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Some time after Kyoko's performance as Katherine Howard and about a month after the whole t-shirt incident, Kyoko was planning a livestream. It was something that her fellow Queens had been doing for promo, it had seemed like fun, and Yashiro foresaw no problems with it. Kuon, wanting to be involved, volunteered to keep an eye on the stream quality and help her filter the chat. He had agreed not to talk, instead planning to highlight any questions or comments from fans in other ways. Kuon happily fussed with wires and plugs while she got ready. Soon, he had everything set up and ready to go in the guest room (luckily, there was a blank wall). There was a "Starting Soon" message on the screen and people were already in the chat.

He was skimming through the comments when she walked into the room. "Thanks for getting everything set up, Corn!"

"You're welcome, prin-" His jaw dropped.

"Kuon?" She tilted her head, making her long, pink-extensions ponytail swish.

"I… did not realize that you were going to be streaming in full costume." And so she was, from her platform boots, to her cutaway skirt-shorts, to her bustier-like top, to her choker, to her makeup. Kuon whimpered.

"I told you it was a Kat stream." She looked down at herself, worried. "Why, does it look weird off of the stage?"

He shook his head. "No, I just - it kind of reminds me of something that Setsu would have worn, just more... pink. It's sexy."

She giggled, her cheeks coloring. "Y'know, her clothes do remind me of Setsu. Not that Cain would let her out of the house in it without a fight." She gave him a quick kiss and then walked around the streaming setup. "Almost time. Are we good to go?"

"You mean without Cain getting in a fight," he muttered. "But yeah, we're good. I'll start the count-down. Do you want water?"

"Got it!" She held up the cup of water she'd brought in from the kitchen. He had been so distracted by her costume that he hadn't noticed it. "Okay, I've got the laptop to read comments and I'm mic'd up. Can you hear me okay?" He gave her a thumbs-up.

3...2...1… "Hi, everyone, Kyouko here!" Kyoko smiled at the camera and gave a little wave. "Wow, there's a lot of you here. Thanks for coming to hang out with me, queendom. Is the audio okay for everyone?" Kuon skimmed the comments and nodded. "Awesome! Okay, so this is going to be a pretty relaxed stream. I just wanted to talk to you guys, maybe answer some questions, and we'll see where it goes. Does that sound good to you guys?"

Kuon watched fondly as she talked with her fans, exchanging pleasantries. After a few minutes, he typed a message to pop up only on her screen: Ready for questions?

"I'm glad that everyone's doing so well! Now, if you want, we can do the Q and A section. Is there anything you want to know?" She laughed, then added, "Within reason, of course!"

Kuon, glad he had keyed this up before, displayed a question on the livestream video so that Kyoko and the audience could see it.

KitKatHoward: If you couldn't be K. Howard, which other queen would you want to be?

"In real life, definitely Anna of Cleves." She laughed. "She was the queen of the castle! She got rejected for her looks - been there, done that-" she waved her hand "-but then she got paid off so Germany wouldn't go to war. But if we're talking about the musical, I'd like to either be Catherine Parr or my fellow beheaded cousin. They've got the best songs - except for Kat's, of course!" She winked at the camera. "Sorry, Not Sorry."

DivorcedBeheadedLIVE: OMG please sing those! Please?

"Sure, maybe later. We've really only just started the Q and A. I think I've heard them enough times in rehearsals to give them a go. Maybe we can find karaoke versions so I have my backup?" Her eyes flicked up to Kuon, and he nodded, already looking for them. "For now, how about some other questions?"

SurviveParr: Do you have any funny behind-the-scenes moments to share?

"Ooh, I have to think." She bit her lip. "Okay, so we all went by our characters' names in rehearsal, right? It helped us all get in character. But there's three Catherines! So anytime one of us was needed, we would all turn around. We had to go by last names for a while. Same problems with Anne and Anna. Only Jane was safe!" She laughed. "And then there was the first time we did the dance choreo in our heels. I tripped and knocked over Anne right at the beginning of "Lose Your Head" - and then she fell right into Catalina. It was a mess. I'm just glad none of us fell off the stage."

AllUWannaDo: How do you feel about your costume? It's a lot skimpier than what the other queens wear.

Kuon nodded enthusiastically. It was too short!

She smiled. "I don't mind it, really, since it works thematically. Kat was sexualized and victimized in life, so it makes sense that her costume would reflect that. On a personal level, it was actually kind of nice, since all that dancing makes you really warm! Especially with the stage lights. Parr was always drenched by the end of a performance because she's got pants. But this is definitely not something I would wear on the street!" She laughed.

