It had been a year since he, Sonia and Manic had defeated Robotnik and taken their kingdom back.

Everything was doing fine at first but there was still a part of Sonic that wasn't happy or so sure if Robotnik was really gone.

After being raised by his uncle Chuck and being a Freedom Fighter he knew something wasn't right.

He sighed and got up to look out the window.

"I don't know what to do. I don't think he's gone." he said.

Then he shut his eyes to watch them defeat him.

"You're days of roboticizing and hurting everyone is over Buttnik!" he said and looked at Sonia and Manic who looked back and nodded.

Everyone was watching them.

"Let's do it!" he said and they tapped their medallions and got their guitar, drum and keyboard.

Then they looked at each other again and nodded.

So it started.

Sonia got one of his Swatbots along with Manic.

Sonic got another then was stopped by Robotnik.

"You're the one I'm mostly after." Robotnik said causing them all to look at him.

The Freedom Fighters already knew why.

"You're the weapon the Freedom Fighters had."

"Duh, how else would we get everything? You know how fast I am, I was raised by uncle Chuck after you murdered my foster parents when I was five!" he said and got Robotnik hard with a laser. "After losing them and being taken in by uncle Chuck I was stuck inside all day! The only time I was let out was for a meeting or when they needed me!" he continued and got another Swatbot.

While they listened to what he was through they felt sorry for him.

Then Manic got another with a hole of cracked rocks.

Everyone watched in shock at what they've been doing for the past year.

Finally they only had Robotnik left and looking at him.

"You lost Buttnik." Manic said and they looked at each other then, for the very last time got him to be gone.

They heard people cheering for them and smiled.

He was happy but at the same time wasn't so sure he was gone for good.

When he came back he put his hands on his face then took them off and sighed.

"Being stuck inside the castle, learning how to be king is driving me crazy!" he said then went to sit down and think.

After that he went to bed already knowing what he was doing.

This is my escape

The next day he went to talk to the others.

"I'm leaving. I can't take it anymore and can tell he's not fully gone." Sonic said shocking them all but at the same time understood.

"Be careful." Aleena said.

He smiled.

"I will mom. Don't worry." he said and took off his medallion then gave them a hug.

"Be careful Sonic." Sonia said.

"Don't get yourself killed bro." Manic said.

"I'll be fine guys, don't worry." Sonic said smiling then backed up, turned around and started running.

I'm running through this world and I'm not looking back

He continued running while everyone else watched him.

'Cause I know I can go

'I know exactly where to go first.' he thought.

"Woohooo!" he said and jumped over a bush then went into a ball and then raised a hand, grabbed a branch then spun around it and jumped off smiling, landed on his feet and continued to run.

Where no one's ever gone and I'm not looking back

While he ran he headed to Floating Island to tell Knuckles he left.

But how will I know when I get there?

When he got there he saw Knuckles standing there.

"Hey Knux!" he said and Knuckles looked at him and smiled.

"Hi Sonic. What are you doing here?" Knuckles asked smiling.

"I left home because I can tell something isn't right and knew it has to do with Buttnik. After being a Freedom Fighter I know him the best."

Knuckles nodded understanding.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

"I was wondering if you were up for some adventures?"

"I'm always up for some fun!"

And how will I know when to leave?

Then they heard something and looked up to see Robotnik.

"You were right hedgehog! I am still alive!" Robotnik said. "And I don't answer to that name anymore. From now on you will call me Dr. Eggman."

That got them to burst out laughing.

"Well you're shaped like an egg so that makes sense." Sonic said smirking.

"What are you here for?" Knuckles asked getting ready for a fight.

We've all gotta start from somewhere

"I'm after the Master Emerald again." Eggman said.

"Not it I can help it!" Knuckles said.

And it's right there for me

"You got me now so it'll be easier." Sonic said smirking.

Then they started fighting him together.

Sonic kicked him hard and got him to start spinning while Knuckles and Chomps took care of a few Swatbots.

Then he was hit by one and landed against the Master Emerald and looked up to see the seven Chaos Emeralds.

He felt something in him telling him to use them.

The possibilities are never ending

"I wonder if I put them together it'll work." he said and had them go around him then shut his eyes feeling like he had to.

Then he felt himself going up.

Eggman and Knuckles saw that and gasped.

Then Sonic opened his eyes and saw he was now yellow and his fur was up and not down.

"Huh?" he said then felt the want to use his Chaos and aim something at Eggman so he raised his hand. "CHAOS SPERE!" he yelled getting Eggman to go flying.

Sonic and Knuckles stood there in shock.

"What did you do?" Knuckles asked.

"I, I don't know. I just felt like I had to use the seven Chaos Emeralds together around me."

Then Afair appeared causing them to jump.

"Great Grandfather!" Knuckles said.

"Sonic, you have unlocked the abilities of the seven Chaos Emeralds together." Afair said.

"I'm sorry I-" Sonic started but was cut off.

"That was supposed to happen one day by someone and you are the person that it happened to meaning you now have the abilities to use them. With them in you you can do many things. When you use them you will learn as time goes on. Be careful and Knuckles can come with you from time to time now that Robotnik is gone and you can use the Seven Chaos Emeralds together."

They were shocked but nodded and he was gone.

They looked at each other.

"So, ready for a new adventure and a world to save?" Sonic asked smiling.

"Yeah!" Knuckles said smiling.

"Let's do it then!" he said and they were off.

I see it, I see it, and now it's all within my reach (Endless Possibility)

While they ran Sonic thought about what he just heard he can do now.

I see it, I see it now, it's always been inside of me (And now I feel so free)

A week later they were at a fight with a new friend named Tails with Eggman.

