Chapter 4

AN: Just to let anyone know, Natsu is his left eye still scarred from Erza with an addition of two more. I would have made his eye closed, but I would be causing more damage to Erza feeling extremely busy.

I am not sure if Natsu will have big battles. He would just have miner ones like stopping Minerva from torturing Lucy. But Natsu wouldn't be angry at her or Sabretooth just the rest of the Fairy tail guild will.

I still have a long way to go so, people saying my stuff is shit wouldn't, make me care one bit. This is me trying to improve myself and help me try different things to see what is best.

The Next Day

Seilah was the first one to wake up from her sleep, feeling the warm rays of the early morning sun on he eyes. As she stirred awake, she could feel warmth underneath her radiating from the dragon slayer and couldn't help releasing a content sigh with how much he has done for her.

Finally deciding to get out of her bed, making her way to her dressing table and stare at herself. Her long dark purple hair reaching down her mid back and a white band, one of the gifts that her salmon haired lover gave her, separating her hair and framing her bangs that cover the side of her eyes. Once she marvelled how she looked, she picked up her brush and started straightening her hair before hearing the shuffling coming from her bed. She didn't have to worry, because she knew it was her master who was awake and walking towards her. She couldn't only smile when she looked at him through her mirror and the still fatigue eyes present on his face.

Natsu made his way to his partner, who was currently brushing her hair. He was still fatigued to put any of his clothes back on, so he just stayed in his boxers.

Once he reached her, He picked her up, surprising the woman with a yelp escaping her lips, and sat down on her chair with her sitting on him.

"Couldn't you have asked me to stand up so you can sit down?"

"I didn't want to." He replied whilst burying his nose to the crook of her neck and enjoying her scent. The woman on top could only cross her arms and pout childishly.

"You could have at least given me a kiss." Mumbling loud enough so that he could hear her. Which he did before he snaked his around her toned stomach, causing goose bumps to appear from his warm touch, and planting a soft kiss on the sweet spot on her neck which made a small moan escape her mouth.

"There. Is that better?" Natsu asked getting a nod from the demon. "Good. Now why don't you give me that brush so that you can polish your horns. It will be quicker that way and we can head to the guild."

"I was actually thinking of going ahead on my own. I can see that you are still tired so you can sleep with Mavis for a couple more hours before you head over to the guild. By then, I can make sure that I can inform Macao and the others to tired up because I could bet that they had a massive party for the Tenrou group." She complied to giving her brush to the man who quickly started brushing her hair.

"Yeah that is fair. Ill move to Mavis' room to sleep for a few ours. I think Bisca, Alzack and Asuka will be here in a few minutes because I can sense them at the edge of the town coming this way. They probably allowed Asuka to sleep early so that she can come meet me hear at this time. But I think it would be best for her to wait to the guild. A lot of things need to happen before I can properly meet her." Natsu replied, finishing the last few strokes of her hair and getting rid of any knots.

"That's good. What do you want me to make sure once I'm at the guild?"

"Hmm." Natsu started to think trying to take in account the Tenrou group who all of this will be new to them.

"Firstly, I don't know when Anna-sensei will come. She could arrive at the guild, now, around the time you arrive at the guild or a few hours later and maybe in the evening. Heck, she could already be there. You don't have to worry about her, she will do what she wants so don't mind her."

"'Huff' I don't care about the old hag. She could not come back for all I care."


"Yes master?" Seilah treated in Natsu's chest and avoiding eye contact when she felt his eyes on him."

"'Sigh' Seilah." Natsu's toned softened, not liking how he had to talk to her harshly. He only did it a few times after finding how much she must be traumatised with how her old guild master addressed her.

Turning the demon around so that her long legs fell either side of him and her big soft thighs resting on his. Wrapping his left arm around her back and cupping her cheek so he can see her eyes.

"I'm sorry Seilah, but you need to give Anna-sensei a break. She is trying so hard fixing up the mistake she made. So please give her a bit more respect that she deserves. I'm not asking a lot from you, am I?"

"No, your right. I'm sorry for looking down on her. It's just my jealousy getting in the way seeing her spending the whole week with you. I'm still calling her a hag though."

Natsu could only laugh at her trying to be nice the woman who spent the longest time with him. Hearing this, Seilah gave turned her head to the side with a childish pout. Seeing this, Natsu could only laugh harder and slowly pull the woman on him closer so that she is resting her head on his chest, which she gladly accepted. "Now can you continue with the plan?"

Slowly calming down from his laughter, Natsu started stroking his partners hair before going over what she is tasked to do.

