Hey guys! So I know that I literally have like 2 other ongoing fanfictions but this plot has been in my head for a while just bouncing around and I feel like I really need to write it down, so here goes!

The king pressed his hand to his forehead and sighed. None of them are right! How? How could he look for a queen when he already had one? Did they expect him to just forget? Well how? How could he forget someone so perfect?

"Thank you Amanda, you may go to the waiting room with the others," Several hundred others, "And you will be notified if you are chosen. Thank you." The princess smiled then turned around walking out of the room with the grace of a hippo. "Next!" He shouted loudly.

The next girl entered the court room showing way too much skin for Caspian's liking, he fought the urge to cover his eyes. "Hello. What is your name, and why would you be a good queen of Narnia?" Even though Narnia already has one... so do I.

"Well, My name is Diaria I'm beautiful, everyone loves me, I am good at looking pretty..." As the girl rattled of his mind drifted to the their last night together.

"Caspian we can't... I don't think we are staying this time."

"You must! Aslan must let you! What is Narnia going to do without you?" Then in a much smaller voice he added, "What am I going to do without you?" She sighed and leaned into his warm chest. He put slid one of his arms into the small of her back. They stood like this for thirty minutes before Susan finally broke their stance,

"Come on." She whispered. He allowed himself to be led away until she stoped in front of her room.

"Susan- Are you sure? I do not wish to force you into doing anything you don't wish to do..."

"No, you'd never... Please Caspian, I need this, I need you." He nodded, not trusting himself to speak, and wordlessly. He led her into the room.

"And that is why I would make a good queen!" His eyes widened in alarm, he hadn't heard a word she'd said! Oh Aslan...

"Thank you, um Diaria, I will let you know if you are chosen. In the meanwhile please wait in the room with the others." Then the next girl came in. But somehow this one was different, she was a star.

"Hello King Caspian. I bring news from Aslan. Well not news, I bring someone, several someones from Aslan." He raised and eye brow before the full meaning of her words set in. "They are waiting in the Royal Common room." His eyes glimmered with untouched hope and he practically leapt from his throne and ran out of the room. He couldn't seem to make his legs move faster as he sprinted to the common room. He dared to hope that they were back.

To him Peter and Edmund were like brothers, and Lucy like a little sister. Susan however... He threw open the Common room door, and what he saw made his heart burst,

"Peter! Edmund! Susan! Lucy!" He shouted, all their attention turned to him and they froze.

"Caspian!" Susan ran over to him and flung herself into his arms, he caught her easily and wrapped his arms around her so tight he was sure any tighter and her ribs would break, Susan however didn't seem to mind and was hugging him back just as tight. Her tears soaked his shirt and the sounds of her muffled sobs filled the air. He was sure that he shed a few tears as well.

"I thought I lost you..." She whispered so quietly he wasn't sure she had spoken.

"You could never lose me! I will always hold on to you. I will always remember you." She closed her eyes and slammed her lips into his, he responded just as quickly, however after a moment a loud noise broke them away from each other.

"As happy that we are that you guys are back together we would like to feel loved too!" Ed called. He laughed and released Susan. The second he let her go Lucy barreled into him. She was taller as he noticed and was blossoming into a fine young woman.

"We're so happy to see you! I can't believe your still alive! How old are you? How long has it been here? We missed you so much!" She squealed, hugging her back as well he replied,

"I am really happy to see you to! Yes I am alive, I am currently 22, it has been 1 year for us here." Next he moved to Edmund who had grown taller and also gained muscle,

"It's so great to see you Ed! Still a horrible dancer or have you gotten better?" He teased, he turned a fabulous shade of red,

"Shut up Caspian." But then he cheered up, "Still a horrible kisser or have you gotten better?" Now it was his turn to flush.

"Yeah like you would know." Finally he moved over to Peter, who had also gained muscle and grown taller, he offered him a hand but Peter surprised him with a hug. Then he turned to Susan again and got a good look at her for the first time in 4 years. She had grown even prettier if that was possible, her brown curls tumbled down past her breasts, down to her mid-back. Her skin was as clear and milky white as possible and even without any makeup she was breathtakingly beautiful.

"You said it has been only a year for you Caspian?" She asked,

"Yes. One year since Edmund, Lucy and Eustace joined us on the Dawn Treader. Speaking of Eustace, where is he? Is he here as well?"

"Yep. Right behind you. It's bloody good to see you mate!" Came a familiar voice behind him. He laughed and spun around,

"Same goes yo you Eustace, still called Useless?"

"Not anymore!"

"That's right Caspian, Eustace has proved himself no longer useless!" Susan giggled, he smirked.

"Good to know Useless." Susan leaned against his chest once more and he relished the feeling on having her there.

"Caspian, you said it has been only 1 year since the voyage right?" Edmund asked,

"Thats right,"

"But it has been 3 years for us... Thats strange, you also said on the voyage it had been 3 years since the Narnia Revolution, while it had been 1 year for us."

"I wouldn't stress yourself out about it Ed. The Deep magic is... well magic. It works in strange ways." Peter said. Then there was a knock at the door,

"Enter." He called. Glenstorm opened the door.

"Your Majesty, they are still waiting for your decision, there are also many other women waiting to be interviewed." Beside him Susan flushed bright red,

"Oh! Of course, my apologies Caspian." He laughed,

"No matter, I have not yet chosen a bride."

"Your Majesties. The Stars foretold of your arrival. I do hope you are here to stay."

"Glenstorm!" Lucy squealed, rushing over to the loyal Centaur. She hugged him and he chuckled.

"Welcome Queen Lucy."

"Thank you Glenstorm. Yes, Aslan informed us that we are in fact here to stay!"

"I am glad to hear it King Peter. Now King Caspian. They are still waiting." He groaned.

"Alright Glenstorm. I'm coming. Susan, Ed, Lu and Peter, your rooms are in top condition and they are exactly where they used to be. I will see you all at dinner after deal with... them." Then he whispered to Susan, "I must now crush their spirits. I hope you are pleased by this." She giggled, "Of course love."

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Edmund- 20


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