Tontu is seen outside Hilda's house, waiting for Johanna to come out and receive judgment from her. After a few minutes, she comes out to see him.

"How are you holding up?" she said her first words to him. This time, it showed no animosity like the last time where she kicked him out of the house for mistaking the fact that he started the chaos by the time she went back from her errand.

"I'm doing okay outside, Hilda's mum," was his reply.

"That's good to hear," she puts up a small smile on her face before sitting down next to him and saying more. "Listen, Tontu, right?"

"Every Nisse is called Tontu," Tontu said.

"Right... Listen, Tontu, I'm sorry about the misunderstanding that I had about you when I first saw you inside the house. Sometimes, I believed in the bad rumors regarding creatures like you that I didn't even realized the good in them until I saw it in my own eyes," Johanna apologized to the creature.

"Aww, shucks. You don't have to apologize. You didn't know that your Nisse was an overprotective creature who had a big dog running around," Tontu reacted in a tone that looked like he's blushing from his face if it's ever shown underneath his hair.


Johanna paused for a second before continuing on with her conversation with the Nisse.

"So, uh... what about your owner? How did she felt about learning the truth that it was Jellybean who made the mess in her house?" she asked the questions.

"Well, she's doing okay. She was relieved of the truth," Tontu replied.

"And she didn't take you back?"

"After learning the truth, she decided to take the time off from having a Nisse."

"I see... Well, in that case, Tontu. I talked with Hilda about where you should live afterwards, and I see no harm in having you around," Johanna revealed her proposal.

"You mean...?" Tontu realized in awe.

"Yes... Welcome home, Tontu."

With joy, the Nisse hugged Johanna, and she returns it. She stands up and carries him back to the house, signifying his welcome to his new home.

Author's Note: This is my third Hilda fanfiction story. It's to fill the gap between Hilda and Johanna finding Tontu, and him being accepted to live in their house.