Gin-ie: How does live performance compare to your usual acting work/are you going to do more musicals?

"It's a lot more chaotic, but it can also be a lot more fun! You can't redo a take, so if you mess up, you just have to roll with it. And I really had to feed off of my fellow queens' energy a lot more, especially for the musical numbers. Those are a lot more intense!" She took a sip of her water. "I'm always beat after a performance, because it's kind of like a marathon. I guess I'm naturally more of a sprinter, if that makes sense? Because with dramas and films, there's more breaks. But I do like being able to perform everything in order!" She grinned. "And about doing more musicals, I don't know. I'm open to the possibility, but it does make scheduling more difficult for my other projects. So definitely, maybe?"

Kuon chuckled to himself, but not loudly enough to be caught on the mic. Poor Yukihito had been going spare trying to handle the scheduling and give her enough time to sleep. They'd even had to skip date night during hell week - though that wasn't as bad now that they lived together. He keyed up the next question.

KyokoMyQu33n: Marry me? I promise not to behead you~!

She blushed. "I'm really flattered, but I'm not looking for a partner right now. But thank you, I'm glad you wouldn't cut off my head!" She made sure not to catch Kuon's eye as she fought down her blush. He smirked. She's not looking for a partner because she already has one.

MioSama: Are you going to release an album?

"Yes, the Six album with the Japanese cast," she tapped her choker's K, "is coming out in two weeks! I hope you all will support us. It was a lot of fun recording it! And," she spoke in a stage whisper, "the first one hundred copies sold come with a signed shirt from the cast!"

The chat went wild at that, forcing Kuon to search harder for the next question. Unfortunately, the one he found was:

SmordsNBirbs: Any comment on the fan theory that you and Tsuruga Ren-sama are a thing? He DID wear Kat's shirt, after all.

Kyoko's eyes widened and her blush returned in full force. "Oh my gosh, are people saying that?" Her hands came up to cover her bright pink lips. "That's a new one to me! But no, Tsuruga-san and I aren't a thing." Kuon is another matter, she thought, her hand coming down to play with her necklace. "We're friendly, but no. I wouldn't be adverse to it, but it'd be hard to find a girl in Japan who is!" They had talked about this earlier - Kuon was going to pull up any fan theories for her to partially debunk but not fully deny. Still, it was embarrassing.

RoyalingStones: What did you mean by "been there done that" about being rejected for your looks? You're gorgeous!

"Aw, thank you," she said, playing with her hair. "But yeah, that happened when I was sixteen, a little bit before I got into acting. My closest - well, my only friend at that point - was trying to be cool in front of a girl he liked. She asked about me, because I'd known him my whole life, and he made it incredibly clear that he had no interest in someone as," she did air quotes, ""Plain and boring" as me. All while knowing I'd had a crush on him forever - subtlety was never my strong suit!" She laughed. "But yeah. That, and a few other things he said, made it clear that he didn't even think of me as a friend, so that kind of ending things. And I may not have a castle, but I think I'm doing okay!" She grinned, not a scrap of pain in her voice at any point. It really was all in the past.

TudorVonTrapps: Do you have a favorite English-speaking Kat Howard?

Kyoko blew out a deep breath. "That's a hard one! I guess I'll go with Aimee Atkinson-san? I loved her West End performance. But that was the first version I saw, so I may be biased." She gave a little giggle that made Kuon's heart melt.

SunlitKook: Wait, wait, wait. Before you said you weren't looking for a partner. Does that mean you already have one?

She laughed. "I think that my schedule would drive anyone insane. I feel like I've barely seen anyone other than the cast and crew lately, and maybe my roommate. All I do when I get home is eat something and then pass out." Though sometimes, we have time for cuddles.

MioSama: Who would win in a fight, Mio or K. Howard?

"Probably Mio?" She twirled the end of her ponytail. "Kat was awesome in her own way, obviously, and did her best as a queen, but she didn't have the overwhelming hatred that Mio did. They were both damaged people, but they expressed it differently. Kat just wanted to be loved, but the only type of love she'd been shown was… horrific. Mio lashed out at the world that hurt her, hurting it back however she could. So if there was a reason to do so… Mio would win. That is, if she could get past the guards!" She smiled awkwardly. "Though Kat could've used someone like Mio on her side. Maybe she would've been the one to survive, then." She picked up her cup and mimed pouring something small into it, a very Mio expression on her face.

