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Genre: Romance/Humor

Rating: T

Out of the many traits that Kyoya Ootori possessed, Kagome would never have picked 'cuddler' as one of them. In fact, she had thought him to sleep just like he behaved in his usual settings; detached.

However, that turned out to be quite the opposite as she now found herself firmly tugged against his firm chest, with his nose deep into her ebony locks and her rump against his lower stomach as the older boy slept.

Kagome could accept that she was not always right, but it didn't mean she would have to like it. So, she took comfort that while she may have been wrong about Kyoya, she had not been off about Tamaki.

The blonde boy was, in fact, a cuddler. His long limbs had managed to entangle themselves in hers, with his face pressed against her collarbones and a small blissful smile lighting up his handsome face.

He is definitely drooling, she mused with a quiet giggle.

Kagome knew their quiet cuddle time would only last for so long and she was quite comfortable squashed between her two favourite males.

Not that she would ever tell them that, both their egos were big enough already.

With that in mind, the young Miko closed her eyes again to soak up a few more hours' worth of sleep and affection.