"So you two have a new teammate?" Eggman said after they got another Swatbot.

"Yeah. Now we have a new team and name. Team Sonic." Sonic said.

While people watched them fight they were curious of who they are and where they came from.

"So three against one again." Eggman said.

"Yeah. But a different way." Knuckles said.

"Which is what?"

"A new team, friends, different abilities and plenty of more." Sonic said.

That confused them all but Knuckles knowing what he meant.

Then Sonic got Eggman hard getting him to go flying.

Sonic, Tails and Knuckles looked at each other smirking.

"Who are you?" someone asked.

They looked at each other.

" I'm Sonic." Sonic said.

"I'm Tails." Tails said.

"I'm Knuckles." Knuckles said.

"And together we're team Sonic." Sonic said.

And how will I know when to leave?

"You ready for some more adventures when he finds somewhere new?" Sonic asked smiling.

"Yeah!" Tails and Knuckles said together.

Then they hopped onto the Tornado and were gone.

Endless Possibility

And so I'll carry on

My time to shine has come, I feel it! (I feel it, I feel it)

Four years had now gone by and Sonic, Tails and Knuckles had done good and made new friends.

Amy, Cream and her Chao Cheese.

Tails had created a way to make Sonic faster and call it a Power Ring.

They were saving Cream from Eggman with the seven Chaos Emeralds now.

As fast as I can go

Straight to the top I know, you'll see it! (You'll see it, you'll see it)

Everyone looked on as a strange energy build inside the machine. Then suddenly, a field of light came from the machine and pulsated outward, enveloping everything and everyone in its brightness. It escaped the base and kept growing outward. Even Tails, Amy, and Knuckles noticed it.

"What... is that?" Amy asked.

"It used to be Chaos Control." Knuckles said and the light continued to move outward.

'What did you do?' he wondered.

So please wake me up when I get there

Then Sonic woke up in complete darkness and slowly sat up and rubbed his head.

"Man, I must have passed out or something..." he said then saw two bright lights heading right toward him. "Whoa!"

Then he fled just as the lights were about to collide with him. Then he noticed another pair of lights coming his way. Then he realized his surroundings. There was a car and a surprised driver right in front of him. Sonic gasped as he realized he was surrounded by vehicles in the center of a four-way intersection. Then he realized he in the midst of a city.

'Where am I?' he wondered.

People stared at him.

"What are they all starin' at?" he wondered.

The drivers began to get impatient.

"What is this, Halloween?!" a truck driver said.

Then two police officers started approaching Sonic.

"So they can talk..." Sonic muttered.

"What is that thing?" police officer 1 asked.

"Looks like a big hedgehog!" police officer 2 said.

"A blue hedgehog?"

"Well, whatever it is, we'd better get it out of here." police officer two said and bent down to Sonic's level. "Hey, buddy, want a ride with us down to the station?"

"Should I call for backup?"

"I have three kitty cats at home. I think I can handle this little fella." police officer 2 said and began coming to Sonic. "Come on..."

"See that? That thing's got an attitude. A bad one!"

"Yeah? Well he won't get away from me!" police officer 2 said seriously and tried to pounce on Sonic, but quickly sidestepped. "Wha? Huh?"

Police Officer 1 reached for his billy club.

"Why you little-" he started then a third officer stopped him.

"Take it easy. I tink we can handle this without gettin' rough." he said.

"Yes, but sir-" police officer 1 started but was cut off.

"Duffy, get behind him."

"Right, Sarge!" another officer said.

Sonic found himself surrounded by police officers.

"Okay, now when I say de word, we're all gonna jump him at once. All right, den, is everybody ready? ... Let's do it!" police officer 3 said and all the officers pounced on Sonic's location.

"Okay, Sarge, I think I got his leg!" police officer 2 said.

"I got him around the neck, Sarge!" another officer said.

"All right, let's pull him out at the count of three. One, two, three!" officer 3 said.

All the officers pulled, in reality pulling on each other, which sent them into a spin, making them dizzy. Sonic, was sitting on top of a car watching them.

"You idiot! That's my leg... Let go of me." a police officer said.

Sonic shrugged then a net was over his head.

"Don't worry, Sarge, I got him!" another one said.

Sonic looked at him then took off running, dragging the officer with him.

"Get him!"

All the officers grabbed the net, and were being dragged to. Pedestrians and drivers stared in shock. Then a police car drove up.

"What?" he said.

The police car screeched to a halt as Sonic leapt over it, freeing himself of the net. With nowhere else to go, the officers grabbing the net were slammed and squeezed into the car. Police Officer 3 picked up a radio.

"Attention all units! Attention all units! A blue hedgehog is headed north on Central Street. Shut down all thoroughfares leading into and out of Station Square, and set up a roadblock just before the onramp to 101!" he said.

Then Sonic sped off down the road.

It feels like I'm lost in a dream

"The sky looks the same... So do the stars and the moon." he said and had a flashback of the Chaos Control burst.

Then he looked down and frowned.

"I guess Chaos Control must have sent me here. I traveled through space, and I traveled through time, too. Am I the only one here? Are all the others... gone?" he wondered then closed his eyes before standing up. "Well, guess I'll find out soon enough!"

I know in my heart that it's my time

And I already see

The possibilities are never ending!

"That was close! Are you okay?" the boy said.

"Uh... Yeah. Thanks a lot." Sonic said.

The boy blinked in surprise.

"I didn't think you could talk." he said.

"I can do a lot of things."

"Wow, that's awesome! Uh, that you can talk, I mean. My name's Christopher. Do you have a name?"

"Yeah, I have a name. My name is Sonic the Hedgehog!"