AlmightySmoo: Sooo… I might have drawn you as Kat. What do you think? Link.

Kyoko glanced at Kuon, who gave her a thumbs-up, and then clicked on the link. Her eyes went wide. "Oh, wow! You're an amazing artist! I feel like you really captured Kat's personality in this. It's incredible! I'm honored to have been drawn by you!" She gushed over it for a few more moments before Kuon sent her a message, reminding her that she was live. "Right, sorry. I've just never seen any fanart before, so I'm all flustered."

TartanDoggo: Are you going to do any more performances as Kat?

"Ah, yes! We've got another round coming up next month, but then new performers will pick up the crowns. But," she added with a conspiratorial grin, "I know for a fact that there's at least three variety show appearances coming up. We've filmed two and there's a third being shot on Wednesday. So keep your eyes open!" There, I think that's all the things I needed to promote.

NarniaCat: Did you see the video that Hizuri Kuu-sama did?

She winced. "Don't tell him, but I haven't had a chance to watch all of it yet! I mostly got the highlights from my manager. Everything's been so busy that this is the first time I've had to just sit down and talk to someone." A thought struck her, and she locked eyes with Kuon. He nodded, and a few moments later, Kuu's video showed up on the screen. "Okay, can everyone still see me?" She scanned the chat, and soon Kuon pulled her up in a small square. "Oh, good. Would you guys mind terribly if we watched it together right now?" She giggled, reading the chat. "Aw, thanks, guys. Okay, let's watch!"

The video opens to Kuu sitting at a table in bright green headphones. It is in Japanese with English subtitles, indicating that it is meant for people who know Kyoko is. "Hey, everyone! I know I'm usually on a different screen, but my acting daughter just made her stage debut and Julie's in a different time zone. I'm going to watch the whole thing in a minute, but I have to watch her song first! Here we go!"

[The video opens to Kyoko as Katherine Howard, sassing the other queens.]

Kuu laughs.

[The song begins. Kyoko starts singing.]

Kuu's eyebrows start knitting together. When she mentioned the age gap between Kat and Henry Mannox, he pauses the video for a moment with a look of absolute horror on his face. "She was thirteen?" he whispers, and restarts the video.

[Kat makes a very sexual pun using musical scale, including a dance gesture.]

Kuu recoiles in his chair. "My poor daughter!"

Kyoko, watching, winced. "You know, I never realized how Kat's gestures come across during that."

As the video progresses, Kuu remains silent, but the horror and rage on his face grows. It's clear that he is seeing Kyoko as her character. When the video ends, he sits back in silence for a moment. At last, he says, "I never knew how horrible Katherine Howard's life was. She married Henry VIII when she was barely older than Kyoko was when we met. And to have gone through all of that, before and after that…" He shakes his head. "As a father and as a man, this is beyond appalling. I don't think I've ever been gladder that Kyoko isn't her character."

Suddenly, he straightens up. "Now, from the performance perspective! I couldn't be prouder of my daughter! My little girl is a triple threat! She's going to be here in Hollywood before we know it, let me tell you. She's incredible on that stage, did you see how smoothly she moves? And those high notes!"

He went on in this vein for another minute before Kyoko checked the time stamp and confirmed that he was on a Hizuri rant. She glanced at Kuon, who switched the screen back to the way it was originally. Kyoko was full-screen again and bright pink. "Well, he's certainly a doting father. Even if he does exaggerate a lot!"

Sunny-Gems: OMG. Total oya-baka! He's mentioned unofficially adopting you, but how did you two meet? I couldn't find a good sub of the interview.

"I actually got assigned to cook for him when he was in Japan!" She beamed. "I grew up at a family friend's ryokan in Kyoto, so President Takarada asked me to make him Kyoto-style food. And I guess he really liked it, because he decided to have me play a version of his son to practice acting. This was still during Dark Moon, remember, so I was really in need of training. After that, it just kind of… stuck. I'd never had anyone to call Dad before, and since his own son is out on his own now, I think he had a bit of empty-nest syndrome going." Behind the camera, Kuon stifled a snort. "I was just the one lucky enough to pop into that role and receive his fatherly energy!"

GooseQueen: You know where Kuon-san is? Hasn't Hollywood been looking for him for years?

"I have a few ideas, but it's not really my place to say. I'm sorry." The way she said it shut down any further questions. Okay, Kuon, I know you're doing this to assuage suspicions, but that was unsettling to see.

