So I have decided to do another exercise in self-indulgent fanfic, presumably to the surprise of exactly no one. I hope you're up for fluff, cuz that's what you're getting! I own nothing. (Update bc a name was missing - thanks nnjvz!)

It had started out subtle. A cufflink matching an earring here; some color coordinated socks there. One day her hair clip matched his tie clip. Then next, his belt matched her shoes. And so it went, until they had worked their way up to matching their shirt colors. That was when Yashiro started noticing (Lory, of course, had known from the beginning). Granted, their manager had the advantage, since he got to see them together in the car every day. So, he was the first to ask, "Do you two know that you match?"

"We do?" Kyoko asked, the picture of innocence. She looked up at Ren, wide-eyed, and laughed. "We do!"

"Apparently, Yashiro, you were the one to miss the memo," Ren said, catching Kyoko's eye with a grin. "Today is clearly a green day."

They amped it up when winter came, actually wearing the same sweater (Kuon had two, and Kyoko 'borrowed' one). They were apart for most of the day, so no one but the usual suspects noticed. That is, no one noticed until the two of them met up in the evening for a ride home. And then it began.

Sawara raised an eyebrow at them, but said nothing.

Hachibana-san, a janitor with whom they were both friendly, complimented their sweaters.

However, it was Amai, Kyoko's co-worker on her latest drama, who stopped them in the hallway with a gasp. "Omigosh! Did you realize that you guys match?"

"We what?" they asked in unison, feigning surprise. Given their profession, this was far more convincing than it should have been.

"You match! Look, your sweaters are the same!" She waved her hands between the two of them. "I didn't notice at first because you're wearing them so differently, but they're the same!"

"That's so weird," Kyoko said with a laugh. "I guess one of us needs to change!"

"Is there like, something going on?" Amai asked in a hushed voice, her eyes darting between them. "Are you guys a thing? Or am I, like, on candid camera? Did President Takarada set this up?"

Kyoko laughed again. "No, nothing like that. Just a coincidence."

Amai squinted at them, but did not press the issue. She would, however, continue to ask Kyoko about her relationship (whatever kind it may be) with Tsuruga-san for the remainder of their filming together.

The ones they had constantly on them, aside from Kuon carrying her Corn stone and Kyoko, his necklace, were more subtle. They had matching wire anklets that Kyoko had made them - ones that few people noticed and ones that they rarely had to remove. They also had the charm set Kuon had bought: a pair of lotus flowers. His was explained as a pun on his name; hers, as a reference to her breakthrough as Momiji. Her lotus flower dangled from her cell phone, while his was clipped onto his bag. Again, only the usual suspects noticed those. Or so they thought.

It was when Ren was caught in a casual "disguise" featuring a t-shirt of one of her latest projects (because Kuon is a doting dork) that they learned that someone else had been paying very close attention: their fans. The comments section of a fan blog featuring the picture blew up with fans laying out their conspiracy theories.

TsurugaFan5Ev3r: Omg that's a Six tee! *heart eyes* I didn't know he was a fan!

SmordsNBirbs: Okay, hear me out: He's a fan of Kyouko, not of Six. Not only is he wearing merch of HER queen - have you seen how much they've been matching lately? Something on them is always coordinated! They even wore the same sweater the other day, check the dates on these paparazzi pics: Ren Kyouko *eyes emoji* Something's def going on… especially since this pic was from the day she was wearing the K. Howard choker!

MainlyMaineCoons: Sure Smords, but did you notice how HAWT he looks in that shirt? Muscles for days in light gray? Yum. *fire emoji* *drooling face*

GooseQueen: I've got to side with Smords here. Have you guys seen their matching lotus charms? I'd even go so far as to say they're dating.

Mrs-Tsuruga-Ren: Nooo! He belongs to us fans, he can't date! He's just got good taste in shows! *pouty face*

SmordsNBirbs: See, that's why they're starting with the matchy-matchy! He's easing us into the idea of sharing him. Goose is right. They're either dating or he wants to lol

ShogaInTogas: Please, like anyone could resist him. *heart*

Sunny-Gems: Hey, if we've got to share him with anyone, we could do worse than Kyouko! Have you SEEN her in the recorded version of Six? That girl's got pipes on her! I'd only ever seen her acting before, but wow! She made an awesome K. Howard. *heart* *music note*

TartanDoggo: I've been summoned. A) great shirt and B) I've got a video comp of every time they've matched since last summer. Including the anklets that appeared last August! You can only see those in a couple for Ren, because he's always in long pants, but when he crosses his legs they hike up a bit and you can see it. Sometimes. Link because I spent way too long on this.

