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Tomura bowed before All For One.

"Master, are you sure about this?" Tomura asked. He's quite jealous All For One gave his quirk to a random middle schooler.

All For One waved his hand, alerting Tomura to get up.

"I'm curious about how events will unfold." All For One replied.

All For One was running an experiment to see what happens if he gave a small child the ultimate power. It was his wish after all.

The Next Day

Izuku was full of energy. He trained for almost a year in order to receive All For One. His body is much more muscular and refined.

"You are worthy!" All For One, bestowing his quirk to young Midoryia.

Now it's time for the UA Entrance Exams.

Izuku arrives at the UA High School for the first time. As he enters through the gate, he trips and is saved by a young girl named Ochaco.

"Good Luck!" Ochaco said, which leaves Izuku speechless since he actually talked to a girl for once.



"How am I going to explain how I got this quirk? There are so many abilities. Wouldn't it draw attention from the Hero Commission?" Izuku asked.

All For One calmed Izuku's worries by saying he should register his quirk and call it "Superpower" and explain its emitter quirk to the registry.

Izuku nodded.



Present Mic explains how the entrance exam works. There are two parts to the exam. A practical test where they demonstrate their quirks and a written exam. The participants make their way towards Battle Center B. Izuku decided to sprint towards the doors and open them leaving everyone behind.

That woke the groggy entrants up. Present Mic explained there is no starting signal because in real life, heroes just move onto the scene of action.

Izuku was easily able to use his quirk to destroy the robots. He was able to super jump on top of the robots and super punch them to smithereens.


The faculty reacted to Izuku's feat with great awe. Except for Principal Nezu and All Might.

"Something about his quirk is familiar," Toshinori said.

Nezu nodded in agreement.

A/N: I wanted to add a twist of Izuku having All For One. I like the idea if Izuku did have AFO he would still try to become a hero. He would stick to his ideals!