5-year mission.

As he looked out of the viewport top where the gleaming shapes of the numerous starships currently in the dockyard - some of them were Walker-class, but his attention was fixed on the Constitution-class starship which had just undergone a ten-month long refit, James Kirk could not help but bounce up and down on the balls of his feet. He felt like a little kid about to rush off into a sweet shop before he ran off to watch the latest movies, but he could not help it.

He had just been made the captain of the USS Enterprise, the flagship. He would be taking command of the ship from her previous captain, Christopher Pike, who had just been given a promotion to Fleet Captain, and his duties would take him away from line command. Jim had never really expected to be given command of the Enterprise of all ships, following the confirmation of his promotion to captain, so he was incredibly lucky, and he would be taking the ship on a five-year mission of his own.

Most of the Enterprise crew would be remaining with the ship, including the science officer he would be taking - Pike's own first officer, a woman named Una, known as Number One, had been given her own command, so Kirk would be forced to choose one himself. The good news was the remainder of the Enterprise's crew would be experienced with five-year missions, so that was a big help, especially since this would his own first stint as the commander during a five-year mission.

They had been on for a long time, but Jim had always been amazed and fascinated by the stories of long space assignments where a ship would leave a spacedock somewhere in the Federation, and then return five-years later although transmissions would reveal the location of new alien races, brand new sectors of space opened up by Starfleet explorers, and the Federation's knowledge of the universe growing with every day. Kirk remembered rising through the ranks on ships like the Enterprise and her sister ships, doing his jobs, but this would be when he finally took command as he had intended.

As he watched the Enterprise, Kirk found himself falling in love. He had served on Constitution-class starships in the past, seen them from a distance much like this, but there was just something about the Enterprise he couldn't immediately put his finger on; it was as if they had a connection.

It was good he had five years to work it out.

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