Chapter 2

AN: I Don't have anyone looking over my work, so I am going to try and change up the writing style a bit so that it can feel like it is moving faster a bit. I am from Manchester, UK so some words I use won't be understood by some.

Also, I do want to apologies for not involving a lot more characters like Lucy, Cana, Happy, Gildarts, so I will try and include more.

Also, I want to introduce a new concept on mastery magic. As it is known, no one can master all magic. So, I want to use awakening magic. I know it is a confusing and makes no sense, but I want to try and be different. Some might like it. some will not.

I will try and explain what I mean of Awakening magic at the end. But because I'm not a fan of how I wrote the first chapter, I'm try and mend it quick. There will be some ego checks and pride damaged if I can write it properly, but some cases there will be topics that the Tenrou group don't get making them can't comment on it.

Finally, I want to revive someone. You could guess who by obvious hints. But if I was to do an OC arc fully instead of summarizing it, then let me know. If I was it would involve Raven tail and an island that has a monarch.

7 years later – Train ride to Magnolia

Out in the middle of the seas, a small ship can be seen sailing across the open waters going towards the are that used to have the holy grounds of Fairy tail. No normal ship would dare sail out to that spot, which could only that the members of the Fairy tail guild were on their way to investigate the readings that Blue Pegasus. The reason why Blue Pegasus were helping Fairy tail, is simply because of how much help Fairy tail gave to Blue Pegasus as well as Lamia Scale who were also helping to look out for any magical readings that were on the very ocean that the some of the Fairy tail members were out looking. These members consist of Bisca and Alzack Connell, who got married a year later after getting together once they heard the news that Tenrou Island got destroyed by the Black Dragon of the Apocalypse. Since the news, they were comforting each other and were finally tell each other about their love for each other. Then within the 9 months of their marriage, a girl was born named Asuka who is jumping around the ship excitedly. Alongside them, were the remaining team of team Shadow Gear consisting of Jet and Droy. Jet is a lean skinny man whilst his teammate Droy was far from lean. He was a muscular man that hides the fact that he gained weight for a year because he was saddened to hear his Levy had died. But thanks to the guild master and a traumatising talk which he still shudders from thinking back to it. The final 2 members that were on the party, were Max and Warren.

"Hey, are you sure about this" Alzack questioned sadly gaining attention from the people in hearing distance." I don't think this year is the year that they will come. The master was right, this is another dead end." He added before slumping over the railing and looking at the area that Tenrou was supposed to be.' Maybe she was wrong and got her calculations messed up' Alzack thought before recalling what the guild master had said to them before going off on his personal errand.

"Even with her prediction, I don't sense any change in the ocean, so if you want to waste your time on another pointless search, your more than welcome to. I am going out with her so you can have fun and don't make a lot of mess"

"This is the best lead that we have so far. And she was confident that they will come. So just believe ok." Alzack looked at Jet when he heard him reply. He could only watch as he moved beside him, with his eyes shadowed, clenching the railing in front of him." If the master wasn't busy he would be with us searching for the Island, but with all the work he is preparing and the paperwork, he just can't. Also…." His tone slowly raising and trembling lightly with what he was going to next." Levy is out there, and I am never giving up on her."

"Yeah! When we bring them back, we can finally show Levy how much we have changed and can be more helpful. She will love us more for changing the whole guild." Droy shouted beside Jet. Alzack could only sigh at their behaviour. Those two only care about impressing the Solid Script mage and completely forgetting what the guild master went through to keep the guild alive and being the strongest and remaining number one guild regardless of what the official way of becoming one is.

" We really have come far from all these years with out Makarov and the members that went to the island. Hopefully the master can finally get rid of the burden and guilt he had been carrying for the last seven years." Alzack thought sadly thinking about how much the master has gone through.

"Hey, it's been seven years we last saw them, partied with them and said our goodbyes and good lucks. But it is good that we are excited and can finally see them, we should still prepare for the worst-case scenario. Even though the master isn't showing his hope, he still has the anxiety of meeting them and for them to accept his apology. He has built up the family so that Makarov Can be happy and proud of how much he has grown." Warren stated as he came over to the boys with the map in hand showing the location of Tenrou Island.

"Warren is right." Max spoke up." How many times did he still have hope for them when the times past? We weren't over the emotional pain of hearing the news that they had been wiped out. Each day for the first week he would struggle to go take the boat to the location and see if they will come. By the end of the week, even though he stopped looking, he always believed that they were out there. He made sure that we had permission from the council so that we could all train separately for the first year without going to the guild hall. But he did make sure that we were still helping the locals along our journey." Jet and Droy both looked down having forgotten al of the hard work that the guild master put in, and they only cared about Levy in the situation without considering the help they received to be able to be strong for her.

"Sorry." they both said in unison.

