda all over her. She remembered deciding she needed a break and heading into the city. She remembered Ford's and that delicious food and the drink that made her feel kinda floaty in a nice way after her third one. She remembered…. oh color she flirted with Jaune. She came onto Jaune! She KISSED Jaune! On the cheek yeah but it was still a kiss!

At least he was looking kinda cute last night… NO! It was still Jaune! So what if she had had a wonderful night and it was the most relaxed she had felt in years and she really wanted to go back... She really needed to stop convincing herself to do things. First things first though she needed to get up and go through her usual schedule. She needed to… why was the room bright? Why were birds chirping?

"Hey there Weiss-cream." Oh Colors no. "So what had you rolling in so late last night? And sleeping in late on top of it! Why what would the neighbors think!? Are you actually Weiss or are you one of Blake's clones in disguise?" Weiss just groaned and pulled her pillow over her head as she tried to drown out the teasing voice of her roommate. Maybe another hour and then she could wake up? She could pretend to be someone other than Weiss for a little while until her headaches, both literal and metaphorical, went away right? Heck she couldn't see her hair color under the pillow, maybe she could pretend she was still Bleiss Kohle for a bi-


Oh for the love of Dust and Dreams WHY? It was at that moment, that Weiss was hit full force with overbearing love and affection rolling at the momentum of a freight train as her partner made her presence known.

"Weiss I'm soooo sorry I don't even know what I tripped on and I didn't mean to spill the soda on you and I'll pay for the dress so please please please don't hate me." The younger girl was panicking and panicking meant she was babbling and babbling meant the flowery speedster was talking at speeds that Weiss could only just barely keep up with on a good day. This was not that. Or well it was pretty ok but there was so much work to be done and she wasn't nearly awake enough and why the heck did she have a headache?

"Yaaawwwwn You're fine Ruby. It was a mistake and I'm fine now." Weiss said as she acknowledged the futility of trying to go back to sleep and started picking herself up. "And don't worry about the dress. I got in touch with the dry cleaners and they're going to see if they can get the stains out. Now let me get up so I can work on Myrtenaster."

"You… you're not mad?" Ruby whispered and Weiss could see the blatantly dumbfounded look on her face. Which was totally uncalled for by the way, Weiss was absolutely levelheaded and reasonable and never once lost her temper and if she could get rid of this stupid headache and get up she would give that Ruby Rose a piece of her mind for thinking otherwise!

"No. I was mad yesterday." Weiss muttered through gritted teeth and most certainly did not pout because her wrath was something to be feared not found vaguely cute or humorous and Xiao-Long could stop laughing ANY TIME NOW DAMMIT. "Today I need to make up for lost time from my schedule and work on Myrtenaster. Letting it sit in that gunk overnight probably hasn't helped any."

"Oh!" The annoyingly chipper reaper perked up as she stepped back from Weiss, 'Finally'. "No need to worry about Myrtenaster! She's good as new!"

"Hmm?" And to Weiss' surprise, there on her desk was Myrtenaster in all its shining, sleek glory. It was brightly polished and as Weiss got up from her bed and picked up the weapon Weiss spun the cylinder and the weapon glided through her different dust types before settling on the one she wanted. It was very nearly better than new.

"Ruby this is… thank you." Weiss mumbled her gratitude to her partner. "How long did this take you? It should've been hours to get everything out and have it working properly."

"*Pfft* No worries. It was my fault anyway and you hardly ever let me work with Myrtenaster. She's actually really well put together and I like how you incorporated the dust mechanism." Ruby responded with an easy smile and Weiss felt a small surge of shame at her previous anger and irritation toward her hyperactive leader. Never let it be said Ruby Rose didn't always at least try to make it right when she messed up. Still, Weiss wasn't given much in the way of time to brood when said teammate grabbed her by the arm and started pulling.

"Come on," Ruby urged Weiss as she tugged the heiress' arm. "Get dressed! We're gonna go grab breakfast and then I had a couple more ideas I wanted to run by you for team attacks." And with that, and a quickly changed not at all grumbling Weiss, they were off.