MainlyMaineCoons: So… about those songs?

"Sure! Which one do you guys want me to do? Put it in the chat and I'll see which one has the most." A minute of rapidly scrolling chat later, it was decided that Kyoko would be doing "All You Wanna Do" followed by "Don't Lose Your Head."

"Are you ready for a beheaded cousins double feature?" Kyoko asked, and with a snap of her fingers, she was Katherine Howard.

Kuon watched her sing. He had mixed feelings about this song. He loved how she sang it - her voice was incredibly sexy at the beginning, and became desperate at the end, befitting the song. But he couldn't help putting himself in the shoes of the men she sang about. Sure, at this age, four years wasn't a lot - but she had been sixteen when he'd fallen for her. Granted, they hadn't started dating until she was older, but still. He still felt guilty at times, especially when she sang this song. She sang it beautifully and danced a bit in her chair; he loved watching her. But wasn't it a bit wrong to be attracted to her while she sang about a child who had been abused and assaulted, then killed for it? He had to agree with Dad: He had never been gladder that Kyoko wasn't her character.

"...The only thing you wanna do is," she blew a kiss to the camera, finishing the song. She took a swig of her water and shook off Kat. "Alright, are you ready to lose your head?" She winked at the camera, and Kuon cued the music.

"Grew up in the French court…"

This one was easier for Kuon. Kyoko's take on Anne reminded him a bit of Natsu, if a bit flirtier than she ever got in the show (and certainly less in control). It wasn't all that historically accurate, but it was a musical. He bounced along to the song, making Kyoko grin. He loved how she did the chorus. She's just so adorable. Her Anne was so cheeky and bratty, sides he rarely saw from Kyoko. He wanted to see more of those sides. Wanted her to voice what she wanted to him, no matter what. To sass him and tease him and chase him down.

"Last one, loves!" Kyoko exclaimed. "Let's Get Down!"

Kuon propped his chin on his hand and watched her, forgetting to police the chat. He had to admit that this was one of his favorite songs. Maybe it was that it was the happiest. Or maybe it was that Kyoko admitted that Anna of Cleves would be her real-life pick. Or maybe, just maybe, it was the way Kyoko's voice became rough when she sang, "I'm the queen of the castle, get down you dirty rascal!" Okay, it was definitely the last one. He bit his lip as he watched and listened. Queen of the castle, indeed. I would love to 'get down' with her. He jerked his head and went back to the chat. Focus, Kuon.

Kyoko's eyes locked with his over the camera and her voice growled, "Get down you dirty rascal!"

She knows exactly what she's doing to me.

"'Cause I'm the queen of the castle!" Kyoko sang-whispered, finishing the song. Her smile dragged her teeth across her lower lip, and Kuon wanted those to be his teeth instead. She sat back down in her chair and took a drink of her water. "Whew!" She smiled at the camera. "It's so strange singing without my fellow queens. I hope you all still liked it!"

The1Tru3Qu33n: OMG that was amazing! Bow down to the queen!

"Aww, thank you!" Kyoko bobbed an adorable little bow. "So, we're almost out of time - do you all have anything else you wanted to talk about?"

NarniaCat: Can we go back to the you-and-Tsuruga-sama rumors? Because I think there's more there! You never touched on the fact that he was wearing Kat's shirt the same day that you were wearing her choker!

Before Kyoko could reply, Kuon pulled up a second comment:

GooseQueen: Not to mention the dozens of other times you two have been seen matching - it's really got people thinking that you're together.

"I don't really know what to say to that," Kyoko laughed. "I didn't know we'd been matching. But I can explain the shirt!" She smiled, ignoring Kuon pressing his lips into a thin line behind the camera. "So, it turns out that Tsuruga-san really likes musicals. I think I mentioned before that we're friendly? Anyway, we ran into each other at LME and were talking about upcoming projects when I mentioned that I was going to be Kat. His face lit up," she mimicked his supposed expression, "and he started going on about Broadway!" She giggled. "It was the last thing I expected from him, you know? He's so serious."

Kuon blushed. She wasn't lying, not really - this had just taken place in their apartment, not at LME. And yes, he was a musical theatre nerd. Growing up with Julie would do that to you. It had started with The Lion King and spiralled out of control from there.

