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Summary: Elsa finds herself lost in the woods. It's cold and its snowy. What is she to do? Challenge: Four Seasons. Theme: Winter.

Warning! This chapter is Rated M for mild sensual references.


The Winter Wilderness

Word Count: 112

Elsa's eyes snapped open. The chilly air breached her nostrils, making goosebumps form on her pale skin and leaving her snowy white dress even more cold. Elsa sat up, her long blonde locks falling down her shoulders. The last thing she wanted was to be cold, but cold she was.

The blanket of fresh white snow, covering the wilderness, with its icicles dripping down from the tree branches, didn't help much. Elsa rubbed her arms, hoping that would stave off the cold air. It didn't.

Where was Anna? Where was their mother? Was there any hope left? Elsa wondered that as she trudged through the snowy landscape, keen on reaching her destination.


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