I see it, I see it, and now it's all within my reach (Endless Possibility)

"Sonic! Sonic!" Cream said and Sonic looked up to see her carrying a petrified yellow Chaos Emerald.

"Look, I have something for you!"

Ella, Tanaka, and Chuck also arrived.

"Cream got the Emerald back after Chaos let them all go." Chuck said.

"Hey, Sonic!" Amy said also running in carrying a petrified blue Emerald.

Then Big arrived holding up the green Emerald.

"I finally got back the pretty rock that Froggy swallowed. You can borrow it if you want to." he said.

Then Eggman, Decoe, Bocoe, and Knuckles arrived, followed by Tails.

"Sonic! If you collect all the Emeralds, you can defeat Chaos!" Tails said.

"Here. You have more experience at being a hero." Knuckles said and held out the red Emerald.

"Thanks, Knuckles." Sonic said then Knuckles turned to Eggman, knowing he was hiding an Emerald.

"Eggman." he said.

"Oh, all right. Take it." Eggman said and handed over the petrified cyan Emerald.

"We need one more." Tails said.

"Sonic! Look what I found!" Chris said coming with the last Emerald: the white one.

Then he tripped and fell on his face. Sonic ran over.

"Chris!" he said.

Chris looked up.

"Sonic, look!" he said while he held out his Emerald.

"I knew you'd come through."

The crowds cheered for Sonic from the wrecked buildings.

"Go, Sonic! Yeah, Sonic! All right!" the crowds said.

Then the Chaos Emeralds' power began returning.

"The Emeralds are getting their power back!" Chris said.

Then the Chaos Emeralds began levitating then began to orbit Sonic. He closed his eyes and let them change him into Super Sonic.

His quills stood up, and he rose into the air.

Tikal gasped in shock when she witnessed this miracle.

"I thought that the power of the Chaos Emeralds could only be awakened by hate and anger." Tikal said.

"There are other feelings that are even more powerful." Knuckles said remembering his past.

"When everybody gave their Chaos Emeralds to Sonic, it was because of our friendship. Caring is stronger than hate, and that's how Sonic is gonna beat Chaos." Tails said.

Sonic finished changing into Super Sonic, then turned to Perfect Chaos, who prepared itself for battle. Perfect Chaos projected its shield around itself again, but it was smashed by Super Sonic.

Perfect Chaos then turned its tentacles into drills, but Super Sonic spun into them, shattering them. Not even Perfect Chaos' laser breath could hurt Super Sonic, so it fired an even stronger laser that headed towards Chris and the others. Sonic moved in front of it.

"Aaahhh! ... Sonic!" Chris said.

The beam did nothing as Super Sonic was unharmed, and unhappy after this move against his friends.

"You can't stop me!" he said.

The others smiled. Mr. Stewart and his class cheered Sonic on from a hill far away from the city.

"If anybody can stop that monster, Sonic can." Helen said.

"Go, Sonic!" Danny said.

The kids cheered with chants of "Go, Sonic!" Perfect Chaos whipped a tentacle towards Sonic, but he used a hand to stop it, and then used Chaos energy to dissolve it.

"Is that the best you can do?" Super Sonic asked smirking.

Perfect Chaos fired a laser beam from its mouth again, but Super Sonic charged headfirst towards it, and forced it back to sender, causing Perfect Chaos to reel backwards as it was forced to swallow its own attack. Once Sonic flew inside Perfect Chaos, he left again from around Perfect Chaos' neck as the water god glowed gold and beamed of light began to spurt from all over it. Just as Super Sonic touched down on a piece of broken highway, Perfect Chaos vanished in a bright light with a final agonized roar. The crowds cheered. Sonic had won as he reverted back to his normal appearance. However, the puddle that was Chaos landed on the ground, and it reverted to its base form.

"It wasn't destroyed. It survived!" Knuckles said.

"Chao chao chao." Cheese said.

Many other Chao rose from the water and surround Chaos, including Cheese. Chaos beams.

"But it doesn't look angry anymore." Knuckles said.

"Yeah. If you ask me, Chaos actually looks kinda happy." Tails said.

"Wow, look at all those Chao!" Cream said.

"I wonder where they came from?" Chris said.

"It looks to me like those Chao were friends of Chaos who came here to see him." Amy said.

Tikal stepped in front of Chaos.

"These are the Chao you kept watch over." she said.

Chaos looked around at the Chao. There was a flashback of Chris, his friends, and the Chao.

"They are coming into this world now. The Chao will live here in peace, and you can be at peace now too."

Then the flashback ended.

"Time to go." she said.

Tikal spread forth her hands, and she and Chaos rose into the air. They soon vanished. Sonic looked at the city in concern. Then Tails broke the silence.

"Huh? Where'd Eggman go?" he asked.

"I think he escaped while we were distracted." Mr. Tanaka said.

"Yeah, well, he won't get away next time." Knuckles said.

Chris approached Sonic.

"You did it, Sonic!" he said.

Sonic turned around.

"We all did." he said smiling.

I see it, I see it now, it's always been inside of me (And now I feel so free)

Endless Possibility

Drop that smile 'cause you're beaten again

High up in the air, Eggman examined the Chaos Emerald. With difficulty, Chris climbed onto the Eggmobile's wing. With an evil grin, Eggman tilted the Eggmobile to try to shake him off. He chuckled, but then Chris grabbed onto Eggman's mustache.

"I won't let go! Give me back that Emerald." Chris said but his weight caused the Eggmobile to dip violently to the left.

"You grubby little beast! Let go of my mustache!" Eggman said.

Chris finally lost his grip on Eggman, and fell toward the city below.