"We were too focused on our love for Levy and didn't care that we had been pushed to become better. We only wanted to stay positive." Stated Jet whilst looking at the floor.

"Yeah, what Jet said. But at least she isn't here. Who knows what she will do if she heard us not caring what out guild master had done for the guild." Droy added to Jet before both boys shuddering thinking about how much pain they could have gone in if the demon heard them disrespect the master. This caused Alzack and Warren to laugh at them.

After couple of minutes sailing of no luck, Alzack spoke up.

"Hey guys. I think we should start to head back to the guild." He frowned." There isn't anything out here. No birds, no island, no wind. Nothing. It's the same results as last time." Getting a couple of nods from the others, they decided to turn around. However, before they moved a couple of steps, Bisca realized something.

"Hey wait." Gaining everyone's attention." Alzack said that there isn't any wind. Doesn't that seem weird."

After hearing this, the rest of the members took in what Bisca realized and couldn't find a thing to disagree.

"Yeah your right, it is quite strange." Max spoke up first.

"There doesn't seem to be any birds any more now that you mention it." Warren commented whilst looking over the ocean and noticing something floating on the water.

"And is it me or is there a small object on the water."

Now this got everyone's attention, making all the Fairy tail members look towards the are that Warren pointed out.

"There is something there." Bisca confirmed looking through a pair of binoculars. "More specifically. There looks to be a little girl that looks like a certain someone."

"Hey little girl, what are you doing on the water. You do know it is dangerous out here. Why don't you come aboard the ship and we'll take you with u back to Hargeon."

The girl didn't respond to Max and just kept on walking leaving the members on the ship confused.

"Come help them."

That was all they heard before the ocean started to tremble.

"W-what is happening?"


"WOULD YOU BOTH SHUT UP!" Bisca barked at Jet and Droy, who were hugging each other and crying on the floor.

"Oh Mavis, you guys are hopeless. Even Asuka is dealing this well and she is 6." Both boys couldn't help but look up at the child, and to their horror, she was enjoying the scene with stars in her eyes.

"This girl doesn't know when she is about to die. If she was older, she would be trembling everyone else." Jet retorted back still clinging onto Droy for his life.

Bisca can only shale her head and sigh before having a small smile on her face as she gazed upon her pride and joy before looking back at the ocean and seeing a bright light blinding everyone.

Once the light cleared, there appeared an island that radiated with magic that no one has ever felt accept those who know what it is and who it belongs to.

"Mommy look." Asuka said excitedly pointing at the island.

"Yes, I know honey. It's Tenrou Island." Bisca replied whilst shedding a tear.

"WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR. WE HAVE TO GET LEVY" Obviously Jet and Droy shouted not wanting to see their crush.

"All right you two. Just wait for us to get close and island so that Jet can sweep the whole island whilst we look for the members."

"Aye sir." Both boys saluted, whilst Warren looked at them with an amused expression.

"Let's go bring them home." Bisca said. Getting a 'right' from the rest of the search party.

Magnolia port (Where the old Fairy tail Guild Hall used to be)

The large group that consisted of the search team and the team that were stuck on the island. Just docked off at the port and were now admiring the new changes, for some, that has occurred over the seven years. And to say that the group were shocked was an understatement.

Stalls were lined up filled with a variety of exotic fish that seemed to have a small aura coming off them. These stalls weren't one or two. No, they were long lines of fish sellers that were like 200m long, all sellers had bright smiles on their faces with the customer coming in and seeing the rare fish that they could buy. Behind the stalls a big pathway could be seen which was a big contrast to seven years ago because now, people had room to walk and keep their own pace and not get late for any meetings or jobs that they have. The big change that can be seen are the well-developed houses and parks that were dotted around the area.

Makarov couldn't help but stop for a second peaking the attention of the group with him lagging gawking at all the big changes that occurred.

Bisca and Alzack couldn't help but grin at ach other at the reactions that the people that were able to pay attention at the new plans.

"What do you think?" Alzack said causing everyone to look at the couple with stunned faces gaining a laugh from them and a giggle from Asuka. "You might be stunned at this place, but this doesn't compare to the one that still awaits you." Now this caused everyone to jaw dropped making search team laugh at their reactions.

"Hey Warren, Max." Bisca called out making the two named members to look at her way. "Why don't you inform the Mayor, I bet he would like a talk with the group once they have settled in and a party is underway." Warren and Max both nodded and started to sprint off to notify the Mayor. "Jet and Droy. Stop smothering your crushes and start heading to the guild." Causing them to flinch at the mother tone and dashed to the guild seemingly keeping pace which each other which was surprising.

"Huh. Anyway. Why don't we make our way to the guild. A lot of people have been missing you guys and can't wait to meet you." Alzack said, making there way through the new main street of Magnolia.

