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I am the Guardian of Forever.

They were coming, two time travellers, one of whom was a native to the so-called 'Mirror Universe,' so aptly named because everything was the opposite to what people in this universe held dear; in this universe, the United Federation of Planets was ruled by the Terran Empire, until its dissolution and then its conquest at the hands of the Klingon-Cardassian alliance. Except this time traveller had been moved forwards in time so far, and so far from her home reality, because the two universes were separated by a wide divide, the effects on her body were beginning to become extreme.

The Guardian of Forever had been waiting for this for centuries. It knew precisely what was wrong with Terran Emperor Georgiou, and knew how to heal her.

The sentient space-time portal had watched as Emperor Georgiou's arrival sent a temporal shockwave throughout the known universe, and now as she suffered from the ill-effects of primitive time travel and parallel universe transference - the Guardian could well understand the Federation's point of view when they had decided to ban all forms of time travel technology while destroying the technology at the same time, it was dangerous, but the portal knew the destruction of such technology would only make it harder to mitigate any changes to the existing timeline.

The Guardian was connected to the time streams in ways few could understand, and it was able to perceive moments of the future and prepare for them. It had used this foreknowledge to escape from the temporal wars which had ensued - why was it primitive races always needed to fight? - and make its way here, to this icy planet, millions of light-years away from its previous location so it could not be used; the days where Starfleet Captains like James Kirk and Jean Luc Picard were, ironically, more careful about time travel than the so-called experts from later centuries when it came to traversing time were gone.

When the Temporal Wars had first begun, the Guardian had moved itself from its previous location and travelled far from the Federation when the first signs of people, time warriors, travelling through time, changing history in much the same way Vosk's use of time travel altered Earth's 20th century, just to escape the never-ending attempts by both sides in the conflicts from using it to change the past, and influence the future to inflict more damage as part of the long games which came from waging long temporal wars. In space, any kind of war was easy; you simply launched fleets of ships in wave upon wave, launching attacks and raids on enemy ships and planets.

Time, on the other hand, was more tricky, because you had hundreds of centuries to play with. For instance, you could, in theory, alter the past, remove a key player or piece of technology which would be vital for the advance of the future, so it was possible to affect their capacity to wage war. A truly civilised temporal war did not involve anybody doing that, since the past was incredibly delicate, and any long term serious damage would be incredibly hard to rectify. The Guardian may have been millions of years old, but the entity imbued in the portal had sensed the shockwaves generated by the temporal wars, set off when the Federation organised the signing of the Temporal Accords, which was, in the opinion of the Guardian, one of the smartest things anyone could have done.

But there had been so many changes to history…

The attempts to use the Suliban when they were manipulated from the future by someone, who gave them advanced genetic engineering techniques to 'improve' their race, while another group opposed manipulated the Tholians in much the same way, and set them off against each other, like the pieces on a chessboard….

The 'Guardians' or sphere builders changing history by destroying Xindus by providing the Xindi-Reptilians and Xindi-Insectoids with the means of blowing up the planet, forcing the Xindi to fragment, and destroying the Xindi-Avians, only reappearing to the Xindi again and giving them enough so the Xindi would trust them completely, and they were so duped, they almost believed the lie about Earth destroying their homeworld…..

The Borg being provided with the means of travelling back in time to assimilate Earth when the First Contact between human and Vulcan was supposed to be taking place...

A timeline where genetic engineering techniques and advanced strategies and information was provided to Khan Noonien Singh, so the insane augment warlord gained advantage after advantage before the battles even began until the augments were able to conquer their own world, and then transform the entire human race into his own image…

A continuum where Spock was killed in a childhood accident, which resulted in an Andorian named Thelin becoming James Kirk's first officer instead, before a massive disaster occurred with the Genesis Project, which sparked a terrible war against the Klingons, with terrible effects…

A timeline where the Caretaker in the Delta Quadrant so close to the Ocampan homeworld did not resort to the kidnapping of so many alien ships, which in turn meant the USS Voyager did not make its epic voyage into the Delta Quadrant, making first contact with numerous species, and returning with such an influx of new technologies from nanotechnology, spatial trajector theories, and Quantum Slipstream drive. The loss of such a trip would have affected hundreds of years of history, and not only that of the Federation, but of others...

Or what about the timeline where the Cardassians were forced to chase somebody into the Denorias Belt close to Bajor, and discovered the wormhole instead of Benjamin Sisko and Jadzia Dax, which resulted in a contact with the Dominion and sparked a variant of the Dominion War where the Founders managed to infiltrate the Alpha Quadrant powers and sparked off a terrible two-sided war, and changed history resulting in so many important moments in history never took place; the Federation's rediscovery of the Mirror Universe, the first contact with the Dominion, the journey through the Delta Quadrant of the USS Voyager which had resulted in a massive series of advances for science and technology, and on and on the hostilities went until the Alpha and Beta Quadrants were nothing more than a wartorn interstellar wasteland… to be conquered by the Dominion.

What made it worse was while the people who mitigated and negated the timelines spawned by those events like diseased weeds, the Guardian of Forever was forced to watch as the timelines generated by those changes spread outwards, some of them forming moments which turned out for the best while others, just made things worse.

The Guardian had moved away because the portal had known if both sides had access to it and its capabilities, the damage would be infinitely worse than anything they might have come up with by themselves. For so long, the Guardian had never really had consistent time travellers pass through to times and places they could only learn from in books, or historical records - when James Kirk had first passed through, to rescue Dr McCoy who had accidentally injected himself with a powerful drug, the Guardian had hoped the Starfleet Captain would have travelled through it, and seen history in ways which would have shaped Starfleet's knowledge of time and time travel, and would have ensured the Temporal Wars would have been hard to fight, but the Captain had left.

The Guardian sensed Burnham and Georgiou were nearby, but it would take time for the pair to find out who their benefactor Carl was - who would be appearing soon, and they would see for themselves how far the Guardian had evolved in order to hide.

It was a matter of time.

A/N - A few of the timelines mentioned appeared in the Star Trek Myriad Universes, a collection of novellas split into three omnibuses which showed different timelines from the mainstream; a timeline the Eugenics wars ended differently which resulted in Khan genetically augmenting the human race until they became masters of a repressive empire, a timeline where Voyager was stranded in the Delta Quadrant after a battle with the Borg and Species 8472, and another where Bajor was never liberated which resulted in a Dominion infiltration which eventually resulted in the Klingon homeworld's destruction.

Anyway, enjoy. I hope you've enjoyed it.