A flick of his wrist to test the blade and then swiftly pulling up his hood, he jumped. The hidden blade struck true; the base of the skull, severing the brain stem.

"This war will end with your death," Quinlan Vos said, still crouched over the corpse of the supreme chancellor, "Requiescat in pace."

Alarms were beginning to sound; the bodies of the guards must have been discovered. Quinlan drew his lightsaber hilt from its place at his belt, but didn't light it. He slunk down the hall, keeping a careful eye out for any- shit!

Having been spotted, Quinlan took off running, jumping over obstacles, climbing the decor, dodging blaster fire as he made his way to the roof, the Coruscant Guard on his heels.

"Surrender!" Commander Fox ordered. A sly grin touched Quinlan's face and he leapt.

Falling through the air is rapturous- like flying but so much more- ground rushing to meet him, turn in midair to minimize damage- a flawless Leap of Faith.

He lands in a garbage heap- because of course he does, this is Coruscant after all- but he quickly recovers, pulling down his hood and blending into the foot traffic.

Mission Complete.