No Not Her

Luck was not on my side or is luck on anyone sides? interesting question. Something I would like to have the answer to, but I am little busy.

Busy doing what you ask?

Staring at my own damn grave and wondering what those bastards put in my drink that I am hallucinating my death, my own funeral and me being a damn ghost.

There is no actual way that I am really …NO!

Nope, no way am I really dead, no way am I standing/floating in front of my own grave as a young boy, my twin sat in front of the grave talking to it as if he was expecting a response.

"You rem-me-ember the weakened we spent at grandma's house and we- no sorry I made a mess of her garden and you got blamed, h-a-ahaha I never got to tell you of how sorry I was of that n-a-te" the boy said stuttering at the end while tears raced down in face

The now spirit closed his eyes and took a deep breathe before exhaling...

and muttering the haunting word

"I am dead, aren't I?" the spirit asked himself, his voice mostly firm.

Clenching his fist, the dead man tried to take another breath of air to calm down before realizing the absence of almost all of his senses and the fact that he no longer needed to breathe.

The decease lowered his head and closed his eyes to still his thoughts before snapping them open with determination as he gazed at his brother crying form.

"okay enough depressing thoughts, I have to make sure that this idiot doesn't follow me to afterlife for at least 50 years" Nate said before raising his arm above his head and WILLING his ghostly presence on to his hand before...


"Wha?!" cried the crying boy as force quite similar to punch to the back of his head slammed into his head sending him into the dirt almost slamming his head into gravestone.

"Hey, if you break my gravestone, I will haunt you "stated Nate causing the recently crying boy to freeze in place and turn slowly towards the familiar voice as his eyes popped open in disbelief.

Seeing his force-ish corporeal dead brother floating above him.

Eyes wide with disbelieve the boy stuttered "Na-te ho-w are you-""

"Alive ?"Finished Nate with a raised eyebrow "Don't know and don't care but I have this once in a life time opportunity and I am not letting this chance get away "stated Nate with a smirk before closing his eyes

"What are you?" began the twin only for his jaw drop as his recently dead twin opened his eyes and stated

"''People live their lives bound by what they see as correct and true. That's how they define ''reality''. However, ''correct'' and ''true'' are nothing but vogue terms. Their ''reality'' may all be a mirage"

Quoted the dead twin as he looked at his brother with glowing red eyes and three spiralling curves around the pupil

And said


Sam Drake was not having a good time. The reason, his twin brother Nathan Drake was dead and you would think that was the reason for the boy current state and while you would be right, that is not the full story.

The reason that the recently turned 20 old youth was crying in front of his brother grave was the fact that he not only witnessed his brother death but also that he had invertible caused his beloved brother death.


He had committed the ultimate crime he had become a KINSLAYER

"Hey Sam of the past I have a perfect idea for celebrating your 20-th birthday and freedom from that evil place that forces youths to use their minds and become productive members of society, yuck! Let's go to that pub with your 'friends'. Yeah, that same friends that Nate and Dad told you to stay away from and since you're such a genius why not bring Nate along with you. Since he won't have any time left for you when he begins his journey to become a doctor and save lives and all that. So as a celebration lets go to shady place, nothing can go wrong with plan, nope nothing at all!" though the grieving boy cursing his former self.

Why I hear you ask? because something DID go wrong which led to him witnessing his brother murder.

Well witness is hard to say since he was nocked out when his bastard friends slipped something into his drink and now he could only scarcely remember what happened that knight apart from few flashes of light, sounds of music, yelling and finally...… a single.. loud gunshot.


The twin cried as he recalled the details his dad told him about his brother murder by his goddamn friends before attending his brother funeral. "Its all my fault. I'm the reason nates dead, if only I hadn't brought him with me then this wouldn't have happe-"


The boys thoughts came crashing down along with him as a force slammed into the back of his head sending him tumbling in front of the grave stone .

Leading him to seeing brother ghost materialize in front of him and leading him to hear a familiar voice that he thought he would never hear apart from his own memories to this moments.

