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Chapter 1:

The apocalypse. Not a very fun time to be alive, and not many associate it with happiness or joy. Simply put, no one wants to be around during one or our mundane little apocalypses.

Oh, sorry. Did I say mundane? Because each religion has their own version of the End of Days. Each view it differently. And in the multiverse, there is another earth. And earth where every apocalypse you have ever dreamed in your fevered nightmares happened.

If you think your idea of the apocalypse is bad, try living through theirs. Their world was torn asunder, flipped upside down, and thrown to the dogs, who tossed it down the shitter.

And they never knew it was coming.

300-ish years in the past

The first sign was the earthquakes. A large city was struck my several magnitude 8 earthquakes, and was eventually flooded by a titanic tsunami. Hundreds of millions died, and those who survived counted themselves lucky.

But it was only the beginning.

The tectonic plates started shifting, throwing the planet into disarray. Out of over 30 billion people, 750,786,900 people survived. People were starting to accept that the apocalypse had happened, but were hopeful that the worst was now over.

The shifting of the plates had one more thing to throw at them: a massive storm system that swept over the entire planet. Torrential downpours caused flooding, landslides, and fast water currents that took thousands that couldn't get back to shelter in time.

Most major cities on the coastlines not already wiped off the map were flooded. It rained non-stop for an entire year.

Then, the cold hit. The storm system brought the cold of the north down on the cities. Almost everything died from the flash freeze. Animals, plants, people, all taken by the fierce winter. This ice age lasted two years.

When it ended, the humans who survived thought that the worst was finally, finally over. Yet again, they were proven wrong.

Portals opened in the sky, ripping apart the fabric of existence itself. Monsters of every shape and size poured out, followed by the living dead. Their numbers multiplied rapidly, as the bodies of the dead had been preserved by the ice age.

And eldritch creature attempted to come through. It failed, but not before its power caused a nuclear fallout. Many of the animals left unscathed were transformed, mutated, into new, sentient beings. Some became fused together as a strange, LSD-induced abomination.

The world in disarray, the humans and creatures scattered to the four winds. The worst was finally over, and the few humans who were left did not celebrate. Their world was gone. Few could remember what the peace and safety of the old world had been like, six years ago.

They themselves were changed. Some humans found themselves able to control rock, wind, water and fire. Some could control plants, others could do what could simply be known as magic. No one had more than one power, and most were afraid of these people, calling them monsters with skin.

Most went underground, in cities called burrows. Some formed colonies on the surface, banding together to protect themselves from harm. Others wandered the earth, roaming where they pleased, helping no-one.

Their lives, their world, their peoples, were wiped out entirely in the course of six years.

There was nowhere to go but forward.

200-ish years later

While the world had been turned upside down, and most forgot what it was like, some remembered, and some wanted to go back to that.

Dr. Emelia Vance was one of those people.

She was the head scientist of a burrow of innovators, engineers, and scientists. Her family had remained untouched from the disaster, and now she wanted to fix the world.

A lofty pursuit, and highly unattainable. But was that going to stop her? Absolutely not.

A young scientist couple under her command started to believe that maybe the world didn't need fixing.

Their names were Song and Leo Oak. They were recently married, and expecting a child. The idea of new life, and frequent trips up to the surface for observation, were helping them warm up to the idea that maybe, just maybe, the world was a new one. It didn't need to go back to the way it was.

Maybe, it's better this way. Maybe this was supposed to happen. Yes, the old world was gone, probably forever. But the new world was more colorful and vibrant. And it existed. The old cultures might be dead, but there were new ones.

Where there is death, there is life. When you destroy, you pave the way for something new and wonderful. Song and Leo saw the world as it was, brilliant, beautiful, colorful, stunning, bright and shimmering.

Everywhere you looked, there was a new color the old world couldn't have ever dreamed was possible. Life didn't just exist everywhere, it thrived. The very air vibrated with energy and power. Some of the monsters were friendly, as were the mutes.

One day, in the cold of winter, Song went into labor secretly.

A beautiful little girl, who looked like a carbon copy of her mother with black hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin. She had a crescent moon birthmark at the base of her skull, on the back of her neck. Her left eye had a pie shaped piece that was green. She was as unique and beautiful as the upper world.

More so than they knew. When Leo walked to his wife with food an hour later, he tripped over an untied shoe lace. He and the food went flying. And then, they didn't. The couple was frozen in shock as Leo and the pot and food stayed floating in mid-air. The baby was staring right at him.

He was straightened up, the food placed back in the pot, back in his hands, and his shoe tied. Then he dropped an inch to the ground, the liquid sloshing in the pot. They looked at each other, then at the baby girl, fast asleep in Song's arms.

A few days went by like this, and the baby displayed multiple signs of magic. And, of having genetic mutation. They realized that if the news got out, she would be in danger. Emelia was already getting suspicious.

So, the couple agreed to hide her. Leo took his baby and snuck up to the surface. He ran as fast and as far as he could, finding an abandoned building that would be safe. He placed her in a nest of blankets and clothes, wrapped in a blanket he had knitted, with her name on it.

He kissed her head, whispering a final goodbye, "I love you my sweet darling. I will be back for you as soon as I can. I promise… Sigyn."

Sigyn started to cry as her father ran from the building, ready to throw of suspicion of his daughter so the scientists pursuing them couldn't find her. It worked, but it had worked too well. They didn't know where she was, what her name was, or what she was. They captured Leo and brought him back to the burrow.

He attempted to sneak out multiple time after that, but the family was now under 24/7 surveillance. Eventually, enough days passed that the couple mourned in silence at their child's demise, sure they had lost her forever.

It wouldn't be forever though.

A few hours after Leo's capture, a pack of mutated wolves found her. They saw the innocent baby and decided to bring her in for a time.

Only a few days old, she had a new name, new life, and no chance of getting home to her family. She was on her own.

She was a lone wolf.