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Yet another Itachi drabble. I do love that boy.

The room was heavy with fog, covering the single mirror above the sink and sticking to the white tiles. The hot water stung the open wounds, staining the water with a light pink colour.

She was lucky that she lived far enough from her parents' room that neither of them would have noticed her creeping back into the clan compound. She would just make sure to remove all traces of the blood before anyone decided to intrude in her private room.

The female Uchiha sank deeper into the hot water to loosen up her sore muscles, her hair piled high upon her head to avoid the water as she allowed herself to be completely relaxed.

The peace, however, never lasted long. The creaking door made her eyes snap open, her body tensing in response to possible danger. The sight of her sibling made her fall back into the tub, a frown on her pretty features as she regarded her sibling.

"Itachi. What are you doing here?" Kagome muttered, her hand falling limply down the side of the white porcelain, small droplets of water falling to the bath rug.

"You have been gone for weeks." The young prodigy frowned as he regarded his older sister's battered form. "I wanted to see you before you get sent away again."

She couldn't help but be amused by the concerned and almost accusing tone in her nine-year-old brother's voice. Children in the Uchiha clan always grew up too quickly, and neither of them had been an exception to that rule.

Being born as a girl would have been easier had she not been born first. Their father's disappointment made him a harsh teacher, and never before had a female kunoichi gone through the academy as quickly as she had. Being born would have been easier had she been a male with black eyes instead of a female with unnatural blue ones.

Her only saving grace from being married off was a natural talent for killing and the ability to still use the Sharingan, despite her genetic oddity.

Itachi was born four years later and quickly turned into their father's new obsession. The Uchiha prodigy.

"Do not worry, Itachi. I will be home for a few days this time."

The boy merely frowned at the strained response, his feet leading him over to the bathtub. Kagome couldn't help but feel uncomfortable by the burning black stare, in fact she was almost ashamed to admit that she had always felt unsettled by her brother.

She curled her arms around her front as she shifted in the tub, a sad attempt of shielding herself from the gaze.

"Can I stay with you?" The older Uchiha froze at the quiet whisper, blue eyes meeting black.

"Stay with me?" She mumbled. "In the bath?"

Itachi shook his head, sliding off his night clothes while she merely gaped at him in confusion. Of course, it wouldn't be the first time they bathed together, but she couldn't help the feeling that something had changed within the head of her brother.

"Stay with you. Always." The boy continued as he climbed into the bath, easily seeking out her embrace and Kagome, as always felt powerless to stop the boy. He just wanted love. "I want to stay with you always, Oneesan."

Kagome swallowed back the tears at the almost desperate confession from the usual stoic boy, silently cursing their way of life. She snuck her arms around him, pressing a kiss to the crown of his head. A silent promise to love him to the end of their days.