Ren's-GF-4-Real: I can't believe you're all ignoring how good he looks in casual wear! Ugh, I swear I got pregnant just from LOOKING at this pic *sweating* *heart eyes* *dizzy*

"How's it looking, princess?" Kuon asked. She was reading the blog comments on her phone while they snuggled on the couch.

Kyoko leaned into Kuon's side. "So far, no one's cursing me out."

He tilted her phone gently so he could skim what she was reading. "Looks like they're praising you."

"But they've figured out way more than we've planned for. They even saw the anklets!" She double-tapped the comment to highlight it. "This is ahead of schedule for the reveal."

"I'm sure that boss has a contingency plan for it. Besides, it seems like it's just a small community's conspiracy for now." His fingers stroked her side soothingly. "Plus, the idea of matching was to start these rumors. I just forgot how intense some fans are."

"I still say you shouldn't have worn the Kat shirt," Kyoko grumbled.

"And let Dad win?"

She twisted to look up at him. "Win? Win what?"

"We… um… may or may not be competing to see who can be the first one to show off merch from your latest projects." He had the decency to at least pretend to look embarrassed… 'pretend' being the key word here.

She blinked up at him. "Why?"

"Because we love you." He kissed her forehead. "We're proud of you, and we want to show off your hard work."

"I know that." She blushed; it was still hard to believe how much they cared for her (albeit in different ways), but they made it hard to forget. "But why is it a competition?"

He pouted, looking away.


"I want to help promote your work, too," he grumbled. "Dad gets to brag about you all the time because of that interview you guys did together when we went to visit them. But I don't get to. I know why I can't and I know why we're doing it this way, and I know it's for the best in the long run." He let out a deep sigh and flopped his head back against the couch like a sad puppy. "But I want to brag about you, too. I want everyone to know how awesome you are and how lucky I am that I get to love you."

She reached up and scratched him behind the ear. "There, there."

Recognizing her teasing, he turned on the puppy eyes. "I know I shouldn't have worn it, but how else am I supposed to let everyone know who my queen is?"

"You could've matched colors," she offered with a grin. "You look good in pink and black."

"I know, but just the colors don't promote your show." He pouted pointedly at the ceiling. "And Dad got to post a reaction video of him being an outraged father that your character went through all that. And then being super proud of you for singing, acting, and dancing so well."

"Did you beat him to wearing the merch this time?" When his pout only increased, she crawled onto his lap. "My poor Kuon," she said, cradling his jaw with her hands and making him look at her, "trying so hard, only to be beat to the punch by dear old Dad."

Kuon grumbled something about doting fathers not playing fair.

"Would sending him a picture of us make you feel better?"

"Why?" He was still pouting, so she squished his cheeks, making his face look silly.

"Because even if you didn't wear the merch first and you don't get to go all Hizuri in an interview for another couple of months, you get to see me in person. Whereas we only get out there to visit a couple times a year." She felt a little strange talking about herself like this, but it did the trick. Kuon's smile finally returned.

"Do you have Kat's necklace with you?" He looked around for his phone and grabbed it off the coffee table.

"And her lipstick."

A few minutes later, Kuu received an adorable picture of his children. Kyoko was sitting next to Kuon, with her K. Howard choker on, her hair (still with its pink extensions for promo) up in a high ponytail, and her lips a bright pink. Kuon's cheek had a matching lip mark on it. Both sported wide grins. The accompanying text was Spending time with my Queen. Kuu immediately showed the picture to Julie and started gushing about the kids.

Later, after the grand reveal of Hizuri Kuon and the fact that he was engaged to the love of his life, he and Kyoko would wear matching outfits to a premiere. The fans who had called their matching outfits long ago went wild when the pair confirmed (on the red carpet, no less!) that they had been doing this for ages. (But not as wild as when, months later, the newlyweds showed off their matching pjs on their joint Instagram page.)

Wheeeeee, it's done! It's short and has no plot, but you don't come here for plot. You come here for plot, so it's what you got. I hope you enjoyed it!