Countdown to Chaos

Birth! Super Shadow

At Station Square Danny, Frances, and Helen were playing outside and Helen had a puppet of Next.

"Good morning, children! Come on; it's time to play!" Helen said intimidating Next.

"Look, everybody! It's my favorite TV star!" Frances said intimidating Cream's voice.

Then they laughed until they saw the Egg Fort II fly directly overhead.

"It's him! Dr. Eggman! He's back again!" they all said.

The Egg Fort II flew into the city and out of sight.

"What's he up to?" Danny wondered.

"it is, it's not good!" Helen said.

Shadow ran past them, causing their clothing to blow about. Danny opened his eyes and saw Helen's blowing skirt, causing her to look at Danny in scorn.

"That was Shadow!" Frances said as Shadow ran into the city.

At the Egg Fort II Chris was secured to the wall by a metal bracket. Bocoe and Decoe were pointing wrenches at him to make sure he didn't pull any stunts. On the radar, Shadow was drawing ever closer.

"Dr. Eggman! Shadow is following us!" Decoe said.

"Shadow, hurry!" Chris said.

"He's gaining on us. We have to do something!" Bocoe said.

"Who cares about him? Especially when the seventh Chaos Emerald is waiting for me!" Eggman said.

Meanwhile Lucky was waiting at the landfill with the seventh Chaos Emerald.

At the White House the President and his aides eare meeting in the Oval Office. Jerome had been replaced with Christina Cooper.

"Eggman's ship is making its way toward Station Square, sir." P.T.A. said.

"What measures are being taken? A total evacuation?" the presideant asked.

"Yes, Mr. President. While we're not sure where Eggman's headed, we have begun an evacuation of the entire southern region. Everything is under control." Christina said.

"I've been dreading something like this, but now that the time has come, I just hope we're ready for him."

One of the aides had just gotten off the phone with Area 99.

"Thank you... Mr. President, sir, we've just received word from the field. The Beetles are being put into place." the adie said..

"Well... It won't be long now. We'll all have to wait and see. There's nothing more any of us can do. Nothing but hope for the best and prepare for the worst."

On the X-Tornado Tails, Chuck, Amy, Cream, and Cheese were packed into the X-Tornado. Chuck was listening to a GUN scanner.

"Just keep her steady. He can't be far. Just give her a bit more and let's go get him, Tails!" Chuck said while Tails steered the X-Tornado in that direction.

A G.U.N. helicopter.

A fleet of G.U.N. helicopters are also on the move. Rouge is examining a piece of jewelry.

"Topaz, it's gorgeous." Rouge said.

"It's... okay." Topaz said.

"I... I just don't know what to say."

"If you don't like it, I-I can take it back, Rouge. I don't really know anything about jewelry, so I asked a sales clerk, and she helped me pick it out."

"It's dreamy."

"It's nice." ztopaz said then there was a pause.

"Thanks, Topaz." Rouge said quietly.

Topaz glanced at her.

"...You deserve it. I just wanted to thank you for your help." she said and Rouge smirked.

Unbeknownst to them, Knuckles was hitchhiking on the wheel of their helicopter.

"I really messed up. How could I have trusted Eggman?" he said to himself.

On the landfill Lucky signaled to the incoming Egg Fort II.

In the Egg Fort II.

"Ahhh... There's my little good luck charm! I just knew he'd bring back the Chaos Emerald!" Eggman said.

"I am surprised he did not drop it." Bocoe said quietly.

"He sure is a klutz, isn't he?" Decoe said quietly.

"Hey... H-He's a bit clumsy..." Eggman said.

On the landfill a hand extended from the Egg Fort II to pick up Lucky.

"I'd better grab that Emerald. Lucky... Come to Daddy..." Eggman said then Shadow arrived and smashes the hand, sending Lucky flying.

"Sorry, Pops, ya gotta be faster than that!" he said.

On the Egg Fort II.

"Gah! Why does that heinous hedgehog always have to ruin everything?!" Eggman said.

"That is just our luck - bad!" Decoe said as Lucky landed on a soft object.

"But... But... my... my Emerald!"

In the landfill Shadow turned back to Eggman.

"Heheh, don't worry. I'll keep it safe and sound for ya!" Shadow said.

On the Egg Fort II.

"All right!" Chris said.