"So we each had a few tickets to give out to friends for opening night - to help fill seats, you know? - and so I invited him and Yashiro-san. Oh - um, Yashiro-san is his manager… super-manager, really!" She grinned, fiddling with her necklace. "But yeah. They came, along with some of my friends and my old landlords. He insisted on buying some merch to help promote the show as thanks." She rolled her eyes. "I told him it wasn't necessary, but you really can't argue with Tsuruga Ren. As for why it was just Kat, and not the whole cast on his shirt, there'd been an issue with the printer." She gave the camera an awkward little smile. "We didn't get whole-cast shirts until the next weekend! So I guess he got a Kat shirt because he'd gotten his ticket from me. I hope that answers your question."

Again, mostly true. There had been an issue with the printer and a delay with the shirts. But he definitely hadn't bought and worn that shirt out of simple gratitude.

ShogaInTogas: Was it a coincidence that you wore your Kat necklace the same day he wore the shirt, then?

She huckished with her necklace again. "Yeah. I figured he'd be wearing it some time around then, but I didn't know the exact day." Until I woke up to him burning eggs while wearing it. "I guess I was lucky!"

Sunny-Gems: What did the other queens think of him wearing the shirt?

She grinned. "Well, they were really glad that he was promoting our show, of course! But," she lowered her voice conspiratorially, "I think a couple of them were jealous that he didn't pick their queen." She then said at a more normal volume, "Which I can't blame them for! I'd feel the same way. Maybe we should send him a full-cast shirt."

MainlyMaineCoons: Yes! Do it! Also, what's your favorite piece of your costume and do you get to keep it after the show's over?

"I'll see if I can talk the marketing department into it, then!" She paused to think for a minute. "I sadly don't get to keep the costume - the next Kat will need it - but I have been considering making my own version of it if I ever have the time. And I'd have to say that the choker is my favorite." She tapped on the K and winked. "I really enjoy the triple symbolism."

Kuon almost choked on his own spit. Kyoko, Katherine, and….

Kyoko heaved a great sigh. "And unfortunately, loves, this is where I have to leave you! I need to go eat dinner before my mic starts picking up my stomach growling. It's been wonderful being able to talk to you all, and AlmightySmoo-san, please know that as soon as Father sees this livestream he's going to print out that artwork and put it on his fridge." (This was true. When Kuu saw it a few hours later - and cursed the time difference for making him sleep during the livestream - he printed it out and put it on his fridge. And then proceeded to commission a large number of pieces from the artist, for all of which he insisted on overpaying. Because he is Kuu and there is no known cure.)

After wrapping up the livestream, Kyoko stood and stretched. "That was so much fun! I'm glad people actually showed up." Before Kuon could tease her in reply, her stomach growled fiercely. She wrapped both arms over her exposed waist, blushing. "At least you waited until we were done."

He stood and pecked her on the forehead. "You go get changed and I'll start chopping veggies?"

"You are the best." She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down for a proper kiss, before leaving to do just that.


While Kyoko and Kuon were off having dinner and then a cuddle session, the forums were ablaze. They were picking apart the livestream for hints and cross-referencing it with previous theories.

SmordsNBirbs: Okay okay okay. I know there's a LOT to talk about here, but can we first talk about how there was someone else filming her? She's obviously at home, so it must be the roommate that she mentioned. But hear me out: That's not a normal roomie, that's Tsuruga-san. Meaning they're REALLY serious.

CorvidLuver: Absolutely. Her reactions wouldn't make sense if it was like, just one of her friends. Especially this part of "Get Down." She looked over the camera for that - right when her voice went all smoky and sexy. *heart eyes* Though I could see it being Kanae-sama….

Kyouko-Sama's-Girl: I meaaaaan. Yes. Have you seen how she greets Kanae-sama? Total eager-puppy vibes.

CorvidLuver: OMG. What if the third K - you know she said it had triple symbolism, so like Katherine Howard and Kyouko-sama are the first two - is for Kanae-sama?

Sunny-Gems: Ooh, I like that idea. My idea was a bit more fringe. *smiling sweatdrop* I was going to say that the third one was Kuon - like, Hizuri Kuon-san. She seems to know where he is, but won't say - and that would explain why she's so comfortable calling Hizuri Kuu-sama "Father." And she did seem pretty insistent that she's not with Tsuruga-san, but never really denied having a partner! So yeah. Either Kanae-sama or Kuon-san for the third meaning (unless we want to get kinky… it IS a choker, after all).

GooseQueen: I'll admit that's an interesting theory, but what about all the times she and Tsuruga-sama have been matching lately? And I'm not sure if I buy her story about his shirt… she was messing with her necklace the whole time. I think she was at least bending the truth. I don't know what the other meaning to the choker would be, but I'm still leaning towards the cameraman being Tsuruga-san. Where her eyes went seemed to match where his would be, height-wise, if they were both sitting.