"Aaaaaahhhhhh!" Chris yelled.

"That caterwauling brat certainly was a handful." Eggman said then realized the Chaos Emerald was missing. "Whaah! My Emerald!"

Chris was falling headfirst toward the city, emerald in hand and Mr. Stewart saw him falling, and opened the moon roof in an attempt to catch him. He also transformed the back seat into a cushion and activated the radar.

"I'll save him." Mr. Steward said and picked up speed, and headed toward Chris.

Then he picked up speed, and headed toward Chris. But Sonic passed him, to Mr. Stewart's surprise, and, with a flying leap, caught him in midair. Then he proceeded to rush him back home. Mr. Smith stopped the car.

"Well, it's good to know someone else is looking out for the kid. Speaking of looking out for kids, I'd better get back to school." he said then turned the car around and drove back to the school.

No, this is where my journey begins!

"Now that we have one, we just need six more!" Cream said.

"That's right, Cream!" Amy said.

"I'm not certain we should keep it here. After all, it might have an effect on my equipment." Chuck said.

"No problem. If anything goes wrong with that, I'll fix it for you." Tails said.

"All right. It's a deal!"

"Okay, Grandpa!"

Then Chris walked over to Sonic.

"Um... Sonic..." he started causing Sonic to jump and look at him. "I'm sorry..."

"What are you sorry for?" he asked.

"Well, for... for losing-"

"Got it back, didn't you? That's all that matters. ... I think you did a great job!" Sonic said and gave Chris a wink and a thumbs up.

Chris beamed.

"Uh... I... I did?" he said.

"You sure did, Chris. Just be a little more careful next time, huh?" Chuck said and laughed.

"Thanks." Chris said and glanced at his new-found friends before continuing to admire the Chaos Emerald.

You're losing speed, you're losing your flow

But inside me's a power you'll never know!

In Central City Sonic burst out of the sewer, then used the manhole cover to dive down and destroy the GUN Beetles.

After the Beetles were destroyed, he put the manhole cover back.

"That was easy." Sonic said when a spotlight blinded him as a Big Foot landed nearby. "Can't hang around, big guy, sorry. I'll give you a ring some time, what do you say?" he said and held up a Power Ring but the Big Foot started firing at him but he easily dodged it. "Now that's what I call a tight squeeze." he said then activated the ring and home attacked the spotlight, destroying it.

The Big Foot reacted by firing eight missiles at him. Sonic allowed to chase him up a building, then he landed on the Big Foot. He jumped off, causing the missiles to destroy the robot.

"That guy's gotta work on his aim a little bit." he said and glow came from the destroyed robot.

The glow subsided, revealing the mysterious black hedgehog.

"What the...?"

"Good evening. I must say, it's a pleasure for me to finally meet you face-to-face, Sonic. We do look alike. It's uncanny." the hedgehog said.

"Wait a minute! So it's you who been getting me into all this hot water lately! Impostor!" Sonic said and leapt toward the robot to attack the hedgehog, but vanished before he got there.

At Prison Island Mr. Stewart was looking at the still of the hedgehog.

"It certainly looks like Sonic... but still, there's something strange, different about him." he said to himself.

At Central City Sonic looked up to see the black hedgehog atop a building.

"I assure you, Sonic, I'm no impostor. I possess too much power to be anything but the real thing."

"Well, if you're so powerful, let's see you prove it!" Sonic said and ran up the building, but the hedgehog faded before he could get there.

He saw the other hedgehog atop a taller building laughing.

"Hey, not bad. I'm almost impressed. How about a little race action?"

Soon Sonic was racing the other hedgehog through the city. Notably, while Sonic ran, the other hedgehog appeared to skate.

At Chris' apartment Chuck was on the phone.

"That was your father. Apparently Sonic's been spotted battling a government robot on downhill street."

Chris instantly gat up and ran out of the room.

"Chris, where are you going?" Ella asked.

"I will follow him, Mr. Thorndyke." Tanaka said and left.

"Slow down! I'll come with you." Chuck said and left.

In Central City the hedgehog cut in front of Sonic.

"He's tougher than I thought he was." Sonic said to himself.

"Ha! Think you can beat me?" the hedgehog said and Sonic gained speed. "Not quite." he said and caught up with him.

Tanaka was driving Chris and chuck into the city when they saw Sonic and the other hedgehog running toward them. The black hedgehog vanished, and the car skid to a stop. The other hedgehog reappeared and kicked Sonic to the ground.

"What just happened?" Sonic said.

Then a spy drone showed up.

At Eggman's Base.

"Sonic's a bit overwhelmed, isn't he? I certainly can't blame him. I felt rather confused myself when I encountered Shadow for the first time." Eggman said.

In Prison Island after activating the Project Shadow machine, Eggman watched as the black hedgehog rose from his stasis chamber.

"What?! It's that hedgehog! How dare you deceive me, you speedy little slimeball!" he said and the hedgehog climbed out of the chamber. "Wait. You're not Sonic."

The hedgehog bowed.

"My name is Shadow. You've awakened me from a state of suspended animation, and I am very grateful. To show my gratitude, I am at your command." he said.

Then a GUN Hot Shot burst into the room.

"Bad timing as usual!"

"Wait. I will show you my power, Doctor." Shadow said and attacked and destroyed the robot.

On Eggman's Base.

"You've met your match, Sonic! Compared to Shadow's fancy footwork, your as slow as a man of molasses! And now that you two have gotten a bit better acquainted, you're sure to see that for yourself!" Eggman said and laughed.

In Central City Shadow stood over a fallen Sonic, Chaos Emerald in hand. Then held it up.

"He's got a Chaos Emerald!" Chris said.

