Hey! My name's Roxy Goth and this is my first time writing for Phineas and Ferb. I loved the show growing up and recently found myself thinking about them. Or, more specifically, Love Handel.

So this is the story of how L.H. got together. There's a few things I've had in mind while writing this, which I've outlined below, but aside from that I've come up with the timeline myself. So:


1. Lawrence may not have been fully honest when he was recounting the story to P+F seeing as they are only 10 years old. They did kiss at the concert because Danny encouraged them, but it wasn't there first kiss. It may well have been the first one aired on a jumbo-tron and/or the first public one.

2. The creators of P+F have said that when this episode aired Candance and Phineas and Ferb where at home with their respective baby-sitters. There could be some explanations for this. Either, Lawrence and Ferb hadn't moved in with Linda and the kids yet. [Which might explain Isabella's coolness to Ferb in the first episode. She simply wasn't used to him yet.] Either that or Candace, Phineas and Ferb where are home with ONE babysitter looking after all three of them. I would lean more towards one.

3. It's quite possible that the whole 'getting two people to kiss on a jumbo-tron' thing may have been part of the regular set L.H. did. This would explain why ALL members of L.H. are so dismissive of P+F saying there parents got together at a concert. They've had loads of people [granted, it's usually the couples themselves, not the kids.] saying they've got together at one of their kids. Before P+F they were a little de-sensitized to it. The whole P+F thing made them realise that not only did they all LOVE performing, they HAD fans and the power to change people's lives.

I do not own Phineas and Ferb or any associated characters in any way, shape or form.

September 1988 - The Tri-State College.

Danny Reddick was bored. Since starting at college his life had been one big mess of lessons that he didn't really understand, people that he got, but didn't GET, if you knew what he meant and teachers that hated him. They hadn't said but he got the vibe.

It was probably because he did stuff like this. Going off 'for an adventure' when he should be studying, he knew, was NOT the 'right' thing to be doing, but fuck it - he was sick of looking at books. There was a swamp near the school that they were technically 'Not Allowed' anywhere near, but of course they went there anyway. Normally it was the busiest abandoned place ever, but today it was just him and his guitar.

Sighing he plucked at the string and tried to work on this song he had to write for his stupid music course. He hummed a little and sang a bit out loud. "I asked my daddy for a gee-tair and I begged and I begged, said I wanted to pluck the strings- No." He stopped himself and banged his head against the tree he was sitting in front off. "Damn it!"

"Tough gig?" A voice said from behind him.

"Yeah..." Danny said distractedly. Then his brain processed what he heard and he jumped and yelled.

The other boy yelled as well and took a few steps back. "Geez, dude! Chill out! I just heard the music, tha's all. It sounded cool."

Danny's heart was still pounding, but he took a few deep breaths, then said, slowly. "Thanks, man. Hey, I ain't seen you 'round here before. You new?"

"I'm in your class." The boy said, in a tone that indicated he had to remind people of this a lot. "The back of the class, to be exact. I'm the one who's always tapping on the desk. Shirly Palmer asked to be moved away from me cos she said she couldn't concentrate, sound familiar?"

The lightbulb in Danny's brain was slowly turning on. "You're the drummer." He said, slowly. "The one that did that mad solo at the beginning of the year. That was rad."

The boy smiled. "Yeah, that's me. Sherman Marsh. And I know you, you're Danny Reddick." Danny nodded. Sherman gave a smile, then looked round a little nervously. "Look, I know you're probably enjoying the fact that this place is quiet for once, but do you mind if I hang round for a bit? I get good vibes from this place."

"You get good vibes from a swamp?" Danny raised an eyebrow, but shuffled over anyway. "What are you? A swamp-man? Hey!" Danny clicked his fingers as an idea came to him in a flash. "That could be your nick-name! Swamp-Man!"

"Nickname?" Sherman didn't sound sure.

Danny waved a hand, dismissively and explained. "Look, all my friends have nicknames. It's kinda a thing. If you're friends with me, you get a nick-name. Simple."

"So we're friends now?" Sherman sounded amused. "Despite the fact we've just met and you had no idea who I was?"

"Details, details. Are you in or what?"

Sherman thought for a moment, then laughed. "Sure, why not? I get good vibes from you." They shook hands, then both simultaneously leaned against the tree, Danny strumming his guitar, Swampy clicking his fingers.

February 1989 - The Tri-State College Music Hall.

"No, no, no!" Danny whacked his hand on the desk as the COMEPLETLY TONE-DEAF IDIOT in front of him plucked loosely on the guitar strings. "Put more passion into it!"

The girl tossed her hair back and snarked. "Chill dude. It's only a bit of fun."

