End of July


After studying and dealing with my relatives, Lily and I returned to Gringots as promised.

"It's a pleasure to see you again mr Potter" Slipknot said as Lily and I sat down in his office. "I must admit I was skeptical about your proposition at first. However, you caused a minor uproar in the appraising department with most of the materials you brought. Would you mind telling me where you aquired them?"

"Sorry, but that will remain a secret. Except for the basilisk parts. I'm sure you've heard rumors about the Slytherin Chamber of Secrets being oppened and students being petrified? The monster from the Chamber of Secrets was a basilisk, put there by Slytherin himself. I was forced to confront the beast, and managed to kill it."

"Wait" Slipknot interrupted me, shocked. "Are you telling me that you, at the young age of 12, fought and defeated a 1000yo basilisk?"

"Yes! I was forced to remain behind cover until Fawkes, that is Dumbledore's phoenix, found me and attacked the beast eyes."

"But how did you defeat it? With its magic resistance no spells of yours could have affected him. Furtheremore, basilisks keep growing as they age. It should have reached a large size."

"It was about 45 feet longWith a sword thrust to the roof of the mouth as the beast lunged to bite me. Pierced his brain, and got a fang in my arm at the same time. I survived thanks to Fawkes crying on the wound."

"You, a young wizard barely in his teens, killed a 1000yo basilisk with a sword?" He asked incredously, and I just nodded in response. "That is an incredible achievment, mr Potter. You may be a wizard, but you have the spirit of a warrior, and shall be respected as such."

"Thank you" I replied with a nod, then grinned. "I'm keeping the skeleton as trophy, and it'll be displayed in my future home for all visitors to see."

"Good idea. I guess Dumbledore decided to keep quiet about it. It wouldn't be good for him if everyone knew there was such a dangerous beast roaming the halls of the school under his nose. I'm also surprised that there hasn't been any deaths."

"Pure insane luck" I replied with a shiver. "People were petrified instead of instantly killed was because they never directly looked at it in the eyes, always through a transparent material or a reflective surface. 25% of the money I get from the basilisk sales will be shared between the victims of attack. If the individuals don't already have a vault, put the money in a common Victim vault. Here is their names" I said, giving him the 4 people list.

"It will be done."

"Now, what is the estimated value of the materials whose samples I gave you?"

Slipknot gave a brief summary for each numbered samples. My gold coins had half of the value of a galleon, and since I had 250 000 santoerils, that mean an extra 125 000 galleons. The most valuable materials were the magic stones, spirit stones, rien stones, mithril, reysha steel, and the sacred branches. Their attributes were already highly regarded, but their rarity increased their value much further. They had become part of the top 30 most valuable magical materials in the entire world, with the spirit stones, mithril, reysha steel and sacred branches in the top 10. Putting them up for auction in the whole Europe would get him a massive amount of money.

I decided to only sell basilisk parts for the time being. The other materials would be sold only once I got my other businesses started. Of course I wouldn't sell everything from the basilisk. I would keep the hide and most of the venom. The hide would be used to make protective clothes for myself and my closest friends and allies. I didn't want anyone on the dark side to have access to the poison or the highly protective material. I wanted to make sure that what little amount of venom I sold would be directly used by reputable potions masters in non-dark potions. They'll have to sign magically binding contracts.

For my future business, I needed some basic accomodations. I decided to have one building in Diagon Alley and another in Knockturn Alley, something that would cost me between 10 000 and 25 000 galleons depending on the buildings I would settle with. It was a good thing that, in the magical world, buildings cost less than in the muggle world thanks to the help of magic. What made the prices comparable were the added enchantments and warding, and those I could take care of myself. I intended to use the time until New Year toprepare them, alongside the products/services and a few employees. Once I got my wizarding businesses running, I would rebuild the Potter Manor and the Potter Cottage.

Finally, we dealt with Lily's identifications. Her official name would be Emily Delta Morrigan. I choose Emily because of the Tekken character with the same name and nickname, and similar clothes. Delta and Morrigan were the name of succubus characters in 2 differents games, the first came from Words Worth, and the second from Darkstalkers. She was an orphan, supposedly a half-blood with some unknown creature heritage related to veelas. She grew up in the continent and was homeschooled, and only recently arrived to Britain after the death of her guardians. He also registered her as his personal assistant with access to his vault.

"Hey, Slipknot. Does Gringot have a muggle branch, or a close enough relationship with a muggle bank to do transactions in the muggle world? It would be nice to have access to my money in the muggle world for muggle business."

"We do indeed have some close ties with Lloyds Banking Group. After all, the muggle money exchanged by the muggleborns and their parents has to get some use somewhere. Witches and wizards bring more in the wizarding world than they get out, and it's useless in the magical world."

"Good, because this coin I had you appraise, I will bring more at a later time, to be changed into muggle currency in a muggle account."

I always thought about the advantage a magical crafter would have if they operated in the muggle world. They could make things easier, faster and cheaper. For an alchemist and enchanter like myself, that opened doors in engineering, starting with the material research and production field. I had a Solar Generator, I could expand to energy engineering, mechanical engineering, molecular engineering and even biomedical engineering. And since I liked video games, and we were in the golden age of video games, I could even have my own game development company and steal games or games ideas from the 2000s and 2010s. Something to ponder for later.