A familiar pub devoid of the people usually present and standing right beside a table with two chairs on opposite sides a familiar boy stood looking at him with that annoying smirk

"Well did you miss me? "Asked Nate opening his arms wide for a hug

His brother voice seems to snap Sam out of the trance he was in before the boy rushed towards his recently dead brother and embraced him in a brotherly embrace "N-ate your here, you're really here" said Sam as he held his brother tightly

His brother said nothing as he held his brother, feeling his body heat, his blood rushing in his veins, his heart beating in his chest, his life as he existed while he was-NO!

Nate eye narrowed and he clamp down on his hunger from taking over "I Need to finish things here quickly or I may not be the only twin dead" Thought the drake before shaking his brother slowly "you know you can let go know right?, I am not going anywhere for now". Said Nate before sighing as he saw his brother not say anything other then shake his head. "Okay then, I will have to speed things along" said Nate before raising his hand and snapping his fingers

Sam only had half a second to blink before the world shifted and he found himself in siting on a couch with his brother sitting beside him "Wha- how are you doing this and why did you have Itachi eyes and HOW THE HELL ARE YOU ALIVE?!" Questioned Sam pointing at his brother , finally realizing that you can't talk to dead people who just recently were stuffed into a coffin.

The older twin sighed before saying "How I am alive I have no clue, When I was in the hospital I blinked and when I opened my eyes my body felt lighter and freer than ever, as for why I have the Solo-Lord eyes, well this is my mind and I hear I am in control, for now at least?" asked Nate to his twin before whispering the last part.


"Yeah, not a bad bargin for getting shot in the face right"said

"Wow" Sam said smiling before it died when he realized the situation and who brought them to this point "Nate I didn't wan-" Only to stop as his brother raised his hand smiling at him

"Tell me Mr Drake do you remember the ability that makes Itachi Tsukuyomi so deadly and usable" Ask Nate to his brother

"Um" Caught of guard the younger twin blinked before answering" its almost unbreakable "guessed Sam

Smirking Mate answered "Close but no, the best ability that his eyes gives him is the ability to slow down time to point three days pass in a single second" stated Nate watching as his brother eyes widen in realization "Yes, while I not be on his level I can slow down time here to half a day. Giving us enough to time to talk and finally have our proper goodbye" stated Nate before leaning back into the couch

"So brother let talk"

Half a day,

12 hours that would go by in a single second second in the real world. The time the two brothers would have to say there final good byes.

The two boy simply chatted talking of the past, of time gone by, of family, of the future . The pranks they pulled, the places they visited , the breath-taking sites they had seen that had been engraved into there memory.

Happier times when they had time for each other and there family when they hadn't drifted apart and finally to the mess which led to this very moment

The twins sat beside each other. Now no longer in the pub where the disaster had stuck but a open field with grass and flowers. A gentle breeze carrying though the land brushing against them as they watched the sun disappear in the horizon.

"I should be surprised that you manage to do all this, I mean creating a entire mental place and controlling the flow of time itself" said Sam shaking his head while looking at his twin with awe and admiration "Guess I should have paid more attention to those lessons granddad gave us on mediation, Control and knowing who you are, like you did"

The older twin silently closed his eyes as he thought "Control..?," before shaking his head "If I had control then I wouldn't have done what I did" Before his eye widened as his brother spoke words that he himself had spoken when he had regained his senses and lost himself to his Hunger and Rage

"I wont let them get away with this, they will pay" Declared Sam with clenched fist shaking with fury only to freeze as his twin spoke

"That wont be necessary" spoke Nate and before Sam could say anything he continued, his voice a silent but deadly whisper "They have been dealt with"

Hearing his twin speak froze Sam in his tracks and as his mind processed what he had heard. However before anything more could be said the entire mindscape began to shake and break apart

"What's happening" asked a panicking Sam as he saw the beautiful landscape disappear into white particles before fading into nothingness

Before the boy had a chance to say anything else he felt a cold hand pat his head reassuringly as his gazed turned to his brother smiling but sad face.

