Chapter 6

AN: Hopefully, I get to the arc that I was thinking of during this chapter. I want this to be dark but some reason I don't think it will feel that way to some, but by the end I hope it does match what I imagine it to be.

Also, I want to implement other crossover elements like with Conqueror's haki and observation haki. It will be due to his dragon slaying magic and should fit with how all dragon culture stuff is. I hate the all prince of fire dragon's type because they make it more formal and to wise. Natsu getting a harem isn't due to dragon mating because no matter how good it is for a harem to be involved, it wouldn't fit.

There will be a female character in the harem from a different anime. I'm not a fan of OC's because I can't have a good visual on the person, so it will just be so I can have a different character involved.

Potent power was never felt from such a weapon. The mass amount of magic that came off that katana was like nothing that the group has ever felt. The amount of power that it could measure up, would be a black dragon that they had a bad encounter with. The two dragon slayers were in a similar state. The heavy aura of dragons that was coated around that weapon was fearful. Wendy couldn't stop the trembling, and the fear dripping from her body. It was like the dragons were still hostile and ready to kill. Something different to what her mother, Grandeeney. Gajeel was in a similar state to the young dragon slayer. However, he was trembling with excitement. A metallic weapon coated in the aura of a dragon, multiple at that, was something he had to devour. He was licking his lips and wiping any saliva that was present.

"Woah relax will ya. I've mastered this Katana, so it isn't going to go out of control." Natsu could feel how tense the group were once he looked back towards them. The most coming from Wendy and Gajeel for different reasons. "Gajeel, I know what your thinking, if you were to eat this blade, it would kill you. I don't use the blade much just the sheath because it is cursed." The group was shocked at the revelation. "How can a katana be curse, I have heard of them, but never knew how and who had them?" being the knowledgeable one in the group, had to question the older dragon slayer. "How can a dragon slaying sword be cursed. I say your full of it Salamander."

"To answer Levy's question. A cursed blade, whether it is a sword, a katana, a longsword, claymore, whatever the weapon, it gets infused with demons who were vile creatures and too strong to slay. Many priests and priestesses would chant many spells to cage the demon beforehand and then sacrifice their essence to fuse together themselves with the demon and trap themselves in the blade." Stopping to see how the process was impacting the group, he could tell that they were horrified. Many of the women had their mouth covered with there hand whilst many of the men clenched their fists at how low the past used to be. "How horrible. How can the priests and priestesses sacrifice themselves. They could find another way?" Natsu just looked at the bookworm, trying to find a way to answer her.

"Levy, I know you read a lot of books and probably read on about this. But what did you expect?" The question shocked Levy a bit. She did read up on about cursed swords and knew what was written had to be true. But Natsu is saying that what was written was not true. Who was right and who was wrong. "I've read about cursed swords were killed and had their power removed four hundred years ago. The power would then be transported to factories and then processed into Lacrimas. After that, they would then be implanted into swords. But this is way different to what you are saying. You being all smart is new to us, so how do we know what you are saying is the truth? You couldn't possibly know more than what was written?" Natsu was just sitting there calmy taking in all the words that was coming out of her mouth. She might be ranting at the end from possibly some of her knowledge being wrong, but he understood. It did hurt him a bit how much she didn't believe him, but he could deal with it. he needs to tell them how much he has changed before explaining on.

"Your right Levy. You don't have believe me with what I have to say. I know I have changed a lot from what you expected. But you do have to realise that even though I have changed, I am twenty-five now. I might be a bit taller and bigger, ands be smarter, maybe cheekier, but I am still me at the end of the day." The group that was listening were quite shocked at Levy acting angry, her included. But they did believe that she was right with his change. After Natsu reply, Levy could only look down in guilt with how much she might have lost trust in the childhood friend she knew. Seeing the look, Natsu moved over to her and gave her a warm hug. "I'm sorry for snapping at you for a bit." Natsu just squeezed her shoulders gently and made his way back to where he was sitting.

"It's OK levy, I know how much you love books and the knowledge. But what you said was true but not the whole story." Before he continued, he felt Seilah who was sitting next to him, rest her head on his shoulder. Smiling, he gently moved her so that her head was resting on his lap and stroked her hair soothing her hair to sleep. Whilst the loving gesture was getting on, the group got comfortable to know what the dragon slayer knew. When they looked at what the master was doing, a certain white hair mage was getting a bit jealous and a frown was present on her face. 'Seven years has gone by, why would he have feelings for me'

"So, yes these cursed swords were made over four hundred years ago. The weaker demons had that done to them, so it was easier for mages, and royal guards to possess. However, stronger demons, like Etherious', they were hard to control and kill. Many of these were so powerful that they were able to turn into devils." Even though Natsu wasn't finished, he wanted to know how the group would react. The reaction that he got was what he expected.

Shocked faces were present, and fear could be smelt. This is information that was never written about or even talked about.

"Wait, Devils, as in Gods and Devils?" Out of everyone, Gray was the one to speak up. "Yes, Etherious beings could turn into devils if they get strong enough and kill a certain number of people." Natsu replied with a straight face, expecting a question like that. Seeing as it was close to her magic, Mira was the one to say something about the information she learnt. "How can there be devils? One hasn't been seen or heard for a long time."

"It is because the last that was heard of them was four hundred years ago. Around the time of the Dragon Civil War. A war which consisted of Dragons, Demons and Humans."

"OK then, so how does the cursed swords be made and how did they work?" Not wanting to go off topic, Levy spoke up, wanting to know more about their initial discussion. Looking at the young woman, Natsu could see the desperate look in her eyes of wanting to know more. "Sorry, I got off topic there. That can be talked about in a later date." Taking a deep breath, the older dragon slayer continued stroking the demon resting on his lap and began the story.

"Normal demons have no conscious, meaning they cannot think, talk understand. But they have power that is still highly immense. High level mages would be able to kill them or weaken them before taking away their power awa from them. The power would be in orbs, so they would need to take them to facilities to categorise them into the level of power, what power they are. Once that is done, they would then get transferred into Lacrimas that would be inserted into magic swords. Because it is demonic power, they would convert the weapons into cursed ones.