"Well, I think that the group that came back will become hostile towards you which I am not that worried about. Your presence and your scent are masked so the dragon slayers can catch a whiff of you. Only Mira will be able to detect your demonic power but, with how low her magic container is even after a day of rest, she wouldn't know if it was yours or her own souls. When you do enter, introducing yourself isn't the important. If they are hostile and demand answers from you, ignore them. Make sure Macao is awake and tell him to get everyone clean everything up and replace the stairs to a ramp. Don't mention Mavis at all, Macao would know what you mean by ramp so he would be fine. When everyone is awake then go to my office and make sure everything is set up for me. The important documents in front of me. The complaints next the them on the left and last months financials. Once you done, make sure Kinana has taken inventory of the bar and the fridge, and of anything is needed make a list and send it to my office.

I don't know when I will arrive at the guild so make sure that the guild is quiet. No one fights today, no one is loud, and cheers are quiet. You can inform the Tenrou group once everything is set up. I know you have a calm impression if I am not around, use that with the group. If they start raising their voices and demand answers, peacefully deal with it. Have Macao present just in case it starts to get out of hand. If hostility is detected, once they calmed down, inform Kinana that no strawberry cheesecake is to be made, tell Macao that the porn magazines are to be destroyed."

After Seilah has given her tasks, she got up from Natsu to allow him to go see Mavis. Before he left, she made sure that she got a quick kiss from him and started putting her usual outfit on. When she put on her shoes, Natsu came back in the room giving permission to do whatever she wants if lust was directed to her. This caused a sadistic look to appear on her face.

After leaving Seilah to get ready, Natsu made his way to Mavis' room. Upon seeing her he couldn't help but smile at seeing her sleep peacefully. She has been in a magical coma for one hundred years, and the way she woke up, he wouldn't want anyone to go through that experience. Even though little reaction was showing on her face during the process, he could tell that it was way wore what he went through back in Edolas and trapped in that Dragonoid when Gray betrayed him.

Shaking his head to clear them bad thoughts, he made his way towards the sleeping figure and made room for him to sleep next her and staying quiet, so she doesn't wake up.

Feeling her bed shift slightly, she weakly opened her eyes to see what was going. She smiled weakly after seeing the naked man, climbing into her bed.

"Sorry for waking you." Natsu apologised and looked guilty for disturbing her sleep.

"No, it's OK. Why did you come to my room?"

"Seilah woke up to sort some stuff out. I hope you don't mind me sleeping next you." Natsu felt a tiny hand on his as he was about to get out of her bed. Turning around to look at the blonde girl, he could see the pleading look she had, wanting him to sleep with her.

Complying, he laid in her bed and pulled the girl on his stomach gently, resting his back on her back board and allowing her head to rest on his bare chest.

"I hope this is OK for you. Let me know if it is uncomfortable." Making sure that the girl on top of him was fine, which she nodded to confirm and snuggled into his warmth, he wrapped his arms around her small waist protectively and started to fall asleep.

"How long do you need to feel fine for a while."

"Hopefully for four more hours of sleep would be fine. Then I can see the missing members of the guild. I hope that is fine with?" she asked whilst moving so that her emerald eye gazed into his onyx ones.

Giving a small kiss to her forehead and a gentle smile, He told Mavis he what he planned with her. "That is fine, you can take as much time as you need. When we get to the guild, I will spend all day with you in the office. We can talk like how we did in the cell six years ago. Gramps might come in the office, but I hope it is when you go sleep. I'll make sure that Seilah makes sure of it."

"Thank you Natsu, for being with me for all these years. I can't help but feel a bit guilty because I used to love Zeref, your brother." Giving a small squeeze to reassure the first guild master, Natsu replied trying to ease her mind.

"Hey, don't be like that. I would accept if you still had feelings for him. I would let you go be with him if he loved you back. You can't forget the first person you loved. Even if it was my brother. He taught you magic, and helped you have power to start a guild. The family you started all those years ago was all made because my brother gave you, Warrod, Hades and Gramps' dad the chance to learn magic."

"But still…." She trailed off not sure what to say. "How about we go asleep and talk more in the guild."


And with that, both first master and forth master fell asleep.

Few minutes later walking to the guild hall

Meeting at the edge of the forest, Seilah met up with the Connell's who were just about to enter the forest to walk to the dragon slayers house.

"Morning Bisca, Alzack and little Asuka what brings you here this morning." She asked, wanting to confirm if they wanted to walk to the guild with her and her master.

"Morning auntie Seilah, Mommy and Daddy let me go sleep early last night so I can walk with Uncle Natsu. Where is he Auntie Seilah, has he gone ahead." Asuka was the one to reply not caring that she cut her mother off before she could answer.

