A/N: Based on Episode 5

Word Count: 211 words

Izuku thought getting into UA would be the hard part.

He was wrong.

Staying at UA is harder.

When Izuku heard Aizawa say he will expel one student, he was worried. He knows All For One is a powerful quirk but he doesn't know how he will measure up to the rest of his classmates.

By the time Izuku reached the pitching test, he realized he was worried about nothing. He was doing quite well actually. All For One is a versatile quirk.

When it was his turn to throw the ball, Aizawa stopped him for some reason. At this moment, Izuku recognized Aizawa as EraserHead.

The only reason why Eraserhead stopped Izuku was because his aim was off.

"I already know there will be a lot of power behind the throw but you also needed accuracy." Eraserhead explained.

Izuku is given one more throw.

A lightbulb lit up in Izuku's head.

"What if I concentrate All For One through my fingertips?" Izuku thought.

When Izuku threw his last pitch, at the last second, he concentrated AFO through his finger tips, giving an explosive yet accurate throw.

EraserHead approved. He was impressed Izuku understood his mini-lesson so quickly.