However, these are weak compared to the higher-class demons. And any Etherious demons that were made during the Dragon Civil War. The devils that were still about before the event happened were harder to kill, so they would need holy rituals.

Now, as mentioned, there were Devils about.

Devils were created when a high demon has gained a lot of intelligence, strength, and power. They must kill a certain number of people either it be demon or human, or even a dragon. Since Devils were being made, the kingdom during that time decided to make the priests and priestesses present, when a group of powerful mages fought one of them. The priests will take care of the male devils, whilst the priestesses had to take care of the female devils.

The weapon would have to be unbreakable to handle the presence of the devil and sacrifice. If the weapon was weak, then the devil would be able to break the weapon and be free, only killing the person who was sacrificing themselves. The ritual consists of fatiguing the devil or high demon for a long time. Once that is done, the priest or priestess would need to trap them so they cannot break out. A lot of concentration is put in for this and they seem to have the most. After the devil is securely trapped, then the priest or priestess would then chant a spell binding the soul and power of the devil as well as the casters life to the weapon. Both the beings would be trapped in the weapon, not being able to escape but they both would live for a long time, basically becoming immortal.

But as demons already have immortality, it wouldn't affect them, just the caster."

Once Natsu was done, Levy was just finishing off some notes that she was writing and everyone else were taking it all in. "Damn. That is a lot to take in." Wanting to start the conversation, Lucy came out of her thoughts and started to bite her nails.

"Out of all the travelling I have done; I have never once known about the history of cursed weapons."

"In all my years as being part of this guild, such information had not been heard from nor ever talked about in the council or in the villages from all those years ago.

Gildarts and Makarov couldn't imagine that a huge event hadn't been documented and had been missed for all these years. "It was big. However, it was unethical." This brought confusion across the table with the statement. "The Kingdom that wanted this to happen wanted to make heavy weaponry, they didn't care who died. The priests and priestesses didn't need to sacrifice themselves in the weapons."

If they weren't shocked before, then this would have been the point that would. A few members were horrified figuring out that these people died for no reason.

"That's awful."

"How can they easily sacrifice their people just to stop a heavy crisis."

"I know what you mean. That is why only ten were made." Natsu answered the two females that were on his previous team. "Eight of the weapons were destroyed or failed during the Dragon Civil War. They blew up and destroyed many of their own kind leaving hardly any devils and how demons left." Natsu took his own katana out still sheathed and placed it on the table. "This one as you can see is the main katana, which has the power of Amaterasu flames. Another Katana was infused into this one and holds power of time and space. However, the devils in this control over elemental and gravity. The sheath stops the Amaterasu flame curse to kill people as well as the time and space curse. So Gajeel, if you want to die or burn out of existence, then go eat up this blade."

The group were all stunned with the horrible side to the ritual. Gajeel who just got his questioned answered looked pale and decided to go to the bathroom. The group were idly chatting for a few minutes, talking about what they just heard, whilst Natsu stated talking to the woman in his lap who started to wake up. Wendy who was staying quiet, remembered something Natsu said that wasn't explained.

"Erm, Natsu. You said that your weapon was like a dragon slayer weapon. But you said that it has devil inside it. So, what devil is inside it as well as the one who sacrificed themselves, and how can accursed sword kill a dragon?" A small smile was placed on the salmon haired mage after listening to what Wendy was saying. She has come a long way and isn't shy about hearing gruesome things anymore. He was proud to have a little sister in her. "Well this is the only confirmed blade that can kill dragons. The original one with the Amaterasu flames has a dragon soul inside." Understanding so far, Wendy and the rest listened on the type of katana he has. Before continuing, he reached his hand out and gently ruffled her hair, making the girl shy and embarrassed. "You grew up so much Wendy, maybe after I can help you with you magic." The warm smile he gave to the girl, caused a shy smile and a stern nod and a gesture to him that she is looking forward to it. "So more about my blade then. As I said before, A devil or high demon is trapped inside a blade with the corresponding gender. The blade I have has two female devils, and two female priestesses as well as a female dragon"

Erza was the first to speak, gaining everyone's attention. "How do you know that they are all female. And why are you able to wield the katana of yours if they would blow up?

"Firstly Erza, nothing pervy is going on with the females trapped in my katana so stop jumping to conclusions in your head." Natsu started with an amused look on his face with the blush adoring the re-equip mage. The old men had pervy grins on their faces probably imagining an orgy with four women. "Secondly, I know they are women because I met them, and I have mastered the katana so that they don't blow up. It is all about trust and a relationship." Erza couldn't stop the indecent thoughts going in her head when hearing the word relationship in that sentence. "How can you say that you have a good relationship with the four women trapped in your sword without doing anything indecent.

The women just had heavy blushes on their faces as well as the men going all perverted. Natsu could only sigh at how childish the table is acting. "Someone throw away the smut novels from Erza's room in Fairy hills please. Now, the relationship that I have with the four women, are like my mothers." Whilst Erza was adorning a blush still on her face with her smut novels, the rest of the group snapped back reality and had confused looks on their faces.

"Natsu, could you explain how you managed this, as well as mastering the katana you have?" Gildarts asked. Natsu could only let a sigh escape his mouth before explaining things again. "During my training days for swordsmanship, my teacher during the time told me about the history of the cursed weapons. So, with the knowledge and the katana, I meditated for a long time without braking concentration. I know people wouldn't waste time in days of sitting down in a lotus position and meditating but I wanted to. I couldn't use the power from the blade because if I was going to do so then it would backfire, and I would be injured badly. But I wanted to use the power badly, making me believe that the devils and priestesses inside would be the key. At this time, I had no knowledge of the gender, so I didn't care. It was a week that I got pulled into the katana and I met two female devils and two priestesses. They were beautiful, devil or not, so I was obviously taken back by their looks.


In a dark space, Natsu travelled in the void searching for something that even he didn't know. "DAMMIT! Where am I? The is nothing but darkness all around." Sighing, he continued his journey until he saw a dim light ahead of him.

Walking closer to the light, he managed to see shapes that didn't seem like they belonged in the place that he is in. As he got closer, he was able to identify stone pillars and altars lined up in a row with people tied on to them.