-Between Shots and Songs-

Ruby hummed a happy tune as she pulled her partner out the door of the dorm and out towards the cafeteria. What she made certain Weiss didn't see though was the narrowed eyes and disapproving look Ruby sent her sister. She had told Yang to lay off Weiss for a few days the night before when the Schnee heiress had stayed out late and wasn't answering calls. Teasing and jokes at her expense was not laying off.

They all knew how much she'd been run ragged lately thanks to her father and the expectations she put on herself as well and the scene yesterday hadn't been great. The dead look in her partner's eyes after the spill had honestly scared Ruby. Weiss got loud, she got indignant, she got mad. What she didn't do was go dead silent and wander off like a zombie. So if she found something to do to take a break and some time for herself the night before Ruby was all for it and she was at least able to make it up to her partner by caring for her weapon. Seriously though Myrtenaster was so pretty!

All the small intricate parts! The deceptively simple dust component! The smooth sweeping lines and refined etching! Like, Ember Celica was cool but it wasn't particularly complicated. Yang could drag it through mud for three hours and it'd still fire just the same. Which was good! But it wasn't really a complicated build aside from folding the full gauntlets down to bracelets when her sister wanted to put them away.

Gambol shroud looked complicated at first glance but it really wasn't compared to some weapons. Really the only part of it that was was the folding blade on Blake's sword. Beyond that the sheath was a cleaver and there was an integrated pistol but the pistol was a stationary part. Really out of all the weapons in her team Myrtenaster was definitely the prettiest weapon after Crescent Rose and even it still paired in comparison to Mil-.

Ruby's thought process was cut off as she felt a soft, warm pair of lips on her cheek and let out a surprised, "Yipe," before turning to see the warm, gentle smile of her girlfriend. "P-Pyrrha! You can't sneak up on me like that!" Ruby Rose certainly did not splutter as that would be unbecoming of a badass huntress in training and leader of the best team in Beacon, if she did say so herself.

"I've been trying to get your attention for the past minute Ruby," Pyrrha laughed gently and Ruby did her best not to blush at the nod from Weiss confirming the gladiatrix's statement while wrapping an arm around her girlfriend's waist. "How are you two doing this morning?" Pyrrha asked with a laugh and a smile Ruby could hear as the taller girl wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

"We're grabbing a late breakfast," Ruby answered as she skipped along to match Pyrrha's longer stride while they walked into the cafeteria where the rest of team JNPR was waiting for them. "After that I was gonna work on coming up with some new team maneuvers with Weiss for us all to practice. Aaaaand after that….. a certain someone promised me a night out on the town," Ruby grinned up at her other partner. She had been looking forward to this night for weeks.

Dinner at a high end Mistrali restaurant, the new zombie romance flick she had been wanting to see, and then after that they had managed to rent out an indoor airsoft arena that catered towards huntsmen and huntresses. Ruby had been against going all out for the anniversary at first but… it really was looking like it was gonna be a great night. She was just happy Pyrrha was letting her cover the movie tickets and snacks. What were they doing again? Oh yeah breakfast and her partner!

"Are you ok by the way Weiss?" Oh, Pyrrha was checking on Weiss. "I saw you leaving campus yesterday you seemed…. rough. Also Ruby told me about the grape soda."

"I am perfectly fine," Weiss said as she bit into a breakfast sandwich. Huh, Ruby had never seen her grab one before. Always said they were too greasy. Of course Ruby was of the opinion that if it was that bad for them they probably wouldn't serve it at a huntress academy but that was neither here nor there. "Yesterday was a challenge but after a brief evening to decompress I'm ready to get back to work."

Ohhh that was a problem, "You know Weiss, and I realize it might not be my business but, Pyrrha and I have been talking for a little while now and maybe it might be better for you to maybe dial it back a bit?" At the indignant look from her partner Ruby pushed forward before Weiss could cut in. "I'm not saying quit being a huntress or anything but you've obviously been pretty stressed lately and it hasn't really seemed healthy. You've been running yourself ragged and yesterday just kind of proved the point."