"Where'd you get that Chaos Emerald, you phony freak? Hand it over!" Sonic said and Shadow teleported behind him.

"You can do better than that, Sonic. If you don't light a fire under those feet, you'll never get this Emerald back." Shadow said and Sonic leapt into the air, and attempted to kick him, but he teleported again.

"He really is faster than I am!" Sonic said shocked.

"But that's not speed. He's disappearing!" Chuck said.

"Whoa!" Chris said.

Shadow was now on top of a street lamp.

"That's not all. I'm full of surprises." he said.


"Chaos Control now." Shadow said and activated Chaos Control while Sonic running.

"He can cause Chaos Control with just one Chaos Emerald? Who is he? And there did he come from?" Sonic said to himself.

Shadow reappeared next to him and delivered blow after blow.

"Leave him alone!" Chris said.

"Like to fight dirty, don'cha?" Sonic said.

"Consider yourself fortunate. If I'd used my full strength, you'd have been much worse off than this." Shadow said and overshadowed him. "Many years ago, Professor Gerald Robotnik endowed me with the power of Chaos Control. A normal creature like yourself doesn't stand a chance against me."

"Don't underestimate us "normal" types."

Shadow glanced up for a moment, hearing the sound of the approaching authorities, then looked back at Sonic.

"I have a feeling I should make myself scarce. Goodbye, Sonic. It certainly was a nice pleasure. Chaos Control now." he said and used the Chaos Emerald to vanish as several police cars, helicopters, and GUN Beetles arrived.

"Sonic, we've got you surrounded! You're under arrest. Put your hands up!" the police officer said.

"No way! You can't arrest me! I didn't do anything! Honest!" Sonic said.

Among the officers was Officer Albright.

"I'm gonna give you to the count of five to surrender! Ready? One... Two... Three... Four..." Albright said.

"Turn yourself in, Sonic! You're already in trouble. Just do as they say!" Chris said but Sonic grinned at him. "Please, Sonic..." he said as tears spring to his eyes.

"You're time's up, buddy! We've got a special cell on Prison Island with your name on it!" Albright said.

"Did you just say Prison Island?" Sonic asked.

"Yeah, what about it?"

"Really, you mean that's where you're taking me from here?"

"That's where we usually take criminals."

"Okay, Chris, I'll do it. I'm gonna turn myself in. [to the officers] All right, guys, cuff me. I'm all yours." Sonic said and sat cross-legged.

"Get him!"

"Only just take it easy on the wrists, fellas. [to himself] You might use Chaos Control, friend, but I'm gonna have to get out of this without tricks. I'll do it... somehow. And when I do, we'll meet again." Sonic said then was led in handcuffs to a helicopter. "Don't worry about me, Chris. I'll be out before you know it, buddy!"

"I hope so..." Chris said teary as the helicopter took off and Shadow watching from a distance.

"I won't let anyone stand in my way. Least of all you, Sonic. Maria..." he said to himself.

In Eggman's Base Eggman and his hench-bots were celebrating their victory with Shadow.

"Yippee!" Eggman said and a confetti ball opened. "We did it! We did iiiit!" he said and shook Shadow's hand. "That hedgehog's in the hoosegow thanks to you, Shadow!"

"He is practically busting his buttons." Decoe said.

"That jacket always was tight around the tummy." Bocoe said.

"Remember, Doctor, you must still obtain five more Chaos Emeralds in order to use the Eclipse Cannon. But when you do, it will give you ultimate power and make you master of the universe." Shadow said.

"Sounds good to me! And now to has out the rest of our dastardly strategy. Let's see..." Eggman said.

Then Bokkun flew in holding his TV.

"Doctor, I have a message for you this time!" he said then giggled and tossed the screen to Eggman, and it activated.

Rouge was holding a bouquet of roses.

"Hiya, Doc. Long time no see. I was wondering if we could get together to discuss a little business transaction?" she said.

"A business transaction?" Decoe said.

"I would not trust her, Doctor." Bocoe said.

"Who asked you, bolt-brain?! Fetch her right away!" Eggman said.

"Uh-oh!" Decoe said.

"Here we go!" Bocoe said.

The outside of the pyramid base was shown while the TV explodes and Bokkun laughs.

"That's not funny!" Eggman said.

"Don't blame me! Lots of stuff have television bombs!" Bokkun said.

Then Rouge dropped in, still holding her roses.

"I just hope this little scam of mine works." she said.

"Oh! I didn't expect you so soon." Eggman said.

"Good evening, Doctor. I've got a little something I'd like to show you." she said and showed him the blue Chaos Emerald she acquired at Angel Island.

She showed him the blue Chaos Emerald she acquired at Angel Island.

"A Chaos Emerald..."

"It's all yours, Eggy, if you agree to my conditions. All you have to do is be a good boy and play nice, and I'll tell you where the others are. What do you say, Doc? Do we have a deal?"

Shadow scoffed.

"That depends. What do you want?"

Shadow started to see a vision of Maria.

"Pleasure before business. Who's this charming friend of yours? I'm Rouge the Bat. What's your name?" Rouge asked.

"It's Shadow." Shadow said and turned to face her. "Shadow the Hedgehog." he said.

Rouge was startled by his ruby red eyes.

In the harbor Chuck, Ella, Cream, and Cheese watched as Tanaka and Chris board a ship. The latter two were dressed in black outfits and hats.

"Don't worry, you guys. We'll be back soon. But... this is something I have to find out for myself." Chris said.

"We understand, Chris. You two take care of yourselves." Chuck said.

"Why do we have to dress like this, Mr. Tanaka?"

"I've been inspired by my boyhood hero." Tanaka said.

