Don't mind me, I normally write for video games...

Ah, the mall. Little kids messing around near the fountain, a familiar somewhat couple could be seen making out wherever they went, and a group of friends could be seen sitting at a table in the food court chatting about who knows what. Jude can be seen skateboarding towards his friends while wearing the most stupidest grin he could make and gave each of them a greeting.

"Alright. I'll bite. What's up with the stupid looking grin?" Nikki knew that she was going to regret asking, but she also knew that she was going to hear his somewhat eagerness regardless who had asked. May as well be her.

"Check out the new board." Jude flashed everyone a sparkling smile, holding up his skateboard in the air like it's a prize.

"That's awesome dude!" Jonesy reached across the table to give his best friend a high five, which to Nikki's annoyance.

Wyatt yawned. It wasn't that he was bored, it's just it was time for his morning coffee and he really didn't get much sleep last night. "That's cool man." He did his best to stay awake.

"Okay you've got to stop going to bed so late." Jen said simply, crossing her arms even though she knew that she was going to be ignored.

Wyatt let out another yawn while doing his best to defend himself. He said something about writing a new song and just couldn't get the lyrics right.

"I'm going to work." Nikki got up from her seat, questioning her life choices like always. "And should you get to work as well?" She poked Jonesy on the arm, hopefully bringing him back to reality from whatever he was distracted from. "Dare I ask?" She was fighting the urge to roll her eyes at this somewhat idiot she may or may not have feelings for.

"For your information, Nikki, I am working. Check it." He gestured towards a cute girl around their age with long brown hair and eyes to match. The girl was reading a book and there was a empty wheelchair by her side.

"Isn't that the new girl at our school?" Jen asked with curiosity.

"Yup. And get this. Her folks are paying me big to assist her around this mall."

"How did you managed to arrange that?" Wyatt wondered if he should have kept his mouth shut.

"My charm, good looks, and I overheard her talking to her folks earlier. She just wanted to be like us, hang at the mall without her parents. I'm getting paid to hang with a cute girl. It's the best job I ever had!"

"I can't believe you." Jen glared. "You actually took money to keep her company?"

"Hey! It's not my fault that her folks was willing to pay."

"Jonesy the girl needs friends. Not someone to be her babysitter." Nikki snapped.

"It sounds like that her folks was trying to buy her friends, that poor thing." Jen looked behind her. "We should invite her to sit with us."

"Agreed." Caitlin nodded. "I was the new girl once remember? Oh! I know! Jen let's take her shopping."

"Caitlin I think she needs friends more than clothes."

"Fine." Caitlin couldn't help a pout.

Jude meanwhile wasn't paying attention to the conversation. The moment Jonesy pointed out the new girl, his mind went blank. And not like usual. While she had caught his eye, it was her chair of wheels that had his interest. The girl looked up from her book, giving him a wave following by a sweet smile.