Chapter 1.1: Grievance with the Author

"This is stupid!" Asuka yelled, throwing her script across the room. "How come I have to sleep next to him?! Why did the author think that was a good idea?"

"Well, he wanted to have a sweet and wholesome moment to contrast with the dream from earlier…" said Shinji, unnerved.

"Pfft, yeah right, he just wants some stupid warm and fuzzy moment between us because he can't get enough of us being together," she said, her anger rising. "Not to mention, he's slow. So damn slow. I swear they're times he leaves the document open and never touches it for the entire day!"

"Well… things come up and whatnot, he's trying his best," he said. "Cut him a little slack."

"I'll cut him some slack when he stops slacking and gets his priorities straight." Asuka looks deep into the monitor, her eyes. "So quit writing this poor attempt at comedy and do something with your life!" she said, storming out of the room.

Shinji turned his attention in front of him. "Sorry…"