Once he arrived, Natsu couldn't stop to admire the four women that were tied up on the two pillars and the two altars. On the left, chained on a pillar, was a beautiful woman that had black hair and small horns on the side of her head. Her face had an innocent look yet devilish at the same time with her pink lips and small nose. Her eyes were closed so Natsu couldn't tell what her eyes looked like. Not being able to resist looking down, he was greeted with the sight of a large chest holding small but perky nipples stuck out and begging to get milked, resting on a slim yet curvaceous body, with demonic marking on the side of her well-toned stomach. Her arms were long, and her skin looked soft to touch. Further down, he took note of her slender legs, her meaty thighs and her bare feet fitting right with her proportion.

Looking at the other devil in chains to her right, she was also pretty. Her pink hair cascading down the front of her face, golden horns curved backwords. With what he could see of her facial features, he could make out her small mouth with glistening lips shining from the small rays of the light, her eyes closed just like the demon before but her face didn't any innocence, it was one of mischief and cheekiness. Looking further down her body, he could see her chest, that was just as big as the previous one but a bit smaller, resting on her small body. It might be less curvy but Natsu could still see the light abs showing on her stomach as well as a piercing on her navel. Her arms were small raised above her head, and Natsu could note how she was much whiter than the other devil. Her legs were small but even though her thighs weren't meaty like the other one, they still look they are muscular, looking at her feet, he could see that they were small, and overall was smaller than the devil to her left.

Shaking his head and trying to not be perverse that he had started to become lately, he moved over to the priestesses and found that they were naked as well.

The priestess that was chained in between the two pillars had aqua blue hair that was glistening from the dim light. Her bangs framed her innocent face that showed her small button nose, which Natsu couldn't help but think it's cute, and her small mouth that had blue lipstick which looked like it was gloss. Her arms were slender and short and chained above her head. Natsu felt like he was being lured into touching her skin, but he resisted and continued looking at the woman. her body was small and skinny, and her chest wasn't big compared to the devils. However, to Natsu they suited her perfectly. Trailing down, he took note of her well-toned stomach her curvy hips. Natsu could only wish he could see what her ass looked like. Continuing down, he could tell that her thighs were meaty like the first devils, but they were slimmer than hers. Looking down at her feet, they were small yet soft, to which was kind of cute in Natsu's opinion.

Looking over at the last person, who was on the right of the devil with the pink hair, he could tell that she was older than the first priestess. Her black hair in bands, trailing down, reaching her knees. Her small nose and small lips resting on a mature face of a beautiful woman. her huge breasts resting on her chest with huge nipples. Her slim waist showing off her huge hips and toned stomach. Her long slender legs, thick thighs and bare feet glistening from the rays of the little light showing.

The women were beautiful to Natsu making him linger on in his perverse state. Snapping out of his state, realising why he was in, he quickly unchained the four women and gently rest them on the floor. Being ashamed of himself. He subconsciously brought some blankets out of nowhere and draped them around the four women on the floor.

"I bet they would be thinking I'm a massive pervert if they were awake." Natsu stated before releasing a long sigh. "But they are beautiful. I do feel sorry for these four though having lived in the katana for over four hundred years." Once he finished, he jumped back in surprise after both female devils woke up, seemingly at the same time.

"May I ask what is going on here. And, where are we?" The black-haired woman questioned looking around the big empty place. She turned her attention to the devil next to her and was shocked to someone she once knew. "Mara, is that you." The now named Mara turned her head towards the person who called her name and was stunned at the sight of the devil. "Kasdeya, what is going on, last time I saw you, you were going to kill some of those humans." The now named Kasdeya hummed in response before she looked towards the Dragon slayer, who was still shocked to see them awake this early.

"You state your name lowly human. What is going on." A small growl escaped her mouth gaining the attention Mara, who got into an offensive position. "Ehehe, my name is Natsu Dragneel and to tell you the truth, I'm not sure." Not knowing what to do, Natsu just sheepishly replied and went with what he thought was right. However, the pink haired devil didn't like the answer and started getting angry.

"How can we believe you? From the last thing I remember, is that your kind trapped us to make cursed weapons for your own gain." Stopping for a second, figuring out what is going on, she became enraged with knowing she is trapped for eternity in a weapon. "We became one of those damn cursed weapons that these mortals have been craving to make."

Realising what the shorter devil was saying, Kasdeya couldn't help raising her power level up, which alerted the sleeping priestesses, who now started to stir awake.

"What in the lord is happening?" The aqua haired priestess questioned wiping her eyes from the long sleep she was in. The older priestess next to her also woke up and looked around and was horrified at the site of the two devils. "W-what is going on? How can you be alive? We performed the ritual correctly; you shouldn't be awake?"

The frantic shout gained the attention of the devils and Natsu, as they turned their attention to the two priestesses. Still enraged, Mara walked up to the short priestess and attempted to punch her. However, she was shocked to see that her arm went right through the now cowering priestess. "P-please don't hurt me, I was only following the pope's orders." Natsu seeing the priestess whimper, wanted to go over and give her a hug. She may be older than him but seeing a woman cry, is something he didn't want to see. So, he let the four women deal with the issue without getting involved.

Back with the woman now, Mara and Kasdeya questioning the priestesses who were terrified of their presence.

"Answer me you church followers. What have you done to us?" Mara questioned with a heated glare directed at the duo. The two priestesses could only cower and embrace each other in fear of the two powerful devils. "Mayuri, please, tell us what to do? You have been involved with the church much longer than I, so you got to have a way to cleanse them." The aqua haired priestess asked the now named Mayuri who was thinking of many ways to help them out of this situation. "I'm sorry Hanaka, but the church never told us what to do if this situation occurred. They were meant to be in deep slumber and self-destruct when someone was to use the weapon on a demon or something stronger." Mayuri replied to younger woman with a frown.

Not liking how she was being forgotten, Mara was getting impatient and raised her voice again, causing the duo to jump and remember the situation. "Ugh, I hate being ignored, now will you tell me why we are stuck in a weapon? I wasn't even doing anything for you to come at me and attack." Seeing as though nothing is coming from the situation, Kasdeya can only look puzzled with whatever is going around them all.

