Disclaimer: I don't own Goosebumps; it is the sole property of Scholastic Books and its creator (Goosebumps creator) RL Stine. Original characters are of my own design. This takes place during the Aegis-7 Ishimura incident.

Before the events of the Ishimura and the Falcon's travel to Aegis-7, the history of the Monolith must be brought into light, leading to the Colony Wars.

The first Monolith, the Black Monolith, was discovered in the mid 21st Century, deep within the Mariana's Trench beneath the Pacific Ocean. It was a repository or vessel of untold fathomable energy for a world suffering from the great Energy Crisis. And it worked, though nobody could have foreseen the unfathomable effects it laid out to those exposed to close proximity: Violence, Aggression, and Insanity. The Black Monolith was left in hiding and buried, never to hurt anyone ever again. But not before an entire religion built on by one of the founding scientists, Michael Orksman. Though the religion, Unitology, was born; a religion that believed that aliens created all life on earth, and that the Monolith was a holy divine instrument sent for us to become one in a twisted version of Heaven; a unity of mind, body and soul.

Though this religion brought upon fanatics that took steps too far. Group suicides, murders, and uncountable acts of murderous violence in the name of Unitology. And so, a few earthlings wanted to leave Earth and in search of new worlds. And the Unitologists didn't take it too well. And thus the Colony Wars began; Unitologists shooting down ships daring to abandon the world destined to become part of the Universal Awakening. But there were those that fought back and managed to escape, such as the ships the USSCS Darksyde and the USSCS Pangea: one was the first space warship ever, and the 2nd the first space colony ship destined to go beyond the rims of our universe.

In the fighting, both ships were adrift to deep space. They were considered the worst space disasters ever, as both lost contact.

After their disappearance, the war ended, and Unitology was put under restrictions to ensure it would keep practice but to prevent fanaticism or cults made in its faith. Although the war stopped, the problems still stacked up.

But this story is merely to answer the question on what happened to the first Colony Ship that left spaceā€¦ and where it's been for the past 100 years.

Explorers of the Universe: Pilgrims of the Pangea

Next Chapter: 100 Year Nap Interrupted; the Crew of the Pangea