The assassin smiled under his hood.

"Novice" Quinlan greeted, chastising and fond in one. Galen landed behind him, an aborted air assassination from a ledge.

"How‽" Galen demanded, "How do you always know‽" Quinlan considered leaving the teenager to flounder in his confusion, but-

"You run heavily. Practice lightening your steps while walking and gradually move up to freerunning." Galen smiled sheepishly.

"Stealth is not my strong suit."

"But you're getting better," Quinlan said, smacking the boy's arm lightly, And, who knows, maybe a certain blonde might agree to help you."

"Shut up." Galen said, flushing. Quinlan shoved him lightly towards the training area.

"If you can tag me next time, I'll give you a mission." Galen's eyes glinted eagerly. Quinlan was willing to bet that the boy would have it done before the end of day.

"Yes, Mentor."