NarniaCat: Yeah, I've gotta go with Goose. Her twiddling with the choker really seems like it's a tell for lying. But then, she IS an actress, so like, it's hard to tell. Maybe she was doing it on purpose to throw us off?

SaltyOnigiri: I mean, it's possible. But I feel like we're ignoring how cute her reaction was when we brought up the dating rumors! Total *surprised Pikachu face* and pink cheeks. Plus, she said she wouldn't be adverse to dating him - I don't know if she'd say that if she were living with a partner who wasn't him.

MrsTsurugaRen: She could, since she's clearly a slut. I mean, look at her characters. I bet she's just a type-casted bitch. You're all delusional if you think that Ren-sama is dating her!

"What are you reading?" Kyoko asked, her grudges popping out and circling Kuon's suddenly dark aura. They had been relaxing after dinner, trying to stir themselves enough to wash the dishes.

Kuon muttered darkly and started typing furiously on his phone. Kyoko raised herself onto her knees to peer at his phone.

PrinceCorn: First of all how DARE you. Kyouko-sama is such an incredible actress, dancer, and singer that HIZURI KUU acknowledges her talent. And everyone who's ever worked with her has nothing but good things to say about how sweet and polite she is! You're clearly just jealous that she's achieved such amazing things and can become anyone while you're stuck behind your screen in your small little lifea\grep'nzfd-

"Kuon, stop!" Kyoko dragged on his arm, causing him to keysmash. "Leave it alone."

"But they're insulting you!" He pointed indignantly at the screen. "And I'm just supposed to sit here and let it happen?"

"Yes, you are." She stole his phone and deleted the comment. "Because it's just a forum. It doesn't matter what they're saying, especially since it's just the one person right now."

"But doesn't it bother you?" How are you so unconcerned?

"Not really." She pecked his cheek. "C'mon, you know that my skin's thicker than that. It's nowhere near as bad as hearing it behind my back at school. Besides," she added, clicking back onto the forum, "it looks like whoever was in charge blocked them already."

"Ah, good." He pressed his lips into a line. "I'm still angry at them, though."

"And that's sweet." This time, she pressed a kiss to the corner of his mouth, making his muscles relax. "I appreciate you wanting to fight for me, Corn."


"But maybe choose your battles." She giggled and settled into his lap.

"This coming from the woman who set Mio on someone who was being catty to me at Dad's last party." He chuckled and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. "Pot, meet kettle."

She nipped at his jaw. "Oh, shush. They were being mean in person. And it made them leave you alone."

"If they hadn't blocked that person, I would've typed that comment back out again, you know," he grumbled.

"I know." He could feel her grin against the skin of his neck. "I just wanted to give the moderators a chance to handle it first."

He clicked back onto the forum. "It looks like they're all being nice again."

"Good. Then let me distract you?" She pressed a kiss to his jaw.

"We do need to do the dishes, don't we," he sighed.

"I mean, yeah, but that wasn't what I was thinking."


"Moko's new drama premieres in a few minutes! I was thinking we could watch a little of it before cleaning up and going to bed, if that's okay?" Her fingers came trailed up and played with the hair at the base of his neck.

He felt his eyelids droop as her fingers worked further into his hair. "Sure thing, princess. Which one is it?"

She answered him, then asked, "Do you have a headache?"

"Mmm. A little one, maybe." She climbed off of his lap, and he let out a sad whine.

"C'mere." She had scooted a little bit away and was patting her lap, a smile on her face. He gladly flopped sideways, his head landing on her thighs. She flipped to the right channel , then set the remote aside and buried her fingers in his hair. "Thank you again for managing the live stream for me. I know it stressed you out."

"Mmm…." His words were gone. All that existed were her fingers, rubbing away his tension. She smiled down at him, half-dozing on her lap, before turning her attention to her best friend's show.

While the pair were busy being blissfully domestic, the previous argument on the forum was going round and round in circles. No one seemed to be able to come to a definitive conclusion as to who Kyoko's mysterious partner was. Kuon and Ren were tied, with a small but firm base for Kanae hanging on. Of course, when the truth was eventually revealed (all at once, because Kuon is a cruel, cruel man), madness ensued. But until then, theories abounded.

Whee! I hope you all enjoyed that. That was fun for me, at least. Let me know what you think!