Ch1 "joining a convoy"

Atlas sea high command room

12:30 (mill time)

"We just received this signal 30 minutes ago."

[Atlas convoy P9 signal]

"And why is this important admiral Basalt?"

"It belongs to convoy P9 general ironwood, that is why it is important."

*agggg* "This is getting out of hand I swear If this is another raid. Also what did the signal say."

*admiral Basalt starts the audio tape*

"We spotted smoke about *mmm* 10-ish minutes ago, so we moved in to help. Imagine our surprise when what looked like 2 ships the size of battleships moving faster than our convoy gave us an ultimatum, surrender or die, we asked what they were looking for and they said that a 'ship girl' was onboard along with some crates belonging to them."

"The girl I know about, the crates I don't?"

"Apparently they were on a boat that wasn't powered by any kind of dust."


"They took the stuff onboard, and inspected a sole pink crate with a flower on it"

"That is a breach of protocol!"

"For the army yes, for the navy no."

"What was strange is that the girl, Taihou recognized the symbol and knew how to open it"

"What was inside?"

"Suspend your disbelief general, but it had a twin 100mm AA gun in it"

"What! That is bigger than even the paladins biggest gun by, about 20mm, and it being an AA gun has to turn fast and have a high rate of fire"

"Don't worry. It uses something Taihou said was gunpowder"

"Was anything else found in the crate, admiral"

"Yes some blue cubes, now let's get back on topic"

"We gave them the crates but asked to keep the girl because we wanted to study the language she spoke, the girl that had boarded the ship then gave us something far more valuable than a girl, a multi language dictionary that had 9 languages including atlassian! Then I took a risk. I told them that we thought we were at risk of being raided and asked for protection in exchange for a meeting with Admiral Basalt (sorry sir). A few minutes passed before her reply, thankfully the answer was yes"

"Now I just have to meet a girl, doesn't sound that bad"

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