Seilah gave her a small smile whilst bending down to be face to face with the little cowgirl who started to tear up for meeting her uncle.

"I'm sorry Asuka, but Natsu is still sleeping because of how much he worked for the past week. He Is with Mavis now waiting for her to have enough strength to come to the guild today. She still has to meet the Tenrou group, she was the one to save them before when Acnologia attacked."

Hearing this, Asuka was a bit happy hearing that Natsu was still at home catching up on sleep. Hearing about Mavis, she couldn't wait to see her at the guild and for her to tell more stories about her missions. However, she became upset again for not being able to get a piggyback to the guild by her favourite uncle.

Seilah seeing the sad expression back on her face, decided to cheer the young child up.

"How about this Asuka." Gaining said girl's attention." Why don't we get to the guild and wake everyone there up so they can clean the place. The faster the place is clean for master and Mavis, the faster he can complete his work and have more time to spend time with you."

Asuka rested her left hand on her hip and raised her right hand underneath her chin posing like she was thinking of the idea. It didn't take long to return to her bubbly self and responded to the demon.

"YAY, that sounds great. Quick mommy we need to hurry and get to the guild."

"Alright Asuka, just calm down OK. Uncle Natsu has probably gone sleep by now. How about we walk with Seilah and see what the master had planned." The girl's mother replied, with a warm smile on her face seeing her daughter's face light up. Once Asuka complied and jumped to her father's arms, Bisca turned her attention back to the demon whilst continuing to travel to the guild hall. "So Seilah. What has Natsu got you planned on doing when you arrive at the guild. Is there anyway I can help so that you can do other tasks. You are his assistant and in an 'indecent' relationship with him in Erza's mind, but me and Natsu have become close like siblings and, according to Asuka who teases his dad, a second father for Asuka." Both women looked at the father giving his daughter a piggyback and couldn't stop the giggles escaping their lips at the poor man's reaction. He had a depressed look on his face and was probably thinking back to the time Alzack was showing his guild that Asuka called him daddy. It was hilarious for the guild and amusement for Bisca at their daughter failing to call him dada. Seilah, who was with Bisca enjoying the situation, Noticed Natsu enter the guild returning from the capital. Beckoning him to see the even happening, he complied. When Asuka seen him come, as well as everyone else, she was able to say 'dada' but to the wrong person. Natsu found it funny whilst everyone was speechless. Seilah and Bisca had blushes on their faces. Natsu just walked up the baby and picked her, causing her to giggle and make Alack look at her in hurt.

After recalling the moment, Alzack could only cry anime tears. Bisca just giggled and went over to comfort him.

"There, there. It's OK. Natsu isn't going to steal me and Asuka away from you. You know he was teasing us both because it was his turn in the game." Alzack looked at his wife like a little boy, having hope back in his eyes.

"You sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure. He was the one to encourage you to be the best father you can possibly be."

"Yeah Papa. Uncle Natsu is Uncle Natsu. You are my papa." Asuka added in trying to help lift her father's spirits like her mother, which worked as he was back, boasting about how he will be the better father than Natsu is.

Seilah, who looked at the three, couldn't help but laugh at the family. Once Bisca returned, she proceeded explain what her master told her.

"Now that you have sorted your family crisis, master is bringing Mavis in the guild because, like I said to little Asuka, she wants to see the Tenrou group in person." Bisca nodded at this and ushered the demon to carry on. "However, master doesn't want the group to know because he believes that the they will be loud if the information was to be known to them. You could probably help me in cleaning the guild. Master wanted me to wake Macao up if he is still in the guild after all the partying they would have done and make him instruct everyone to clean everything up. Macao would be able to do the task easily with the Fairy tail that know of the reason why, but if you can help Macao with dealing with the group that would be nice. I know Asuka will be serious and help clear everything away with Alzack, but if they are doing their own thing, then the group will be left out, helping, but will be making noise and fights will break out. If you see Erza, make sure that she understands that if she shouts at anyone or hits anyone, then the strawberry cheesecake ban will extend to five days."

Listening to the plan, Bisca agreed that making sure that the Tenrou group doesn't hear Mavis at all until she arrives at the guild She informed the demon that she will make sure that the group do listen and take it seriously, and will ensure that no one misbehaves. Telling Erza that she will be banned if she becomes bossy, is amusing but the situation is serious and is important that they abide by the rules given to them.

"Me and Asuka will get turn the stairs into a ramp. It should allow Macao to have enough free time to take Romeo to magic school." Alzack added in.