Meanwhile Tails and Amy and impatient were also on the X-Tornado on move.

"Come on! Step on it! We've got to get to Prison Island in a hurry!" Amy said.

"What a bossy-" Tails started.

"What did you say?"


At Prison Island Sonic was sitting alone in his chamber surrounded on all sides by water, making it practically escape-proof. There were various mathematical formulas on the walls.

"What a day... Who'd have thought I'd be thrown in jail for something I didn't do? I'd better think fast, use my time wisely, and figure out who that Shadow was, and what he wants." Sonic said to himself.

Then let it out, it's inside you

Better all stand back 'cause I'm coming THROUGH!

"Come in Sonic! Do you read me? That monster is still alive! It attached itself to the outside of the space colony. It's pulling us towards the planet!" Eggman said over radio.

Sonic and Shadow looked at each other. They closed their eyes and the Chaos Emeralds started to glow and circle around them. In a moment they transformed into Super Sonic and Super Shadow.

They flew off. Super Sonic appeared at the observation deck.

"Sonic!" Amy said.

Super Sonic approached weakened Chris and placed his hand on his cheek, healing him.

He then teleported outside with Super Shadow and they engaged the Final Lizard.

"Let's give our best shot!" Super Shadow said.

"All right! We can go in at full speed and finish it off!" Super Sonic said.

Then they charged at the lizard. On Earth, the situation was getting desperate.

"The space colony is still rushing towards us, Mr. President. We are only minutes away from impact." Christina said.

President groaned.

"Hey, what's that?" Sam asked.

All three left the limo to see the Space Colony ARK and Super Sonic and Super Shadow.

"Soon, the space colony won't be able to escape the planet's gravity! It will be impossible to stop it from crashing!" Christina said.

"Come on, Sonic, you can stop it!" Sam said.

"Let's hope, but I'm afraid no one can save us from disaster now." the president said.

On the Space Colony ARK observation deck, everyone was hoping for Super Sonic and Super Shadow to triumph.

"You have to defeat that monster, Sonic! We're all depending on you!" Amy said.

"Sonic... Shadow..." Chris said weakly.

"Topaz, do you read me?" Rouge asked.

"Yes, Rouge. What's going on there? I don't understand what Sonic's up to." Topaz said.

"That large red object is actually Space Colony ARK, glowing as it re-enters the atmosphere. For 50 years, it's existence was kept a secret. In the course of our investigation, we uncovered a conspiracy within our intelligence services that now threatens the survival of this planet. Our only hope lies in the bravery of two hedgehogs, who are now fighting for all of us!" Scarlet said.

"Please, Sonic!" Cream said.

"Chao chao!" Cheese said.

"Sonic, gooo!" Bokkun said.

Super Sonic and Super Shadow made a united charge at Final Lizard's life support system. The hit caused the Final Lizard to be destroyed, but the colony entered the atmosphere. Super Sonic and Super Shadow barricaded themselves in front of it.

"You're stopping right here!" Super Sonic said.

"Argh!" Super Shadow said.

As Super Sonic and Super Shadow attempted to stop the space colony, their friends encouraged them.

"You can do it, Sonic!" Tails said.

"Give it all you got, Shadow!" Eggman said.

"If you fail, the entire planet will be destroyed!" Rouge said.

"Toughen out, you guys!" Knuckles said.

"You can do it!" Amy said.

"We know you can!" Cream said.

"Sonic!" Chris said.

"Shadow!" Maria said and Super Shadow saw her image in his mind. "Those people need you Shadow!"

"I am Shadow! Shadow the Hedgehog!" he said and took off his limiters, unleashing his full power. "You ready?"

"You bet! Here we go!" Super Sonic said and unleashed his full power.



Then they unleashed Chaos Control, engulfing the colony in a bright light. It disappeared.

"Maria! I did it! For you!" Super Shadow said.

The colony reappeared, stopped. 50 seconds remained. On Earth, everyone celebrated.

"The space agency reported in. They say the space colony has moved back to a stable orbit." Christina said.

"Thank goodness." the president said.

"Sonic could be charged with violating space agency regulations."

"You know, after all Sonic's done for the planet, I don't think the voters would like that very much. Don't you agree?" Sam said.

"Yes, I suppose you're right." the president said.

At Space Colony ARK.

Eggman left the colony in a shuttle.

"My grandfather was truly a genius. Ever since I was a lad, he was my one true hero. I always wanted to become a great scientist like him. But he shouldn't have gone and try to destroy the planet How could he do something so wrong?" Eggman said over the radio.

"I don't know. But you helped us all to save the world." Tails said.

"I'm so happy the planet was saved. Now I can conquer it and establish my empire!"

"Huh? You still want to take over the world?" Amy said.

"Affirmative!" Decoe said.

"You're welcome to join us, if you like." Bocoe said.

"No, thank you." Tails said.

Eggman laughed and Sonic entered the observation deck.

"Sonic!" Tails, Amy and Chris said.

Sonic smiled.

Then Chris walked up to Sonic.

"Where's Shadow?" he asked.

Sonic shook his head and gave one of Shadow's Limiters to Chris.

"You know, maybe professor Robotnik wanted Shadow to stop his crazy plan all along." Rouge said.

"We'll never know. But in the end Shadow sacrificed everything to save us all." Sonic said while Chris shed a tear that dropped on the Limiter.

"He sure did." Rouge said.

"Come on Chris. Let's head back. Space is fine, but I like my feet on the ground." Sonic said.

"The rocket's ready! It's time to go!" Tails said.

Everyone left the observation deck and as it was lights go out, Sonic looked into it one last time.

