Ch-2 negotiations



Dock 13B-4

2 days later

"This naval base is unnecessary"

"It is vital for our anti-piracy measures. That and it is our last base that can maintain and build battleships. Though, these so-called 'shipgirls' may change your mind about cutting our funding again James. {goddam army and their overgrown egos}"

"Tell me again, why do we need battleships?"

"Commanding fleets, killing alpha quimm and most importantly showing off to other nations"

"Why does the navy use that stupid name for aquatic grimm"

"We do"

Admiral Basalt could see that General James had retreated from this conversation, a wise choice as even himself being andmerl of the atlasian navy, a role dedicated to keeping records of atlas' victories and culture, did not know where the phrase 'quimm' came from.

"Ah look. It must be the battleships Con-P9 told us about"

"Those things are massive!"

"Ah wait a moment, those look like pocket battleships. A shame they weren't actual battleships"

"Doesn't look impressive, It's only 1/6 of the length of a flagship"

"I would say they are about ~4,000 tonnes heaver empty and the main guns look nasty for a ship of that length and tonnage, [we beginning to dock sir][good]

Dock 13B-1

2 hours later

James ironwood pov

Now that he looked at the so-called 'pocket battleships' he saw that they were quite fast, enough to keep up with the high-speed convoy. He did notice some differences between the of them had main guns in a 2x2 alongside the 10 secondaries all of which had 2 guns per turret, and an sleek frame, the other one looked much more militaristic, with 2x3 main guns and 8 single guns alongside the 2 twin guns. There was also what looked like… are those propeller planes?! What backwater did they come from those could easily be replaced with vtol landing pads. Maybe the secondaries could be replaced with dust cannons, though the preliminary results from the gunpowder research was already done.

"So why do these shorter ships have more tonnage, Admiral."
"One, carriers require more space to have a bigger aircraft complement. Two, these are designed to fight other ships the planes they have are most likely for scouting purposes"

"I wonder why they didn't just use planes once available"

"I could give a minor degree for that, but our naval history would be very different if we had friendly nevermores. Let us hope that negotiations aren't short"

"And why would that be"

"Let me remind you James, we are interacting with an entirely new culture here so hopefully I get protection from your aggressive budget cuts"
Basalt looked like she had some unfinished remakes but had stopped.

Ah look at that the mystery girls were here

AN I couldn't find a length or tonnage for the airships so I went with ~600ft&~10,000 about a light carrier's length and tonnage

A poll is up now please give your opinion on it (hermes has a duel disk, taihou has a paper fan like thing for her flight deck)