Xagon: Sorry this is so late. It was meant to be a Christmas fic but life got in the way of posting. Heh, I may have also forgotten that I had this. I wrote this back during the summer of 2020. Anyway, let's get it started!

Thefakeredhead Prompt winter bonus #3

"I used to be an internationally feared assassin, I was wanted by the governments of twelve separate countries. Now, I host ugly sweater parties."

The Domesticated Fox

The Golden Fox. A contract killer known for always getting the job done. Want a corporate CEO killed in a way that looks like an accident? The official story says he died when his private jet had engine troubles over the pacific and crashed into the ocean, No survivors. Want an Olympic swimmer killed for revenge? They say he drowned after overexerting himself. At any rate, the point is, The Golden Fox is capable of anything. Or rather...Was capable of anything.

"NARUTO! WHERE ARE THOSE DECORATIONS I ASKED YOU TO PUT UP?" A tall, blond man with deep blue eyes cringed as he heard his wife yell his name. He was currently hiding in the garage in an attempt to avoid her wrath. He couldn't help but wonder what possessed him to marry the platinum blond woman given how loud she can be when she's upset or stressed...which was always.

The man was snapped out of his musing as he heard another shout, "IF I FIND YOU IN THAT GOD FORSAKEN GARAGE AGAIN THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY!" Naruto yelped slightly and made a run for the door before it opened to reveal a lithe woman clad in jeans and a red sweater under a purple apron. "There you are." She smiled sweetly at him as he jerked back. "What are you doing in here, sweetie? I thought you were hanging up the decorations for the party?"

Naruto broke out in a cold sweat at the sickeningly sweet tone she used before he threw on a wide charismatic smile, "Ino! My darling wife! I thought the decorations were out here. I was wondering why I couldn't find them." He mentally pat himself on the back, 'That was a damn good quick thinking if I do say so myself.'

Ino put her hands on her hips and narrowed her eyes, "They're sitting on the coffee table in the living room. Where you put them and where they've been sitting for the past two days." Naruto gulped loudly, "Heheh, uh...oops?"

Ino growled slightly, "Yeah, oops, now get in there and put them up. Our guests will be here in an hour!"

Naruto slumped animatedly, "Yes ma'am," He muttered, resigned to his fate. His wife lightly swatted his back as he walked past her, "And get your sweater on!"

The blond man picked a green sweater up off the couch and put it on, the ugly design making him cringe every time he caught a glimpse of himself in the reflection of a decoration.

Dejectedly performing his task of setting up the decorations, he began muttering to himself, "I used to be an internationally feared assassin, I was wanted by the governments of twelve separate countries. Now, I host ugly sweater parties."

Ino walked past and kissed his cheek, "Imagine the looks on the faces of the people that tried to hunt you down if they could see the infamous Golden Fox now."

Naruto laughed loudly and resumed his task with a more upbeat attitude, securing the last decoration in place right before the doorbell rang. "They're here!" He called for his wife, and she squealed in delight as she darted from the kitchen. Ino leapt into his arms and kissed him deeply as he spun them around to compensate for her momentum.

She smiled as they stopped turning and looked him in the eyes. "Thank you, Naruto. I love you." He returned her smile, "I love you too, Ino" He set her down and stood behind her as she opened the door. As laughter and greetings filled the home, he welcomed his guests with a loud, "Merry Christmas Everyone!"