Captain Toad farting was keeping him in a good mood for he was going through the grassy meadow that led to the Smash Mansion, with him seeing several of the Smashers fighting each other while a different bunch were doing various things to enjoy the time passing in the ever present future like the flatulence in the stinky air.

"Ooh looks like I reached a good point!" Captain Toad exclaimed happily while clapping his hands, wiggling his mushroom hips to make more methane that filled up his pants with rotten eggy smells. "I hope they won't be quick to send me away when I approach them!"

Taking a step forward caused the Toad Brigade leader to tumble down the hill, screaming for he couldn't control himself. He then bumped into a bench, causing him to be dazed and moaning weakly when the Ice Climbers approached the Toad captain, the pair looking at each other.

"You think we should take him in?" Nana asked while twirling around her wooden mallet. "He does seem like the kind we would get along with..."

"...Well of course!" Popo shouted while pumping his arm in the air, with him and his Ice Climber twin pulling the fainted captain behind them, the fainted Toad still breaking wind.