I wasn't just thinking about myself when I was making my plans. I was also thinking about my future family. I wasn't in any relationship in my past life, but I had siblings. Siblings who got children of their own. My elder sister was a single mother, and had lived with me for a year after giving birth to her 1st child. Then when she got her own place. I took care of her on a daily basis, and when they moved out I was the uncle she saw the most. She had to be corrected that I wasn't her daddy but her uncle. So, yeah, I got a good idea of what it was like to raise children, and think of their future. To think about your own future, and what would be left behind after your inevitable departure. Your legacy.

No matter how much fun I intended to have for the time being, I would have children later, then grandchildren and so on. For young people, that kind of thinking was left for later. But not for me. I didn't leave anything significant behind in my previous life, neither for myself or my family. I was going to rebuild the Potter Family from its remains and bring it to greater heights than before. I wanted it to be as secure as possible, both in the magical and muggle world. And I was going to start early, as I improved my life and prepared for the coming war.

After a few more minutes of talk, we left the bank. For the time being, I will provide a monthly supply of basilisk parts to be sold by the bank starting in August, for 12 months. And it wouldn't be sold just in Britain, but all over Europe, to keep the price high. The rest will be set up during the following months.

The following weeks, most of my free time was spent studying, designing transmutation systems and experimenting with them. The development seemed slow, but I was definitly improving. With each steps, I added what I was learning from the magical and scientific books I aquired. Most of the time was spent on designing, which I was enjoying. The experiments themsleves were shorts.

I spent at least 1h each day working out with the Total Package, a full set of workout tools and weights to train each muscle groups. I wasn't the only one exercising, so was Lily. As a wizard, magic would always be my main means of battle. But I didn't want to be helpless against magically resistant and physically superior magical beasts and beings, such as werewolves and vampires. The troll and the basilisks were bad enough experiences, even when inherited. Original Harry truly was a courageous soul. Lily was a jack-of-all-trades, able to use almost any weapons, and average in magic ability. I intended to have her focus more on physical combat than magic.

That training was supplemented by drinking a nutritional potion, and Marwen's Necklace. The necklace doubled the growth rate of the person wearing it. In the game, that meant more attributes points gained during level ups, but here, it boosted the effects of our training. I looked forward to returning to the magical world so we could train our magic as well. My workplace may be able to keep the magic of my experiments contained because they were small in scale and done by enchanted items, but I really doubted they could conceal spell usage.

Soon enough, July 31st came around. I was ready for the rituals I wanted to make. At midnight, as we passed from the 30th to the 31st, Lily and I snuck out of the house under the invisibility cloak, and went to the nearby park. From there, I took out my broomstick, and we flew away. An hour later, we were in the countryside, and landed in a small , Lily and I prepared the place for the ritual, first by placing a containment ward with 7 small ward stones arranged in a circle around the area. Then we made the ritual circle, again, with help from enchanted stones to do the transfiguration work.

The ritual had 2 purposes. Enhance my magic, and give my body some minor alterations to be able to enjoy my life for the following few years.

The materials used to enhance my magic were angel essence, mare essence, fairy beads, fiends beads, dragon beads and divine claw. The angel essence would enhance my affinity to light magic, and even add light properties to some spells. The mare essence would do the same for dark magic. The fairy beads and fiend beads contained some fairy and fiend magic essence. Their magic were more flexible than regular magic. I would say that their reality altering power was stronger, but also more subtle than regular magic. That would make my magic more versatile and easier to perform, relying a little less on knowledge and a little more on intent.

I know that 'Magic is all about intent' was often said in fanfics, and once or twice in canon, but that wasn't really the case. Magic had its own rules as well, else there wouldn't be so much work about magic theories, transfiguration laws, arithmancy and numbered clockwise-or-not potions stirring movements. The saying 'knowledge is power' applied here.

The dragon beads had dragon magic in there, and it was what allowed the massive beasts to fly despite their weight, to have such strong bodies, and which give them some magic resistance. That would make my magic more effective for body enhancements, healing, and resistance to harmful magics. The divine claw contained some divine energy, divine energy that came from actual gods. The beings that were supposed to be creators and/or administrators of worlds, able to do things beyond any mortals capabilities. It would make my magic more effective, more potent, harder to counter or dispel.

The ritual increased my total magic by nearly 50%. I was happy that it wasn't more, because it would then be suspicous to Dumbledore once school restarted. I was certain the man was quite sensitive to magic, and with his interest in me, he would definitly notice if I got twice more powerful than before. Besides, I still had plenty of room to grow. This little boost could be attributed to puberty.

For the minor body alteration, I used tempting honey, yuriuch nectar, purifying salts, and FS supplement. Unlike the previous part, I needed to drink an alchemical potion on top of the ritual circle to alter my body the way I wanted. The purifying salts to reduce unpleasant body odor from natural secretions, especially sweat and saliva. The tempting honey to add an alluring effect to skin secretions and an aphrodisiac effect to sexual fluids. The yuriuchi nectar to make my semen tasty. The FS supplement was a potion that raised stamina recovery, and it was to increase my sexual stamina and recovery.

I wanted to have a lot of fun with girls in my new life. Being known as a skirt chaser wouldn't help with that goal, so I had to cheat. Thus I increased my physical attractiveness. The workout would also help with that, and I even took magic into consideration. Magic power was an important part of magicals lives, and it definitly had an influence on their senses of attraction. As angel magic was charismatic and mare magic was seductive, my magical aura would be very attractive. It would be subtle enough that it would only affect the ones I spend the most time with. Unlike amortentia, they could still easily walk away if they didn't like me.

With the ritual done, Lily and I promptly cleaned the site and left. We reached our room at 3am and quickly fell asleep.


AN: I had more trouble than expected writing this.