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The snow was slowly melting away, leaving behind a soggy ground ready for the new flowers and weeds to bubble forth underneath the rays of the sun. Kagome had always loved spring; it was a beautiful masterpiece that only nature could paint.

This year however held different promises in the air than she was used to. Truth be told she had always known it would happen, it was expected of her to marry someone of high standing and make her clan proud - even at the cost of her happiness. It was the painful way for the strongest clans to be married into each other and breed the kekkai Genkai to become stronger - always stronger.

The Higurashi kekkai genkai was a strong one, perfect for enhancing and stabilizing the dreaded Sharingan. Of course, the heiress of the Higurashi clan would be promised to the Uchiha heir. Kagome had never liked that clan, it was too dark and blood-filled, and she feared for the future she would have inside the large dreaded compound.

Itachi was a handsome man, everyone in the entire village knew that fact and talented as well - the Uchiha prodigy.

It was simply too bad that Kagome Higurashi didn't care much for either the Uchiha clan or their beloved Itachi.

The wedding dress was beautiful, pure and decorated with the finest silk and gold details, even though she knew that she would look like a vision. The sign of the Uchiha clan on the back of the dress stands in stark contrast to the white and marks her forever as the next matriarch.

The date for the unity between the two clans came quicker than Kagome had been prepared for, she had barely had time to accept the news before she found herself surrounded by lace and flowers. The aching of her heart was forgotten at her feet at the proud look on her parents' faces, her father squeezing her hand in reassurance. She tried not to notice how her father tried so desperately to hide the small tears pricking at the corner of his eyes.

A vision she was in her white wedding dress, a stark contrast to her black curled hair and rosy-coloured cheeks hidden beneath the lace veil. Had Kagome been less focused on keeping the few pieces of her heart safe while trailing up the aisle, she might have noticed the glint of pride and awe in her soon-to-be husband's black eyes.

The wedding was perfect, a fairy tale straight from any woman's dream. A handsome husband, more gifts than she knew what to do with and a wedding party with the most lavish foods and drinks. Everything was perfect.

"You look beautiful." The soft murmur from her husband startled her out of her thoughts, her blue gaze snapping up to his black one. "White suits you." He continued, holding her gaze.

Kagome couldn't help the flush on her cheeks underneath the unwavering attention of Itachi. "Thank you." She mumbled, her eyes falling to where her fingers were playing with some of the lace.

"You should wear it more often." Itachi continued, his fingers drifting over the fabric covering the side of her hip and raising goosebumps as he went.

"Ano... shouldn't I be wearing black and dark blue?" The question slipped forth before she could stop herself, and she hesitantly glanced at him again. "The Uchiha colours I mean."

Itachi smirked, dark eyes holding her captivated as his fingers gripped her chin. "You're my wife, Kagome. You wear whatever you wish to wear, and should anyone have a problem with that they can tell that to my face."

Heat rushed through her at the pure promise in his voice, the intensity of his gaze made it impossible for her to doubt his words. A small twinge of hope bloomed in her chest as she looked back at him with wide blue eyes, the hope that maybe this marriage wouldn't mean the end of who she was as a person.

"I'm not an Uchiha, -" Itachi tightened his grip, interrupting her before she could finish her sentence. "I know you're not. I didn't pick you because I wanted a submissive wife."

The little smirk on his face grew at the look on her pretty features and released her chin, reaching for his cup of sake. "I picked you specifically, Kagome."

A nervous exhale left her lips at the sudden and unexpected confession, her hands shaking as she cradled her cup of sake. The blush refused to leave her cheeks for the rest of the night, and she refused to admit it was due to her husband's frequent and less-than-innocent touches.

Perhaps this wouldn't be the end for her after all.