All around them, there isn't a sight that can be remembered. Taller houses that looked like they cost a lot to buy which Makarov doesn't want to think about the prices. South Gate Park was looking fresh with the grass looking healthy, families out having picnics and their children running around having a laugh, and a new playground that can see all the children having fun together. The Sakura tree that only becomes a rainbow one a year is standing tall, petals falling with the gentle sway of the wind. However, in the centre of Magnolia, A tall building can be seen where the old Mayor's hall used to be.

"Hey Bisca. Where is the Mayor's hall. Did it get moved or something." Makarov called out to the green haired female who was about to respond but her bubbly daughter beat her to it.

"No. The Mayor's hall your talking about got demolished by Fairy tail." Asuka said proudly making the Tenrou group pale and the couple to chuckle at the reaction.

"That's impossible and something Fairy tail would never do." The requip mage replied to the child gaining a confused look.

"But they did. The master was the one who did it." Now she was quivering and about to cry which her mother noticed and quickly clarified everything.

"There, there Asuka. Don't cry. You're a big girl." She said before shooting a death glare at Erza causing her to flinch and mumbling a 'sorry'.

"And simply. Asuka is right. The master did Demolish the Mayor's hall. –" before she could finish, she could feel magic power rising from the group causing the Connell's to step back to keep Asuka safe.

"When I see this master of yours. I am gonna tear his ass apart." Bellowed Makarov

"He will receive the biggest punishment for destroying the Mayor's hall." Shouted the Scarlet haired woman ready to strike him at any time.

"I will freeze the shit out of him so much that he will be feeling frost bight for the rest of his life." Contributed Gray who started to look pissed.

"It's despicable to get rid of something that everyone should respect. The mayor didn't do anything wrong. The new master should be fucked up in the haired." The celestial spirit mage added with her hand clenching her key pouch.

But before anyone could add in their thoughts, they could feel a tremendous amount of magic power ahead of them. And when they looked up, they were both shocked and terrified at what they saw. A demonic aura coming out of Bisca who looked like she was trembling and had a tear coming down her eye whilst her husband was taking their child back to the guild with his hands covering her ears so that she doesn't hear and bad language coming out of the Tenrou groups mouths.

"YOU ALL NEED TO SHUT UP!" her outburst caused the group to step back in fear and not being able to say anything. "You have no idea of how much he has done for this guild when you lot were stuck in that spell." Many of the locals who were able to hear all of this. Had looks of pity towards the group that some didn't recognized whilst some haven't seen in a long time. Now that they knew what it was about, they left the mages so that they can have room to talk.

"Firstly, you all should keep in mind that a child was present so why are you all fucking swearing." Causing them to flinch and lower their heads. "Secondly, you have no idea on what the master has done for the town. –"

"Year he destroyed the Mayor's hall." Butted in Freed cutting in the mother. But a second later flinching at the gun mage's gaze.

"STOP BUTTING IN. Let me finish for Mavis' sake. "Finally able to calm down, she then started to continue.

"As I was saying. You all have no idea on what he has been through and done to improve this place. If you let me finish early you would have known what he did before getting emotional. Yes, like Asuka said, the master destroyed the hall. And the building that was is now taking up the place is the Mayor's hall."

Now everyone was ashamed of allowing their emotions to get the better of them. Bisca was right. They can't say anything because they weren't able to witness the changes first-hand.

Bisca could only look at the depressed group and could only release a sigh.

"We better get going. Don't want the guild to be waiting on us now do we." She said with a small smile trying to bring the mood and back up which it did and now making their way to the new Guild hall.

New Fairy tail Guild Hall

"ALL OF THE MONEY!" bellowed Makarov seeing the new guild building. ( . /yy7CuESDRwQGcx6D7 I' sorry but I can't describe buildings. This is roughly what it looks like).

"Don't just stand outside." Came the call of the gun mage snapping them out of the trances casted on the group making them blush from embarrassment before quickly rushing in.

As they entered the new guild hall. The first thing they seen was a girl around the age of 18 pacing around and not even noticing the group that just walked in. She was paled-skinned and had violet eyes. Most noticeable was the blue hat with cat ears on either side on top of her pink, neck-length hair with short bangs casting down on either side of her head.

"Where is that telepathic piece of shit. I swear if he doesn't come back, I will make sure that dies with a painless death." Cutting off her musing, the young woman set her eyes on Bisca completely forgetting about the group that is behind her.

"BISCA, where is Warren he said he would be here ages ago but hasn't come yet. We were supposed the mission a few minutes ago."

Said woman could only rub the back of her head in embarrassment for forgetting about it. "Sorry Ginger, I sent him to get the Mayor with Max." It was after Bisca said that, that the guild doors burst open revealing the out of breath bodies of Warren and Max.

