The end and the beginning

I liked video games. They allowed me to do things I couldn't do in real life. Things that were only possible in our imagination.

Dreaming of adventure was nice, reading about someone adventure was nice. Watching someone else adventure was nice. But only video games allowed you to live the adventure of the protagonist. Or better yet, make your own adventure, with RPGs. And with action-adventure and RPGs games came a new feature: crafting, which allowed you to make your own equipment instead of buying it or wait for a good drop to suit your combat style and needs.

Among these games that allowed you to craft equipments, my favourites was surprisingly and ero-rpg, Kamidori Alchemist Meister. There was a simple reason for that. The crafting skill of the protagonist, Wilfried Dion, was synthesis. And synthesis was basically a combination of leatherworking, tailoring, smithing, woodcrafting, alchemy and enchanting. You could even argue that it included mechanics and engineering, considering some of the itmes you could make.

Unlike other games where you had to chose only 1 or 2, sometimes 3 crafting skills, this one provided all of them for the price of one. And despite that, it still provided a large amount of materials to work with, and a large amount of items to craft. The only real limitations were for the armors and clothes sections.

Aside from the crafting, the game provided decent combat and dungeonning, and of course the various romances and sexuals encounters. So it was no wonder that I spent a lot of time on that game, trying the differents routes, and discovering new recipes and items.

Still, the begining could be tedious, and not all the bonuses from New Game + suited me, so I got 2 cheats programs to help speed up the subsequent playthroughts, SpoilerAl and Kamidori trainer. After a bit of experimentation, I got myself the starter bonuses I wanted, and started my last playthrough of the game. It was also the last moment of my life.

The familiar sound of plane engines entered my ears. Too loud to be reasuring, as I lived nowhere near an airport. Whatever plane I was hearing was going down, near me, and the horrific realisation caused me to freeze, my insides clenching painfully.

I didn't have time to do anything else. The wall and roof of my room burst appart in a deafening noise, and something massive slamed into me. A split second of pain and then nothing more. I was gone before the plane erupted in a fireball, destroying the rest of my appartment building.

Consciousness slowly came back to me, accompanied by a big headache and a painful burning feeling through my whole body.

Thankfully, both were quickly dissipating, but they were replaced by some other discomforts. My body felt strange, weak, different. And my mind was pleagued by a large amount of random and fleeting memories, passing so quickly they were unclear. I was lying on a cold stone floor, confused.

The confusion started to quickly clear out as I heard a melodious bird noise. That was the trigger that put everything in my mind in order.

I had remembered the moment of my death. That alone was shocking enough. But that wasn't the only thing I remembered. No, I had another set of memories that I was certain weren't mine. And with them came knowledge and understanding of things I shouldn't know, because they belonged to neither set of lives. The most important thing though, was where I was and who I had become after dying.

I was in Scotland, Hogwart school of witchcraft and wizardry, in the chamber of secrets. I was inhabiting the body of Harry Potter, right after killing the basilisk and destroying the horcrux diary.

I was so shocked that I had become unresponsive for a while, until Fawkes nudged me with his head. I flinched and sat up, startled. I closed my eyes and massaged the bridge of my nose, trying very hard not to freak out or panic. My death and transmigration into a fictional world were to sudden. But I didn't have the time to contemplate it. When I was in my early teens, I had developped the trick to ignore unease, fear and panic when put in a stressful situation, such as asking a girl out. Or not collapse after learning of a close relative death. Ginevra Weasley, called Ginny, was still lying unconscious near me. With the destroyed diary between us.

"Thank you, Fawkes" I said to the phoenix, who responded with a happy little trill.

I went to Ginny's side to wake her up. I wanted to deal with the end of the Chamber Of Secrets incident soon and get to bed. I seriously needed some time-out, and think about what to do with my new situation. I absentmindedly noted that my surroundings were similar to what I remembred from the movies, but not quite. Same with the basilisk, Fawkes and Ginevra. But I was concentrating on going with the motions.

The following events were a blur.

Calming Ginny down, recovering our wands, the diary, the sorting hat and the sword. Then living the Chamber, taking Ron and Lockhart on the way out. Meeting Dumbledore and Lucius Malfoy for the 1st time was quite trying for me, as they were powerfull, thus dangerous people. When retelling the events to the adults, and notably Dumbledore, I replayed the memories of original Harry in my mind, relieving them with what he had felt. It was my way of protecting my mind from a possible passive legilimency scan.

Fanfiction or not, I had never been a big fan of the headmaster, and didn't trust him. Even if I did like him, I wouldn't automatically trust him. You should never assume that what you learned as a spectator would be the same in real life. I always thought that reincarnators and transmigrants that revealed their knowledge, or acted boldly on said knowledge, were fools. I needed to make sure that what I knew about the world and the people was Canon in the place I was, and not an Alternate Universe.

After dealing with the aftermath as close to canon as possible, freeing Dobby, and returning to dorm, I collapsed in my bed, shut the binders, and had a silent breakdown before drifting to sleep.