"Mara, it is no use, they clearly seem like they have no idea on what is going on either, so calm yourself. Your lucky we are unable to touch each other, otherwise they would be dead." Kasdeya stated, causing the pink haired devil to look at her and calm down. "Your right Kasdeya, I'm sorry for going all emotional." She replied, looking down in shame. "It is quite all right, why don't we have a talk with the male over there. He seems to be not locked up in here like us."

This suggestion piqued the other three women's attention who looked over to Natsu, who was shocked that he was even remembered. The two priestesses took note of their current lack of clothing and blushed heavily before covering themselves with the blanket. "You filthy pervert, gazing upon us like without shame. Once we get out the church will deal with your indecent behaviour." Whilst the priestesses didn't like the dragon slayer looking at their naked bodies, the two devils didn't care, displaying themselves in all their glory.

"I'm sorry, but I never knew you all were naked. I'm not a pervert." Bowing his head to apologise, the devils were amused by this action whilst the priestesses calmed down. "It is alright child." Mayuri started looking at the bowing figure. "You don't look like a filthy pig so we can allow this to slide." This got Natsu to look back up but quickly turned to not look at all four of the beautiful bodies in front of him.

"Wanting to get to point, Kasdeya cleared her throat and walked towards Natsu. "Boy. Why have you come here? Was it you who unchained us and broke us from the slumber we were put in?" This question gained the interest of the other three women who looked at the salmon haired mage waiting for him to speak. "Well I was training with my teacher, wanting to use this katana you guys are in, and didn't want to start to use your power before I unsheathed it. So, for the past week, I've been in a meditative state wanting to basically ask for permission, but when I came here, I saw you four tied up chained." This answer shocked the four women greatly, which Hanaka broke from to question him. "So, you wanted to use the cursed katana's power, so you came in here to gain it. so why did you untie all four of us."

"Well you see." Natsu started before facing back to them. "I was told that a cursed weapon consisted of one devil and a priestess, so I didn't know why there were you to. This katana had the main power of Amaterasu flames, so as a person who uses fire would be better with it. Once I got in here, I didn't like how you all were chained up, it was like you were slaves and I didn't like it." When he was done, Kasdeya and Mara looked at each other as well as Hanaka and Mayuri, trying to find a way to approach this situation.

"Stealing her resolve, Mara looked back at Natsu and stepped closer to him. "Stand up human." She demanded, in which he did. "You wanted to use Kasdeya's power. Why?" Taken aback by the sudden question, Natsu took a deep breath before answering. "Well, recently I was left powerless, without being able to use my magic. This made me feel powerless because if I relied on magic a lot then I wouldn't protect my family. You see, a year ago on x784, the strong members of my guild had been attacked by Acnologia. They are now stuck on Tenrou island waiting to be freed. So, before that day comes, I want to be able to use this katana properly." Once Natsu was done with his explanation, he looked at the four women and was shocked to see their faces in horror.

"D-did you say Acnologia?" Mayuri asked, receiving a nod. "Wait, you said your guild members were trapped in the year x784. So what year is it?" Hanaka questioned. "It is the year x785 almost x786." Natsu replied in confusion before realising why the shocked faces were present.

"We have been trapped in this weapon for over 400 years." Mara shouted, finding out how long they were asleep for. "You church followers must have been crazy for you to be stick us in these for so long." Hanaka started to cry, which Natsu didn't like and slowly released his magic power, without noticing, whilst getting angry.

"Listen here you." Natsu walked up to the pink haired devil and picked her up from her neck and slowly added pressure on to it. this gained shocked faces from the devil and the priestesses who now noticed the high magic power leaking out. Mara, who was in the hand of the dragon slayer was shocked at the contact she could feel. "You are stuck in this Katana for who gives a fuck how long. So, you better not treat this shit like it is going to fix itself soon. Either work together to find a way out of this prison you're in, or I will get the fuck out of here, unsheathe the blade and find a way to destroy it. Killing you in the process." Dropping the devil, Natsu calmed down and made his way to the aqua haired priestess once he got rid of the magic power he was building up. "I'm sorry, but I am not a fan of women crying." Giving her a small smile and a squeeze on her shoulder, Natsu walked to one of the stone alters and sat down on it.

Helping the pink haired devil up from the floor, who was massaging her neck, Kasdeya looked at the now sitting dragon slayer, trying to figure out something. "Boy. Who are you? If you answer me, we will tell you of who we are ourselves." This gained Natsu's attention which he gave a sheepish grin and scratched the back of his head. "My bad. Well, my name is Natsu Dragneel, a Fire Dragon Slayer and the Guild master of Fairy tail." Natsu proudly declared before faltering from the blank looks. "How can you be a Dragon Slayer? They were still being made when we were still in the church." Mayuri asked. "If what you say is true, then how can you be alive. That piece of shit called a dragon should have killed you." Kasdeya added, agreeing with the older priestesses.

Understanding where their confusion is, Natsu once again took a deep breath and replied. "Ah, I see where you might not believe me. I recently found out that me along with four others came from four hundred years ago. So that might explain why you might be confused." Nodding in satisfaction, Kasdeya had a small smile on her face and was about to keep her end of the deal before she could feel a huge presence. Looking around, she could tell that the rest knew of this as they looked all around the empty space looking for the source. It didn't take long before a shadowy figure flew around the group and landed a few metres away.

"You say you're a Fire Dragon Slayer correct child." A smooth, gentle but feminine voice asked, shocking everyone around with the new unexpected guest.

"A-a DRAGON!" the two priestesses shouted in unison gazing upon the mighty dragon in front of them.

There stood a dragon, whose body predominantly covered in bright, blue scales. The scales that were on its stomach, inner portions of its long tail, and legs, are yellow in colour. The spikes that run down the back of its body, are a dark blue that reach down to its tail. The head of the dragon is that of a western type dragon: triangular in a shape with horns, a pair of large round eyes with yellow sclera, and a sharp horn upwards just above its nose. The eyes seem to have small eyelashes at the bottom of the eyes, which indicate that it is a female dragon with the voice contributing to it.