To the side of him Swampy gave a little laugh that quickly turned into a cough as Danny waved his arms round and yelled. "No, no, no! You've got to FEEL the music!"

"Whatever, dude." The girl stormed out the room, taking her guitar with her.

Danny muttered dark things under his breath as he crossed her name off his list. "Next." He said, automatically.

"There is no 'next'." Swampy said, casually. "You got rid of them, dude."

Danny blinked. He couldn't have. He double-checked his list. He had. "Fucks sake!" He leaned back in his chair and groaned, balancing the list on his nose. "Doesn't ANYONE in this place have ANY talent at all!?"

A soft clearing of the throat made Danny sit up and remove the list from the tip of his nose. A man/boy was standing there. He had white-blonde hair and a look of disdain. He was also holding a Fendor Precision Base which Danny knew had to have cost somewhere between $600 - $1,500 dollars. He sat properly up and tried to adopt a look of professionalism.

"Hey, dude. What's your name and what do you play?"

"My name's Bobbi Gaylor -." As soon as he spoke Danny could tell this guy thought a lot of himself. He had a 'pay attention to me vibe' and that wasn't even getting into the leopard-print shirt he was wearing. "That's Bobbi with an I, by the way - and are you seriously telling me that YOU do not recognise THIS beauty?" Bobbi 'with an I' indicated the guitar and raised a perfectly plucked eyebrow.

"Well of course I recognise it! It's a Fendor Precision Base, the QUESTION is - can you play it?"

In answer Bobbi played. He started with a classical number, that turned into a rock number, that turned into something that Danny was sure was from a musical - but god knows which one - before ending on a song that the singer had never heard before, and going from the look on Sherman's face, neither had he.

When Bobbi finally finished Sherman stood up and clapped. Danny went one further and stood on the desk, applauded, then jumped off the desk and shook the startled bassists hand. "Dude, that was awesome! Congrats, you're in!"

Bobbi raised his eyebrow again and said, slowly. "In what?"

There was quite a long pause, then Danny said, hesitantly. "The band? The band you've just auditioned for? Dude, did you not LOOK at the flyers?"


Danny paused and looked at Sherman who shrugged, then he looked back at Bobbi, opened his mouth, closed it again and finally asked. "...So..what did you...THINK...you were doing? When you walked in here with a base?"

"And then we asked you to play?" Sherman chimed in.

Danny nodded at him, then looked back at Bobbi who gave a dainty shrug - there was no other word for it - and explained. "I play base anyway. Was on my way back from a lesson when I saw Dahlia leaving here looking pissed. Asked her what was wrong, she told me you'd sent her packing and you obviously didn't recognise real talent and flounced off. I'll admit." The blonde stroked the bottom of his chin and scrutinised the singer. "I didn't have a scoobies who you were. But anyone who has the ability to piss of Dahlia Smythe gets my instant approval. And I know that I actually have talent, unlike her, so - here I am."

"So hold on." Swampy leaned forward and linked his hands together. "The ONLY reason you auditioned...was to annoy someone else?" He laughed. "That's rad."

"So." Danny was still slightly confused, but he never let a little thing like not knowing what was going on stop him from reaching for the stars. "This whole thing is an audition for a band. So...do you want to join a band or not?"

"What's the band called?" It was a natural question, but one that caused both Danny and Sherman to notably wince.

"We've not...quite...decided yet. I like the name 'The Love Hearts.'. Seeing as we're going to be heart-throbs. I mean." He indicated himself and Swampy. "Look at us. It's obvious. And now we've got you and you're..." Gay. Was the word that flashed in his head, but he stopped it. "...Clearly brilliant as well." He finished.

Bobbi gave a grin and put his hands on his hips. "Well. Obviously. What about you, er, i didn't get your name-"

"Swampy. Swampy Marsh. I like the name The Handels-"

"Which isn't a name, it's a composer." Danny said.

"Well. You may need to make your mind up soon, cos I'm not joining a band without a name. Talking of which, what's yours?"

"Danny. Danny Reddick." They shook hands. "And we'll figure out a name soon enough. Until then, we rehearse on Saturdays 2-4, how does that suit you?"

Bobbi shrugged again. "Sounds good. I'll see you there, yeah?" And with that he walked out confidently, his head in the air and with a walk that just screamed 'Look At Me!'

Danny didn't even realise he'd been staring until Swampy tapped him on the shoulder. "Dude, you wanna pick your jaw up offa then floor?"

Danny did so and blinked.

Another pause and then Swampy said, delicately. "You DO realise that Bobbi is-"

"-I know." Danny said, immediately. "And I don't care. Do you?"

"Don't give a damn. But we're unusual. And if you're serious about having HIM in the band, then..." The unspoken words hung in the air.

Danny nodded. "Yeah. I know."