"Yeah that should be fine. Master believes that the Tenrou group will bombard me with questions. He did allow me to deal with the perverts, but because this is serious and I have to sort things out in the office, could you make sure that Laki takes care of them."

"Sure thing." Was the simple reply from Bisca before they carried on walking down towards the guild hall, talking about jobs that they've done and if any issues have come up.

It took 5 minutes to arrive at the guild, and the sight that say came into Was horrifying.

Bodies littered everywhere. Glass smashed with liquid that had the scent of booze dripping from the broken cups. The floor was sticky probably due to the amount of liquid dried on the floor which Alzack kept Asuka in his arms not wanting her to trip and fall in the mess. Tables were flipped over with plates broken and some even cracked.

They group of four weren't expecting this too be this chaotic, they should have known Natsu was at least going to bring Mavis in so why did they go overboard. In fact, it has never come to this stage before. Bisca was shocked and put her hand in front of her mouth. Alzack was upset because he would need to wash the switch that transforms the stairs into a ramp and that would take a long time. Time that they didn't have, and they didn't even know when the master was coming in. However, Seilah was livid. She had more work to do due to the mess that the guild had created. She was so focused on her rage that she didn't notice Kinana come by them.

"Morning everyone, how come your early." She asked gaining Biscsa's attention because the demon wasn't paying attention.

"Hey Kinana, we were going to wake everyone up at the guild so they can clean everything up. Mavis is coming to visit the guild." Looking back inside the guild she could dropped her smile and frowned at the scene. "It has become a bigger problem now and we didn't except to come to this.

Now the purple haired barmaid was confused, how can they possibly make it worse than they normally, even of they stay at the guild, it isn't even bad.

Wanting to know more, she made her way next to the raging demon to see what the state was and what she saw made feel like how the demon was feeling.

"HOW THE FUCK COULD YOU LEAVE THE GUILD IN THIS STATE!" The bar maid and the demon shouted in unison. This instantly woke everyone up and look around the room trying to find the voice. Upon feeling two demonic presences even though one of them wasn't a demon in any way, the guild froze and slowly look at the front doors. The fear intensified at seeing demon orange eyes and yellow eyes staring around the guild and at everyone. The harsh gazes that the two women were given caused everyone to shudder.

"You all know that the master will be coming to the guild today and will be bringing her to meet the members who were stuck on Tenrou. So, knowing the fact, what led you on to go overboard on the party and destroy the guild?"

The members of the guild apart from the Tenrou group, who were confused on who wanted to meet them, couldn't help but look down in shame and guilt. Having a quick look around, they it only made it worse at seeing the outcome. Whilst the members were observing the guild, Seilah was calming down and noticed Kinana, and gave her the task that the master gave her. Wanting to clear her head and not worry about the damage done in the guild hall, she was glad that the master gave her a task and made her way to the bar to start work on her assigned job. Now that Seilah calmed down, she gazed across the guild members ignoring the confused and a bit hostile group, who just came back after seven years, and spotted the man she was looking for.



Taking a heavy deep breath at how the old man was looking and gave him the task that was set for him.

"Master wanted you to wake everyone up so that you could clean up the guild whilst Alzack, who just volunteered to do so on our way here, converted the stairs to the ramp. But seeing as though this has become a worse state as we had ever imagined, your task is to make sure everyone is hard at work making sure that; the floor is cleaned up, tables turned back to how they were, broken glass and plates thrown in the bin. I want you to assign someone to help Kinana in the bar and send someone to buy new plates, glasses and anything that has broken."

"Yes ma'am. And I'm sorry for allowing this to get out of hand. I couldn't stop Makarov from taking control over the party after Kinana left. We knew how Mira worked in the bar as well as Lisanna and we thought we would be fine."

Seilah looked at the blue haired old man and could see the genuine apology he said. Sighing, she looked back at the fire mage and gave him a soft smile.

"It's OK. You should get back to work. if you have free time, you could send Romeo to magic school."

Giving the curse user a small smile, Macao turned around and started ordering people what to do. The Tenrou group could only watch on as a demon with horns, commanded the guild and some of the members didn't sit well with it and started to become hostile which Seilah didn't want right now.

"Hey, who do you think you are to come inside a guild and order everyone around?" Gray voiced out first, which caused Seilah to look at the group with a calm expression because of her master asked her not to engage with them.

"Yeah, what is a demon doing in the guild anyway? it's not MANLY." Elfman spoke up.

"Guys, I think she is part of the guild." Wendy shyly spoke up, but no one heard it apart from Seilah and the two dragon slayers with the group.

"Maybe she is one of those succubus type demons."