After admiring the Dragon, Natsu realised that her gaze was still fixed onto his, causing a blush from embarrassment come onto his face. "Y-yes I am. I was talk by my dad, Igneel. Why do you ask?" This came to as a shock to the dragon finding out that a human knows a dragon personally and as a father no less. Having a chance to find out more, the dragon proceeded to introduce herself to Natsu. "My name is Tanwen, the Dragon that holds white flames as well as azure flames. I asked about whether it was correct that you stated you was a Fire Dragon Slayer in which you confirmed and stated that it was Igneel the Fire Dragon King that taught you your magic." Natsu was amazed with talking to another friendly dragon and a fire dragon as well. Forgetting about the other females in the empty space, Natsu rushed over to the now named Tanwen in excitement.

"You're a fire dragon? That's cool. How do you know Igneel? What was he like in the past? How strong are you?" question after question, Natsu asked about Igneel and the dragon could only chuckle and look in amusement. After a few more questions, the dragon picked Natsu up and put him on her nose. "Child, you are one amusing human that I have come across." Natsu just gave a small pout being called amusing in which the dragon laughed warmly. "To answer a few of your questions. Yes, I knew Igneel. In fact, I am his sister." This came to a shock to Natsu which he stopped Tanwen from speaking more for a second.

"Wait so you're the sister that Igneel told me about. The one who stealing his food every time he caught some when he was little." Tanwen could only nod and chuckle at that remembering of those days in their youths. "That is right child. I take it he talked about me when he was raising you?" Getting a nod in return before Natsu adopted a sad expression confusing her. "Yeah he talked about how his great older sister took care of him when your dad was busy. However, he said that you died from Acnologia. He was devastated and became darker before his friend helped him along. Shortly after, I came into his life and he was back a whole again. He also died from Acnologia, a few months ago." Realising he mentioned black dragon, Natsu clenched his fist tight thinking back to what happened a few months ago.

Shaking his head to get rid of the thoughts, Natsu looked back to the blue dragon who had tears coming down her eyes. "My dear brother was grieving because of that black dragon. And now he dies at the hands of the creature." Once she was done crying, Tanwen asked Natsu how Igneel died, in which he told her of the event that happened that changed his whole life.

As he was going on about what happened on the island, four women of different races, listened in on the story and were shocked after Natsu finished.

The two humans, two devils and the dragon couldn't believe what they just heard.

"You are a demon?" It was Kasdeya who broke from her shock first, wanting to confirm that what was said was true. "You do not look like a demon." Natsu just chuckled at the last statement before replying.

"Yes, I am a demon. well half demon. I thought I told you guys before?" Natsu replied before getting into a thinking position at the end, making the priestesses and the devils comically fall. "Wait before I explain further, you guys haven't told me who you are." Realising that they did indeed forget to introduce themselves even though it was him who forgot about them as he talked to the dragon "I must apologise, however you did forget us and straight away talked to the dragon over there. Mayuri apologised and pointed out the reason. Natsu could only give a sheepish look before sitting back on the alter with the four women.

"Any way, since I was the one who was the one to make the deal, I shall go first." Kasdeya looked around the group that was formed making sure that they understood, before proceeding on. My name is Kasdeya, I am unsure of the age that I am, so I won't state it. I am a devil, have powers of the Amaterasu flames that you wanted to use. I can use elemental magic as well as others." As Kasdeya finished, she gave a small smile to Natsu who gave a grin back before looking at Mara who was going to speak up next. I am Mara and a devil just like Kasdeya. I don't know my age so I can't tell you that, but as you can tell, I am much younger than her. I have power of space and time, as well as gravity and some others." She also gave a smile to Natsu in which he returned. Looking at the aqua priestess, she was a bit shy before Mayuri gently rest her hand on her shoulder, encouraging her to start. "My name is Hanaka, I am a priestess of the church of the Kingdom. I am sorry but I don't know my age as well, but I am the youngest one here I believe. Apart from holy magic, I know healing magic." Hanaka gave Natsu a small bow before it was the black-haired priestesses turn. "Finally, my name is Mayuri. I am also a priestess of the Kingdom. I use holy flames to heal people as well as create weapons out of them." Everyone was finally introduced and Natsu was glad that there was no hostility at the moment.

The five beings inside the katana asked many questions to Natsu, who happily answered them. They noticed how there was a blanket in the space which Natsu clarified that he didn't want to seem like a perv because they were naked, so he though of a blanket which happened to come out of nowhere. The priestesses blushed and covered themselves whilst the devils had devilish grins and kept themselves bare for amusement. Reluctantly, they had to put clothes on suggested by Mayuri which they groaned. The priestesses were wearing matching blue and white robes whilst the busty devil wore a red dress with a slit between her legs whilst the pink haired devil wore a red shirt tucked in a black skirt with a bow around her neck.

They told each other their lives and how the two devils became one which wasn't pleasant. Natsu and Tanwen shared stories of their time with Igneel as well as themselves. Natsu talked about how he became an Etherious and close to becoming a devil, shocking the five.

The small mystery of how Natsu was able to touch them was solved as it was because he transported his whole self-inside the katana. Magic energy could be felt which the group theorised that it collected ethernano for over four hundred years as well as Mara's gravity magic being able to store magic particles from spells.

The two devils and the priestesses got along great over time and the tense atmosphere disappeared.

Tanwen told the group how she did fight Acnologia, but he ripped her soul out of her body and instead of consuming it, he implanted in the katana. And then with that she went off wanting to get some rest.

Feeling his drowsiness build up, he looked at the four women with a smile before gaining their attention.

"Hey guys, I'm gonna head out as well. Looks like I have been in here for a long time now so need to get some rest." Getting up from his seat, Natsu was about to make his way out of the katana before the four women spoke up.

"It was great that you came in here Natsu even with four pretty women around you. But can I ask, why are you not accepting my power." Kasdeya stated in utter confusion. Natsu did say he came to want the power, yet he didn't ask about it again after their initial meeting.

"Yeah, Kasdeya is right Natsu, you could have all our power if you wanted to." Mara added who was also confused. The two priestesses didn't have a say in, seeing as though this was the first-time hearing of this. Natsu looked at the four women with a sincere smile before he answered the two devils. "You see, I didn't want to force myself into making you allow me to use your power. I want to earn it and want to keep talking to you guys more. Your all smarter than me and can help me grow. So hopefully in due time, you may allow me to use your power."

