Star vs. the Forces of Evil was created by Daron Nefcy and and I don't own any of this. Just adding a few extra layers to the cake.

Within this collection you'll find related stories that deal with relationships, family, love, humor, and sometimes I try to fill in areas that SVTFOE left open for us. My hope is that each one of these leaves you with a good feeling about SVTFOE. Looking for graphic violence or world altering mega-battles? Likely this is not the series for you.

It's worth noting that everything that happened in SVTFOE happened here and in the years since the Cleave, Earth and Mewni have merged together without any issues that couldn't be solved with a little hard work and a healthy dose of compromise. (I know, not possible on our Earth but we're going to say it happened in this world.)

If you don't enjoy the first few stories I suggest jumping to the ones where I've gotten the most positive feedback:

Chapter 11 - Safe to Talk About Anything Dimension
Chapter 14 - Mewnipause
Chapter 18 - Future-Do-Over
Chapter 19 - Consent
Chapter 20 - Forever
Chapter 25 - Change of Perspective

In addition I wrote a six chapter story in the same world called 'Operation Starco' that deals with Star's prom. If you like this you might want to check that one out too.

Cover - Credit for the cover goes to Mono1472. I recommend checking out their stuff on Tumblr. They have also created a number of comics inspired by stories in the series and others. They even have a few videos on YouTube.

Last words before we begin. If anyone connected to SVTFOE ever reads this, thank you for what you put together! And Daron, if you ever need someone to add ideas to a project don't be afraid to call. We'll get my people talking to your people. :)

Starco vs Parenthood Introduction - These chapters can be read separately but they are all connected. It's always the same Star & Marco, same kids, same world.

This first chapter set about 12 years after Cleaved. Star and Marco are 27. Their oldest daughter is 5 and son is 2.

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Chapter 1 - Innocent Questions


Outside of the local daycare Marco get's his son loaded into his car.

"Hey big guy. Don't mess with the buckle, I want you to be all safe back there while I'm driving."

"Yes daddy."

"Hey, we're going to see grandma and grandpa Diaz for dinner tonight but before we get there we need to talk about your day. I heard that you were poking kids in the tummy at daycare and saying 'abs'."

"Yup. Teacher didn't like that. But I told them that mommy does it all the time and she is super portant."

"Yes, mommy is super important but you still can't do that. Daddy has given mommy special permission to poke daddy whenever she wants but it is only okay because she has my permission."

"Okay daddy. I'll ask first and then say aaaaaaabbbssss just like mommy."

'This kid.'..."Buddy, I see you got the drool going in the corner of your mouth just like mommy does but I think that is a special thing that we just do in our family. Even if other kids say it is okay I don't think their parents are going to like it. Understand? We don't want to upset any parents."


"Hey daddy, I don't like Tim's daddy. I don't care if he gets up-et."

'What?'..."Why are you mad at Tim's daddy? Did he do or say anything to you?"

"Tim's daddy said that when mom was a girl she turned pur-ple and took his car up in the air and tried to kiss him and that maybe he could have married mommy but you got mommy...ahh...clocked-up when she was a teeeenager."

'Freakin Oscar, I told him that was my sister.'..."Hey buddy, does Tim's daddy have teeth that poke out in front?"

"Like a bamp-pire?"

"Yes, like a vampire."

"Yup he got bamp-pire teff and he said you are a mango. Tim's daddy has front teff but some others are all gone. Did he get teff like that from the toff-fairy?"

'I swear if Oscar talks to my son again I'm going to find that old keytar and make him eat it.'..."No buddy, he must have mouth problems. Some people and monsters can't help it. Hey! If Tim's daddy talks to you again about your mom, just let me know."


"Daddy, did mommy kill the toff-fairy when she killed the magic? Aunty Janna said mommy killed the toff-fairy."

'Freakin Janna.'..."No buddy. Tooth-fairy uses a different type of magic."

"Demon magic?"

'Oh-my-god Janna.'..."You'll have to ask mommy when she gets home. She's the magic expert in the family."


"Daaaaaaddy, when is mommy going to be home?"

"Not for a few days I'm afraid. She has important meetings with lots of people and monsters who want to talk to her."

"Cause she is portant?"


"Why is mommy portant? Is it because she was a princess?"

"That is a big question. Before mommy and daddy had your sister, even before mommy and daddy got married, we would travel all over helping people and monsters. Once we made sure mommy and daddy could be together forever we talked to everyone about Earth and Mewni to try to help everyone else be happy too. Your mommy is REALLY good at making friends and talking to people. It is her job now to help everyone with big problems. Getting adults to work together is hard sometimes but your mom is awesome at it. Your mommy's job is so super important that I help her with speeches and ideas and planning annnnnnd taking care of you and your big sister when mom needs to be away."

"My monster friends like mommy."

"Good. I like mommy too."


"Daddy, can I be a princess like mommy was?"

"Sure buddy. I was a princess for a little bit too."

"Were you an Abs Princess?"

'I keep telling her, not in front of the kids.'..."No, just a normal princess."


"Daddy, do you cry when you miss mommy?"

'Oh boy.'..."I get sad but no I don't often cry. Welllllll...actually, I did cry a ton once. Long time ago I thought I was never going to see your mommy again and I cried like I never cried before. I think it was the saddest I've ever been. Lucky for everyone, daddy was wrong and we got to be together forever."

"Mommy says you're never wrong."

"Your mom says a lot of things kiddo but even a cool dad like me can be wrong sometimes."

"I'm glad you were wrong daddy."

"Me too."


"I cry sometimes when I miss mommy."

"Hey! Anytime you want to talk about things that make you sad you can always come talk to me or mommy when she is home. We can't always make the sad go away, but when you have big feelings like sadness or anger or even love it is always best to talk about them. Holding them in too long hurts not just you but also everyone who cares about you."...'Man, learned that lesson the hard way.'

"Daddy, I miss mommy."

"I miss mommy too. I miss mommy too. There is grandma's house. Once we get in the driveway how about I unbuckle you and we have a big hug."

"I'd like that."

"Me too."


Just a little bit of world setup there. If you keep reading, there is an underlying plot to this whole series that should come together but they may not be obvious. Hopefully you enjoy getting there. They say that the trip is sometime just as good as reaching the destination. - Olin