I thought of this one-shot the other day when I spilled extremely hot tea on my ankles. It hurt, but I got this out of it so it was worth it. XD I also meant the title in a literal manner. Ahsoka does not figuratively spill the tea, since Anidala is a "secret."

Routine Disclaimer: I don't own the Clone Wars.

Anakin Skywalker was a mess. Complete with bloodshot eyes, a slightly smudged face, and hair flattened to one side, he looked like he hadn't had a moment of peace in quite a while. Obi-Wan surveyed his former Padawan, an amused smirk gracing his lips.

"You look like a new parent."

"Huh?" Anakin asked.

"Or something of the sort," Obi-Wan conceded.

"Is this what being a new parent is going to be like?!"

Obi-Wan paused. "What?"

Anakin frowned in confusion. "What?"





Obi-Wan rolled his eyes at Anakin and continued to smirk. "Enjoying being a Master, Anakin?"

"Master," Anakin groaned. "It is so much harder than you made it look."

"Yes, it's no walk in the park," Obi-Wan responded smugly.

Anakin ran a hand over his face. "But it's so hard. Why does it look so easy?"

Ahsoka walked into the room. "Master Skywalker? I think– hic! I may– hic! have hiccups. Hic! I don't know– hic! how I got them."

Anakin sighed deeply. "Master," he whined to Obi-Wan. "I never came bothering you about hiccups!"

"Well, actually…" Obi-Wan stroked his beard in thought. "I believe you did at least once."

"How do I– hic! get rid of them?" asked Ahsoka.

Obi-Wan turned to Anakin. "Better help your Padawan, Master Skywalker."

Anakin shot him a half-hearted glare. "A cure for hiccups… hm… I don't remember! What did you cure me with?"

Obi-Wan merely continued to smirk.

"I have it!" Anakin snapped his fingers. "Tea!"

Obi-Wan's smug expression faltered. "What?"

"Tea is a cure for everything!" asserted Anakin. "Ten years as your Padawan taught me that!"


"Don't worry, I remember how to make tea!" Anakin hurried into the adjoining room, where there was a small kitchen.

Ahsoka glanced at Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan shrugged. They both followed Anakin.

"So all I gotta do is heat this water up and add a few tea bags. This is easy!"

Obi-Wan took pity on his former Padawan. "Use this kettle to heat up the water. And you only need one tea bag for a mug of tea."

"Right." Anakin nodded briefly. "I knew that." He filled a kettle of water and placed it on the stove without incident. "Hey, Mastering isn't so hard!" Anakin opened a cupboard, and his face fell. "Why are there so many colors of tea?"

Within a few minutes, Ahsoka was settled on a chair with a steaming mug of tea. Anakin sighed with relief and flopped onto his own chair.

"Now drink your tea, Snips. It's a magic cure, you'll be fine right away."

Ahsoka looked confused.

"Drink it slowly," advised Obi-Wan. "That will help the hiccups to pass."

"I would have to anyway," Ahsoka said after taking a small sip. "This is really hot!"

Obi-Wan frowned at Anakin. "Anakin, you're not supposed to use boiling water on green tea!"

"I'm not?"

"Boiling water should be used to extract the flavor from tea leaves, but for green or white teas you must allow the water to cool slightly! Otherwise you'll burn the leaves."

"Oh… Oops. I'll do that next time," promised Anakin.

"I received a pamphlet on tea brewing a while back, which you may read," offered Obi-Wan.

Anakin smirked. "Really? That's funny. Sure. You can go get that, Master Tea."

Ahsoka burst out laughing the same time Anakin did.

Obi-Wan surveyed them in bewilderment. "What?"

"Haha!" Ahsoka snorted loudly. "'Master Tea'! Ahaha!"

"Geddit, Master?" Anakin asked breathlessly. "'Master Tea'? LIKE MASTER TI?" He fell off his chair, laughing hysterically.

Obi-Wan blinked. "I fail to see the humor in this situation."

"Oh Force, that was funny," said Ahsoka, wiping a tear from her eye.

Anakin waved at Ahsoka. "See, Obi-Wan? She appreciates my jokes! I like having a Padawan!"

Obi-Wan smiled tolerantly, though still confused. "That's nice. I'm going to my quarters to get that booklet for you. Don't hurt yourselves while I'm gone."

"Psh, we'll be fine," Ahsoka responded. She lapsed again into silent giggles. "Master Tea…"

Obi-Wan shook his head and left.

When he returned less than three minutes later, Ahsoka had proved herself wrong. She was hopping in place and waving away a now distraught Anakin.

"Ow, ow, ow, hot, very hot, very hot!"

"Ahh! You're gonna be okay! Just hang on! Obi-Wan, where's a medkit?!" Anakin dashed toward his former Master and grabbed him by the shoulders. "Bring a medic!"

"What, what?!" Obi-Wan dropped his booklet. "Anakin. What happened?"

Anakin gestured inarticulately at Ahsoka. "Wait, there's a medkit down the hall!" He sprinted out of the quarters.

Obi-Wan looked around the room, cleverly deducing from the mug lying on its side and the small puddle on the ground that Ahsoka had spilled her tea. "Spill your tea? Are you alright?"

"Yep, I'm fine, Master Kenobi," Ahsoka answered. "That tea was just really hot." She attempted to wipe off her skirt. "I'm totally fi–"

"I'm back!" Anakin yelled. "But there wasn't a medkit! This is not good!" He began rifling through a drawer. "I should have some supplies here. How much does it hurt?"

Ahsoka furrowed her brow. "I'm fine, Master."

"It's okay, Snips," Anakin reassured. "I understand that it hurts. You don't have to hide it."

"Master, it was just some tea!"

"Hot water can cause very serious burns! You could go into shock! How are you feeling?"

Obi-Wan raised an eyebrow skeptically. "Anakin, do you know how to treat burns?"

"No! I have no idea! We have to find a healer!" Anakin grabbed Ahsoka's arm and started to drag her out into the hallway.

"Anakin, wait!"

Anakin struggled to get past Obi-Wan. "Gotta get a healer! Snips could be seriously hurt–"

Obi-Wan pinched the bridge of his nose with his free hand. "Ahsoka is fine, Anakin!"

"Master Kenobi's right," Ahsoka agreed. "I'm not hurt. See?" She pulled out of Anakin's grasp and spread her arms.

"That looks like a burn to me," muttered Anakin.

"My skin is orange."

"Okay, okay, fine. No healer." Anakin paused momentarily. "A medic?"


Before Anakin could suggest anything more, Obi-Wan had an idea. "You know, the tea worked, Anakin."


Ahsoka caught on. "I'm not hiccuping!" She grinned. "Nice going, Skyguy!"

"Oh… okay." Anakin scratched the back of his neck sheepishly. "I guess what you did drink worked."

Obi-Wan patted his arm. "Look, you cured your Padawan and were… prepared to keep her safe. You did well."

Anakin nodded. "Okay… I guess I was. I haven't failed at being a Master!"

And so it was that Anakin Skywalker gained confidence in his Mastering skills, knowledge of how to properly brew tea, and a phobia of hiccups. He also had a go-to cure after this occasion… though Kix and Coric had words with him after a few troopers he had talked to later insisted they didn't want a bacta tank, just tea.