Before we start the story, this was a recommendation from JBlaser. Thanks for the request, and I hope you enjoy the story.

Chapter 1

The sun was shining bright, and the sky was beautiful. Birds were singing, along with the occasional voice of the neighboring camp counsellor. There wasn't a cloud in sight, and the temperature was perfect for summer activities. All of the ingredients to have a perfect day. At least if it wasn't for one thing that soured the mood of three ladies from the Flower Scouts.

"What the f #$ do you mean we aren't meeting our sales quota!?" came the shrill voice of Flower Scout Sasha.

That's right, the Flower Scouts cookie sales were suffering heavily. It was the news that her fellow scout Erin had just delivered when she overheard their scout leader Penelope Priss talking on the phone. She assumed that it was a conversation with Cameron Campbell based on the shouting. It wasn't very coherent because of all the yelling but she gathered enough info to know that it was bad. Especially when she heard the words, 'Grounds for termination.' All of which she told her friends.

"What does that mean exactly?" asked the third member of the trio, Tabii, who was touching up her makeup under her eye patch.

Tabii was currently sitting on a stool in front of a mirror. There use to be two mirrors on her table where she was currently sitting at. However, since she lost her eye, the other mirror had been removed from her table. Mostly because she had to hold her head at an angle to see what she was doing now.

"It means that we could lose our right to be called Flower Scouts," Erin explained with fear.

This made Tabii stop applying her makeup, and essentially makes her drop everything as she freezes in place. Slowly, Tabii turns around in her chair and looks ready to cry. She only changed her expression when Sasha glared angrily at her, and shouted, "Pull yourselves together. We can get through this."

"But how?" Erin asked desperately, "What else can we do to get the sales back up after what happened last time?"

A while back, the flower scouts managed to oversell their cookies because of a mix up of ingredients. It was only after the second time that they realized what was going on. Mostly because they served a box of those cookies to a frequent customer who ended up getting arrested because of the cookies. They were just lucky that the box was missing. Clearly they needed a plan to get themselves out of this new rut that they ended up in.

Unfortunately, all their plans came up just short of perfect. Erin suggested starting a fundraiser but it was quickly apparent that they couldn't get the materials, nor the effort for the labor to do so. Tabii recommenced burning down the camp sight for insurance which Sasha promptly thumped her for even suggesting. Everything that they came up with all had the same outcome of failure. Unless…

"I got it," Sasha announced with a devious smile before turning to her fellow flower scouts, "What do you girls say to a little trip?"

"Oooh yes please," Tabii enthusiastically replied, "But I should get my purse ready."

Sasha looked at her friend with a deadpanned expression, "Not to the mall dummy."

This time, both Erin and Sasha looked confused. Erin decided to speak up, "Then where are we going?"

Sasha pulled the two girls in close, and informed them of her plan. Once she finished, both girls seemed to still be confused. So Sasha let out a heavy sigh and explained more thoroughly. By this time, they finally caught onto the whole idea, and were all smiling deviously. Tabii asked, attempting to ease her excitement, "So how will we do this?"


Back at Camp Campbell, the day was coming to an end and the campers were getting ready to eat their last meal of the day. Well most of them were while others ate as little and slowly as possible. Those others were primarily Max, and Neil while Nikki gorged in their leftovers. Neil groaned in disgust as he asked, "How the hell can you eat that?"

Nikki simply shrugged as she replied, "Hey. Food is food."

"So you would say that if you were eating rat poison?" Max asked with disbelief.

"Of course not," Nikki answered with a slight laugh, "For one thing, poison isn't food. And for another, rat poison is too bitter anyway."

Both boys looked at the teal haired girl with complete shock. Sure they were aware of Nikki's…well…wild child tendencies, but they figured that she had to have some common sense. Granted it was still Nikki that they were talking about so it was unclear if she did have any semblance of common sense, skewed or otherwise. She at least was informed enough to not eat poison but there were still many questions regarding the enigmatic agent of chaos of the trio. And the boys wanted to ask her, but they were sort of afraid of what answers she would give.

"Well on that note, I'm going to hit the sack," Max said as he got up to go back to his tent, "Or vomit into the lake."

"But you hardly…" Neil began to remind Max about the meal, but then he remembered who usually preps the food at Camp Campbell, "Actually, never mind."

"Later Max," Nikki said with a wave before returning to consuming the food in front of her.

Max gave a slight wave back as he left the mess hall. He began looking around to see if anyone could spot him, and gave a slight smirk when he noticed that he was alone. He then ran down to the dock where the canoes would be stored. However, this time his luck wasn't the greatest since Gwen and David planned ahead. "When did they put a f #$king lock on the door?" Max groaned as he kicked the door.

He assumed that it was some time after he came back from the Wood Scouts Camp. After Billy screwed him, Nikki, and Neil over in their escape attempt, it took Max a while to get out of that hellhole. Pikeman was not easy to distract when it came to new 'scouts'. Apparently at the same time, Nikki and Neil had their own misadventures with the Flower Scouts. But they all returned safely, though they almost gave David a panic attack.

Nikki immediately told the camp counselors what had happened, and all three were banned from camp activities for a week. Not really a loss for Max though since his escape attempts hadn't stopped. Of course now he needs to find a key which he knows would be in one of two places. The first being the quartermaster's quarters, obviously he'll never set foot in that place unless he's desperate. The second being the counselor's cabin which is tough since both Gwen and David are light sleepers, a fact he learned from his first attempt to sneak in.

While he was still making up his mind, he noticed rustling from the bushes. He picked up a nearby stick and readied himself to swing. However, the cause of the noise approached the ten year old boy, and revealed themselves to be a familiar blond Flower Scout with an eye patch saying in a rather whiny tone, "Ugh. I hate nature."

Max groaned as he lowered the stick, "What the f #$ Are you doing here Tabii? Neil is back at the mess hall obviously not thinking about you."

Tabii scoffed obnoxiously, "Rude. But actually, I'm here for you."

"Really?" Max asked with disbelief.

"Okay look," Tabii began explaining, "I know how much you want to leave this dump of a camp-"

"Wait you know something?" Max interrupted with a mocking smirk.

Tabii scowled at the boy, "Very funny dick. What I'm trying to tell you is I'm willing to help you leave Camp Campbell with this."

She led Max around the bush and revealed how she got to the campsite. There was a pink boat docked at the shore just a little ways away from the Camp Campbell docks. It had a motor which caught Max a little off guard though he imagined it was so that the girls wouldn't break a nail rowing. It had to be the most girly motorboat he'd ever seen in his life. Which also raised two questions.

"Okay how did you pilot this here?" Max asked with heavy suspicion, "And why would you want to help me with the past we have."

Tabii gave a puzzled glance before she was struck with realization, "Oh my god. I totally forgot. Sasha now!"

Before Max could react, he felt someone grab him from behind and put a cloth to his face. He struggled and attempted to call for help, but it was ultimately useless. And within seconds, he losing consciousness. He only caught a quick look of who his abductor was, and saw that it was Sasha with oddly decent camouflage makeup. Just before he blacked out, he heard, "There there Maxie. Everything will be okay."