"Yeah, with knockers like that, she got to be."

The two pervy comments was getting to the demon who was trying to keep calm which the female gun mage noticed and tried to let Seilah do her work. but couldn't get a word in because the scarlet haired mage had to speak up.


The shout from the requip mage, caused everyone to look at her in fear. Fear, not from her, but fear for her life. The Tenrou group didn't notice the worry looks from some of the members but some did and couldn't help but look confused.

"H-hey Seilah. They didn't mean any of that. They just woke up, so they are still groggy." Jet tried to reason.

"Y-yeah, if you were to do anything to the group, then surely master would be upset with you and we all know how much he loves you."

The Tenrou group were taken back with how the guild acted with the demon who was still at the door with her eyes shadowed. And was caught by surprise that she was in a relationship with the guild master.

Seilah, on the other hand calmed down after hearing the words 'master' and 'upset', and finally release a heavy breath.

Knowing that the demon had calmed down, the guild couldn't help but release a sigh and went back to doing their work. This act caught the Tenrou group by surprised.

After calming down, Seilah looked up at the group and ready to address them.

"Master predicted that you would become hostile and told me to not engage in any fight whether it be in a fight or in a chat. But he didn't predict that you would start assuming I was controlling the guild. Even after you all had a wild party. Master will be upset hearing this." The group couldn't help but look down in guilt after accusing someone let alone a demon and hearing the upset tone in her voice at the mention of the master.

"But." This caused the group to look back at the demon who had her eyes closed and her hands on her hips.

"Master doesn't need to know that the guild is a mess, and you Erza, for accusing me a controlling the guild. From what master has been saying, it is more like you had been controlling the guild and he might feel bad, I don't like you one bit. Anyway, you all better take this seriously and listen to Bisca." As she finished, she could see Erza look down in shame and the guild nod in agreement.

"Now…. LAKI!" Seilah called out getting the wood mage's attention.

"I will be busy doing master's job he assigned me, so I am unable to punish these old perverts." Lai had an expression indicating that she knew what was going to happen. Looking at the group, she could see the old perverts and shiver, making her glee at having her fun.

"You don't have to say no more Seilah, my favourite Etherious. I am glad that I bought a new toy to play with yesterday. Didn't know I would be using it real soon."

"I hope you have your fun Laki. Make sure that you are up by the end of today. You might have gotten a room for your toys in the basement, but please put the runes on this time."

Laki couldn't help but give a embarrassed grin in reply, and quickly held the old mages in the back of their collars. The Tenrou mages could only look on at their shivering figures before the trio disappeared out of the room.

Looking at the mother, Seilah signalled Bisca to continue to guide the Tenrou group which she replied, allowing the demon to start on her work.

Once, Seilah entered the master's office, Bisca walked up to the group and explained what is going on.

"Sorry about Seilah, she didn't expect the guild to look this messy and how harsh you were towards her." Sighing at the guilty looks on the group, she shook her head and tried to change the mood.

"Anyway, we don't that much time left, so I don't want anyone to interrupt me. Master is coming today, and he will be bringing someone who wants to really see you. However, she is extremely weak, and any loud noise or strong smells that get top her, cause her pain. She is in a wheelchair so that is why we are having a ramp." After explaining the reason for why the guild is needed to hurry, the group help but shed a small tear at the person's health. Some of the men like Gajeel and Laxus, just had blank faces on, but you can see small frowns if you looked closely.

"How awful." Lucy imputed sadly, but quickly shut up at the glare given to her by the gun mage.

"I know, so we don't look at the situation with sad expressions on, we have fun. Anyway, you all need to take this seriously. Forget about your pride when someone insults you, that is how fights starts, as you can see around, when the men insult each other, they laugh it off. So Grey, Gajeel. If you have nothing nice to say during this clean up, keep it to yourself. Erza, you are not to shout out commands and give orders, you have to listen to what I say and don't cause trouble." After making sure that all of the mages knew that they are not to mess around, Bisca sorted them to teams so that they can get to work. However before, they split up, Bisca gave one final warning, mainly to the boys.

"One final note before you all go. DO NOT PICK A FIGHT WITH THE MASTER." The tone she used sent shiver down their spines. "Master has been through a lot at for a few years and hasn't gotten into a fight for five years or so, he doesn't use his magic because of a major event that happened during midway through the first year. That magic power you felt wasn't his full power, but when you see him, he would feel like an ordinary man. So do not start talking shit about him understood."

