Gomez was in the living room. Lerch went in.

"Morticia wishes to see you. She's in the drawing room."

"Be right there, Lerch."


He went upstairs into the drawing room. She was sitting in a chair facing a canvass. Four other canvasses were nearby.

"Hi, Gomez. My creative juices are flowing again. This time, I've decided to take up painting."

"Capital, Tish! Let me see your results, so far."

He looked at the four finished paintings. "Tish, these are amazing!"

"You really think so?"

"Absolutely! Why, these are far better than your sculptures!"

"You're not just saying that to please me, are you?"

"Absolutely not! Why, we can make thousands off them!"

"Thank you!"

"But one question: How come you're not using a brush to paint them?"

"I feel a little lazy; I wanted to give my hands a rest."

"Well, I must say, you have very talented feet!"

"Thank you, Boobalah!"

He began wildly kissing her!"

"Stop, Gomez! Paint first, Boobalah later!"


She put her left bare foot in a pan of blue paint and drew a circle on the canvass with her toes.

"Why Tish, you'll revolutionize the art world! Your feet will become famous!"

"That's what I'm hoping for, Gomez!"