"Ruby you drenched me in grape soda yesterday." Weiss deadpanned back and Ruby turned toward Pyrrha with a grimace. Maybe she would have better luck?

"Weiss, we're not trying to bully you. We're just worried about you. Even professional athletes still take cheat days and vacations. It's important to have an outlet and time to decompress. You're not doing yourself any favors with how hard you push yourself."

"Mhmm," Jaune piped up to Ruby's surprise. The blonde had been sitting quietly off in his own little world for a while now. Nora had even been balancing different fruits on his head. "The effects of long term stress on the body can be really rough. Hair loss, premature aging, high blood pressure, heart issues, ulcers. You really do need to take better care of yourself. My sister Indigo did her thesis on it."

"Look Jaune," Weiss bit out angrily and Ruby reflexively flinched. Ohhh this wasn't gonna be good. "If I wanted advice from the human equivalent of a bronze medal I'd go talk to team CRDL and I'll thank you to mind your own business. I'm perfectly fine and I don't need anyone, least of all you thinking you have any business telling me what's best for-!" As Weiss began to build into her rant the heiress was cut off by a jingling chime from her pocket. Ruby watched as she pulled it out and stared at the screen with a grimace. She knew that look, it was Weiss' father calling.

"Look I have to take this. I'll be back later ok Ruby? We'll work on the team attack stuff, I promise, I just- I have to go." And with that Weiss was off as Ruby frowned. That hadn't gone as well as she would've hoped. She really didn't need to be that harsh with Jaune in particular, turning though Ruby found her boy best friend still sitting with a peaceful look on his face and a small smile. Huh.

"What's up with Jaune?" Ruby asked as she nudged Pyrrha with her elbow.

"Oh! Apparently he met someone at work last night," The crimson haired gladiatrix responded. "She's very nearly all he's been able to talk about all day. According to Nora he's been like that since he got home last night."

"Ooohhhhhhh," whispered as she leaned in. Jaune finally showing interest in someone other than Weiss after he stopped pursuing her last year? That was big.

-Between Shots and Songs-

Weiss groaned as she hung up her phone. Just one day without Jacques breathing down her neck for some stupid reason or other, was that too much to ask for? She really thought it was either his hobby at this point or he was bored and had literally nothing better to do. Like why else would he call for updates three times a week? 'Yes Jacques I'm maintaining my image, no Jacques I will not give up my chance at inheriting, fuck off Jacques I'm not coming back to Atlas either.'

Ughhh this was why she needed that break. In all honesty her friends were right she just couldn't let them know they were right if she wanted to keep Bleiss and the bar to herself. Although… she probably could've been nicer to Jaune in the moment. Much nicer. It was just he was there and she still had complicated feelings from the day before and the others were there and she still had that stupid headache at the time and…. yeah…. She was going to need to make it up to him somehow next time she saw him at the bar.

For now though it was time to make Bleiss a bit more real. The outfit and makeup she used at the time had worked but she needed something extra if she wanted to keep fooling someone she lived across the hall from. No matter how dense he was.

She needed help, is what she needed. Someone to help her build up a new wardrobe that fit Bleiss. Someone to help her figure out who Bleiss was and how to act a certain way without slipping like she had the previous night. Someone to help her find a good spot to find a burner scroll too so she could finally give her number to that boy. Someone to-

"Hey Weiss, feeling better?"

"Very much so, thank you Coco." Weiss nodded politely as she went back to her musing. She needed someone to help her- wait….


-Between Shots and Songs-

"Okay. So let me get this straight. You decided you needed a break so you went out into the city and made a disguise to not be recognized and then ended up in a bar where the 'lead guitarist with arms that can make a smart girl stupid' ended up being the golden retriever that leads team JNPR and you decide to flirt with him?"

