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Genre: Romance/Humour

Rating: T

The Great Hall was bustling with hungry chattering students, the four long tables slowly filling up with their designated house members.

At the Gryffindor table; the golden trio had already settled down to break their fast for the day. Hermione sat with her nose in her charms book, probably reading ahead of today's lesson.

Harry and Ron, however, had their eyes turned toward the teacher's table.

"Bloody hell, mate. If I had known that would be the head of the Hufflepuff house, I would have asked the sorting hat to put me in that house." Ron muttered, his eyes plastered on the pretty ebony-haired witch.

"Honestly, Ron, she's a teacher," Hermione rolled her eyes as she peeked at them from above her book. "And that means she's older than you. Not to mention teacher-student, relationships are strictly forbidden."

The two teenage boys shared a quick grin at their annoyed friend before returning their attention to the Asian woman that sat at the higher table, a cup of tea held firmly between her pale hands. Professor Higurashi was high up on the list of favourite teachers amongst students, even the Slytherin students were known to behave in her classes.

It did help that the young professor was the loveliest and friendliest teacher in the school, despite her love for her badgers, she never allowed to keep favourites amongst her students.

"She's bloody lovely, Hermione." Ron sighed dreamily.

"You're an idiot, Ron. Professor Higurashi is a brilliant witch and our teacher, to her you are just another student."

The redheaded Weasley merely scoffed in return, his crooked smile returning at the sight of Professor Higurashi's curved rump as she left the hall. She might be his teacher, but that didn't mean he couldn't look at her once in awhile

Harry had, however, noticed something about professor Higurashi that he found odd. She always sat next to Snape in the great hall. In fact, he had never seen her sit away from the dark Slytherin. Not even at the various quidditch games; the two professors were almost always somewhere near each other.

Surely someone as soft and gentle as professor Higurashi wouldn't like Snape of all people. They were too different.


Kagome happily hummed as she brought her warm cup of tea up to her mouth, unaware of thoughts of one Harry Potter.

Her eyes fell closed in bliss as she tasted the familiar flavour of her favourite hibiscus and passion fruit tea; this particular blend was hard to come by in England, and it was always a treasure whenever her husband brought it for her.

She smiled as she felt the brush of Severus' arm against hers and her eyes flickered towards his figure.

"Thank you," Kagome mumbled, her eyes shining with gratitude as she gazed upon the dark form of her mate. "You didn't have to buy me more."

"No, I didn't," Severus responded dryly. "However, you are fond of that particular blend."

"You spoil me, husband."

The faint blush she spotted on his usually pale cheeks only served to make her giggle quietly, satisfied that even years later she could fluster her stoic partner. Perhaps she should poke down into the dungeon later, it's been ages since they last had an evening for themselves.

The raven-haired woman placed her empty tea mug aside before joining her rising partner, the students would be finished with breakfast soon and, Kagome prefered to have readied her classroom before the arrival of her first class.

Together, the two professors departed unnoticed from the Great Hall.

Well, almost unnoticed, but Harry Potter always had a weird way of noticing things he shouldn't.

As fates would have it, Harry's last class of the day was potions, and he hadn't been able to remove the image he saw from breakfast.

Snape had been blushing, he was absolutely sure of it. His obsessive thinking had caused him to blow up his cauldron, costing him several house points; much to all the other Gryffindor's and Snape's annoyance.

His accidental explosion also meant he had to stay behind to clean up the mess, which is why Harry now found himself alone with Snape in the dungeon.

His fingers ached as they clenched around the cleaning brush, and he was grateful that he only had to clean his own cauldron; Harry wasn't sure he could stay focused enough for much longer.

"Continue cleaning, Potter. I will return shortly." Snape sneered, his black cloak trailing behind his tall form as the door firmly slammed shut.

There is no way professor Higurashi likes the dungeon bat.

Harry shook his head at the thought, the Hufflepuff teacher was too sweet. Maybe his glasses needed to get fixed again.

He stood up with a stretch, glad that he could still make it to dinner despite his extra time spent in the damp dungeons. The door barely made a sound as he pulled it open, however, the sight that greeted him through the cracked door made him freeze.

There, in the corridor was professor Higurashi and she was snogging Snape. Bloody snogging! Although the Asian woman seemed more than happy with her current position if her soft moans and mumbles were any indication.

A deep flaming blush crawled up his pale cheeks at the soft female moan, and he slowly pushed the door closed again, suddenly hurrying to dinner didn't seem so important anymore.

Apparently, there was a reason why Slytherin prefered Hufflepuff over any of the other houses. Their potion master was no exception.