Title: Another Retelling of Bloodlines

Rating: T

Summary: Dr. Crusher not only left the Enterprise at the end of season one but she left Starfleet and returned to her planet of Caldos. Six years later her past returns in the form of the Enterprise that she left behind with news that Bok is coming for her son, Perseus. The son, among sisters, that she had with Captain Picard. Bok's going to learn you don't make a Howard mad, it's bad for your health. P/C Pairing.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Paramount characters and I'm making nothing from this.

Chapter 3

"The kid did what?" Beverly said when Mrs. Stone told her what had happened.

"Charlie decided to punch your son in the face," she said, "He's been taken to Sickbay to repair his broken nose but Charlie has also been taken to Sickbay as well."

"And for what reason?"

"Because your son's sisters decided to pile on him and give him what he gave your son," she said. "I don't approve of fighting, even if you want to pay back the person that did it. Charlie has two broken ribs and a broken leg."

Beverly felt the little snot deserved it.

"I will have a talk with my children."

"I would appreciate it," she said. "And I'm planning on having a talk with Charlie's father. I would advise that the Captain have the same talk with his daughter's."

"I will take them to the Bridge so that the Captain can give them a dressing down."

She thanked Beverly and left.

"Are we in trouble?" Joan asked her.

"We'll talk about this when we get on the Bridge," Beverly said, though inside she was elated that his sisters and beaten the snot out of the little worm.

The Bridge hadn't changed since the last day that she had been on it. Yes, there was some personal change but that was it. She noticed that the Senior Staff wasn't there, which told her that there was a meeting.

"Ma'am, we don't-."

"Excuse me, Ensign, but I use to be Chief Medical Officer on-board this ship and I will say this only once. I need to speak with the Captain, at once."

"So you're the mother whose children broke my son's leg and ribs."

"Oh you must be Charlie's father," Beverly said. "Tell me something, Mr.-."


"Is your son this ugly or did he get it from you?"

The look on Charlie's father's face was murder.

"Mother, maybe we should come back later."

"At least I didn't whore myself out to my Captain."

Beverly lost it and before any of the Bridge crew knew it she had jumped on him, punching him in the face as hard as she could. A few minutes later Data was dragging her off of Charlie's father while Worf grabbed him. She gave him one last kick, which got him in the sweet spot.

"Both of you, in my Ready Room."

She gave Charlie's father a look of unbridle hate.

"What gave two people the right to fight each other?" Beverly and Ensign Style were asked.

"The Ensign's son started it," Beverly said.

"Oh and how so?" the Captain asked.

"He called my brother a bastard," Joan answered.

"Is that true?" the Captain asked.

"It's the truth, Captain, and I made sure that Charlie knew it."

"And last time that I checked I'm the Captain of this ship and your superior officer. You have no right to teach your son this kind of language. Tell me what happened next."

"We piled on Charlie and broke some bones."

"My son was in sickbay," Ensign Style told him.

"My son was in sickbay with a broken nose," Beverly snarled.

"Can you tell your whore to shut up."

"Don't call our mother a whore," Nancy snarled. "She's better than you'll ever be."

Beverly screamed something that wasn't in English and tried to get out of Data's grip, but the android held on.

"Unlike Beverly I don't have the luxury of throwing you out of the nearest airlock, which is so tempting right now. It seems that you started this by teaching your son that word and thus showing your superior officer disrespect on a level that I've never seen. What happened between me and Beverly is none of the ships business or your business. However, I can't ignore the fact that both of you were fighting on my bridge. So, as punishment both of you are spending a week in the Brig. Ensign Style you will report to Engineering when your week is up and you'll be clean the plasma ducts under the supervision of Mr. La Forge.

"Beverly will be spending two weeks in counseling with Troi. The job of parent's is to set an example for their children. A thing that both of you haven't done. And if this happens again, your both cleaning the plasma ducts under La Forge's supervision. Yes, Beverly, I'm including you. Mr. Data and Mr. Worf, take them both to sickbay so that the Doctor can heal them."

"Where will we go?" Joan asked him.

"You'll be spending time with me," the Captain said.

"And I thought you weren't violent," Dr. Pulaski said.

"I just lose control," she said.

"Well it didn't help that he called you a whore," she said. "But, still, wish I had been there to see a small framed woman like you kick his ass."

Both woman laughed.


When Wesley heard that his mother had been involved in a fight he couldn't believe it. He had been stuck in a turoblift for seven hours and had missed all the good parts. Of course he knew that his mother had a temper but he had never heard of her fighting before. When he entered the Brig he found Commander Riker talking with his mother.

"Wes," his mother said.

"What exactly happened, mother?"

"It was brilliant," Riker said. "Never knew your mother had fire."

"He's impressed with my ability to take down a full grown man," she told him.

"So how long are you in here?"

"A week," his mother said. "Can you check on your siblings and make sure that their alright?"

"Sure, but what happened?"

Riker told him the full story and Wesley felt that his mother was right in what she had done.

"If it happens again I'm cleaning plasma ducts," she said.