"Uh-huh." Weiss confirmed with a nod of her head.

"Cool. So after that. This morning. Your teammates tell you to start taking time for yourself to relax and destress, a good idea by the way, and you tell them no even though you agree with them because you don't want them to know you've already decided to do that exact thing for some reason and instead insult the boy that you're interested in when he was trying to be helpful because you really want to keep the two lives separate to have something for yourself?"

"Yup," Weiss said, popping her lips on the P.

"This might be the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard in real life." Coco said as she looked down at the heiress over the rim of her sunglasses.

"So you're not going to help me?" Weiss responded, and Coco could tell she was trying to guilt her into it with the way she carried herself and slumped her shoulders while she kicked the ground dejectedly. The Schnee really shouldn't have bothered.

"Are you an idiot?" Coco asked the heiress incredulously and watched as the younger girl flinched back. "Of course I'm going to help you. This shit is hilarious. It's like a real life sitcom or soap opera. Follow me kid, we're gonna make it so your own mother wouldn't even recognize you!" Coco cheered as she wrapped an arm around Weiss' shoulders.

"As drunk as she always is she usually doesn't recognize me anyway."

Ooohhhhh that was a mood dampener. Push through! "Alright so I need to get you in touch with my fake I.D. guy, my scroll gal, my clothing guy, my thrift shop clothing guy, my make up gal and we'll work on your persona. Worst case scenario I got a guy who knows guys who can find us a guy to help you out with that."

-Between Shots and Songs-

A week later and Bleiss was back out on the streets. Everything was planned out perfectly to let her be perfectly imperfect. Coco had tutored her on the right attitude and how to be flirty and how to separate herself from Weiss Schnee and now with a proper wardrobe kept in a cheap apartment in the city and proper makeup her new disguise blew her old one out of the water and the old one already made it so people couldn't tell she was actually Weiss Schnee.

Referring to herself as Bleiss in her own head was weird but Coco had said it would help keep her consistent when the disguise was on, apparently a technique like a method actor's, and she couldn't deny that it was working. She felt more like Bleiss now when she had the disguise on. She felt like, for just a moment, she could leave companies and scandals and Schnees behind her. And most importantly she could look forward to some fun and relaxation all to herself. Jaune had mentioned during lunch that he had work that evening and Weiss had a ready made excuse of an assignment from her father that required her to be out in Vale for a number of hours.

Not technically a lie when she told them she would be scouting out small businesses in the area that might be worth investing in. It was just that it was only the one small business and her father hadn't ordered it at all. Really just a question of semantics, not really a lie at all, and she wasn't lying about possibly investing in the business. In fact if the drinks and food stayed that good she planned to keep 'investing' as much as she possibly could, especially if her music man was there.

Speaking of, as Bleiss made her way down the streets of Vale she began to hear the familiar sounds of music coming from Ford's and felt her pace involuntarily quicken. So sue her, it had been a long week and she had been waiting for this! Bleiss stepped through the doors of the bar and it felt a smile pull across her face as she stepped through the open doors and was greeted by the familiar sights, sounds, and even smells of her new hideaway.

The lights were kept dim for ambience and the tables and chairs all had a feeling of being both well worn and well cared for. The walls were decorated and absolutely covered with photos Weiss had honestly never paid attention to before. Most of them featured the same two people, a man with ears like a warthog and a young girl with tusks who was obviously a younger Fordie. As Bleiss made her way to the bar she found herself scanning the photographs. Fordie on her father's shoulders as he poured a beer from the tap, that same man with a massive axe across his shoulders as he grinned confidently, him older and looking frailer in body but with eyes still full of life as he grinned at the camera wearing a shirt that said 'World's Okay-est Huntsdad!'.

"And how are you doing this evening Ms. Kohle?" A sardonic voice called out and Weiss did her best not to jump. Turning she was greeted by the smirking face of Filia Fordite.

"Do you have to do that!?" The heiress blustered as the Faunus woman's smirk pulled into a grin causing her tusks to jut out that much more.

