Next to an ancient stone castle stood a lot of students gathered around a magical circle carved into the ground itself. All but one of the school uniform clad children has summoned a magical familiar, a creature meant to serve the summoned. The last one to parade upon this holy rite of passage is Louise. A short and petite pink haired mage, desperate to succeed at the noble art of successful spell casting.

My Familiar that exists in this vast universe, my name is Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière. Pentagon of the five elements, heed my summoning! Give me the most wise, powerful and beautiful familiar a master can ask for"

After her frantic chanting yet another of her spells end in a destructive explosion, only many magnitudes more powerful than before. After the billowing smoke vanished the panic stricken scattered children returned to the circle to see what kind of familiar the worst mage in school managed to call upon. In the circle there was something that shimmered ever so slightly, it was a fairly big object, but no one could see what it actually was. Snide remarks were thrown around as the zero had failed yet again. The teacher in charge went over to his student to address the situation.

"What in the founders name have you summoned? I know something is there but it is hidden from my eyes."

"I failed, this thing is not a magnificent manticore, nor a dragon, it's not even a frog."

"What is it then?"

"A weird rusty and dusty wagon without horses."

"An invisible wagon made of metal?"


"Regardless Louise, you must finish the ritual." Demanded the balding professor known as Colbert.

The balding teacher ordered the students to back off, to give Louise the room she needed to finish the binding ritual.

Yet again the forlorn girl looked up at the sky in resignation, before she clumsily left the green and brown truck. She walked up to the side and chanted the final words of the familiar binding spell. Magic surged and weird tunes not seen outside of old tales of the founder etched into the surface of the car. The green color got replaced by a deep purple hue, despite these cosmetic changes, the vehicle still remained rusty, yet fully just assumed she was kissing thin air. The blonde haughty student walking straight into an invisible wall did not help with her mood, but it gave the crowd something else to laugh at.

In front of her stood a wheeled rust-bucket of a horse less wagon, with wheels made of an unknown substance. The only way she knew it looked about like a wagon was the tarp on the back.

The surrounding pupils began making fun of her delusions and wild imagination, but their words did not reach her ears as she fell to her knees in defeat.

After a spot of silence, a very scruffy looking man without shoes came into existence.

The man wore a worn turban, held onto an ordinary sledge hammer and was without shoes.

The surrounding students burst into mocking laughter and rude insults at the expense of the miserable pink haired mage yet again.

"You've truly outdone yourself this time zero, you have literally summoned a commoner, and from the looks of it, he's a beggar to boot. How much did you pay him for this charade?"

"Zero can only summon explosions and scruffy commoners."

"A shame to her family name."

"Just expelled the failure already."

"Zero, will always be null and void."

"Such a pathetic summon, look at him crawling in the dust like a cockroach

Louise exploded into rage at the peasant, who threw himself into the dust before her feet.

"Don't hurt me, oh merciful one."

"Good, you know your place, but who are you?"

"I'm but a servant of the lady."

"By Brimirs balls, what are you rambling about?

"Are you not my glorious leader?"

"I did summon you to be my familiar. At least you know how to bow before your superiors."

"You are merciful, oh radiant one. What is your will?"

"What is that shoddy looking carriage behind you?"

"It's your center of command."

"But it is a rust bucket."

"It's a perfectly camouflaged truck jewel of the morning star."



"I have no idea what you are going on about."

The man without shoes just looked at her oddly and shrugged. He looked around for a bit and carefully addressed her again. "Oh radiant one, how do you travel the lands, if this truck is not good enough?"

"A horse pulled carriage, fitting of a noble such as I."

"Forgive my intrusion, but that sounds very slow and inefficient. A horse can not stand up to a tank."

"I have no idea what you are talking about."

The man averted his eyes and sighed quietly at his misfortune.

As this conversation went on, the rowdy crowd grew bored and slowly dissipated, there was not much to see besides the sad looking servant. A novelty that quickly lost its luster. Aside from the scrawny blue haired mage who stood next to her magnificent blue dragon. She tried really hard to make out the shape of whatever was in front of her, there was clearly something there, she just could not see it.

Colbert carefully approached his irate student, taking a careful note of the runes that now adorned the clothes the foreigner was wearing. He was fairly certain that he had seen those before, but for now he had to see to his student.

The poor professor was left speechless for a moment, until he got an idea.

"If it is a wagon, there must be something inside."

With a bit of a spring in his step he went over to the summoning site with his staff extended so he would avoid walking face first into it. Louise slouched after him with her head hung low, mulling over her great misfortune. Once she reached the jalopy, she climbed into the cramped back of it. Inside she found another barefoot man, dressed in scruffy clothing, wearing a turban on his head. Upon seeing her, he fell to his knees and put his face to the ground.

"Please your excellency, show mercy upon your humble servant, who is unfit to look upon you."

"What in Brimirs name is this? I summoned another peasant.."