Once Natsu finished and turned around, he felt four pair of arms wrapped around him, shocking him, and falling forward. "H-hey what's up?" the four women just look at each other and giggle. "Natsu, your so cute you know that?" Mayuri stated, making Natsu pout which brought the women to laugh louder. "Oh Natsu. If that is what you want then when you are ready, you can ask us for help with the power you will process." Natsu was shocked at what Mara said. "But I don't deserve your powers yet?"

Getting off the poor boy, the four women, lifted him up and gave him each a loving embrace. "Natsu, we will allow you to use our power. We are priestesses, talking to devils like we re friends. That is all because of you. But you better keeping coming back here or we won't allow it. Hanaka said with a sincere voice before talking to the dragon slayer like a child. Natsu only gave a meek nod before running a bit further ahead.

Stopping, he turned around to look at the women and giving his final farewells. "I will make sure that I come back here and learn a lot from you guys if you allow me to be taught by you. I will make sure that I take good care of the katana and always remember not to disappoint you all." And with that Natsu ran further into the dark with his eyes closed and a small smile on his face.

Once he was out of sight, the four women looked at each other with soft smiles before looking around the empty space.

"You know, if we can imagine clothes appearing, can't we change this whole space changing to what we want. Like fore separate large rooms and a room in the middle for when we get together with Natsu when he comes." Mara suggested to the women which they nodded in reply.

"Yes, we can do what we want and enjoy our times separately. If we need anything from each other, we can just simply either notify somehow or go over to the rooms." Mayuri added which the other three agreed.

"And when Natsu comes, we can take him to our separate rooms and train him when he wants to." Hanaka added.

"We might as well let Tanwen know, I think she will love the idea. Plus, there is endless space in the sky so she can fly as high as she wants and bring light to the place." Kasdeya finished.

And with that, the four got to work into making the space they're in, with how they want it, and ways to help Natsu when he visits.

Flashback end

"Once I came out of the katana, time didn't look like it had changed much so the it is much faster in the katana than here. After the initial day, I kept on visiting and we grew closer, and then it came to a point where they would be motherly towards me when it came to serious stuff." Once Natsu concluded, a few of the members around the table had mixed reactions such as the old men imagining what the four women looked like and the dragon slayers shocked about the dragon.

For the next couple of hours, Natsu would answer any questions that the group had regarding more changes that went on in the guild. Some wanted more to know about who the mother of Esme was, which Natsu would not answer.

As night was approaching, Esme and Asuka were done with their lessons and made their way to their parents. Asuka soon fell asleep due to waking up early so Bisca and Alzack went home. Seeing as though it was, she wanted to play with Natsu, Natsu promised the family that he would look after her the next day with Esme which they were glad as they could do a mission together.

Night came and everyone was ready to head home which made Natsu remember something.

"I forgot to tell you guys earlier, but Fairy hills has been missing out on all your payments. Anyone who has a room owe around 7 billion jewels." Natsu just laughed after seeing some of the women freeze up and pale after the large amount. He wasn't being serious because he had to take care of the building because the landlady was ill.

"W-wait, 7 billion?" Levy started still in shock from the fake news.

"That will take forever." Cana shouted

"How many missions will that take?" Erza muttered, trying to come up with many ways of paying it back.

However, they all snapped out of their grieving from the laughs from around the guild.

"I was only joking; I've already paid it off so all you haver to do is keep paying the 100,000 jewels each month but with an extra 20,000 for the first 3 months." Once that was said and many calmed down, Natsu called Mira and Lucy into his office, making both girls confused.

Seilah knowing what the talk will be about, told Natsu that she will take Mavis home and make tea, receiving a nod and giving a kiss before getting Mavis.

Once Seilah left, and the 2 women were facing the master at his desk, Natsu took a couple of seconds looking at the 2, making them uncomfortable from his gaze, before looking at the girl he is going to address first.

"Lucy." Said girl jumped a little from his tone, which he noted and soften a little. "I didn't want to say this in front of the rest and seeing as though you are close to Mira apart from me, I need to tell you something important regarding your apartment and your situation."

Lucy went pale thinking about how much she must pay for her rent and if she even has a place to stay. Seeing the many expressions come across her face, Natsu could only chuckle a little before getting back to the matter.

"You don't need to worry about the rent money Luce." Which calmed the girl and down and making her sit back in relief. "your rent has been paid off for the past 7 years by someone, who recently died. He was a mess when he found out that you had 'died' on Tenrou Island and after I told him that you would come back, he was excited and made sure that he was there for you when you came." This made Lucy gain a soft smile on her face thinking that someone was able to pay her rent for her but was confused as to who it would be before he died. "Who was it Natsu?"

Seeing the confused face, Natsu could only release a sigh and tell her straight. "the person who has been paying your rent was your father. He died a couple a month ago from a tumour that was growing for over a year." Both girls were shocked and sadden as to finding out about Lucy's dad. Not more so than the girl herself. Seeing a few tears fall down her check, Natsu couldn't stand the girl crying and got up and made his way to her. Lifting the girls up, he gently, wrapped his arms around her, warming her up from his natural high body temperature and allowed her to rest her head on his chest whilst gently stroking her hair.

After a few minutes, and finally her calming down, he allowed her to sit back down and hear what she has to say.

"So, my dad was helping me for all this time?" gaining a nod from the dragon slayer. "Why?" Lucy could only question her father, who wanted to do everything for himself even if it meant kidnapping her. Sighing Natsu gave a small smile and told her about the first day he arrived at the guild and how much he wanted to prove to himself that he is able to change and get his daughter back, how he wished that if he was more with Lucy, then he would feel like he did deserve to be distraught that she left.

After Natsu told Lucy, he allowed Mira to give a hug to the crying girl and comfort her. After she was done and Mira made sure that she was alright, Natsu gained the blonde girl's attention. "Luce, your dad left you some thing in your room. If you tell your land lady, she will show you the gifts he gave you."

With that, he gave her one more hug and allowed her to go to her apartment, leaving only the platinum haired woman and the dragon slayer left in the room.