"Have to? No. Did I want to? Absolutely." She laughed at Weiss' look of consternation as she slowly wiped down the counter. "Plus as long as I'm talking to you I can pretend I'm working while I wait for business to pick up."

Taking a look Bleiss could admit the bar was pretty empty at the moment. There was one other bartender and maybe five other patrons? "Is it usually this empty around this time?"

"Depends on the day," the faunus woman hedged as she leaned against the bar. "But yeah typically we get regulars and day drinkers around this time. Bars don't really pick up 'til after seven or eight in the evening usually. If it's a club it could be later than that."

"Huh," Bleiss muttered absentmindedly as she took in the information. She hadn't really thought of how time of day came into things before but it kind of made sense. "What are your profits like typically? How well does the bar actually do?"

"Well enough to keep the doors open and I can keep my employees paid well enough that they don't quit and go somewhere else." Fordie answered plainly, still maintaining that same genial air she usually had. Bleiss idly wondered if it was natural for the woman or a learned trait from working in the service industry so long. "I'm not gonna be opening a second location any time soon though if that's what you're wondering. Big money in the bar scene in this town comes from the students at Beacon and they tend to stick to the bigger, shinier clubs like Junior's uptown."

"So your clientele is mostly locals?" Bleiss asked as she looked over the menu for the day's drink specials, "Also what's an ocean water?"

"You'll like it if you enjoyed what I made you last week, very sweet and citrus-y." Fordie responded as she began mixing the drink, talking all the while even as her hands poured ingredient after ingredient into the concoction. "And yeah pretty much. Mostly townies, the occasional student who either stumbles into the place like you, or the ones like lover boy down there who are friends with the employees."

"Have you ever thought of giving the place a facelift or image change to bring in new clientele?" Bleiss questioned as she looked down to the end of the bar to see Cardin dressed down from his usual armor to a red shirt and brown leather jacket talking to a girl who looked suspiciously like a slightly younger version of Filia complete with tusks. That was… huh… it seemed people could change if they wanted to.

"Naw, not planning on it any time soon either." Fordie responded as she put a deep blue drink in front of Bleiss bringing the disguised huntress back to the conversation. "Ford's is gonna stay Ford's as long as it can if I have anything to day about it. Like I said we do well enough anyway."

"Fair enough, Fordie," Bleiss said as she sipped at the delightfully sweet drink.

"Why the sudden interest anyway? Your people looking to get into the bar industry now too?" Fordie asked Bleiss with a raised eyebrow and blatant curiosity.

"No, more small talk than anything else. '' Bleiss answered simply. "You're the only other person I really know here as Bleiss Kohle and I wanted to be polite."

"Well I appreciate it kiddo, but I think there's someone you'd rather chat with a bit more isn't there love girl?" Fordie snarked with a smirk and a knowing look in the heiress' direction as she jerked her head towards the stage.

Bleiss felt her cheeks burn red as she blushed at the accurate accusation. A glance towards the stage showed Jaune and his band leading into what she assumed was the tail end of a song as she awkwardly waved trying to catch her quarry's attention.

The wave succeeded in drawing the eye of Jaune Arc and Bleiss couldn't help the butterflies flitting about in her stomach as he smiled back at her. A bright, happy, honest thing as he mouthed something in her direction, something along the lines of 'Grab a table?' as he gestured to their spot from the previous Friday and Bleiss nodded as they began the next song. And promptly choked on her drink when she actually heard the lyrics.

Last night a little dancer came dancing to my door

Last night a little angel came pumping to my door

She said come on baby, I've got a license for love

And if it expires, pray help from above, because

In the midnight hour, she cried more, more, more

With a rebel yell she cried more, more, more

In the midnight hour babe more, more, more

With a rebel yell babe more, more, more

Bleiss coughed and spluttered as she spat up the sweet blue drink before shooting a look to the stage to see a blushing Jaune, a grinning Russel, and their lead singer and bassist apparently none the wiser to what was actually going on.

