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"Inmate 081486."

It was early in the morning when the guard came to Sal's cell. He slowly sat up and put in his glass eye, then put on his prosthetic. For once, he was actually smiling behind his mask.

"Come on. Today's the day," the guard said. Sal nodded and went over to the guard as his solitary confinement cell opened. He felt the familar chill of metal handcuffs digging into his wrists.

The walk across the prison was silent-despite the years spent in prison, no one found themselves eager to talk to the Sally Face Killer whose life had been saved by a lie detector test and a miracle.

Sal was snapped out of his thoughts as he realized he was outside of an office. "Your change of clothes will be inside. After you change, you'll go to reception, where Miss Campbell is waiting with your daughter," the guard said. She unlocked Sal's handcuffs so he could go into the office and change.

He took off his old, tattered prison jumpsuit. He was finally being released. He looked down at his pale body. Still the same height that he was as a senior in high school-it had been ten years since his body had decided he got only five feet and six inches. He'd lost some weight, and his skin was scarred. His arms and thighs were covered in the scars that were the aftermath of nightmares that felt like they'd never end, and his stomach had faded stretch marks.

He put on the clothes that were brought to him-a simple white t-shirt, black sweatpants, and boots. The clothes of a man who was finally free. He went out to the guard after changing, and she lead him to reception.

"Sal Fisher, sign here to receive your debit card. Also enclosed in this envelope is information on your parole," the receptionist said. He handed over an envelope, and Sal signed for it. "The guard said that there was someone waiting for me here?" he prompted. The receptionist pressed a button on his phone, and a worker lead in two people Sal never thought he'd see again.

The first was Ash, who beamed at the sight of a long-time friend being released from prison. The second was a little girl with long, blue hair and pale skin that looked quite like her father's. But her eyes were the same shade of brown as her other father, who she would never get to see.

"Aunt Ash?" she asked. "This is my daddy, right?"

Sal felt his heart melt. He hadn't seen his daughter since giving birth to her, six months after his arrest. Finding out that she was curled up inside of him had saved him from execution. Sal owed this little girl his life. And he would give her everything he could as her father.

"Faye Johnson-Fisher," Ash said, "meet your daddy. His name is Sal, remember?"

The blue-haired man sat on his knees so he could be at Faye's height. "You're so perfect... I know I haven't been able to be in your life until now, but I love you, Faye... I love you so much," Sal said, tears running down his scarred face behidn his mask.

Faye came forward. "Aunt Ash showed me lotsa pictures and told me lotsa stories. She told me you did some bad stuff," she said. Sal felt a pang in his chest.

But before he could feel too guilty, Faye hugged him. "But she told me all the good stuff too, and how you wouldn't do the bad stuff ever again! I'm so happy I get to see you now!" she said. Sal relaxed and hugged her back. He stood up, Faye light enough for him to carry.

"Let's go home, you guys," Ash said. Both Sal and Faye were happy to oblige.


After dinner and a bath, Faye soon fell asleep. Sal had finally gotten to read his daughter a bedtime story, tuck her in, and kiss her on the forehead as she fell asleep. He had sat with her, just watching her sleep peacefully for at least ten minutes before finally going to see Ash. She had graciously offered up her guest room for as long as he needed it, and he was grateful.

He found her sitting on the couch, watching TV. "Hey, Sally. Is Faye asleep?" she asked. "Out like a light," Sal said. He sat on the couch. "You know... I can't thank you enough for watching Faye for so long," he said.

"She's a sweetheart. I lost some sleep, but I'm glad that you called me to watch her. She asked a lot about her daddies, though. I had to break out a lot of old photo albums," Ash said. Sal smile at the thought of Ash and Faye, poring over old photos.

Wherever you are now, Larry, you don't need to worry anymore, he thought. He smiled behind his prosthetic.

I'm watching our baby girl now.

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