Dear Mr. Mason,

Hello. I'm a huge fan of your show. I've seen every episode. I love the way you expose the real killer at the end of it!

People says you're just fictional, but I knows you're real. Or at least I hope you are, cause I really need your legal help!

You see, I've gotten myself in a right mess! I had a couple drinks and got into my car, and…well, the cops thinks I killed a girl. But I knows I didn't do that!

I don't got a lot of money, but I'm pretty sure you do's that 'pro bono" work. Could you take my case, please? I sure hopes you can help me!

Your friend,

Cletus Jones

Rock Port AR.

Dear Mr. Jones,

Mr. Perry Mason has asked me to respond to your letter.

He regrets that he cannot take your case, as he is terribly busy with other cases, at the moment.

However, he suggests that you check with your local legal aid office, and one of these lawyers will be more than glad to take your case.


Della Street.