With that, the group split up in doing tasks set by Bisca and were able to make good progress and surprisingly no fights broke out. The perverts that were took for some punishment, came into view and the guild couldn't stop the laughs escaping. Mira gave a run down on the situation, which quickly made them old men be serious for once and not drink during the whole deal. When it was midday, the guild was clean and Seilah came down from the master's office to talk to Kinana, Mira who joined back to her job, and Lisanna about the inventory and if anything needs buying. After a few minutes, the clean up was done and it was at that moment that the guild doors opened revealing a silhouette of a man standing behind a wheelchair, and it looked as the duo were in a conversation. The Tenrou group looked at the new arrival, and to say that they were shocked was an understatement.

"Natsu~ Why couldn't I explore Magnolia, I haven't even been able to see the port properly, you always take me home." A childish voice was heard who was talking to the master.

"Well Mavis. Every time I take you to the port, you start to fall asleep, I even waited for you to wake up at the first time when we were there, and you winged at it being cold. And I was even warming you up." Once Natsu replied, he could see the pout on her face and couldn't help but chuckle. This didn't go unnoticed by the Tenrou group, who were left speechless.

Looking up at the guild, Natsu couldn't help but gain a small smile at seeing the Tenrou group after seven long years. But not wanting questions, he addressed the group, snapping out of there shock and made sure that they didn't let their emotions cloud their thinking.

"As happy it is to see you all, but I don't have time now to deal with you all. I have work to do and it might sound like I am not happy to see you all, but I have missed you all so much that you have no idea how much. But once I sort out the important stuff, I'll make sure to come down." Saying his piece, he strolled Mavis towards the ramp and wheeled her up to the master's office. Stopping before he entered the room, Natsu turned and looked at the group.

"Gramps. If you want to come in my office to say a few things, then I will happily allow it."

"Sure thing my boy, I will come join you in a few minutes. As you can, you are guild master has come to a shock to us." Chuckling at the comment, Natsu opened the door to enter with Mavis, but feeling her hand in his, made him stop and look at her.

"Natsu, Can I stay out here for a bit, I'll get Seilah to bring me up in a bit."

Bending down to give the her a kiss on her lips, he looked in her eyes, and gave a small smile.

"Sure thing, make sure that you tell anyone that your feeling tired."

"Thank you, and I'll make sure that I inform anyone about it as soon as it hits."

Giving her another kiss, Natsu looked towards Seilah who came out from the bar, He called out to her to bring her down to talk to the Tenrou group. Natsu went into his office to start on his work whilst Seilah wheeled Mavis over to the table with the group who was joined by Bisca with Asuka.

"First master Mavis, how can you be here?" Makarov opened the conversation up wanting to know how she was alive.

Looking at her god son, Mavis could only look down with a sad expression on her face, making Makarov immediately regret his question.

"It's good to see you all in body rather than a magical projection. But the reason why I am here, is because Natsu saved my life and in doing so brought me out of my magical coma."

"Hold up a minute master." Erza cut in, utterly confused at how fast this is all happening. "Are we all just going to ignore that Natsu is the guild master?"

"Erza, I think it is hard for us to believe that Flame- brain would ever be the guild master. He is so dumb." Shortly after Gray got hit on the head by a fist from Seilah. Seeing this Erza was getting mad but stopped when Asuka spoke up.

"Auntie Seilah~ I wanted to hit Gray. He was calling Uncle Natsu stupid. But he is smart."

Seeing that the little girl was about to cry, the macro user picked her up and brought her to her lap to rest on and started stroking her hair.

"Now, now little Asuka, you would have got shouted at by your mother if you hit this stripping boy. Plus, my strength is better than yours so that is why he is knocked out."

"Auntie Seilah~, I'm not weak, I'm strong. Mommy and Daddy have been helping me."

"But Asuka, you are stronger than me in marksmanship, not physically."

Asuka didn't want to agree that Seilah was right, so she looked away and gave a childish pout, making everyone around the table laugh.

Wanting to know how Natsu became guild master, Makarov turned to Bisca to know what happened.

"Bisca, how did Natsu become guild master, I was sure Macao would have become it."

Thinking about how to answer the former master, she pondered for a few seconds before releasing a breath

"When we all heard Tenrou Island had been destroyed by Acnologia, we all just cried and hug each other. It affected us all a lot but for Natsu…" Bisca looked down in sadness and a tear escaped her eye which the people around the table worry at what happened to the dragon slayer. It was when Asuka jumped back to her mother's lap and gave her a hug, that she continued with the story.

"Natsu had a panic attack and we all didn't notice that he was having one. We took him to see Porlyusica and she confirmed it. A day later, he woke up and Macao took him back to the guild hall. We asked if he was ok, did everything to help him whatever way we could. It was the next day that he volunteered to be the guild master. He said he needed this and we all accepted."