Once Lucy had left the room, Natsu walked up to the only woman in his office and surprised her with a hug. "Woah there Natsu, what is with this all of a sudden?" Caught by surprised, Mira could only let the taller man rest his right hand on her head, leaning it against his chest, and his left arm wrapped around her slim waist securing her like he is afraid that she would disappear on him.

"Nothing. It's just that I haven't seen you in 7 years compared to you only being like a week. I couldn't have believed that you went the first time I heard that the island was destroyed." Tightening his grip, he didn't allow the woman to escape from his hold.

Sighing, Mira wore a soft smile and bathed in his heat and allowing herself to feel like the man who has his arms wrapped around her loves her like the way she does. It was only a couple of minutes, but to them it was like forever. Letting go of the woman, causing her to groan in disappointment, Natsu lead the she-devil to the sofa and used her lap to rest his head on, causing the woman to release a soft giggle and gently stroke his hair.

They stayed like this, talking about what happened on Tenrou island, which led to teasing the girl for how she got tricked, making her pout childishly. Natsu talked about some of his challenges and his time at being the guild master of Fairy tail making it the platinum haired woman's turn to tease him about council meetings he had to sit through and probably wishing he was somewhere else.

Silence took over them, no one wanting to say a word to break the nice quite atmosphere in the room. Even though Mira was showing her lovely smile, internally she was starting to get upset with herself. Upset that she didn't tell the man on her lap how she felt all those years ago. Tell the man about her feelings that she carried since the day Lisanna was believed to had died. She knows that she has no chance of being with him, seeing ad though he is in a relationship. She could only live in the moment that has been created. Just bathing in the attention, he is giving to her.

Sensing the subtle shift in the woman's motion, Natsu opened his eyes and looked at the person he is resting on. Even though the lovely smile she wears all the time, he can tell that it is a sad one. Her eyes are not even on him, just closed like she is taking in the moment before it is up, and they would have to go separate ways. He could probably figure out why she may be like that with how she saw how he was with the demon woman he showed public affection to.

Gently lifting his arm up and slowly moving a piece of her white hair behind her ear, which startled the poor girl, Natsu then looked into her dark blue eyes that glistened in the light.

"Mira, what is on your mind?" Taken back by the question, Mira thought for a second before replying, not knowing what he meant by asking. "Nothing is on my mind; I'm just simply enjoying the time we are having like 7 years ago."

Not liking how she answered his question, Natsu suddenly got up from her lap, causing her to look sad at the loss of warmth. "I can see that there is something on your mind. I know you're enjoying the moment as am I, but there is more to it." Bringing the young woman down onto his lap surprising the girl, and slowly stroking her hair. "I am sorry Natsu, but I don't know what your talking about." Sighing with the obvious lie, Natsu continued to stroke the woman's hair, who was enjoying the feeling of his warm hands, before looking over to his office desk.

"Mira, I can sense that you become stiff when I interact with Seilah romantically, and I know that her being a demon isn't the issue." Paying no mind to the sudden tense going through the woman, Natsu continued. "It is true that me and Seilah are in a relationship, but she isn't the only girl I am in love with. There are others and some who don't believe that there is even feelings there, but I don't stick to one." Looking down, Natsu could see the tears welling up in the girl's eyes, finally able to make her break, he waited for her to reply without noticing that he was still looking at her. "You have woman who love you and with how you looked at Seilah, I could see that you loved her a lot as well as first master Mavis. Even though you probably have a harem with lots of beautiful girls, how would I compare to them with how pretty they would look."

Even though her eyes were closed, tears kept on falling down her reddened cheeks. Wiping them away, Natsu cupped the white-haired woman's cheek and couldn't help but release a small chuckle.

"When I was a child, I entered the guild hall with Gramps and everyone were drinking, having laughs and fighting. I saw in the middle where some people were cowering away from a fight between a scarlet-haired Titania and a white-haired Demon. The red head was scary like she had this killer intent surrounding her ready to pounce at her next victim. But the girl in the gothic attire was just beautiful. I fell in love with that girl there and then, but quickly she and the red head never acknowledged me. Only when taking the piss out of me. Then the sister of that girl came over, and she was just so cute. We became the best of friends over the months and then we saw each other at brother and sister. Obviously, I told her about how I felt about that girl, and so she tried to help me to get with her. We thought she hated us being together, but we would deny it and later laugh at how we thought she was getting jealous. However, that wasn't the case as after a few more days of playing together as sibling figures, she came up to me. I thought she would finally see me as someone who could be with her after all the fights we had together and with the red head. That didn't come. What came was her talking to me to look after her sister and always keep her happy. My heart went. She didn't show any love towards me. She just wanted me and her to be happy and for me to take care of her. I didn't show it - just put my toothy grin - and told her that everything was going to ok. That I got this.

After she went, I ran straight to the hut me and the younger sister played together. I told her how she didn't feel anything towards me, and she truly didn't care that I was with her unless I took care of her. We hugged and we slept in that hut with Happy.

From then on, I tried to make little interaction with the girl I fell in love with. It hurt, but she kept on making fun of me and bullying me.

The day came where the three siblings were meant to come back from an S-Cass mission that I wasn't allowed to go on. Instead of three. Two came. The brother, and the girl I fell in love with. But not the one that was my best friend.

I was upset. I was amused. I was angry. But I was upset more.

I made a grave where I we had our hut. The location was beautiful. V-shape valley in the distance with the sun setting perfectly between the to hills. The lake always glistened to the rays of both the sun and the moon. She deserved it.

Then the siblings came. The brother was cowering behind me, expecting me to hit him or something. But I reassured him. told him that Lisanna wanted us to smile and be happy for the Guild. Not cry away but become a man. He was happy. Tears of joy came out, and we hugged. The older sister was behind the tree crying. She came out when the brother went. She ran to me in my arms, leaving me shocked. I allowed it because it was something I loved. But the situation wasn't right. I didn't have my best friend to cheer for me or to celebrate the occasion.

She was also gone; it didn't feel right to just say how much I loved Mirajane Struass there and then. But I knew she didn't feel anything for me. she just needed someone to comfort her. I became that person. Took care of her. Learnt to cook with her. Helped her take a bath. Go to sleep. I even made sure that we went shopping so she could have new clothes and be strong. I was loving it. I felt like we were going out. I was taking care of my girlfriend.