"I'm dreadfully sorry my commander, it's the best cargo truck we could get with our meager budget."

"What does this weird thing even do?"

Still growling on the floor to avoid looking his unfit eyes upon his commander, he began a lengthy exposition.

"This is a camouflaged command truck, it trains more servants for a fee and is needed to call in special powers. The workers go out to do your bidding, by collecting resources to build a base."

"A base, a base for what?" Asked the teacher known as Colbert.

"War against foreign infidels."

Colbert looked at it all with a childlike wonder, Louise just shambled away lamenting her life.

Later that night she went to her dorm room, followed by her hidden servant. The downtrodden peasant added a blindfold to cover his eyes, he was felt that he was not worthy to looking upon his commander.

"Servant, take my laundry and get it cleaned and if you need to sleep there is a basket of straws on the floor."

"I will go."

That night after she tucked into bed, Louise had a restless night. Images of weird muskets like weapons, schematics of vehicles similar quality and style to the one she had summoned and huge shoddy shacks.. These were stone, wood, metal bits and barbed wire. Everything was unlike anything she has ever seen before, yet vaguely familiar.

The very next morning she woke up to a commotion outside in the courtyard. While getting dressed she grumbled about stupid useless servants not getting her laundry done on time. When she was dressed and somewhat presentable, someone was knocking at her door.

"Louise open up I know you are in there, you can't wallow in your shame forever."

"Be quiet you Germanic harlot."

"You're as charming as ever Zero and still a failure."

"I'll have you know I succeeded."

Louise threw open the door to face her rival, a tall fiery redhead, with a big set of boobs and a dress showing ample amount of cleavage. The girl simply oozes sexuality and lust.

"Not as far as I can see."

"That is just it, my man servant and his ride is hidden from the likes of you."

"The zero actually summoned a filthy peasant?"

Spluttering out an intangible insult, Louise turned several shades of red before storming down the stairs and into the courtyard. The whole student body was gathered around a ramshackle shack that had popped up during the night. It was a yellowish dirt brown square stone house, with a single green door. The crowd gave way to the pink haired girl as she shouted out after her minion.

"In the name of the void, what is this?"

"A supply shack my liege."

"But there are no supplies around here and it looks like a poor people's quarter."

"It is important for our economy my mistress."

"Can you at least hide it?"

"I will work."

The weird man suddenly pulled out a huge sledgehammer and began hitting the building, before he pulled out a very huge sheet covered in leaves. The crowd of gathered students gawked in silence at this display, not quite sure what they were looking at, but it was something new and novel. Half a minute later the entire structure was covered in netting that blended in with the terrain, before vanishing completely.

"Heh, Louise has a useless commoner that is better at parlor tricks than her." Snidely remarked a very smug looking blonde boy, a nobleman immaculately dressed.

"I've yet to see you do anything impressive, Guiche. All I see is a womanizing gigolo that can't keep his pants up, while wearing a belt."

"I'm still your better zero, gaze upon my magnificent familiar."

From the ground emerged a very generic looking nearly blind brown mole.

"Ohh look at me, I can summon a dirt digging rat. It's a perfect fit for a man that is less than mud."

"I'll have you know that my earth control is superior to any thing you have ever accomplished. How much did you pay to get a homeless bum to work for you? It was probably with your body."

"You dare to insult my standing, I'll have you know that my familiar can crush you into dirt."

"I'd like to see you try, zero! We will have a duel at dawn too see if you can back up those words, for now breakfast awaits me."

With such a livid start to the day, Louise stood there silently fuming, as the onlookers went for breakfast as well.

"Oh lady of emptiness, this humble servant is not armed."

"But I need to win the duel, or I will lose honor, besides I want someone to punch that smug git really, really hard."

"You could build a barracks and request more peasants."

"More shoddy sheds?"

The man sighed quietly. "Yes."

"Fine, build it by the forest and use the nearby trees as resources, or something."

"Off I go then."

Louise's stomach began to rumble and she made her way towards the food hall. There she sat in silence, listening to the inane chatter of her fellow nobles. The only people fit to rule, due to the mastery of magic. As the day went on she felt a mental thug in her mind. A compulsion that made her immediately drop her book and head outside. These she was greeted by yet another stone shed, a slightly bigger one, but it was still shoddy and covered in dirt. Several shoe-less men were busy cutting down the forest and carried the logs into the supply depot. Which made some really odd sounds. How a full sized three could fit inside she knew not, but her eyes was not deceiving her.

"Is that it?"

"Yes, oh master of emptiness."

"At this rate my schoolyard will look like a shanty town."

"Yes, but a base requires space."

"How can I win a magical duel with the douche with this wonky brick building?"

"Order some men, my duchess of the dark. Might I humbly suggest you request a war factory and a black market."

"Fine, get to work maggot, and build these things. There is space over there by the fountain, just hide it before classes are done for the day."