"If it helps I think this is more about them teasing Jaune than you." Fordie laughed as she offered Bleiss a napkin. "He doesn't really flirt or talk to anyone ever so they're probably taking advantage of the opportunity." Bleiss almost felt her heart soften at the knowledge of the good natured ribbing. Then she heard the next verse.

She don't like slavery, she won't sit and beg

But when I'm tired and lonely she sleeps in bed

What sets you free and brought you to me, babe

What sets you free, I need you here by me, because

"I'll get my revenge come sparring class on monday." Bleiss vowed as she took the offered napkin and began drying off her shirt.

"Ha! Fair enough," Fordie laughed in response. "You gonna order anything to eat? The boys're about to have their break in a minute as well before business picks up for the evening if you wanna see about grabbing dinner with him."

"Sure!" Bleiss perked up at the advice offered from the bartender. "I'll have whatever you recommend and then whatever Jaune usually orders as well!"

"Coming right up kid," Fordie finished as she took Bleiss' order to the grill.

Five minutes later and Bleiss was on her way to what she hoped would become her regular table with a drink in each hand and a plate of burgers and fries precariously balanced on each arm.

"Oh shit, let me help you with those!" Bleiss heard before she felt the plates being lifted up off her arms and looked up to see the tall frame of Jaune Arc standing behind her with a smile. Oh and he was wearing a t-shirt today and his arms were doing the thing again… "Bleiss you ok?"

"Perfectly fine!" She yelped in response. She really needed to get that under control they were just arms! "So how are you today music man?" She quickly asked, covering up her embarrassment at being caught staring.

"Pretty good! Better for seeing you." He responded and Weiss felt the butterflies from before turn into a mosh pit (thank you Coco for terminology tips) in her stomach. "Have you been settling in alright?"

"Yup!" Bleiss responded as she mentally reviewed her cover story. "Finally managed to settle in at an apartment. Don't suppose you'd be interested in dropping by sometime?" Bleiss offered with a teasing lilt before biting her tongue in her tongue in panic at the sudden betrayal. 'Come over?! On the second…. oh hell we aren't even dating yet! What the shit me!?'

"Sure, did you need help moving in or something?" Came Jaune's guileless response and Bleiss felt her shoulders sag in relief. 'Thank goodness the cute ones are dense.'

"Yeah, just a bit actually, but I wasn't gonna ask you for help with that. I mean I don't wanna take advantage or anything." Bleiss offered, surprisingly honest in her statement she had been intending to at least get some cheap furnishing for her apartment out in the city. While it was frowned upon there weren't any rules against students having residence out in the kingdom after their first year and if she was going to maintain this double life she needed a home for Bleiss where she could also change back to Weiss.

"It's cool, I like helping honestly." Jaune responded with a smile as he bit into his burger and Bleiss jumped on her chance to change the subject and learn more about the subject of her affections.

"Is that what made you decide to be a huntsman? Wanting to help people?" Bleiss asked as she took a sip of the ocean cean water Fordie made, which Jaune was apparently having the non-alcoholic version of. Holy crap how did she keep making booze taste like candy? Booze was supposed to be nasty and bitter, not something to have for dessert.

"Kinda?" Jaune answered awkwardly after he swallowed his bite. "I uhhh…. honestly it was a bit more selfish than that. I have a family legacy kinda? And I wanted to uphold it? Honor it? Something like that… it's dumb…" The blonde knight trailed off with a blush as he looked down at his plate. Well Bleiss wouldn't be having any of that thank you very much.

"Hey, it was obviously important to you if it made you want to be a huntsman. Tell me about it, I wanna know more about my music man." She finished with a giggle and felt the mood of the table lift a bit as Jaune smiled back just a bit.

"Did you know my family has a history with Beacon going all the way back to the founding?"

"Nope, tell me more." Bleiss continued with a surge of interest. She could appreciate wanting to uphold a family legacy and it sounded like his was older than the Schnee's.

