Hilda knew she can't just sit by and do nothing of the snowstorm that she went out to investigate the crisis. She stopped by David's house to help him get prepared.

"But, just me? Are you not going to ask Frida, too?" he asked.

"I don't think she will be up to this one," Hilda replied while picking out his winter clothes.

"Hmm, okay I'll be glad to come," David agreed, then he asked the question. "Where is the weather station, anyway?"

"So you're just going to another adventure without me?" a voice is suddenly heard, and they noticed Frida in her own winter clothes. What they didn't know is that it's actually Bill, who has taken control of her body while she is a spirit that they can't see or hear unless she finds a vessel she could possess.

"Frida, it's not what it looks like!" David said with fright in his voice, afraid that she is going to be angry with him for leaving her out in this next adventure. Instead, she goes down on her hands and knees as if she's begging much to his confusion, as well as Hilda's and the Raven's.

"I'm sorry, Hilda. I'm really sorry I snapped at you, telling you that you never should have moved to Trolberg. And also you too, David, for fighting with you about me not being perfect. As your friend, I wanna make things right with you two. Please, give me chance," Bill really knows how to feign sadness just to gain people's trust.

"Ugh, no one is gonna fall for that rubbish," Frida muttered.

"What you said was really hurtful, but it would also be very petty of me to hold a grudge," Hilda reassured the girl who is clearly someone else inside.

"So, friends?" Bill extends his hand to Hilda, and she responded better by hugging her.

"Friends," she said happily, and 'Frida' hugs her back. The latter extends her free arm to David as if she's asking him to join in the hug, and he did. While this is happening, 'Frida' made a sinister grin on her face because she successfully gained their trust.

"No, no, no, no!" Frida flies over to Hilda and David to warn them of the danger they're in because of Bill. "You can't trust him, David, Hilda! That's not me you're talking to!"

"Yell all you want, Frida. They can't see or hear you as long as you're a ghost. In other words, you don't exist," Bill said in a whisper that her former friends couldn't hear him talking to thin air. Well, except Raven who wondered why she is talking to herself.

Through the Great Raven, the three flied out of Trolberg and into the weather station, exactly as where Bill wanted them to go for the next part of his plan.

"We made it! The Trolberg weather station, we're here! Come on!" Hilda exclaimed as the Raven shrinks back to his normal shape.

"Yes, we're here, Hilda," 'Frida' runs up to her closely. With sinister intentions toward her, it's a reason.

"If you hurt her and David, I swear I'll..." Frida threatens the entity possessing her body.

"Right, how can you do that if you don't have a vessel to interact this world?" Bill is not fazed by her threat.

"Hey, David," the Raven talked to the boy. "Is it just me or Frida is actually talking to herself?"

"Come to think of it, it is strange to see her like this," David whispered.

"Guys, she's just doing this because she needs to come up with a plan in case something bad happens," Hilda reassured them.

"Yeah, something like that," 'Frida' agrees with her statement to make sure that they don't know who's possessing who. "Anyway, let's just focus on the task at hand here."

"Right... Whoa, this is amazing! Look at all this stuff!" the blue-haired girl is amazed with the station.

"It's no wonder she's good at predicting the weather!" the Raven realized.

"No kidding," 'Frida' agreed.

Hilda tries to get in the front door but she couldn't, so she uses the window which led them to the dark room.

"Something really did happen here," Raven realized as he went inside, but 'Frida' stopped him. "What are you doing, Frida?"

"I think you should stay outside, Raven. Keep a lookout in case something bad happens," 'Frida' suggested.

"But the only that's happening bad right now is in Trolberg."

"What if something bad is gonna happen in this weather station?"

"I don't know," Raven is unsure of the offer, so 'Frida' pulls out crackers from her coat.

"Tell you what. If you agree to stay outside and look for any signs of trouble, I might reward you with a great cracker you can eat," the latter made an offer.

"Thank you, Frida!" the Raven said with joy as he ate the cracker and went outside the weather station to be a lookout.

"Why is a sociopath like him have to be so charismatic?" Frida commented with chagrin on her face.

"I think I like it better out in the cold," David said with fear on his face.

"Are you sure, David? I can arrange that for you. Perhaps you can just chill outside," 'Frida' went closer to him menacingly.

"No, I didn't mean to say it like that, Frida!"

"Then don't be afraid, and help us why don't you?"

All the while Hilda is seeing this and, she's getting suspicious of her friend. Perhaps it's best to keep those thoughts to herself. They searched for Victoria Van Gale there until David unknowingly pressed a button which opened a door to a room where there's a woman with long grey hair looking outside from her telescope.

No doubt for Bill that's Victoria Van Gale.

"So far, so good," he commented while smirking at Frida, whom no one can see or hear when she's a spirit.

"Victoria Van Gale?" Hilda walked to the woman.

"Ah! Who the devil are you?" Victoria asked.

"I'm Hilda. It's so great to meet you. I'm your biggest, well..." the blue-haired girl started speaking in gibberish like how when someone meets their idol.

"Yup, she's her fan," Frida commented. "I can't believe I got to meet the woman who talked about the weather."

"Perhaps I can use your body for an autograph," Bill grinned.

"Like I'd let you do something like that!" she is not proud of what he plans to do with her body.

"I'm just joking," he said.

"I never thought bad people like you have a bad sense of humor," Frida said bitterly.

Hilda told Victoria that she and her friends went to the station because they thought she's in trouble, making her thinking they're all visitors which Hilda accepted the fact. Then Victoria took notice of 'Frida' which something about her eyes made her realize something.

"It's you..." Victoria gasped.

"You know Frida?" Hilda asked with suspicion.

"Frida? Oh, that's the name of the girl. It's nothing, really," Victoria reassured her.

"Wait, she knows you?" Frida asked Bill, who just grinned without a word. "I have a bad feeling about this."

If that wasn't enough, Victoria suggested of taking him into looking at the boxes.

"Bill, I didn't expect to see you here," she said in a whisper.

"I just got out from where I was sealed at: below that girl's house," Bill said.

"You mean the girl whose body you possessed?"

"That's right. I pulled some strings to make this happen; getting the blue-haired girl to move into Trolberg, befriending the perfectionist, having her Nisse to steal her favorite book which contained the spell for my release, breaking their friendship apart, getting the perfectionist to agree on my deal so I can possess her body, killing her Nisse once the job is done, and lastly destroying the book."

Frida couldn't believe what she just heard. Bill planned everything for his own freedom.

"How can you do that if you were sealed below my house at the time?" she asked.

"I'm a dream demon, Frida. I can just talk to anyone in their sleep, just like your Nisse," he replied.

"Bill, who are you talking to?" Victoria asked.

"I'm talking to the girl whose body I stole from, and that reminds me. Do you have something that would allow her to interact this world? Like a vessel or something?" he asked as a precaution.

"No, I don't have something like that," the grey-haired woman replied.

"Good, she won't be interacting with her so-called friends anytime soon. AHAHAHAHAHA!" Bill is assured that he has victory is secured.

Just in time for her tour to begin, his plan will commence.

Author's Note: Nice chapter, wouldn't you agree?