"Sorry 'huh' Ginger. 'huh' we were so busy showing the missing group around the place and informing the Mayor that it totally slipped my mind." Warren could only look down in guilt whilst the now named Ginger could only give him an annoyed huff.

"Hey, it's alright Ginger. The train that you were supposed to go on got delayed a bit due to the town clearing debris from the hurricane that hit. It should be the train should set off in a few minutes so if you go now and finish quick, maybe you will be back in time to see the master." Max informed before teasing at the end which gained a heavy blush from the pink haired girl, making her rush out of the doors and to the train station.

"Come on, I just sprinted all the way back here. Couldn't I get a break."

"Sorry Warren but you know how bad her crush is for the master. She would do anything to make him notice her." Max told the telepathy mage who could only groan and mumble 'stupid lovesick child' before running after the 'lovesick child' which the sand mage heard causing him to snicker.

"Who is the master anyway?" Lucy said causing all the ones around to nod at her question before looking at the woman in front.

"Hmmm, he isn't here yet, so you will just have to wait and see. Anyway, I need to check on Asuka and let Alzack go on a mission. His turn to provide for the family you know."

With that she walked off to a random corner of the room that had her family, leaving the Tenrou group stuck at the front of the group and now noticing all eyes were on them.

"Is that them?"

"It has to be them."

"they came in with Bisca so they should be them if we don't know them"

All around the new members that never knew who these old ones were, could only question if they are real or just imagine things. It was only from a shout from Romeo that made them believe that they were real before all of them could swarm around the shocked group.

"YOUR ALL FINALLY HERE. I MISSED YOU ALL!" the 13-year-old jumped hugging Erza in an instant before letting all the tears fall from the seven years that he missed them. Even the crowd of old and new members started to cry and cheer for seeing them again as well as their safe return.

"You have no idea How much we missed you guys."

"Yeah, we are glad that you bare all back, a bit badly hurt but at least in one piece."

Macao and Wakaba broke through the now large crowd so they can greet their old family members with small tears streaking down their cheeks.

"It's good to see you again Romeo, you sure have grown tall. And it seems that you are an official member of the guild which can only mean that you finally got magic." Erza was the one to finally talk, addressing Romeo first who now dropped down off her giving room for them to talk.

"It seems looks like you all grown strong over the years, even though some grey hair can be seen." Makarov joked making said mages to laugh at the comment and smiles appearing on the other mages.

"Why don't you all split up and have a look around the guild. The room on the left is the new infirmary where a lot of the equipment has been upgraded and more beds are put in. and if some of you are feeling tired at any time or want to have some quiet, then there are rooms on the right for you to hang around."

Wakaba added in which gained a nod from all the members before they split up. Some going to the rooms to rest up and catch up. Mainly the Thunder Legion dragging Laxus into a room to catch up.

Wakaba and Macao took the senior mages to a booth so that they can talk and catch up. Once they all sat down, they couldn't help but look around with nostalgia at the old times that for some was a week ago.

"So much as changed over the last seven years and so much has happened." Makarov broke the silence whilst looking at all the young children that have grown up so much. "Some of the young ones have grown up into fine men and women like Kinana. I couldn't forget about it was only a weak that she was clumsy and shy when working as a barmaid. Who could believe that it took seven years to have a warm smile on her face and confidence in walk."

All men couldn't agree more at how much changes occurred. Taking the girl Makarov mentioned, they couldn't help remembering the times the 13-year-old child would often stutter when asking for orders or if anyone wanted anything and sometimes spilling some beers on herself gaining chuckles all around the table.

"I might have not been around the guild long and seen what the young girl used to be like, but looking at the change in her couldn't make me feel like I just grew up for seven years in an instant." Replied Gildarts which caused Makarov to nod in agreement.

"Also." Makarov said gaining all the seniors to look at him.

"All that fat that she had seems like they located in a few new areas." He finished with a dust on his cheeks and a perverted grin plastered on his face. After the comment, the three other mages couldn't help but be in the same state as the former master.

When all looked at the 20-year-old woman now, they all paled at seeing serpent like eyes glowing yellow glaring at them from across the room. Looks like she could tell what these perverts were talking about.

As the seniors were talking, on the other side of the room, a new discovery was going to found for the group that were in there slumber.

"Yo guys." A male member said, gaining the attention of all the ones around.

"Who is up for a brawl"

Now this gained cheers from every male before all of them got up to start one.

"Yeah its manly to brawl." Elfman shouted"

"Sure why not, we all know I am going to win." Grey said whilst taking off his pants making the women blush and look away in disgust except from a water mage who gladly welcomed the sight

"Gihee, It has been a while since we had a fight." The Ion Dragon slayer said with adrenaline pumping in his blood.

Before anyone could start, a presence had been known making all the ones around to tremble in fear.

"you will not start fighting in the guild hall. We just came back and you want to destroy the building. It woulds cost a lot." Shouted the red haired mage making all the guys nodded and sit back down.

