Summary – Highschool is supposed to be an exciting and memorable time of a person's life, but destiny isn't always so kind.



My name is Kai Hiwatari.

I don't know why you're snooping around my journal, but I suppose you're like everyone else searching for evidence. Everyone wants to know the truth. They want to find the answers so they can reach a conclusion. People want to fix things, but how can you fix something if you don't know the true story?

I wrote it all down. Because I needed to. History interests me, so I record my daily adventures here in this little journal of mine. It helps me to reflect. To remember the good days, and the bad. But every little entry is part of a complete story – the story of my life. It's not meant for other people to read, but this journal holds the truth. The full story. It fills in the gaps.

"He's in shock. He's been through a lot."

I wish they'd leave me alone. It's the same old questions. Are you okay? How are you feeling? You can talk whenever you feel comfortable because we're here to listen to you. But they don't really care. They're being paid to ask you questions. I really wish they'd just get the idea and back off.

"These poor kids."

"No one saw this coming."

I squeezed my eyes shut and bowed my head, desperately wishing I could open my eyes and find myself in a different world, a different reality to the one I'm currently living in. But I can't change anything. I wish I could. Then I could have done something. Said something differently. Made a better decision somewhere. But I'm stuck with the consequences of my actions, and this guilt that sits on my shoulders.

But I'll let you play jury, the judge and executioner. You have my text. Read through it and draw your own conclusions. By the end of the novel, you can decide if anyone is truly innocent, or if we're all guilty. But I warn you – this story might change you. A lot of ugly thoughts. Confronting material. But this is a reality that is often ignored.


This is short prologue, but I didn't want to ramble too much and risk giving too much away. The rest of the story will be in third person. I wanted to do something differently and open with the ending of the story and work my way backwards so you can see how these events came to be. It's a highschool story with a darker twist to it, but there'll be heaps of drama in true highschool fashion. As always, reviews are much appreciated.