Title: Another Retelling of Bloodlines

Rating: T

Summary: Dr. Crusher not only left the Enterprise at the end of season one but she left Starfleet and returned to her planet of Caldos. Six years later her past returns in the form of the Enterprise that she left behind with news that Bok is coming for her son, Perseus. The son, among sisters, that she had with Captain Picard. Bok's going to learn you don't make a Howard mad, it's bad for your health. P/C Pairing.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Paramount characters and I'm making nothing from this.

Chapter 7

"So are you going out with the Captain?" Perseus asked his mother.

He had a big grin on his face when he asked that question.

"We had one date."

"At least he's better than the jerks that you use to date," Perseus said.

It seems that everyone on Caldos knew that Beverly had bad luck with men. Most likely because most men were turned off by a woman with five children, all the same age. Madeline and Nancy had both inherited the Picard temper and Madeline had run a man off that had insulted her with a rod. The idea that she might be, once again, dating was something that she knew all five of them were watching very closely.

"It's like their waiting on Jean-Luc to make a mistake," she told Deanna.

"Well they are overly protective of you," she told Beverly.

"Don't remind me."


"Will this kit even work?" Nancy asked her sister.

"Of course it will," Maria said. "Barclay gave it to me."

"And who's Barclay?" Nancy asked her.

"Don't tease," Maria said. "He works down in Engineering and he said that he had this kit when he was younger."

"What is it supposed to be?"

"A flying bird," she answered. "He said that when I'm done he'll get me another kit."

"Let's hope it doesn't decide to attack Spook."

Spook turned his head when his name was mentioned.


"I'm getting nervous about this whole thing," Jean-Luc told Will. "Bok hasn't yet made his move yet."

"Besides telling you who he intends to target," Will said.

"Correct," Jean-Luc said. "Does he think that we'll let him get away with this."

"Captain," Data said and he turned to see his Android second officer approach him with Beverly. "I think that we might have an idea."

"To keep Bok off my ship."

"Correct," Beverly said. "On Caldos I went to a conference on some updated shielding that a scientist was developing. I told him that if I was still in Starfleet that I would have invited him to try and pitch the idea, but since then I've discovered that his shielding got approved. It was tested and developed. If his ship that he's on doesn't have it, but we do, then if he tries to come after us we can go to the one place that he can't follow."

"Just in-case he decides to pay a visit," Data added.

"Which I have a bad feeling he will," Beverly said. "It's not enough to make his intentions clear, he will try again."

"Modify the shields with this new update," Jean-Luc said. "I'm willing to try anything to ensure that he can't take any member of my crew. Including my son."

"We will star the necessary modification at once," Data said.

"By the way, where will we be able to go with this new modification?" Jean-Luc asked them.

"Inside the sun's corona."

"Talk about things heating up," Will said.

"I'll be in my Ready Room," Jean-Luc told them.

When he walked in he found Bok waiting on him. The Ferengi smiled at him and Jean-Luc went for his combadge.

"Don't attempt, Captain," he said. "So how are you enjoying having a son?"

"What do you want?" he asked Bok.

"I think that my intentions are quiet clear," he said. "I want you to suffer the way that I did. And, thanks to your actions, I'll be able to get him."

"If you touch one hair on his head, I'll-."

"Do nothing, because you can't," he said. "You will never find me and when I'm done with your son I'll be nice enough to send his body back. In pieces."

And he faded away until he was gone.

"I don't have any clue how he was able to get on-board without our sensors detecting him," Geordi said.

Jean-Luc had called all the members of the Crusher clan, including Perseus, into the Observation Lounge. Data brought up the information from the scan of Jean-Luc's chair.

"I'm going to have that chair burned," he told them.

"This looks like a subspace transporter," Maria told them.

"How do you know this?" Beverly asked her.

"I was doing a report about them before we left Caldos," she said. "Our teacher said that deflector shields can't detect a beam out like that. They also concluded that it's not reliable because of the amount of energy that has to be used. However, if you had it recorded then you can detect it the next time that it's used and locate the source."

"Looks like we have another Wesley on our hands," Will said.

"I'll take that as a compliment," Beverly said.

"Mr. Data, locate where Bok is hiding," Jean-Luc ordered. "And then we'll give him a little surprise of our own."


"I hope I didn't step on anyone's toes," Marie said to her mother as they left the bridge.

"I believe you gave them the answer to keep your brother safe," she said. "Don't be ashamed of being smart."

"Thanks," she said.

"So what is going to happen when Bok is finally captured?" Nancy asked them.

"I don't know," Beverly said.


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