All the girls were shocked and cried a little after hearing how their pink haired dragon slayer had an attack. Mira who was shocked the most at the whole revelation and asked the mother the question that everyone wanted to know.

"Hey Bisca. What was Natsu thinking when he had a Panic attack?"

"Well it was a lot. He said that he was thinking about how he should have been at the S-class trials to help out with fight Acnologia. But then he thought that Makarov was right that he was immature and reckless. It changed to that he was the stronger Dragon slayer so he would have a better shot at fighting the dragon. Then he thought of how Gildarts faired and how he couldn't defeat the dragon. Then he thought that he was weak."

"Wait but he isn't weak."

"Yes, we know, he was stringer that Gray back then, but we tried to reason that he was strong. But he was persistent. But he said that he isn't able to control his magic, that every time he would do an attack, his fire would spread out and cause damage. Wendy has better control over her element, and she is younger than him. Gajeel, just turns himself into metal weapons so he doesn't have to worry about anything. There was more but by the end we had to agree."

The table was quiet for a few minutes all looking guilty, some upset that they couldn't comfort the dragon slayer. After a few minutes of not liking the quietness, Gajeel spoke up about a different change to the dragon slayer, that no one talked about.

"Hey, is just me, or did the Salamander get a new look?"

This caught everyone by surprised as they all wondered back to when they saw him.

"Now that you mention it. he did have a completely new look to him."

"Yeah and he looks so hot in it" Realising that she spoke out loud, Mira quickly covered her mouth and tried to hide the blush covering her face.

"Doesn't it though, it also has magic sewed into it and when it activates, it makes you all wet."

Everyone was staring at the first master and the demon who were now hugging each other with their own blushes, not even hiding them. Looking at Mavis, Makarov and Gildarts had one though coming into their minds. 'Loli girls will be my next magazine I buy.'

Not liking how this isn't being taken seriously, Erza, who had her own blush on her face, and couldn't take it anymore.


The outburst lead to the hall becoming quiet. No one made a sound. The glasses full of bear stayed on the tables. People who were drunk before, became sober. But what scared the group even more was that all of them had serious expressions on their faces. The group was confused, and wanting answers, they turned to Macao and Wakaba, but they had their eyes shadowed. Confused even more, they turned to Bisca who looked like she was about to blow.

Now the group had no one to give answers to so they looked each other, Erza, having finally let all her anger out, calmed down and looked at her group.

However. The sound of small crying could be hear which made the small group looked towards where it was coming from. And who the crying was coming from, made the group eyes widen.

It was from Mavis Vermillion.

She was crying and clutching her ears. Ears that had blood trickling down them and onto her white dress.

Seilah, who was sitting next to her, got up and directed her to the guild master's office.

"I will be taking Mavis to master, so I suggest no one say another word until I come back down."

Not looking back for replies, she wheeled the small girl up and knocked on the door, before entering.

A few minutes go by, yet the demon has yet to return. Many people knew what was going to happen but the small group who didn't kept a calm but sad face. It was only Erza who had the look of heavy guilt on her face and with how much bad things she kept on getting in, she just couldn't help but cry quietly with only Lucy and Mira comforting her.

Minute later, and the guild doors opened showing an older and more mature looking woman that resembled Lucy. When she looked around the guild, she had the look of confusion, as well as the small group but couldn't speak about it because the door to the guild master's office opened finally, showing Seilah with a calm face on walking down the ramp and the guild master on the balcony in an eerie calm pose.

"A few months after our Bisca and Alzack got married, I brought Mavis back to the guild. You all were quiet, and I thanked you all for that because Mavis was in bad health. Soon after, with the guild still being quiet, Mavis woke up and looked fatigued. I spoke quietly to you all that not to be loud all day and don't party. You respected it. But as soon as some of you seen how Mavis was looking better, you shot up and shouted out a party and cheered. This was the first time, I got mad at you all for not listening, you all seen Mavis after and throughout her being here, yet you stopped listening to me and went back to not caring. After I took her to my home, I came back to you all asking for forgiveness and I accepted it because it was partially my fault for not telling you why then, I would have told you all when she was at my house but it was my fault. So, I explained that it must be quiet when she is around. No shouting. No cheering. No partying. I also explained then that string smell in the guild like from booze, shouldn't be a lot, because like how she bleeds from her ears when it is loud, she bleeds from her nose when the smell is too strong.

It happened a couple of occasioned after that incident and I started to get mad and after a few months pf her being here, it was then that you all took it seriously and made sure that no one shouted, or cheered, or partied.