"Rrrgh, don't even think about it, Sonic!" Eggman said. "That Chaos Emerald is mine, d'ya hear me?! Mine'!" he shouted out.

On the landfill Lucky was already extending the Chaos Emerald to Shadow.

"He would not dare!" Decoe said.

"We must do something, Doctor!" Bocoe said.

Just as Shadow was about to take the Emerald, several robots arrived. Shadow avoided one that nearly hit him.

"Too bad. You just missed me. Nice try though, Doc!" he said.

On the Egg Fort II.

"Was it your idea to send those robots?" Eggman asked Decoe.

"I do not get ideas, Doctor." he said and Eggman pat him on the head.

"Good boy."

On the landfill the G.U.N. Beetles closed in.

Bocoe: "Where are they coming from, Doctor?" Bocoe sasked.

At an G.U.N. Beetle.

Beetle Pilot: "Beetle 1 to Beetle 2, we're in position." Beetle Pilot said.

Beetle Co-Pilot: "Hang on. Shadow's in the line of fire." Co- Pilot said.

Beetle Pilot: " Shadow, this is an official government operation. Please stand aside. I repeat, stand aside. We are launching an attack." Beetle Pilot said to So Shadow. "Shadow, this is an official government operation. Please stand aside. I repeat, stand aside. We are launching an attack.

"Attack?! But my friend Chris is trapped inside there!" Shadow said.

"We can't waste time. Open fire!" the Beetles Pilot said and started firing at the Egg Fort II, doing minimal damage.

The Egg Fort II.

Chris was shocked.

"Those fools! How dare they attack me!" Eggman said.

At the landfill Shadow tried to stop the Beetles.

Sonic: "You gotta listen! My friend Chris is-" Shadow started but the Beetles' pilots didn't listen and fired their most powerful weapons.

The lasers arc toward the Egg Fort II and explode, blinding everyone but the Egg Fort II was still intact.

On the Egg Fort II.

"My, my. That was a close one." Eggman said.

"It is a good thing we put the Egg Shield up in time. " Bocoe said.

"Next time, we may not be so lucky." Decoe said.

"Quiet! Don't you mention that traitor again, you hear?!" Eggman shouted out. "Now let me see... How can I get my Chaos Emerald back?" he asked normal.

"Doctor, look at this!" Bocoe said.

"At what?"

"This is the inside of their robot." Bocoe said displaying the internal schematics of one of the Beetles.

"It is just like yours, Doctor!" Decoe said.

"How dare those underhanded hoodlums steal my ingenius robot designs to use in that revoltingly inferior hunk of junk monstrosity! I'll show that gang of sneak thieves what happens when they cross Dr. Eggman!" Eggman said.

Decoe held two signs depicting Eggman's robots as the gun ported open.

"Please, Doctor, do not be rash. Lucky is inside there." Bocoe said.

"Don't worry about him. With his dumb luck, he'll come out without a scratch." Eggman said.

"I would not count on it." Decoe said.

"FIRE!" he shouted out."

On the landfill a hail of missiles was launched at the ground. Shadow dodged them by running.

Sonic: "Hey! Cool it, Eggman! Somebody might get hurt!" he said.

In the Egg Fort II.

"That was the idea! Launch Egg Beam Cannonball!" Eggman said.

Then a large energy ball was launched at the ground, causing a massive explosion that blows Lucky away.

On the Egg Fort II.

"Haha! Looks like that one did the trick!" Eggman said.

"One of these days, you are going to blow up the whole planet!" Bocoe said.

"It's a distinct possibility, Bocoe, but I'd rather do that than have Sonic get those Emeralds from me."

Lucky beeped as it sailed through the air.

"That voice!" Decoe said.

"It was Lucky!" Bocoe said.

"Not that backward bumbling bad luck charm again!" Eggman said then the screen changed to show that the Beetles had survived the attack. "Huh?"

"The enemy aircraft! And not a single scratch!" Decoe said.

"The Doctor really knows how to build a good ship... unfortunately." Bocoe said.

"I wonder if it's possible to be too much of a genius for your own good..." Eggman said.

"I wonder what happened to..." Decoe said and the screen changed to show that Shadow had survived.

"It's Shadow!" Chris said.

"That answered my question." Decoe said.

"How could that hedgehog survive the Egg Beam Cannonball?" Eggman asked.

"It looks like you missed." Bocoe said.