But she wasn't.

Lisanna came after 2 years. I was happy. She interrogated me on how I was you. I told her how I felt like she could be in love with me as well. How I was going to confess to her on the place where the hut was. She squealed in happiness. And you know how something so loving or cute can make her squeal.

But I never was able to confess to her because she kept her distance then. We did go on these shopping dates. But it was like she was faking that beautiful smile even more when it was just the 2 of us.

Then you got trapped in [Fairy Sphere].

And I just cried.

But now you're here. On my lap, me stroking your hair. Bathing in the scent of your lavender hair…" Natsu stopped when he was looking straight into Mira's eyes. Watching as they glistened with the small traces of tears that were probably shed during the whole story.

Natsu, couldn't stop himself being hypnotised by the girl who he first fell in love with. Leaning close, he parted his lips away not even paying attention that she also had her lips apart and her small pink tongue, resting on her bottom soft, pink luscious lip.

Closing the gap, Mira was left feeling a tingling feeling wash over her body. Like a spark had been set off from the man who is kissing her. Kissing her. That feeling of the love and passion from that kiss was exhilarating as that feeling washed over her like she just realised how much the pink haired man felt for her. She couldn't stop the tears from escaping her eyes.

How can she have missed it. the amount of attention he had with her after and even before Lisanna was thought to be dead. Her feelings for the dragon slayer sparked after a few days of him taking care of her. Whether it was bathe her when she was too weak and lost, or if it was cooking with her to take her mind off the event. He had gained the attention that he wanted without him knowing. But the sudden appearance of her sister made her believe that he was in love with her still, with how they hugged each other after her missions and the times they went fishing at times.

But here, the man that she fell in love with, found out that he loved her all this time he was at the guild. He wasn't dense like she told Lucy, she was the oblivious one. If only she realised that sooner or even pushed the relationship before she came back. The amount of heartbreak that could have been saved. She can only kick herself for it.

The kiss was a first for the model. Even with the amount of attention that her fans giver her, she was always waiting for the right person to give it to her. The only person she could give it to. Natsu

And to say that her first Kiss was perfect was an understatement.

It was euphoric.

The way his warm lips gently pressed against her own soft pink ones. The heat coming from his tongue once it wrapped around her own stopping her from dominating the kiss but still gentle, wanting her to enjoy the heavenly feeling that he was known to give to women. She could only enjoy his tongue exploring the inside of her mouth and reaching places that sent jolts of pleasure through her body making her let out a soft moan that sent shivers down the dragon slayer.

The kiss went on for another 2 minutes and Mira could be seen straddling the half demon. his strong hands grabbing each of her soft meaty ass cheeks keeping her close to him as possible. Breaking the kiss to finally get there first breath, both were panting heavily. Both foreheads were touching each other, staring into the eyes of the person that they are looking at. Smoke can be seen coming out of the dragon slayer's mouth from each time he exhaled, sending shivers throughout the platinum haired woman.

"Wow." Was all Mira could say after the best and probably the first of many kisses that she would be getting.

The dragon slayer could only release a grunt before pecking her lips again and biting the swollen lip of the woman on his lap. Pulling her in for a hug he could only sigh with the joy of finally getting the girl that he longed for, for the past 14 years.

"Wow indeed, even though I want to take you right here right now. I think it is still early to go that far." Mira nodded, agreeing that for her to lose her virginity now, would be early seeing as though that they came back just a day ago and should wait for both to be ready for the day to come.

"I think I should go home. Elfman and Lisanna might be waiting for me to come home. I should talk to Lisanna as well." Getting off the pink haired man, Mira straightened her dress before walking towards the door. Before she could even open the door, a sudden tug made her release a yelp and turn around and feel warm lips on hers. Sighing in the feeling, she broke out of the kiss, and looked into the onyx eyes of the taller man and could only say one thing in that moment of intimacy.

"I love you Natsu Dragneel. I love you so much."

"I love you to."

Even though it was a small moment, and both now know that they love each other, that moment became something that they do not want to leave. But they had people to see and look after.

Releasing the smaller woman, he watched as she climbed down the stairs and walked over to the doors. He could only smile and wave once she turned round and gave her lovely smile that she always has on.

Once she left, Natsu cleaned up his office, putting his letters away and sorting his finished paperwork that his clone managed to finish.

Locking up his office, he made his way to the bar and tidied the remaining kegs and glasses that were out of place round the area.

Once he locked up the Guild hall, he made his way to his house and could see Mavis sat at the dining table with Seilah using her [Macro Curse] to send the plates to the table.

Giving each a small kiss and told them about his moment with Mira, Seilah gave him a loving kiss and Mavis gave him a hug which he responded.

Leaving the dining room and entering his bedroom, he could only smile at how his daughter is asleep, in her green unicorn onesie and is sucking on her small thumb.

He joined his daughter in bed after he had is dinner with his 2 lovers, and pulled the young girl on his stomach, which made her stir awake.

"Papa you home?"

"Yeah Princess, how was your day. I haven't been able to hang out with you as much I loved to have with the group coming back." Natsu could only look at his sleepy daughter in guilt with how limited he is able to spend time with his daughter.

"It was great papa. You don't have to be guilty with not being able to spend time with me. I understand that you must have missed them a lot." Esme is too good of a daughter for the father in his opinion.

"I am glad that I am your dad Esme." Said girl could only bury deeper into her father's chest, wanting to feel more of his heat. The sleepy smile on her face couldn't hide that her father is proud of her and will make sure that he is always there for her when she needs him. even if she is with her mother.

"I know papa. You say that every time you see me, and it is embarrassing." Natsu could only chuckle at the whining girl. "It's because I mean it." lifting the girl up so her face was near his, he gave her a soft kiss on her cheek which she returned, before she allowed Natsu to return her back to her place and continue stroking her green hair.

Over then next hour or so, the father and daughter talked about what they had been getting up to and what new things the daughter of the dragon slayer had learnt from when she was with her mother as well as when she was being taught by Anna Heartfillia.

Both fell asleep with Natsu on his back, one arm wrapped around his little girl protectively and the girl snuggling closer to her father with no care in the world.

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