It never quite occurred to her, or any of the students that a man with a sledgehammer putting together a building by himself was unnatural. For what does a snotty noble mage actually know about construction work? Probably not a lot.

The new teacher of magic the school had hired was blissfully aware of her incoming demise, unlike the students that began to flip tables over to use for cover. The educator thought it was a good idea to have Louise replicate the feat of transmuting led into a different material. The result was a resounding success, if one considers disintegration just that. Once the dust settled the class was dismissed and the school staff came to tidy up the room.

Outside in the courtyard a crowd of identical men awaited her. "Your men are ready my lady." Said the servant pointing at the oddly dressed people. Each one was dressed in a bulky waistcoat covered in packages connected to a thread with a handle.

"Minion, can these worms win the duel?"

"Yes, they eagerly await your orders."

Eventually Guiche entered the school yard along with most of the students and the faculty. "The zero, still here, keeping up the charade?" He began gloating as he strutted over to Louise. Before he could speak any further he walked face first into a camouflaged brick wall. "What manner of sorcery is this?"

"You must have gone blind, or mad, dirt digger. As you can see there is nothing there." With smug satisfaction she edged him on, the bloodied nose had nothing to do with her newfound confidence at all.

"Are your pet ready to face me, you miserable excuse for a mage?"

"By the founder, yes they are."

Normally the faculty would interfere with a duel such as this, but bile fascination override the rules and erode common sense like acid. Commodities most mages were missing in the first place. Guiche stood confidently on the field where he brandished his rose like a conductor, dropping petals on the floor. Each one became an imposing feminine sculpture. Only a decent earth mage of some skill is capable of summoning elemental to do his bidding. He knew this and gladly rubbed her nose in it. "Gaze upon my magnificent Valkyries and surrender, you gave no chance of victory." The three spear armed stone golem stood before her.

"I will never give up. Warriors attack. Bring our message to the masses."

"It will be done!" Shouted the first one as he ran towards the summoner. Gauche arched an eyebrow and skewered the man, something he had never done before. The sound of parting flesh and the blood shocked him and the crowd to the core. The skewered man was immediately followed by another turban wearing minion that charged the next elemental head on. With no regard for his life the man shouted. "I will avenge us!" He also became a human shishkebab. "By now Guiche was left dazed and confused at the scene that unfolded before him. Man after man ran into his creations, each one dying gruesomely, until a sizable pile of corpses made movement very hard. Colbert considered interfering, but his well honed instincts got the better of him.

"Giving up yet zero? You can't possibly do this all day." Gloated Guice who let his control slip just long enough for a servant to reach his summons unharmed. "I love a crowd." Was the last word the crowd heard as the precious Valkyries blew up in a magnificent purple explosion that sent the mage flying straight into an invisible building, promptly knocking the tosser out. It also evaporated the whole pile of bodies and a big chunk of the ground.

Colbert, the most capable of the staff slowly walked over to Louise, who had her hands on her hip, while cackling like mad. "By the founder, what have you done?" She simply waved him off with a dismissive gesture. "Where in the kingdom did you find so many suicidal men?"

"Don't worry, there are more where they come from, I wouldn't think too hard about it if I were you. They're already turning into compost."

"You just casually sent a dozen men to their death."

"They're not men, they are noble warriors and I can just summon more if I need to."

The professor stood there gaping like a fish out of water. When the servant came over. "Lady of the encroaching darkness. Your magnificent temple is ready."

During the duel, students failed to notice the little army of identical servants busy building a huge structure in the middle of the school yard. The same men had also proceeded to remove most of the forest surrounding the yard. If they had actually looked closer they would have noticed that the building manifested itself into existence, seemingly from thin air as the men kept hitting it with sledgehammers.

"Louise, why is there a huge new addition to the school?" Asked the big breasted redhead.

"It is my palace, a building raised in my honor,"

"Sacrificial servants, invisible houses, have you been holding out on us?"

"Not at all, I simply succeeded the summoning ritual and this is the result, an army of loyal subjects and servants that will carry out my bidding." She began cackling yet again, ignoring the worried looks and the scorn from her peers.

"Scary." Said the sickly thin blue headed girl that stood next to the busty redhead.

"No longer will the world be dominated by the legacy of these fools!" Proclaimed Louise as an army of armed men literally came flooding out of the woodwork like an army of angry ants. "Do not worry Colbert, I simply found my true calling, my true power, and I shall liberate the world!"

"From who?"

"That's an excellent question, I have yet to think that far. But for now I will focus on the enemies of Tristan, I'm sure there are someone out there. If not, I'll just go kobold hunting in what's left of the forest"

This was the last time the noble Kingdom of Tristan experienced peace. As their enemies came crashing through the gates, proclaiming that Louise's newly formed army was an act of. Little did they know that their weapons could not stand up to the fanatical horde of expendable soldiers with weapons decades beyond any musket. History books would eventually refer to this as the void war, when the missiles began to rain oblivion upon entire armies.

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