"Sayonara, Shadow the Hedgehog." he said then left.

I see it, I see it, and now it's all within my reach

A bright light appeared, engulfing the Hyper Tornado. The light was Super Sonic. Tails burst into tears. Super Sonic charged at the missile, destroying it. He landed on the Grand Egg Imperial. Eggman and Co. were amazed.

"Hi, Eggman. What's up?" Super Sonic said.

Dr. Eggman chuckled.

"Ah, you're finally here!" he said.

Super Sonic chuckled.

"You won't be conquering this world either."

"That's what you think, Super Sap. If you try to stand in my way, I'll crush you like a bug!"

In a blink of an eye, Super Sonic destroyed the Grand Egg Imperial. Eggman screamed as only the Egg Mobile, Decoe, Bocoe and Bokkun were all that remain. Super Sonic flew away.

"Boy, it's good to have my buddy back." Tails said.

"I can't believe it! Sonic beat us without breaking a sweat." Bokkun said.

"Why did he have to come back?" Decoe asked.

"We'll never take over this world with Sonic hanging around." Bocoe said.

"Excuse me doctor, but why do have a smile on your face?"

"You should be miserable. Sonic totally destroyed us."

"It's not whether you win or lose. It's how you plot your revenge." Eggman said.

"We'll get even with him!"

Then everyone laughed.

Rouge and Knuckles were still fighting, both exhausted.

"So, do you give up yet?" Rouge asked.

"Are you kidding. I'm just warming up." Knuckles said and saw Super Sonic flying overhead. "That's him!"

"Well, what do you know? I guess neither of us knows very well how those time warps work."

Knuckles laughed.

"You look awful!"

"Oh yeah?" Rouge said and knocked him down.

"Stop! That tickles!"

"Didn't I warn you to behave?"

"Alright! Alright!"

Amy was at Cream's house with Cream sleeping on her lap. She looked from the window and saw Super Sonic flying. She came out and ran after him. Super Sonic landed in front of Amy's house and returned to normal. Amy arrived as dawn breaks. Then she panted.

"Hey!" Sonic said.

"Well... What took you so long? I was worried. I wondered if you were ever going to come back. It scared me to think that... I was never gonna see you again. Day after day I waited for you to come, but you never did. I didn't know where you were. I couldn't stand not knowing. I told myself I should give up hoping. I was convinced that you'd forgotten about me. I thought you were gone forever." she said and sniffled. "But then I realized that you would never abandon me, and I decided that I would wait for you. Even if it took the rest of my life to see you again. Now you're here." she continued and fell down on her knees. "I'm so glad to have you finally back, Sonic, it's such a wonderful feeling. I don't think I've ever been as happy as I am right now. to" she continued and started to cry. "Don't you ever leave me again, Sonic the Hedgehog." she cried quietly.

"Don't you worry Amy, I never will!"

Amy hugged Sonic, with tears of joy. Sonic took the hug, with a mix of joy and awkwardness.

I see it, I see it now, it's always been inside of me!

Super Sonic was zipping around through space.

Several small lights shone before fading. Sonic emerged amidst the wreckage of several destroyed robots panting from the exertion.

"He's tougher than I thought. I'd better finish this." Super Sonic said to himself.

Then he looked up to Dark Oak, leader of the Metarex. He uncrossed his arms and brought out a large golden sword. Super Sonic and Dark Oak charged towards each other, colliding in a bright light. Super Sonic was thrown backwards. He panted as Dark Oak floated down, his cape rippling.

"Your defeat is certain. Give me the Chaos Emeralds, and I will spare your life." Dark Oak said.

Super Sonic spread out his hands and let the seven Chaos Emeralds orbit him.

"Chaos Control!" he said.

Dark Oak watched as Super Sonic used Chaos Control to scatter the Emeralds across the universe. Without the power of the Emeralds, Sonic plummeted to Earth below. Dark Oak looked down at a sparking injury he had received in his conflict with Sonic.

"Sonic has only delayed my triumph. Those emeralds will be mine." Dark Oak said then began to broadcast a message through the entire galaxy. "Alert my forces across the galaxy. Begin my search for the Chaos Emeralds at once. Do not rest until you bring them all to me."

Several red eyes flashed behind Dark Oak, who flew away from Mobius. He contacted the rest of his army.

"Remove the Planet Egg." he said.

Then he disappeared in a red twinkle as something descended towards Mobius. As Sonic fell, he reverted back to his normal form.

I see it, I see it, and now it's all within my reach (Endless Possibility)

"Sonic, catch!" Chris said.

He threw the red and purple Chaos Emeralds to Sonic, who was just finishing off a Metarex Trooper. Shadow also saw them.

The red and purple Chaos Emeralds glow. The blue, green, and white Chaos Emeralds on the ground glow. The cyan and yellow Emerald in the possession of the Metarex Trooper glow. All seven Emeralds were together. Then there was an extremely bright light, bright enough to be seen outside the Metarex station. It was witnessed by Tails, Eggman, and even Red Pine.

At Red Pine's Battleship,

"What is happening?" Red Pine said and the glow died down, two glowing individuals could be seen. "They are gaining power from the Emeralds!"

At the Metarex Station Super Sonic and Super Shadow faced each other. Super Sonic threw a wave of Chaos energy behind him, destroying the last of the Metarex Troopers, before he and Super Shadow fly outside.

In Space Super Sonic and Super Shadow stared each other down.

"Well, Sonic. I see you and I have a lot more in common than I thought we did." Super Shadow said.

Super Sonic stared down Super Shadow.

"Are you going to give me those Emeralds? Or am I gonna take them from you by force?" Super Shadow asked.