"I'll have you know the Egg Beam Cannonball is engineered to hit the bulls-eye every time."

"But Shadow is a hedgehog, not a bull." Decoe said.

"I'll try to forget you said that..." Eggman said then heared Lucky's beeping. "There's no time to waste. We have to retrieve our boy Lucky and get back that seventh Chaos Emerald before Shadow does!"

"Yes, Doctor!" Decoe and Bocoe said and saluted.

On the landfill the Egg Fort II started to leave.

"Uh oh. Eggman's on a mission to get that Chaos Emerald. Not if I can help it!" Shadow said to himself.

With a G.U.N. Beetle.

"It looks like Eggman's ship is on the move again." Beetle Pilot said.

"We got him covered." Co-Pilot said and pursued the Egg Fort II.

"All right, gentlemen, it is now takeoff time."

The Beetles convert to hover mode and flew after the Egg Fort II.

On the Egg Fort II Lucky was still flying through the air.

"Oh dear. I didn't know Lucky could fly so high." Eggman said.

"How will we ever catch him?" Bocoe asked.

"What if he drops the Emerald, Doctor?" Decoe asked.

"That Emerald doesn't belong to you anyway!" Chris said.

"Speak only when spoken to!"

Shadow was racing after the Egg Fort II.

Outside the Beetles appeared next to him.

"Now's my chance!" Shadow said and started leaping from Beetle to Beetle.

On the Egg Fort II Chris was struggling against Decoe, who started slapping him.

"Hey! Let me go!" Chris said.

"Wow, that was quite a leap!" Bocoe saod.

Back outside Shadow took a huge leap into the air.

On the Egg Fort II.

"Ooh..." they said.

"Shadow!" Chris said.

"We are in trouble!" Decoe said.

"Whaah! What if he gets that Chaos Emerald away from Lucky?!" Eggman said.

"Oh! That would be very unlucky!" Bocoe said.

Outside Shadow caught Lucky.

"Gotcha! Just relax. I'm your friend, little guy. I'm not gonna hurt ya. But that Chaos Emerald you found is really important to me and my friends, so I'm gonna take it off your hands." Shadow said.

Outside instead of falling, Lucky was flying, and Shadow was holding on.

"Hey, this is kinda fun! All right!" Shadow said.

On the Egg Fort II.

"There goes your lucky robot, Doctor." Bocoe said.

"He may be lucky, but he's not very loyal." Decoe said.

"BE QUIET! He dares to getray me, does he? I'll show that traitorous tin can not to mess with me!" Eggman shouted out.

"Doctor, are you thinking what I think you are thinking?" Bocoe asked.

"I think that is what he is thinking." Decoe said.

"Good thinking. For the first time, I, the great Dr. Eggman, will transform the Egg Fort II into the greatest robot ever created. I was saving it for a special occasion, but why put it off any longer? After all, I'm feeling lucky!" Eggman said his eyes twinkling then appeared in front of the eyecatch card. "Get ready! Begin Egg Fort II transformation!" he said.

Then the Egg Fort II proceeded to transform.

"Merge mode number one!" he continued. "Merge mode number two!" he said. "Merge mode number three!"

Then the Egg Fort II had reconfigured itself into the ultimate E-Series robot: E-99 Eggsterminator.


"Hahaha! Say hello to my ultimate robot creation: the Eggsterminator!" Eggman said.

Shadow and Lucky, ware at the shore, watching as the Eggsterminator landed in the ocean.

"My, my. Bet you think you're pretty impressive, don'cha? [smirks] You may be big and strong, but I bet you don't move as fast as I do!" Shadow said and ran all over the Eggsterminator. "Come on, Egghead! What are you waitin' for?"

On the Eggsterminator.

"Oh dear... He certainly is impatient, isn't he? But I say why rush into things?" Eggman said and a shield containing six Chaos Emeralds rised.

"The six Chaos Emeralds!" Chris said.

"Don't worry. I'm keeping them safe and sound for future use. In the meantime, I'll transfer a bit of energy from each Emerald into the Eggsterminator so it can grow stronger!"

The first Emerald was embedded. The Eggsterminator's targeting computers scanned for Shadow. Then the second Emerald was embedded. The Eggsterminator locked onto him. Eggman laughed.

"Guess the Eggsterminator's got him on the run, eh, kid?"

Chris was getting scared.