So, after that long. Why had someone raised their voice when I made sure to ask Seilah to let everyone know how serious today was. It was going so well. But as soon as the Tenrou group had come back, it was like seven years hadn't happened. Seven years of going through a lot together, growing together. Why out of all days was it the day that the Tenrou group came back to us that you all forgot about Mavis.

I allowed everyone to still party, to still cheer at receiving a new guild member, go on higher ranking jobs with someone on that level. I made small rules for your safety when your all in the guild or out on jobs. I didn't know I was a bad guild master, if you don't like my small rules then you could have asked. I would have changed them or even stepped down if you all see me as unfit to be the master. I care so much for this family, made sure that you all know what I have been through, I told you everything about my past that even I had no idea about. Was the acceptance all a fucking lie. A fucking joke you all have been playing this long and just sticking to me because I was making all this bullshit up. That Crescent Island that I saved Mavis from and been through shit, was all My imagination that Warren projected into the orb.

If so, then I'll finish up the paperwork for whoever you choose next for the guid master."

Natsu was crying by the end of the speech, but no one didn't speak. It was pain to all the members who were with him the whole time, to see the strong guild master, cry because of someone he loves got hurt.

The Fairy tail members that have gone through so much the whole seven years couldn't stop their tears from falling down their faces. They should have known. Should have made sure that the doubt built up in their master, never grew to this point.

The Tenrou group were shocked at seeing the dragon slayer cry. He was a child when he last cried and that was when Igneel was being mocked. But for Erza, she knew the last time he cried was because she was sacrificing herself.

It was after a few minutes that the new figure spoke up and gained everyone's attention,

"You all need to make it right, you know that?"

"We know" was the collective response.

"We all were acting as children. Only thinking about how we have got our old guild mates back that we didn't think to remember how much has changed." Macao started looking down with his hands clenched and small tears in his eyes

"I let it go too far when Makarov said that the party wouldn't go too far, and that Mira would take over. I went home believing that everything will be handled. But I came back to the guild like it was seven years ago, but worse. Master Natsu trusted me and yet I broke that trust." Kinana added, hands on her face trying to stop her tears from escaping.

"We got careless. Childish at best." Wakaba stated

"No, it was our fault." This time it was Makarov who spoke up and made everyone look at the group.

"We never believed that seven years had went by, so we didn't care about how much you all had grown up. We were selfish, childish yes. We only cared that we were back with everyone like old times. But for you, old times were meant to be enjoyed sincerely, not like children.

So, it is only right that I go and have the talk he promised. I will make sure that he stays as guild master, but maybe when he comes down, you all, no, we will make sure that we apologise. Natsu has grown so much these past seven years and we didn't care. The excuse of not knowing who the master was can't be an excuse. We knew Natsu wasn't in the Guild, but we partied anyway.

So, before I make my way up the ramp to talk to the boy." At this point the short man was crying not caring that he even was. "I would like to apologise to you all for not considering the change you all experience together. We didn't listen to you when you told us to be quiet and not talk loudly. We became hostile to Seilah because she was a demon. I apologise for not acting as a senior and more of a child. I hope you forgive us and me for that matter."

And with that, Makarov walked up the ramp, drying his tears, before knocking on the door, and entering the master's office.

Over hearing everything that had been said, Seilah stood next to the figure, who were now at the bar and took a deep breath before addressing the guild.

"You all should know that master loves the Guild. He has worked hard. You all shouldn't take that speech too seriously because he is only saying that because he loves Mavis. It is like How master loves me. What would happen if you all started treating me like a demon. He would feel hurt and betrayed and start thinking that you all lost belief in him. Wants this is all clear, he will be back to normal."

Hearing this, the guild couldn't help but smile a little. Erza, who was feeling the worse out of everyone for starting it. had a look of determination in her eyes.

"Yes. I will make sure that I apologise to Nat-I mean master. It was all my fault for allowing my temper get the better of me. He was right seven years ago, so I need to prove to him that he can trust and believe in me again." The people around had smiles on the determined young woman.

Everything calmed down for a bit and it was then that the Tenrou group realised that a person came to the guild, who looked like Lucy. Wanting to know for herself, Lucy called out to the woman who was talking to Seilah.

"Hey, erm. Excuse me, but who are you, and why do you look like me."

"How, I should have introduced myself. My name is Anna. Anna Heartfillia, your ancestor." Anna replied with a sweet smile.

AN: A bit late. Had to do an assignment that was due on Sunday, so this whole piece might not make sense. If it doesn't then I Apologise.