"You haven't got any use for those Emeralds and you know it. We all know you're just collecting 'em for Dr. Eggman. He's really got you fooled, doesn't he, pal?" Super Sonic said.

Super Shadow got enraged and pushed Super Sonic all the way through to the other side of the Metarex station.

At the Metarex Station.

"What are they doing, Amy? Why are they glowing like that?" Cosmo asked.

Chris watched from the cockpit of the stolen spaceship.

"It's happening. Chaos Control." Chris said.

In Space the Metarex Fighters open fired on the two super powered hedgehogs as they fight. Super Shadow threw Chaos energy at Super Sonic, but he dodged and it hit the side of the Metarex station. Super Sonic emerged out of another part of the station and blasted at Super Shadow.

At the Metarex Station shaft cracks ran down the side of the station.

At the Crimson Egg.

"What now?!" Eggman asked.

At Space Super Sonic and Super Shadow emerged from the Metarex station. Suddenly the entire station began to warp and twist as a massive black hole started to appear. Super Sonic and Super Shadow watched as bits and pieces of metal flew into the gravitational field. They tried to break free of the black hole, which started to consume some of the Metarex Fighters.

At the Blue Typhoon bridge.

"I don't think I've ever experienced gravity this strong!" Tails said.

Amy and Cosmo entered the bridge.

"Do something, Tails! We're getting sucked in there!" Amy said.

At Space all the Metarex Fighters were now being drawn into the gravitational field and destroyed. It was even pulling on Red Pine's ship.

At the Red Pine's Battleship.

"The gravitational pull is going to destroy the ship. We must go faster! Accelerate to full power!" Metarex said.

"Do it! Quickly! Noooo!" Red Pine said.

The massive battleship was drawn into the gravitational field and exploded, killing Metarex General Red Pine and his crew.

At the Crimson Egg.

"Don't just sit there, you good-for-nothing gadget brains! Do something!" Eggman said.

"We're doomed! We're all doomed!" Bokkun said.

Back at Space even Super Sonic and Super Shadow were hanging on for dear life. The Crimson Egg pulled up alongside them.

"That's Eggman!" Super Sonic said.

As the Crimson Egg descended into the gravitational field, Super Shadow dove after it. He used all his power to initiate Chaos Control and teleported it to safety. Shadow's Super state wore off. Meanwhile, all seven Chaos Emeralds fall into the gravitational field. Super Sonic was still hanging on.

"Sonic!" Chris said and looked up to see the Typhoon flying above him.

Then a chunk of metal rain down around him.

"Thought you'd never get here!" Super Sonic said then clinged to the metal chunk and resigned to his fate.

I see it, I see it now, it's always been inside of me (And now I feel so free)

"You ready, Shadow?" Sonic asked.

"All set. Let's finish this!" Shadow said.

They closed their eyes and absorbed the power of the Chaos Emeralds, letting them turn them into Super Sonic and Super Shadow.

Super Sonic and Super Shadow prepared to fight Final Mova.

Super Shadow started to remove his limiters, but was stopped by Super Sonic.

"Don't use that ring yet! In a few seconds, we're gonna need all the power we can get. ... Listen up, everybody!" Super Sonic said.

Back at the Blue Typhoon second bridge.

"Our only hope of saving the galaxy is to throw all the energy we've got into this gravity field in one shot. Use the Sonic Power Cannon and launch me at it!" Super Sonic said voiceover.

Endless Possibility (Endless Possibility)

In space.

"If the Planet Egg lets out all its energy, the others won't have enough time to get away. I have to move! CHAOS-" Super Sonic started.

Suddenly Super Shadow punched him in the stomach.

"Hold on, Shadow!" Super Sonic said then collapsed and fell toward the light as Super Shadow removed his limiters.

"Sorry, friend, but I'm taking over. After all, we wouldn't want you to hurt yourself, now would we? Chaos Control!" Super Shadow said.

Final Mova was Chaos Controlled away.

On the Blue Typhoon.

"Where's Shadow?" Charmy asked.

On the Crimson Egg something shone in the distance.

"Whoa, is that a star?" Bokkun asked on the voiceover.

"I do not think so, but what is it, Dr. Eggman?" Decoe asked on the voiceover.

"I'm not sure, but it appears that Shadow has stopped time in that spot." Eggman said on the voiceover.

"What do you think happened to Shadow?" Bocoe asked over the voiceover.

"Who knows. He just made a risky move, and unfortunately it may have been his last."

There was silence. Even the robots were mourning.

On the Blue Typhoon.

"He used Chaos Control." Rouge said.

"It must have taken all the energy that he had left." Knuckles said.


Even Chris shed a tear.

Endless Possibility (Endless Possibility)

"Now that Sonic's team is down by one little annoying pipsqueak, I can get back to building the Eggman Empire!" Eggman said.

"All right!" Decoe, Bocoe and Bokkun said together.

"Eggman better not touch the Master Emerald!" Knuckles said then smiled. "And Sonic better not keep all the fun from me!" he said still smiling. "A friend stays together!"

"I have to go warn Sonic." Amy said with her eyes twinkling.

Sonic continued watching the ocean from the cliff.

"Come on Cheese, our friends need our help!" Cream said.

"Chao!" Cheese said.

"I guess I'll join in, too. This team could use a little glamour." Rouge said.

Tails climbed into the X-Tornado.

"Time to rev up the X-Tornado, you guys!" he said smiling.

Sonic turned around.

"Life never stays slow around here for long! Never has and never will for me! Thank goodness. Watch out, Eggman! I'm coming at ya full speed!" he said as the X-Tornado took off and he flew by.

Endless Possibility (Endless Possibility)