"My great- great- grandpa fought in the great war for the kingdom of Vale. After it was over he decided to help with the king's project at the time for developing the huntsman academy and put his sword down to become a builder. After it was done being built he picked his sword back up to start training the first batch of students. Among them was his son, my great-grandfather, and when he graduated he passed his sword down to his son. If you ever get to see it, the statue in front of Beacon is actually of my great- grandpa and great- grandma." Jaune paused to take a sip from his drink as Bleiss digested the new information about the boy in front of her.

"Anyway ever since then every generation of Arcs has produced great warriors and huntsmen, heroes really, I just… I want to make them proud. Make myself proud." Jaune finished quietly and Bleiss felt a surge of sympathy for the knight. But why had he never talked about all of this before? 'Why did you never ask him before? Yes thank you me, that was very helpful. Asshole.'

"Hey, I get it." Bleiss said as she patted his hand. "We all have people we want to be proud of us and things we feel we need to do. A family legacy isn't anything to scoff at. So where did being the music man come from?"

"Oh! Well that kinda ties into my family legacy thing. My parents never actually wanted me to be a huntsman. The life was too dangerous and I was too small and sickly when I was younger and I'm the only boy and, well, they pushed me towards a bunch of different hobbies instead. The only one that I really took to was guitar though." Bleiss eyed the blonde boy up and down as he took a breath and really only had one thing to say to that.

"Sickly?" She asked, disbelief clear in her voice with her eyebrow raised.

"Heh, puberty was kind to me and the training from my teammates helped out a bit I guess." Jaune laughed awkwardly and Bleiss watched as he rubbed the back of his head in poorly hidden embarrassment before continuing his explanation.

"Anyway I got decent at playing the guitar and when I needed some extra money to help pay for tuition an acquaintance of mine put me in touch with our drummer Russel since they were looking for a guitarist and songwriter and things just kinda fell into place." Jaune finished with a smile before returning to his meal.

"Very cool," and it really was, Bleiss was plenty willing to acknowledge, though one particular detail stuck out in her mind. "Wait. You write the songs?"

"Hmm?" Jaune made a questioning sound with a mouth full of burger keeping him occupied before nodding and swallowing. "Yup, my other dream was to become a successful songwriter and hear someone playing one of my songs on the radio. I guess you could say this is me chasing both my dreams at once?"

"So that song you just got done playing was that…..?" Bleiss trailed off as Jaune blanched.

"W-What? No! That was a cover! I'm so sorry about that by the way. I didn't expect Russel and Jason to do that, I'm so so sorry I….. Please tell me I'm not messing this up?" And Bleiss had to bite her tongue to hold in the giggles that threatened to erupt at the panicked look on the huntsman's face. In that moment she understood perfectly why Coco had called Jaune a golden retriever before, he really was like a puppy.

"You're fine Jaune. It was… a little unexpected but it was pretty easy to tell it wasn't your idea when you were blushing harder than I was. Maybe you could play something you wrote for me sometime though?" Bleiss asked as she batted her eyes prettily at the flustered boy and realized she actually was growing more invested in the young man.

"Yeah, definitely! It's a date! Errr…. As long as you want it to be?"

"It's absolutely a date." Bleiss smiled back with a nod. "Actually can you lend me your scroll real quick?"

"Hmm? Yeah what's up?" Jaune asked even as he handed it over to her. Opening it Bleiss plugged the number of her second scroll, Bleiss' scroll, into his.

"Here, call me sometime and we'll figure something out. Fair warning though I can be slow about responding to texts sometimes." Bleiss said as she handed it back to the taller boy.

"Awesome! Thanks Bleiss. I will definitely do that. Uh, I need to get back to work now but will you still be…?"

"I'll hang around music man." Bleiss giggled as she shooed him off and back to work. "We can hang out more after. Play something for me?"

"Definitely!" Jaune called back as made his way back onto the stage and after what seemed to be a brief conversation with his bandmates shot her a smile as they started to play again.

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