On the other side of the room, Makarov could have sworn he heard destroy and started paling after thinking about the damage costs. Making Macao and Wakaba muse from his reaction.

"Men never changed even after the seven years." Lucy said who didn't want to be involved in the outcome.

"True, but it wouldn't be Fairy tail without a good brawl." The platinum haired woman said who couldn't stop thinking about a certain someone starting them up.

"But still, we just came back and we are still injured from Grimoire Heart and Acnologia." Erza said whilst looking at all the bandages around the members.

It was at this point once everyone sat down that Kinana came in and said something that made the male population look at her as an angel.

"You all haven't had a brawl in a while so you should have one." This made Erza glare at the purple haired woman who didn't seem affected by her death glare.

Did you not hear what I said Kinana."

"I did, but the master has made a room where those who want to brawl or have fights can do so with leaving no damage to happen to the guild and still have as much fun as they want."

By now all the men were standing up and following those who knew where it was. However, the red-haired woman stopped them in their tracks daring them to go.

"You better not worsen your injuries, so I suggest you sit back down and chat about."

"Knowing that it would come to this, Kinana pulled out a piece of paper and clearing her throat gaining attention of everyone around.

"If by chance that today is the day that the group that were in slumber for seven years on Tenrou island were to come back, then there is a high probability that a certain bossy red haired mage would threaten anyone who dared to start a brawl and to stop them from going to the arena where it is safe and cost effective. When said mage doesn't let the boys do what they want then she is band from having strawberry cheesecake for three days and will have to sit back and watch as others enjoy the 'god sent' dessert. From G.M."

Once Read the message, she looked up and saw a horrified Erza who no doubt shut down when she was told she would be banned from having her favourite food. The men were on their knees praying for the miracle that the master sent them even those who don't know what or who he is. Mira, Lucy and Wendy were all shocked to hear that the guild master planned and put the bossy mage in her place.

After the initial shock, Erza cleared her throat snapping all out of their thoughts and addressed the group of boys.

"On second thought, you boys haven't been causing trouble when you came back so I will allow you to do what you want. Just for today."

This Gained a cheer from the males before they dashed to the arena in no time at all leaving the rest of the females and the children in the main room.

"The master has believed that you were coming today it seems."

"Yeah, who knew he could stop Erza from bossing them around even without the master's presence."

Macao could only laugh at the former master. If only he knew how much he has changed.

As night crept in and the party was still underway, the Tenrou group were now seen in one of the rooms that were made for meetings just like what they were having now.

The topic being the Guild Master.

"Master, do you think that we can trust this new guild master. The others trust him, but we haven't heard anything negative about him which is suspicious." Erza started telling the former master of what she thought.

"I don't know my child." He started stroking his beard on his chin. "But we have been missing for seven years so we cannot jump to conclusions. We haven't been with them sadly so we cannot judge people like time is the same as it was those years ago."

"Agreed." Gildarts said gaining all eyes on him. "We don't know what they have gone through to make them like this, many people in this guild have been in dark guilds before like that Ginger girl. She used to be in Twilight Ogre when I saw her last. So many people can be brought in."

This got some members attention.

"Wait some of these have been in dark guilds?" Lucy shrieked making both dragon slayers present to cover their ears.

"Why would he start accepting dark mages, how does he forgive the crimes that they have done." Erza said clenching her fists in a ball. Lucy started to tear up thinking about all the members that could have killed, raped and tortured many others. 'This man is disgusting' She thought with anger building up.

"EVERYONE SHUT UP!" making the people that started hating on the master already flinch at the raised tone the master used.

"Like I said, we don't know who he is, what he did and what he been through, plus some these children could have been around 10 seven years ago, they could be taken in before they went down on the wrong path." Now everyone could only look down in guilt agreeing to the former master. How could they jump to conclusions.

"I always said yesterday enemies can become today allies. We need to grow up and remember that we have no right in talking bad behind his back. Maybe he is bad. Maybe he is good, but we can't be emotional.

"Sorry master, we shouldn't have jumped to conclusions." Erza apologised to Makarov receiving a small smile before it quickly turned into a frown.

"But if he is a disgrace of a guild master that the members don't know about, I am going to give him the biggest punishment of his life until he is on the verge of death and when he recovers, he will be tortured further." This comment got the short old man angry causing him to flare up his magic making her flinch at the sudden burst. When she looked, she couldn't help but shrink in her seat at the gaze he was giving her.

"ERZA, THAT IS ENOUGH OUT OF YOU. NATSU WAS RIGHT ABOUT YOU!" this caught everyone by surprised. No one was talking about the pink haired mage during the party and on the way to the guild. If someone was to mention his name, they would expertly dodge the question.

