After being in relationship from 2 years Steve proposed hermione on a date at a expensive restaurant.

After the age of 35 they retired from avengers and lived a happy live.

15 years later

Lyra!you created a mess again . Hermione said as she scolded her daughter for playing with cooking supplies again.

Then Steve came from behind and said. Hermione don't scold her she is just a kid.

Steve see she made a mess again. Hermione said.

Who can you scold such a sweet girl. Steve said picking up his daughter.

Okay sweety but don't do it again hermione said smiling at her daughter.

Steve slid his hand on his wife's waist and kissed her on lips.

Don't start again now mummy and daddy. Lyra and Leo said.

Leo is the oldest 14year old son of hermione and steve. He is studying at hogwarts he came for his Christmas breaks at home. He will be an avenger in future.

Lyra will get her hogwarts letter after 2 years.