"He's using the Chaos Emeralds to beat Sonic and it's all my fault!" he said to himself.

Soon all six Emeralds were implemented.

"I'm sorry!" Chris said angry.

Outside Shadow leapt toward the Eggsterminator, but it faded away. Suddenly it reappeared behind him and punched him through several buildings.

The Eggsterminator.

"Shadow!" Chris said,

"That thing packs quite a punch." Eggman said.

Outside Shadow was embedded in a building.

"Yeah... he's got a good right hook." he said.

On the Eggsterminator.

"Shadow had better surrender. With six Chaos Emeralds to power him, my boy is unbeatable!" Eggman said.

"Please, Dr. Eggman, let Sonic go free!" Chris said.

"I'm afraid I can't do that just yet, so sorry!"

Outside using its Chaos Emerald-powered speed, the Eggsterminator slammed Shadow into the ground again.

Then the X-Tornado arrived.

"We're coming, Shadow!" Tails said.

"Quick, Tails! Do something!" Amy said.

"The X-Tornado can't do much of anything now - not without a Chaos Emerald."

"All right! I guess I'll have to take care of that hunk of junk myself!"

"Hold on!"

Suddenly the X- Tornadow banked to the right as the G.U.N. Beetles arrived.

"Target in sight. " Beetle Pilot said and fired at the Eggsterminator, but the latter vanished. "What the...?"

Then the Eggsterminator reappeared and smashed the Beetles to bits.

"The Beetles... They've been wiped out!" GUN Soldier said.

On the Eggsterminator.

"Wow. He really is powerful, isn't he?" Bocoe said.

"Good thing he is on our side." Decoe said.

"Even I'm impressed." Eggman said.

"Eggman!" someone said.

Outside those aboard the Eggsterminator saw a bruised and battered Shadow approaching them.

Sonic: "Listen up. I'm coming for Chris... and you better not try to stop me!" he said and collapsed to his knees.

On the Eggsterminator.

"How could Shadow survive a pounding like that?" Bocoe asked.

"I don't get it. He ought to be eggsterminated by now." Decoe said.

"So he should. That hedgehog is much more resilient than I thought." Eggman said.

"I'm coming, Chris!" Shadow said.

"He sure is a glutton for punishment." Eggman said.

Outside the Eggsterminator started glowing.

"What's going on! Eggsterminator, quit wasting power, will you? We must conserve between battles!" Eggman said.

Now that the Eggsterminator had changed into a golden color, it punched Shadow into the ground and repeatedly pummeled him.

"Noooo!" Chris said.

On the G.U.N. helicopter.

"Can't you move in a bit closer?" Topaz asked.

"No way. It's too dangerous." Pilot said.

"He must be using the Emeralds to power that thing." Rouge said.

Knuckles was still hitchhiking.

"Think, Knuckles... Think!" he said to himself.

Outside the Eggsterminator lifted a completely battered Shadow.

On the Eggsterminator.

"Soniiic! Soniiiiic!" Chris said.

Powered by rage, he desperately tries to escape, which causes the others to look at him.

"All right, Eggsterminator, enough fooling around. Drop him already." Eggman said.

"Good idea." Decoe said sweating.

Memories of Sonic begin flooding to Chris. Chris rescuing Sonic from the pool. Sonic begging him to get him off the cruise ship. Sonic arriving at Tingalin Villa to save his friends from Eggman. Sonic with two Chaos with two Chaos Emeralds. Sonic and Chris hiding behind the couch. Sonic lands in the ocean. At the sight of what very well could be the death of his hero, he lets out an anguished cry...

"Noooooo!" he said.

...and, with a combination of his sadness, anger, and adrenalin, managed to break free of the bracket.

"Why you..." Eggman said.

Chris ran over and reached for the Chaos Emeralds. He nearly burnt himself on them, but he removed them from the shield.

"My Emeralds!"

The battered Chris tumbled onto the dash, hitting the windshield. He held the Chaos Emeralds close to him.

"They're mine... Mine... I won't... urgh... ugh... I won't let you take them away from me... ever again... Ever..."

"That mealy-mouthed little crybaby shouldn't be so reckless. After all, those Emeralds are powering the Eggsterminator, and without them, this thing would be sent plummeting into the sea!"

"It is interesting, Doctor." Decoe said.

Eggman looked at the broken part of the wall where Chris was secured.