After hearing this, Erza was the most caught of guard before her eyes hid behind the shadow of her hair with her hands clenched drawing blood out of her palms.

"What was he right about master?" she finally got herself to say not wanting to hear what he has to say.

Makarov could only sigh and calm down after realising what the fire dragon slayer meant.

"He was right about you being immature and reckless. You are acting like a slave master just like he said seven years ago." Erza was on the verge of crying. Gray was clenching his fists, Gajeel and Laxus had blank expressions on their faces and Lucy and Wendy were covering their mouths with their hands with tears coming out of their eyes. Erza didn't say anything, allowing Makarov to continue which he did.

"After saying not to get emotional and not judge him before we know him. you quickly said after we agreed to wait that we will see him for ourselves before we made a judgement. Yet you quickly resorted to violence and give out your punishment. You are not the one to give out punishment Erza, disciplining the guild is for the guild masters job. I even confronted you about it after the first few months of you doing it and you said you will stop. And I believed you. But when you walked out, all I heard was 'Gray come here for your punishment'. That is just what you do in the guild. Natsu didn't comment on it, but after I looked at some of the previous mission reports about you, many reports were filed in about how you threaten the Rune knights when they were doing their jobs. They stated that when you ask for information you wouldn't let them finish and knock them out. Now do you understand what I mean. You shouldn't have been given S-class before you sorted these issues out. I also am to blame because I could have taken away that title away from you and taught you about it peacefully and take the time with you not rush into teaching you like you did with natsu in his reading and writing which you tortured him and rushed."

Erza couldn't help the tears coming out of her eyes and neither could the rest who were hearing this. Lucy and Wendy quickly hugged her giving their support.

"Now do you understand Erza." Getting a weak nod from her. Makarov got off his seat and made his way towards the mage and embraced her in a fatherly way. "You need to stop with this punishment business you have. It took the master to ban a cheesecake to get you to allow the boys to enjoy themselves. They don't need your permission Erza, so you need to stop this from now on OK." He finished wiping the tears left in her eyes and giving her a small smile comforting her.

"I'm sorry master, I will do my best -no- I will stop punishing people. When I see the master, I will apologise with what I have been talking abut him behind his back." Erza declared gaining smiles all around the table.

"Speaking of Natsu." Mira commented worriedly once everyone sat down. "He hasn't been seen or talked about during the time we were here."

"Now that you mentioned it, no one was talking about him when I brought him up. I wonder where flame brain went." Gray added whilst thinking back to the times he talked with the new members

"Do you think he left the guild when he left after the announcements." Lisanna said making Mira more worried."

"No, he has been here, his scent is all around the guild hall." Wendy confirmed whilst looking at Gajeel for confirmation.

"Yeah the Salamanders scent lingers around here so he hasn't left the guild."

"Natsu wouldn't leave, we went shopping the day after and we talked about the future of the guild he said he would never leave because it was his family after Igneel left so he wouldn't abandon us." Mira said regaining the hope she had that he wouldn't break his promise.

"It would be terrible if he did leave, I wouldn't be able to apologise to Flame brain for saying Dragons don't exist and that Igneel was just an imagination." Gray said whilst looking down in guilt for badmouthing his brother figure's dad.

"Wait a minute." Lucy shouted. "When did Natsu like shopping and with a girl. Every time we took him, hated it and complained. Mira what did you do.?" Mira could only blush, which became deeper when everyone was now looking at her.

"W, well." She stuttered before taking a deep breath before talking about the bad time that haunts her. "After we all thought Lisanna had died and I started to change, I still had my gothic clothes and was becoming frustrated. I started to get rid of all of them and give them to a charity. After I was finished, I went to bed because the image of Lisanna popped up and I started to cry. A few minutes went by before I heard a knock on the door. When I opened the door, I saw Natsu his hands behind his back and giving me his sad smile when he saw the tears on my cheeks. I allowed him to come in because he was helping me to deal with the death and as he knew Lisanna the most, it made sense. So I took him to the kitchen because the deal was, I would teach him to cook whilst he made sure my mind wasn't stuck on her. We did a little cooking before I started to get tired. I told Natsu and he took me to my room so that I was able to go sleep without struggling like I did a couple of days after we came back. When we entered my room, he saw that my closet was empty and all my clothes were in bags.

Seeing them, the next day Natsu took me shopping. I was surprised at first and laughed at his 'joke', but he was serious. So that is how me and him started going shopping, he would calm me down and we would enjoy the piece and quiet away from the guild."

After Mira finished telling the group. She was taken back at Lisanna rushing into a tight hug whilst the rest were crying. Even Laxus had a tear down his cheek. However they all had shocked faces instead of sad ones which confused her.

"I'm sorry for bringing up the past Mira, but Natsu took you and suggested going shopping?" Lucy said shocked that her best friend was happy going shopping.