"We have the same face but our actions in life could not have been further from each other, you a almost delinquent and I a almost perfect son" Stated Nate smiling" But perhaps that to is my fault, I was the eldest it is my duty to help my brother whenever he needs help ,however rather then help you I pushed you away in search of my own goals and our Dad's harsh expectations"

"you don't have to say that for me Nate" Said Sam while slowly fresh tears came from his eyes as he felt his brother touch become lighter and colder "I wasn't able to keep up with you and our father was" started Sam only for his twin to cut him off

"A strict man, who had very high expectations from his son's, who wanted the best for his son's since he didn't want us to face the hardships that he faced in his youth" stated Nathen as raised his brother face towards him before touching there foreheads together and gazing into his eyes "I am sorry I couldn't be a good brother but now you and BOTH of our parents can star over as a full family" Said Nathen watching as his brother face became more and more hard to see, meaning he would fade soon.

"B-oo-th?" questioned Sam "Ho-o-ow?"

Smiling the twin answered "I had a chat with mom and dad before coming here, they are willing to give there marriage a second chance, I also got him to go easy on you". The dead twin looked at his brothers eyes, seeing happiness mixed with disbelief" And as for what happened before. I will only say this". Said Nate before embracing his brother in one final hug, as the sun began to set and the land turn into a black void.

The twins hugged each other as the final words were spoken

"No matter what you do from here own out, know this I will love you always. Goodbye brother"

And the mindscape fade to black and the brother return to there respected placed in the world. One back to the cemetery where his life would come back on track while the other goes to the beyond

"I'm surprised, I wasn't expecting you for long time, Nathen Drake" A Loud voice was the first thing that the recently dead teen heard after he regained his senses and finding himself in a white void that stretched out as far as the eye could see

The teen in question said nothing as see gazed around the area he now find himself in, recognizing it as another mindscape much like his own version but the shear scale and feel of this mindscape being much more powerful then his own so much so that comparing his own mindscape to this would have been a insult

"HUH, know don't be like that, honestly for a first timer you created a quite decent mindscape". The same loud voice echoed in his mind telepathically slipping through his mental barriers as if they were not even there, making the teen smirk as he looked at his guest

"And I was not expecting you to be here ,Morgan freeman" stated Nate as he looked at the American actor dressed in a white suit standing a few feet away from him while looking at Nate with a smile

"Well since I know you don't like to waste time Mr Drake. Why don't we begin?" asked the man as his voice turned to normal

Smirking Nate replied "Indeed, lets talk ,God"

"I am surprised that you excepted you death and I didn't have to drag you to the other side" Stated God

"I am dead and that is a fact, I was lucky enough to get my farewell with my loved ones, set things straight , gets justice for my murder and make sure my family would be safe." said Nate sighing "I was quite lucky to get this chance and now no longer desire anything anymore" Finished Nate with his eyes closed before turning to God "So what now will be hell or heaven? "

God gazed at the boy before asking "You say that you no longer desire anything, but what if you had another chance, not in this world as that is impossible, but another world filled with mystery and adventure" asked God watching as the young man froze before slowly turning toward him

"Are you talking about isekai" said Nate seeing God nod "How?"

"With this" Stated God before a wheel appeared beside marked with many many different languages and sings some even unreadable by Nate "Spin the wheel to decide what gift I can bestow upon you without any other supreme being hunting you down for trespassing in there world " Said God

Before Nate could say anything else he disappeared in a blur and appear beside the smiling god and the wheel of fortune " No, you won't get to choose where you go since I can not leave that to chance because if you went to a world that might not satisfy you, I would not want to imagine the terror you would bring upon that world and considering what you did in the short amount of time you died, well I'm not taking any chances" Finished God

"Come on, I wasn't that bad" Stated Nate smiling before it died due to the deadpan look God sent him "Fine, okay you choose where I go, now lets spin this thing and see what I got " Said Nate before spinning the wheel watching it go round and round with excitement before it turn to horror as it stopped at a certain name, which became readable for Nate just now


"Well I guess your luck ran out" Stated God before snapping his fingers as a portable opened behind Nate and sucked him in "Bye Bye now take care" Said God while waving at the yelling teen


God chuckled before looking at the wheel where a single name lay glowing