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(Insert: Halo infinite, Campaign Gameplay trailer theme)

From the fanfiction writer who wrote down two popular games with Akame Ga Kiru.

"Delta, what are we going to watch?" Dorothea asked in excitement and was holding down her excitement.

And the continuation of the Akame Ga Kiru/ Halo story Night Raid plays Halo...

"Reclaimers, I present to you….." Delta started as she was also holding down her excitement about what she was about to show them.

Watch how Night Raid will react…

"What the hell?!" Mine exclaimed as she looked at herself.

"This can't be right….." Cosmina added as she was also looking at herself.

"I thought humans were evolved from apes." Lubbock said with shock before everyone looked at Delta.

To multiple stories…

"Get ready for one battle Reclaimers." Delta said in a joyful manner as she and the others were going to experience a famous battle.

From the Halo Universe.

One clips shows them reacting to the Arbiter fighting off against the horde of Covenant from "The Duel."

"Woah! He is showing them hell!" Leone said as she was enjoying the battle.

"And he is doing all of this without the use of Imperial Arms." Susanoo noted as he was watching the fight scene.

Another clips shows them reacting to "The Prototype" where a black suit's helmet was similar to that of the Master Chief's but it looked more Mech-like.

"What kind of armour is that?" Stylish asked in interest as he was making a sketch of the armour.

"That is the Prototype for the Mjolnir Armour series, Reclaimer." Delta answered to the former mad scientist.

The third clip shows them reacting to "Homecoming."

"ONI shows no hesitation to deserters." Kurome said sadly as she and Akame remembers those times back in their time in the Empire where they would send someone to either capture them or to kill them straight up.

Akame begins having flashbacks from her time in the Empire. Thinking about that only saddens her as she lost a lot of friends.

Bols felt sorry for the girl's parent as they were mourning her cloned version while the real girl died during combat. Would this happen to his daughter if she were in ONI hands?

The fourth clip shows them reacting to the "Odd One Out" where it shows an unlucky Spartan II being stranded in a planet.

"He seems incompetent to be a Spartan." Esdeath said in a blatant tone.

"He seems to remind me of a certain person." Mine added as she turns to look at Tatsumi, who was completely not looking at her.

The fifth clips show them reacting to "The Babysitter." And to a certain ODST.

"Turns out there's another version of Mine." Chelsea said before looking at the genius sniper.

Said girl just huffed and looked away. "Well, I wouldn't say he's not like me."

"He kinda is." Were everyone's thoughts.

The sixth and final clip shows them reacting to the "The Package."

Chief: "Let's sprint this! Don't fall behind!"

Fredric and Kelly: (Unison) "Copy That!"

The shield begins to fail. The three ready their weapons, as do the Covenant.

"Oh, let's see what the other two could do with the Chief." Leone exclaimed as she was clenching her fist in excitement.

"Yeah, I kinda like that Kelly girl." Mez admitted.

The shield fails as the SPARTANS leap into action before the screen quickly turns to black.

The screen then shows the title card:

Night Raid watches Halo Legends.

Another clips shows Delta delving into a files within her archives to pull out something that they are going to enjoy and will be taking notes.

"This would be interesting for them." She said as it will be a tactic and strategy game.