"Yes, he took me shopping and chose some of the dresses that I wear around the guild. I would tease him now and then, but he would join in but kept being nice about it you know. I took him with me for lingerie shopping and he didn't blush or get embarrassed which I was hoping for. When we were out, he bought me a light pink set with silky pink stockings to match, and a blue lace set." The girls present couldn't help but blush at the types of lingerie that the platinum haired woman had, whilst Elfman was angry at Natsu for not being a man and shopping with his sister. But the boys were both mixed with anger and being perverts.

"That lucky son of a bitch." Laxus said bitterly cursing the Salmon haired mage for his luck, which all men nodded in agreement. The old perverts could only think about the model in a pink bra and panties, slowly rolling up her matching stockings-

"WOULD YOU STOP BEING PERVERTED!" shouted Erza who still wore a heavy blush. The males were in fear of being snapped out of their imaginations.

"Anyway." Gildarts broke the moment by coughing in his hand and getting back to being serious.

"We can only wait for the new master to come back, apparently he should be back tonight, but Macao isn't sure. So, I suggest we get back to the party that was meant for us If I may add."

As everyone was leaving the meeting room, Mira lingered behind still thinking about the fire dragon slayer. 'Natsu. Please be OK, I do hope that you stayed at the guild like you promised.'

Sitting with the Connells, Erza was looking at the sleeping form of Asuka, who was sleeping in the protective arms of her mother. "A." Mira cooed whilst looking at the sight of mother and child.

"She's adorable." Erza smiled fondly.

"Thank you." Bisca replied with a smile of her own. "she is out joy that we are proud of happening." Alzack who was sitting next to his wife, gave her a gentle squeeze on her shoulder.

How was it like when she was born? How did you manage with going on jobs and looking after Asuka at the same time?" Erza questioned wanting to know that they didn't have to have it hard when she was born.

"No at this time all the things that happened had calmed down, so Alzack wanted to be the one to provide the income whilst I took care of Asuka when she was only young, Don't get me wrong, it was hard with how low we had left, so the master helped look after Asuka with me when Alzack would go on missions, we stayed at his house for the time being whilst we could afford our own house at the time." Before Bisca could carry on, Erza quickly cut in getting an annoyed expression from Bisca having an idea on what it was about. "You slept with another man in his house when you were married. Alzack how could you allow that." Before Alzack could reply, Biscs gently handed Asuka to him so that he can put her in her bed which he complied and left after giving a quick kiss on the lips.

"Erza." She started in a dangerous tone which caused Erza to flinch and Mira to look at her in an exhausted look. "You are jumping to conclusions and not letting me continue. If you heard me, you would have heard we. Meaning me and Alzack stayed at the master's house whilst we waited to have enough to buy our own house. Me and Alzack would look after Asuka and we had our own room to sleep in so me and the master didn't sleep together." At this Erza could only dip her head down in guilt forgetting that she promised that she will not jump to conclusions to Makarov. "Anyway. When Alzack went out of for missions that he was sure that he would stay away for a long time, the master would help me take care of Asuka, whether it be diaper changes, feeding and putting her sleep. We became closer because of this like brother and sister and because of this, we would tease Alzack about how he would need to watch out before he gets forgotten. This was the masters plan to make us go on dates more which always worked. Now the master is Asuka's only favourite uncle and one time she called him daddy, Alzack was upset and we laughed out how much Alaxk started to show off to me. It was funny something we needed at the time."

Once Bisca finished her story, Erza and Mira couldn't stop laughing at how much jealous Alzack was for no reason. Erza couldn't help but smile at how she is proven wrong about the master and started feeling guilty about ever doubting him. Mira picking up on the girl's expression said goodbye to Bisca, who needed to go home, before ushering Erza to a corner to help her cheer up.

"It's fine Erza, all you have to do is apologise and he would be ok with it trust me. With how happy everyone is, he would understand and laugh it off." Mira comforted Erza who looked u at her and released the breath she seemed to be holding.

"Yeah your right. I need to wait for him to come so that I can apologise, and we can have a fresh start."

"That's the spirit."

Offering a small reassuring smile at her, both girls walked up to Gildarts and Cana who seemed to be talking about there view on the guild.

When they reached the duo, before they could jump into the conversation, all the members who were stuck on Tenrou island, looked around at each other wide eyed, before they headed outside.

"Everyone you need to prepare yourselves." Gildarts alerted everyone who were confuse as to why the people who were on Tenrou island before realising why and looked on amused.

"Can't you feel it?" Gildarts hadn't felt this much magic power before but could tell it was near the amount of a certain black dragon.

"This magic power." Makarov said after feeling the mass of power himself.