"As a matter of fact, we should be plummeting any moment now." He said.

"I am sorry, Doctor, but did you just say "plummeting"?" Decoe said and Eggman grabbed him.

"Don't just stand there!" he said.

"Yes, Doctor!"

Suddenly Knuckles broke through the windshield.

"Where is Chris? I'm taking him with me." He said.

"Well, if it isn't our good friend Knuckles. How good of you to drop in for a visit." Eggman said and Knuckles pounded the ground with his fist.

"Ohh..." Bocoe said.

"I think he's upset!" Decoe said.

"He's coming with me, and that's that." Knuckles said and realized Chris was gone. "I said, where is he? What did you do with Chris?"

Meanwhile Rouge was holding Chris, who was still holding the Chaos Emeralds.

"Enough Emeralds for a whole necklace, maybe some matching earrings..." She said.

"Sonic... Sonic... Let me... go..." he said weakly.

"No way. Not after all the trouble I went through."


Rouge accidentally dropped him and the Chaos Emeralds toward the ocean.

"Oh no!" she said and realized her mistake. "He made me drop my Chaos Emeralds!" She said then swooped down and reacquire Chris. "Oh well, there goes my new jewelry..."

Suddenly she was grabbed by the Eggsterminator's hand.

On the Eggsterminator.

"The Eggsterminator is malfunctioning. It's all because of that peeping brat!" Eggman said.

"That's right!" Decoe said.

"Where's Chris?" Knuckles asked.


"Urgh... You're awfully fresh." Rouge said while the hand squeezed her.

Soon the X-Tornado flew overhead.

"We're coming, Chris!" Tails said.

Suddenly a part of the water started glowing gold and converging onto that spot.

"Look! Could it be...?" Chuck said.

"Amy, I think it's Sonic!" Cream said.

"Chao!" Cheese said.

"It might be, but where's that glow coming from?" Amy wondered.

Shadow, powered by the seven Chaos Emeralds, rose from the ocean, having become Super Shadow. Then completely destroyed the hand holding Rouge and Chris.

On the Eggsterminator.

"Doctor! Something is happening! The Eggsterminator is losing its grip!" Decoe said.

"This is not good. What do we do now, Doctor?" Bocoe asked.

"We do nothing. Right at this very moment, those seven Chaos Emeralds are mingling way down in the bottom of the sea. The great moment has finally come." Eggman said.

"Are you saying what I think you are saying?" Decoe asked.

"Yes, I think that is what he is saying." Bocoe said.

"Let Chaos Control begin!" Eggman said.

Outside the Eggsterminator attempted to pound Super Shadow with its remaining hand, but no damage is done.

"Well, Knuckles, your wish came true, but I got some unfinished business. Take this, Eggman." Super Shadow said.

He then proceeded to fly all through the Eggsterminator. It started to explode, and Chaos Control started to take place. The ever-expanding sphere of light expands outward.

On the G.U.N. helicopter.

"Oh no. I think we're in Chaos Control." Topaz said.

On the X-Tornado.

"It's Chaos Control, Chuck. You'll be sent back with us." Tails said to Chuck.

"Don't worry; it'll be my pleasure!" Chuck said.

At Station Square.

"Hey, look! Where's that light coming from?" Danny said.

"Does this mean... they're going home?" Hannah said.

"Oh no..." Frances said.

An unknown location.

In a completely white area, Super Shadow laid down the unconscious Chris.

"Can you hear me, pal?" Super Shadow asked and Chris slowly opened his eyes. "I'm finally going home, thanks to you, Chris."

"Shadow, take me with you, please." Chris said as a tear started to form in his eye. "I don't wanna stay here... not without you."

Shadow used Chaos energy to heal Chris' wounds. The latter sat up and hugged Super Shadow.

"Ah... Shadow!"

"It's gonna be okay. I promise."

Chris started to cry.

"Shadow, please don't leave. You're the best friend I ever had! I don't want you to go away. I'll miss you so much. Please don't go! Please!" He said but Shadow faded from his grasp.

Chris wept bitterly.

"You can't goooo!" he said angry.

Knuckles watched as Angel Island appeared over the ocean. Eggman, Bocoe, and Decoe were recovering from their loss.

Chris looked up in delight as he saw Shadow walking toward him from the midst. He gave a wink and thumbs-up.

"Hey. Long time no see."

Season 1 complete!