Wesley winced. Cleaning plasma ducts was something that he had done one time.

"She'll probably do it better than Charlie's father."

"So have you had dinner?" Wesley asked her.

"It's coming," she said.


"So you actually play this," Nancy said to her father, pointing to the flute that he had on the table.

"Yes, I do," he said. "I heard that you five play something."

He had temporarily moved into Beverly's quarters because the quarters had been converted into a large family quarters.

"We've been playing for three years," Perseus told him. "Down on Caldos we're in the orchestra."

"Well I would like to hear you play something," he said.

"We'll get our things."

Out of all the things that had been brought up from Caldos the large harp had been the only thing that had to be physically transported. Data had helped with bringing it in and Nancy was the one that played it. Perseus played the obo, Joan played the flute, Maria played the violin, and Madeline played the clarinet. He listened, with help from the computer which filled in the sections that they didn't play, as they played a piece from Bach. When they were finished their father clapped, but then another clap joined him and he turned to see Wesley standing there.

"Mother wanted me to check on them," he said. "That was amazing."

"Thanks," Perseus said.


"I know that you heard of what happened on the Bridge," he told Wesley.

"Commander Riker thinks that it's amazing," Wesley said.

The Captain gave him an odd look and said, "Well, everything that Riker sees he thinks is amazing. Charlie's father started the whole thing when he told Charlie to call Perseus a bastard."

"Everyone should know that mother's got a nasty temper."

"Well your mother has been gone for six years," he said. "I doubt that many that are on this ship remembers her temper."

"Well they do now."

Another odd look crossed the Captain's face.

The next morning the Captain discovered another trait that all five children had. They all ate the same thing for breakfast and ate everything on their plate. Nothing was force from them.

"Mother said that there are prisoners out there that would love to have what we're eating. So we eat everything that's in-front of us."

"Your mother has wisdom."

"And a mean right hook," Joan said.

"Two wrongs don't make a right."

"Yeah, but two wrongs made the Titanic," Perseus commented and his siblings laughed.

He saw Wesley grinning at that. "Don't encourage them."

"Never, sir," Wesley said.

"So how was breakfast with the kids?" Deanna asked him when he arrived on the Bridge.

"It was nice," he said. "When did Beverly learn to hit that hard?"

"Worf taught her," Deanna said.

"Remind me to have a talk with Mr. Worf," the Captain said.


"You were cheating, Charlie, and you got caught," Mrs. Stone told him.

They were all doing their tests and Mrs. Stone saw Charlie trying to look over at Madeline's screen.

"You're only saying that because of who their father is."

She saw Madeline rolling her eyes.

"And what is that supposed to mean?"

"They're the Captain's children. Of course you want to look good in-front of your commanding officer."

Another eye rolling from Madeline.

"Who their father is has nothing to do with my decision to give you a zero and make you take the test in another room. Where there are no other students."

"Wait until my father hears about this," Charlie said and he stormed out.

She shook her head and said, "The science competition is coming up. If you win you get a tour of the ship by the Captain. I hope that this time there is no accident."

All five of them looked at each other, but Joan raised her hand.

"Yes, Miss Crusher."

"What happened last year?" she asked her.

"A filament attacked the Enterprise and your father was locked in a turoblift with three children who were our winners last year. They were really brave and helped your father out."


"I want to win," Joan said.

"We've already been on a tour of the Enterprise," Perseus said.

"True, but I still want to win."

"So what are you doing?"

"A typical volcano," Perseus said.

"That's so boring."

"He doesn't want to win," Madeline said. "So, sister, what do you want to do?"

"Well I was thinking about making a solution that helps plants grow faster so that they can be harvested for their crops," Joan said.

"I hope not too fast."

"No, I believe that I can make it grow only slightly faster," Joan said.

"I want to do a report on bugs," Nancy said.

"Why bugs?"

"Because I think their interesting."

Her siblings all rolled their eyes.

With their ideas in hand all five of them, including their classmates, got started. To get the project done they would have to get some help. As for Joan, it would require a Captain's authorization. And she just happened to have a father that was a Captain.

"So this is just for a science project," the Lt. said when Joan showed the PADD that had the Captain's authorization on it.

"Correct," she said.

"I'll mix the chemicals and we'll see if anything that we have here can speed the process a little bit."

Joan knew that she was supposed to do the work, but the chemicals that she was going to be using could only be handled by a professional. So, she decided to leave it to them.

"Here we go," she said, adding it to the others.

"What's it called?"

"It's a very long word that I can't even pronounce," she said. "And trust me, not all of us can pronounce everything that we have here."

"I thought you were trained in pronouncing it."

She laughed and said, "Who told you that lie?"

"Never mind," Joan said. "Thanks for the bottle."

"Just don't break it."

"I won't," she promised and left.

She had decided to use it on a strawberry plant. She loved strawberries and figured it would be a good start. She added five drops of it and then put it away in a locker so that no one could get to it. She wrote down what she had done and then left. She was dead tired and needed her sleep.


A/N: I'm putting plenty of things that the five children do in this story. This is going to be a lot more than just Bok wanting revenge.