"C, calm down guys." Max called out after seeing the people who were ready for a fight. "It is just the master returning so you can all relax." Eyes widened at what Max announced who this power is from, and to say that they were scared was an understatement. Both Gray and Gajeel were trembling in fear on the floor after feeling sheer amount of power. 'How can someone have the same amount of magical energy as that beast.' They all thought.

Earlier that Afternoon

"Anna-Sensei." Natus's called out from inside a tent that he was staying in before opening up at seeing the blonde woman who was already at work at putting away the things that they were working on. The now names Anna looked up at with a smile on her older and mature face at the sight at the now 25-year-old.

"Good afternoon Natsu." She greeted as Natsu climbed out of where they were sleeping and ran his hands through his spikey salmon hair. After seven years, his hair hasn't changed one bit.

"Have you made any progress?" he yawned stretching his arms to let the cracks escape his bones.

"Not a lot I'm afraid." She sounded apologetic which Natsu picked up on. As he walked closer to the woman, she continued. "It is still inactive which is a good thing because at this time, it is currently nod needed so we shouldn't change the state of it." when he got to her, Natsu couldn't help but look up at the swirl that was present in the sky. The mass amount of power leaking out of the Ravine of time, the result of this happening just to bring the five dragon slayers to the future which was now fourteen years ago.

"It looks like it is time to pack up and get ready to head back." Natsu sighed. "I have been away for a long time now, and the magic council could start to not like how I can stay away from the guild. But Yajima has said that even if it to help them out, I shouldn't take advantage of it because they could start removing the privilege."

"I am really proud of the man you have become over the last years Natsu," Anna smiled. "I am going to miss the little boy who had a crush on me and kept clinging to my skirt just so h could spend time with me." Anna teased which didn't falter in what Natsu wanted to do next.

Now standing behind the woman, Natsu wrapped his arms around her making her jumped at this surprised gesture which she didn't remove. Now putting his head on the woman's shoulder, it was then that he finally answered back.

"I am not a kid anymore." He said softly before turning his head towards her neck and taking a slow sniff of her sweat smell he came to enjoy, making the woman blush but stayed quiet. "I have grown up from that little boy that you taught. So, do you still have to treat me like I am still a child. You could have gone to Sting and Rogue and teased them."

After saying this, Natsu slowly moved his hands down along her smooth, well-toned stomach before caressing her thighs whilst Anna was beginning to pant heavily at this sudden sexual gesture.

"Well, they aren't as cute were back then and now. You had the stronger dragon slayer magic, so it was only right that I approached you." Anna managed to finally say before breaking the hold Natsu had on her. "And if you want more Natsu, I am sorry, but I am too old for you and busy. I still have a lot of work to do." She turned around to face Natsu and suddenly wish she hadn't. She didn't expect to see Natsu sad for her to turn him down. I mean she could be classed as someone's grandma. How can someone has feeling for someone old?

Before she could walk up to Natsu and cheering him up, He quickly walked to get his things before heading out. "Yeah your right. I'll leave you to it. you have a lot of things to finalise right."

Clearing her throat, Anna replied. "Yeah let me pack everything up and ill meet you at the guild. They should be back now. Are you going straight there?"

Natsu pondered at her question. It has been seven years before they were told that they will be back, and a lot has happened over the years. Sighing he turned around to face her and gave her his reply.

"Nah, I am going home. It has been a long week so I might as well freshen up first before heading to the guild."

Anna could only give him a small 'hmm' for acknowledgement.

"Right let me get my things and I'll meet you when you arrive at thee guild." Giving Natsu a small smile, she started to move to pack her things. However, she felt herself being pulled into the opposite direction and reacted by turning around, just to feel a warm feeling all over her which took her by surprised.

"when you come back to the guild, you can live at my house if you want. I would appreciate it if you did." Still giving her teacher a hug Natsu waited for a reply which he did after a few seconds. "When I arrive in Magnolia, I'll come move my stuff int your house if you like. There better be room for me when I come." She teased at the end making the man squeeze her harder. "For you always." Natsu replied quietly, hoping that she didn't hear which did causing her to blush which Natsu didn't notice with his eye's clothes thankfully and the hug that hid her face in his shoulder.

"Thank you." Was all he said before leaving her embrace and heading to his house.

"You really have grown Natsu. I just hope that you can the relationship that you want. But sadly, I don't think I have any time left." A single tear can be seen running down her right cheek before she got back to packing away her things.

AN: My concept of awakening magic is the limitations that was on the magic is gone. For example:

Dragon Slayer Magic – The person being able to awaken dragon slayer magic, turns into a dragon. I know it is mastery but it wouldn't make sense because once you're a dragon, you can still improve it.

Juvia has awakened magic, she can turn into water, that is what I mean.

If the Macro curse was awakened, then Seilah can command rain drops to attack, the sunrays in the sky to get together and form a miniature sun and the winds to create tornadoes.

Hopefully you have a better understanding what I mean about this concept.