Tammy and Thomas were lying on the couch watching a movie. After the credits.

They had a little makeout session which lasted for ten minutes before they broke appart with Tammy panting. Thomas didn't pant due to being a machine.

I had a lovely time with you Tammy told him.

Me too Thomas said. You have made me feel more human than before. Tammy gave him a kiss.

Guess I better get back to the Gaines it's late Thomas said getting up But Tammy grabbed his hand

Stay here tonight she said. But what about your parents ? Thomas asked.

They won't be back til after school tomorrow. Okay I'll let the Gaines know Thomas said.

Great I'll get my pajamas on Tammy said walking over to her room.

Thomas sat there for a few minutes when Tammy came out.

How do I look? Tammy asked.

Thomas turned around and saw Tammy in a dark blue sleveless nightie.

You look hot Thomas said causing Tammy to blush.

They went into her bedroom and Thomas stripped down to his boxers and climbed into bed with her.

I was thinking about something Today Tammy said.

What's that Thomas asked facing her. That maybe you should tell Lucia and Makayla about you being a android. They are my friends and they have a right to know.

Okay Thomas replied . I agree okay. see you in the morning Tammy said as they fell asleep together.

The next day after class Tammy gathered her friends over behind the Garage.

Why are we here Tammy ? Makayla asked.

I have a secret to tell you Thomas said.

What is it ? Lucia asked. You may not believe me but I am a machine like Andrew said and Simone but I am also from a alternate universe. Thomas pulled out a knife and cut the skin pulling it off revealing the robotic structure.

Wow they said amazed. That is cool Makayla said. Really ? Thomas asked.

Yeah lucia said.

Well I'll tell you more inside Thomas said as they went inside for some drinks.

He told them about the alternate future and the war between man and machine and how he got here.

Suprisingly they were still fine with him.

You've changed Lucia said and Tammy loves you and you love her so you are definitely a good person.

Thanks Thomas said with a tear in his eye